The Thirteenth Moon Center: Shamanism & Creative Arts Therapy

At the Thirteenth Moon Center we offer live virtual shamanic healing, classes in shamanic practice, and monthly journeying and psychopomp circles. Our healing work is in unison with helpful, compassionate spirit beings for our clients’ best interest and includes clearing…

Maggie Moore Jewelry

Claim Your Talisman. Maggie Moore is a healer making sacred jewelry, and she wants to create some tangible magic for you.

Blue Lotus Wellness, LLC

Traditional counseling and alternative healing practice. Treating the mind, body and spirit. CBT, DBT, Hypnosis, EMDR, Ketamine, Past Life Regression, Somatic Experiencing, Crystal and Energy Healing, Homeopathy, Ongoing Workshops, Multi-day Retreats and Sacred Travel.

Cheryl Bradley, Spiritual Medium

A reading with Cheryl needs to be experienced. Her ability to directly communicate with Spirit, to receive messages from your past loved ones, and your spirit guides, or channel past lives is incredible to witness. Even more, Cheryl’s readings leave…

Danielle P Sullivan

Danielle channels healing frequencies and offers gentle, compassionate and educational sessions. These frequencies are able to clear out stagnant and lower vibrational energy to restore balance and flow to begin your healing journey.

Cape Cod Healing Transformations

Kristine Callahan of Cape Cod Healing Transformations is a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Healing Practitioner. Serving women & men of all ages. She offers coaching, multiple healing modalities, intuitive readings, salt cave day retreats, Reiki classes…

Neurolinguistics Hypnotherapy

Carol Charland, Author & Wellness Coach. Internationally recognized therapist in Limbic Neural Retraining “Retrain Your Brain” therapy. NRT is based on latest discoveries in brain neuroplasticity- how the brain easily “unlearn” old habits. Used for stress, pain, weight, smoking, positive…

Anne Kulakowski Feng Shui

Home.ology is a blend of Feng Shui and Psychotherapy, guided by licensed Psychotherapist, Anne Kulakowski. Home.ology is an alternative approach to Feng Shui that seeks to understand how your home reflects who you deeply are and helps you emerge into…

Ladybug Body-Mind Healing

I am a holistic, spiritual, somatic psychotherapist who invites people go deeper than talk therapy alone. This integrated approach allows us to address root causes as we peel back the layers of trauma and outdated beliefs to reveal our truest…

3 Body Qigong & Healing

If you are feeling stressed out, anxious, having issues with sleep or anger, feel low energy, feel a bit lost or empty, and you don’t know why, these practices can help. Most of all, if you want a healthy lifestyle…

We Are One Radio

Awaken & Awaken the World. Relaxing, Meditative Music w/ inspired & enlightened discussions to experience Spirituality, Reiki, Tao Te Ching, Ho’opono’ono, A Course in Miracles, Energy Healing… & more. Enjoy the Journey with DJ Bright Phoenix & Rev. D.J. Byrne.

Circles of Wisdom

Come visit us in our location in Methuen, MA or join us online for shopping, workshops, and readings. Our friendly staff welcomes all customers – whether you are just beginning to explore new ideas, or if you are an experienced…

Katie DiChiara — Wellness Facilitator

As a Wellness Facilitator I am here to empower you to take charge of your wellbeing. With each session you will gain new knowledge and skills that you can use anytime to rebalance both your body and mind.

The Academy of Psychic Arts

The academy is a compilation of all of our tutors’ knowledge and experiences. They have come together to help guide you on your spiritual path. We offer an extensive variety of courses and workshops.

Point of Light Healing

As a Reiki practitioner I have incorporated into my healing practice, sound healing with crystal bowls and essential oils. Together they create a synergy of total well being for body, mind and spirit.