Is Your Mind On Overdrive?

The mind can be a useful assistant, helping you to organize your life and complete tasks. It can also be a nag, constantly bothering you with worries and reminders. If not balanced with the calming energy of the heart or the breath, the mind can run amuck.

Gardening A Beautiful Life

In order to reach your full potential and experience, all the wonder and magic life has in store for you, nurture your mind with thoughts, books and people that inspire you and give you a grander vision.

Falling Up The Hill

Charline cared for Ruby like a dedicated mother of a disabled child. We teamed like a dream. We were one mind and heart in every realm. I shuttered to think of what would happen to us if we lost Charline.

Studio Joy

Studio Joy is a vibrant wellness community offering Nia classes and workshops to feed your Body, Mind and Spirit. Joy is the sensation we embrace to heal, to feel whole, and to feel happy in our lives.