stress reduction

Elevate Vibrational Spa

We specialize in providing the industries most advanced frequency based technologies for wellness. Painlessly treat the root cause of imbalance with breakthrough frequency technology for anti-aging and regeneration. The future of self care is here!

Coping with Long COVID or Anxiety Program

Trying to cope with Long COVID or Anxiety? Long-hauler or not, this 7-week, self-paced free video program will help you reduce anxiety, build resilience & wellness: • Webinars & Worksheets • 17 Yoga Breathing Techniques • Paced Physical Exercises •…

CBD By Warner’s Best

Premium hemp sourced CBD. Experience the miracles this extract from the hemp plant can offer. Live pain free, fight inflammation, lower stress and anxiety to name a few. Large variety of products offering solutions to many conditions. CBD for Pets…

Voyage Of Your Soul

Offering individual and group spiritual mentoring sessions, alchemical hypnotherapy, and healing through imagination workshops designed to assist you in embodying attitudes and practices that help you live a more conscious, meaningful and peaceful lifestyle.

The Listening Line

Imagine what it would be like to be seen and heard, to be yourself, to say whatever is on your mind, to feel supported without any fear of judgement. This is the space where you will be heard.