On Forgiveness

Forgiveness is calling out our own ability to get out of ourselves and feel the other’s humanity and vulnerability, as well as their weakness and lack. It’s asking us to gently hold these in the palms of our hands, just as we do with our own vulnerabilities.

Secrets To Make Love Last

How do couples keep the love and passion alive after many years of marriage? Here are just a few secrets that can help you maintain a happy, healthy love relationship and keep the magic alive.

How To Be Happy: 25 Habits To Add To Your Routine

Happiness looks different for everyone. Regardless of your version of true happiness, living a happier, more satisfied life is within reach. A few tweaks to your regular habits can help you get there. Here’s a look at some daily, monthly, and yearly habits to help kickstart your quest.


What keeps us from relinquishing tribalism enough to unify in the interest of our shared desire to survive? How are we ever going to get out of this mess?! We need to cultivate empathy in all aspects of our lives.  

We Are One Radio

Awaken & Awaken the World. Relaxing, Meditative Music w/ inspired & enlightened discussions to experience Spirituality, Reiki, Tao Te Ching, Ho’opono’ono, A Course in Miracles, Energy Healing… & more. Enjoy the Journey with DJ Bright Phoenix & Rev. D.J. Byrne.