Cathy Pagano

Working with the creative imagination through Jungian dream work, stories and mythology, astrology and shamanism to connect to the soul and discover life’s purpose.

Cathy Pagano

Psychotherapist, astrologer, author, coach, and teacher, Cathy Pagano has worked with the gifts of the Feminine Spirit for over 40 years. These gifts include our creative imagination, our emotional intelligence, our instincts and our intuition. Her knowledge of feminine consciousness,…

The Pechet Healing Technique

The Pechet Healing Technique is one of the most advanced healing techniques available. Highly effective, long distance from the comfort of your home, by phone or Skype. Ellie resolves depression, grief and trauma for good.

Phoenix Rising Healing

Heal any issues via phone/Skype with the Pechet Healing Technique. Become free for good of any issues that are weighing you down.

Passage To Inner Joy

Intuitive counseling is different from traditional psychological counseling in that the basis of the knowledge, wisdom, and insight offered comes from an accurate source of authentic foreknowing or sixth sense.

Shamans Raven Haven

Ray Merrihew is a shamanic practitioner in Rutland, Vermont helping people discover and explore their amazing spiritual self.