Make Positive Changes With Hypnosis

Various myths still persist about hypnosis, such as your mind will be controlled by the hypnotist, or you will come forth with your deepest darkest secrets. A professional hypnotist’s goal is not to control your mind, but to guide you in the direction you desire to go that is pertinent to your goal.


I am an LCSW licensed in Maine and an Emotion Code Practitioner certified to work with clients worldwide. I believe that support for my clients should not only be inspiring and uplifting, but fun as well. I meet my clients…

Neurolinguistics Hypnotherapy

Carol Charland, Author & Wellness Coach. Internationally recognized therapist in Limbic Neural Retraining “Retrain Your Brain” therapy. NRT is based on latest discoveries in brain neuroplasticity- how the brain easily “unlearn” old habits. Used for stress, pain, weight, smoking, positive…

Carolann Cliche Hypnotherapist

Since 1998, I have been a pain management practitioner. I hold a diploma in Complimentary Alternative Medicine and a NLP Hypnotist. All therapy sessions are now online via Zoom.

Green Mountain Hypnosis

A client-centered hypnosis practice in Lebanon, NH specializing in empowering people to improve their quality of life through stress relief, pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, PTSD, emotional trauma, or just eliminating unwanted habits.

Mind Balance Hypnosis

Hypnosis can open doors to inner healing. My clients through hypnosis have found improvement in their ability to manage or resolve issues with stress, anxiety, claustrophobia, car sickness, phobias and trauma, healthy eating, smoking cessation and much more.

Newport Center for Hypnotherapy

If you have decided to make some positive changes to your life, you have arrived at the right place! Newport Center for Hypnotherapy is here to make it happen.