Whole Systems Healing

As an Ayurvedic health counselor my goal is for my clients to gain a deeper understanding of their body-mind. We do this through unravelling the lifestyle, diet, stressors and other patterns/habits that formulate ones health.

New Life Services

We offer the following services: colonics, coffee enema colonic, foot soak, ear coning, nutritional consultation and ozonated/infrared sauna. The colonics are administered by Lynn D. Munroe, trained by the Enez Gonzalez School of Colon Hydrotherapy and the International Association of…

Happy Spirit Wellness

Devi is a strategic intervention coach, yoga therapist and Ayurvedic lifestyle counselor who empowers her clients with simple, therapeutic practices to reduce stress, optimize your health and get you unstuck.


Laser enhanced nutritional supplements Eudaimonia is a family business established in 2017 to provide wellness solutions for the mind, body, and soul. We at Eudaimonia are passionate about providing pure and powerful products to help you on your journey to…

Southwest Day Spa

A holistic nutritional body cleanse can help with many ailments, it can be the kick start to looking and, most importantly, feeling better!

Holistic Nutrition Services

Whether you have moved beyond cancer or are living with metastatic cancer, my goal is to help you establish eating habits that are enjoyable, nourishing and sustainable over the long term. Kick cancer with nutrition!