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Astrologer, professional consultant, author, mentor, teacher, and spiritual counselor. For over three decades, Lisa has helped navigate clients world-wide through difficult times, using their Astrology chart as the framework, to find the best way forward based on cycles of the…

December 11, 2020

A powerful forward push launches the day. Just an hour after midnight the Sun makes an energizing trine with Mars. Night owls respond with enthusiasm. Thinkers and writers may venture into new, uncharted territory. The early morning daylight hours play out under the Scorpio Moon’s opposition with unpredictable Uranus. Uncontrollable factors may contribute to uncertainties. Drive defensively. Be prepared to take a detour or make an unscheduled stop. The rest of the day is mellower. Moods tend to be reflective as the Moon reaches the latter stages of its cycle. Some ponder the mysteries of life and actually enjoy good prospects of refreshing insights and understanding. Ask the tough questions, of yourself and others. Tonight’s answers may be surprisingly enlightening. Moon in Scorpio, Sun trine Mars.

Cathy Pagano

Working with the creative imagination through Jungian dream work, stories and mythology, astrology and shamanism to connect to the soul and discover life’s purpose.

Cathy Pagano

Psychotherapist, astrologer, author, coach, and teacher, Cathy Pagano has worked with the gifts of the Feminine Spirit for over 40 years. These gifts include our creative imagination, our emotional intelligence, our instincts and our intuition. Her knowledge of feminine consciousness,…