Quiet, Please

Gordon Hempton believes there may be fewer than a dozen places left in the United States — and none at all in Europe — where you can sit for twenty minutes during the day without hearing a plane fly over or some other noise from human activity.

Harmonics And Listening As Transformation

When you first become aware of harmonics as a phenomenon of sound, your entire way of listening becomes altered. As you become aware of harmonics, your listening patterns change and, as this occurs, so does your consciousness.

Yoga & Healing

Radiance through movement, breath, meditation and sound. Reiki, yoga, kundalini, gong, sound, hatha, yoga, labyrinth, meditation, mantra, energy, healing.

Sounding Sprit

Combining sounds of gongs, singing bowls, drums and flutes, we support blissful harmonic attunement for body, mind, and spirit.