Back Porch Soap Company

Back Porch Soap Company was founded in 1998 by Marla Bosworth. She launched one of the first schools of natural skincare in the U.S. Marla offers herbal cosmetic formulation training in skincare, haircare, soapmaking, candlemaking and more. Marla is a…

Cathy Pagano

Working with the creative imagination through Jungian dream work, stories and mythology, astrology and shamanism to connect to the soul and discover life’s purpose.

Cathy Pagano

Psychotherapist, astrologer, author, coach, and teacher, Cathy Pagano has worked with the gifts of the Feminine Spirit for over 40 years. These gifts include our creative imagination, our emotional intelligence, our instincts and our intuition. Her knowledge of feminine consciousness,…

Carrie Vinson

As a professional coach I guide people in living intentionally, passionately and purposefully now even as they juggle the demands and uncertainties of everyday.

Certification: Spiritual Emergence Coach

Everyone welcome! People with lived experience, families, psychotherapists and others caring for people in spiritual emergency. Also for those who are exploring a more integrative approach to optimal mental health.

Ellen Palmer Wellness, LLC

We work with you to implement health and lifestyle changes so you can live your ideal life. Offering coaching, detox programs, food sensitivity testing and more.

Harmony Way

Offering Usui Reiki, shamanic healing, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, meditation, fitness and holistic health coaching, herbalism, counseling, and assistance with body-mind-spirit wellness.

International Coach Certification Alliance

Got a burning desire to change the world for the better? Already having an amazing impact on others with your conversations and insights? If so, you’re probably a coach. Go to the next level and get paid for it!