Nuna Therapy: Quantum Reiki & Astrology

Nuna Therapy focuses on helping individuals become more self-aware and confident so they can start stepping into their power. Through Reiki and Astrology, Anabel can help to: Unblock areas in the mind or body that may be stagnant  Realign a person’s energetic and soul…

Nuna Therapy: Quantum Reiki & Astrology

Nuna Therapy focuses on working with individuals to unblock areas where they may feel stuck and guiding them to embody who they are and who they came to be in this lifetime.

A Happy New Year Forecast For 2023

Challenging patterns we’ve been stuck in will break down. Coming celestial trends are encouraging while others are quietly reassuring. The stars will ask us to be more forgiving, cooperative and considerate.

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Astrologer Mary Anna Abuzahra

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December 27, 2020

Some people are giddy with excitement due to the waxing, nearly full Gemini Moon. Others feel thrilled anticipating a better, brighter future. Fresh ideas come galloping in and may depart as suddenly as they arrived. Jot the good ones down. The thought of the time when we can again safely travel, mingle, embrace loved ones or shake hands with a new acquaintance is a beacon. Idealism is fired up by the Capricorn Sun’s trine to inventive Uranus. Community spirit is alive and well. Whether your vision is broad or limited in scope, this evening is a fine time to discuss hopes with like-minded spirits. Progressive, humanitarian causes are well-served. Naturally intuitive types are likely to have peak experiences. Mere mortals can safely trust their hunches and gut feelings. Hope stubbornly persists. Moon in Gemini, Sun trine Uranus.

December 10, 2020

Shortly before dawn Venus makes an exact sextile with Pluto. A helping act of kindness can have far-reaching consequences. Sharing and caring boosts trust between partners and also raises self-esteem levels. Lunar squares then propel the day forward. Testing angles with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn instill drive and purpose. The going may feel like a strenuous, uphill climb. Carry on as best you can. Include partners if possible. Delegate as needed. Some folks feel ready to give one last try. Persistence has its rewards. The evening hours are a good time to take a break. There’s a second wind blowing tonight, when the Moon enters tenacious Scorpio. For dedicated souls victory may come as the Sagittarius Sun nears a fiery trine with Mars around midnight. Moon in Libra v/c 7:50PM-8:59PM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus sextile Pluto.

September 30, 2020

Happy or sad, the nearly full Pisces Moon has folks feeling everything acutely. Morning alignments with Neptune and Pluto increase sensitivity but also instill a sense of higher purpose. If you champion a cause, let it be known. The first half of the work day is filled with potential. The Moon’s early afternoon trine to dutiful Saturn is holding sway. Ingenuity and effort can lead to noteworthy gains. A private lunchtime conversation can be very productive. Try to complete important work and meetings before mid-afternoon when the Moon goes void of course. The surging lunar tide provides buoyancy and momentum during the second half of the day but it’s best to avoid making new commitments. This evening the Moon appears full. Late tonight Luna reaches independent Aries, setting the celestial stage for the first of October’s two Full Moons. Moon in Pisces v/c 1:30PM-10:47PM Moon enters Aries.

September 29, 2020

Having been in retrograde motion since early May, Saturn turns Direct shortly after midnight. The planetary Lord of Karma’s direction shift suggests that an accounting is in order. Retrograding Mars in Aries makes the second in a series of three squares with Saturn late this afternoon. Actions speak far more loudly than words today. There is no getting away from history. It’s best to take things very slowly and avoid any conflict. Because Mars is also at odds with slow-moving Pluto and Jupiter these dynamics persist for months. Easy does it. On a more optimistic note, the almost full Pisces Moon is in harmony with Uranus and Jupiter. There are better alternatives to the narrow old ways of thinking and acting. Love, respect and support for all beings is a good starting point, a must. Moon in Pisces, Mars square Saturn, Saturn Direct.

September 28, 2020

The day begins lethargically under a void of course Aquarius Moon. Some folks are passive, while others appear stoic. For those following and trying to make sense of the news in the USA, the ongoing collision of cultures, races and values can simultaneously seem wondrous and overwhelming. Over the course of the morning senses are slowly but surely enticed and enthralled. When the Moon enters Pisces shortly before noon, minds snap to attention. Aha moments of clarity and discovery are notable during the early afternoon. This is an excellent time period for making informed, consequential decisions. Tonight’s passionate trine between Venus and Mars is a playful, celebratory omen for lovers of all ages. Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:18AM-11:34AM Moon enters Pisces, Venus trine Mars.

September 27, 2020

Planetary sign changes and direction shifts herald continued uncertainty. Mental Mercury enters Scorpio during the early morning hours. Thinking usually becomes more focused and fixated during this transit but not so this time. The communications planets is moving into an opposition with unpredictable Uranus, the planet of surprises. Expect events to challenge prevailing attitudes and expectations during the coming days. The Moon is in freedom-loving Aquarius, increasing community spirit. Moods also tend to be more welcoming and tolerant of individual differences. However, the reigning superstar in your life is likely to be in need of love and appreciation tonight. As the Moon nears an opposition to joyful Venus in Leo, spread affection liberally. Devotion will be duly noted and reciprocated. Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Scorpio.

September 26, 2020

During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters visionary Aquarius. A hopeful lunar trine to the Libra Sun ushers in the new day. The mutually supportive angle promotes inner composure as well as friendly ties. With Mercury at the final degree of Libra this could be a good day to catch up on correspondence or touch base with long time friends. A relative or pal could reappear in classic blast from the past fashion. Tonight’s mood is more adventurous. The Moon is at odds with Uranus. Some folks bristle at rules and perceived injustices. If you challenge authority be prepared to deal with the consequences. A less risky proposition, try something new and different. A break from routine could be refreshing. Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:08AM Moon enters Aquarius.