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The Art Ashram

Dr. Patricia Wild
1 S. Browning Ct., Pembroke, NH 03275

The Art Ashram is dedicated to providing rich experiences in the expressive arts as a deep path to personal discovery. The Art Ashram provides self-paced workshops and private mentoring that support and encourage healing, spiritual exploration, and meaning through art.

Dr. Patricia Wild holds a CGS (Certificate of Graduate Study) in The Professional Applications of the Expressive and Creative Arts from Salve Regina University. She also holds a Master’s degree in Art Education and a Doctoral degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Washington University. She has more than thirty years of teaching experience at all levels, from pre-school through graduate school, and in a variety of settings, including public and private schools and museum settings. Patricia is also an exhibiting artist, a published writer, and an inveterate seeker and learner.

Meet your Muse  |  Janus Journey  |  Visual Journaling 

Category: Arts
Quick Facts:

  • Discover the creative force you were born with
  • Find and release your energy in new and productive ways
  • Remove layers of habitual and conditioned attitudes and responses to experiences
  • Explore your life with fresh awareness
  • Uncover your passion, personal power, and purpose
  • Discover the strength and resilience that are your constant companions always at your disposal
  • Find new ways of bringing understanding and healing to all areas of your life