Lyme disease

Boston School of Herbal Studies

The Boston School of Herbal Studies is committed to providing immersive high quality herbal education. We offer hands on apprenticeship programs for all levels of learning. We also offer courses in Aromatherapy, Lyme Disease and weekend intensives with visiting herbalists.…

Lyme Disease: A Survivor’s Lessons

In the summer of 2000 vertigo, chills, and headache hit me like a sledgehammer. Within three days I couldn’t shower without help, drive, or cook a meal. For a homeopath, this felt surreal, as I took great care of myself and how could I get so rundown?

Starleaf Wellness

Lyme Magnetic Protocol is a holistic alternative therapy using biomagnetism and energy healing to address symptoms of Lyme disease

Grazioso Integrative Health, LLC

My mission is to assist your body’s astounding intelligence to restore wellness and alleviate symptoms of Lyme disease and other Illnesses using Biomagnetic pair techniques and protocols developed over the past 25+ years.

Noelle Janka Coaching

Supporting individuals with health challenges in cultivating lives they love while they are healing. Want to learn more? Book a complimentary strategy session.

Arthur Gertler, M.D.

A unique holistic approach to Lyme Disease management, combining several innovative and effective modalities with the most up-to-date diagnostic testing.