The Tables Of Chartres

The Tables of Chartres refer to a visual archaic meditation technique or brain training that balances the activity of our two cerebral hemispheres in a very immediate way. This can lead to the development of our full potential of consciousness and perception.

Near-Death Super Creativity

The near-death experience (NDE) may turn out to be the starting-point of a new science of super mind. The NDE itself provides a vivid example of high order creativity.

Unity Consciousness And Pineal Gland

What is behind a transcendent experience? Is this even possible as long as an individual seems to be still caught within the consciousness of separation? A surprising and perhaps relieving answer for the individual desperately searching for this condition comes from neurobiology.

Conscious Energy Healing

What is amazing is that through manipulation of our subtle energy bodies, we can easily enter this state of consciousness associated with the superconscious mind. We can receive information that is stunning in its vastness and operate in a realm where what we consider magical or mystical becomes the ordinary.

Harmonics And Listening As Transformation

When you first become aware of harmonics as a phenomenon of sound, your entire way of listening becomes altered. As you become aware of harmonics, your listening patterns change and, as this occurs, so does your consciousness.

Creative Or Suffering — How We Think Really Matters

In my home town of Glastonbury, people who were once friends now avoid each other because of their disagreements over vaccines. On both sides, they are so emotionally invested in their thinking that the biological imperatives of survival are triggered the moment they start discussing the topic.