Worcester Yoga Center

“The greatest gifts of yoga come over time.”

Worcester Yoga Center
Ann Bissanti, CYT
21 West Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Back entrance of Elan Vital (on West Street between Pleasant and Elm Streets)

In person classes are due to resume in Spring 2022.

Ann Bissanti is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with over 30 years experience who trained in India with Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar. She incorporates many years of meditation practices (Buddhist, Vipassana, TM and Siddha) and studies of Biokinetics and Ayurvedic applications of yoga in her work. Having worked with students of all ages she offers these tips for success in yoga: find a well-qualified teacher (who resonates with you), treat the body with respect and acceptance, be open and receptive to learning, don’t judge your progress, practice being in the present, practice patience and persist.

Day Dates Time Class Length Price
Monday January 7 – April 1 (no class 2/18) 6 – 7:30pm Multi Level 12 weeks $192
Tuesday January 8 – April 2 (no class 2/19) 6 – 7:30pm Basic: Beg 1 & 2 12 weeks $192
Wednesday January 9 – April 3 (no class 2/20) 9 – 10:30am Basic 2/Int 12 weeks $192
Thursday January 10 – April 4 (no class 2/21) 5:40 – 7:10pm Int/Exp 12 weeks $192
Friday January 11 – April 5 (no class 2/22) 9:30am – 11:00am Basic: Beg 1 & 2 12 weeks $192
Saturday January 5 – March 30 (no class 2/16) 10 – 11:30am Basic: Beg 1 & 2 12 weeks $192









Worcester Yoga Center has four terms of yoga classes: Winter (January – April), Spring (April – June), Summer (July – August) and Fall (September – December). Classes usually meet once a week for an hour or hour and-a-half in length. Terms may vary in the number of weeks. In selecting your class, the following explanations of experience levels may be helpful to you.

*Participants are asked to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a mat or towel to place on the floor, as well as a blanket to cover yourself during relaxation. Bring a bottle of water.

Very light food, no later than 2 hours before class or on an empty stomach is recommended. Also: Please refrain from using perfume or cologne.

**All yoga terms are to be prepaid at the beginning of the term. No refunds after the term has started. Make-up classes must be taken within the current class term, preferably within the same week to keep pace with your class. Cash and checks accepted. Please make checks payable to Ann Bissanti.


Basic Beg 1 & 2 – The foundation of Hatha Yoga. This class includes the essential building blocks of yoga: mostly standing poses form the core work as they provide the strength, stamina and the will to study yoga. These building blocks are the substance of more advanced work and at the same time they provide a complete and balanced practice in their own right. Observation, relaxation skills and breath awareness also included. 0 – 3 years experience.

Beg 2/Intermediate – A wider range of poses from different categories such as: backbends, inversions and arm balances. Learning more about sequencing, sustaining poses longer and body wisdom/self awareness are included in this level. You will find the breathing coordinates with poses more naturally. 1+ years experience.

Intermediate/Experienced – Permission of instructor is required. If you are a dropping-in, please consult with Ann Bissanti a few minutes before class. Practice deepens, poses are held longer and new complex poses may be tackled. Inversions and mental flexibility are expected. The insertion of pranayama classes, meditation segments, restorative and flowing sequence, yoga philosophy are used at teacher’s discretion. 3+ years experience.

All Levels – Everyone is welcome. No prior experience is necessary.

Multi Level – Some prior yoga experience (6 months) is recommended. Includes changing but well balanced yoga practices based primarily on foundation work and most of the 30 essential yoga asanas.

All yoga classes are to be prepaid at the beginning of the term. No refunds after the term has started. Make-up classes are available for some, but not all yoga classes. All make-up classes must be taken within the current class term and preferably within the same week to keep pace with your class.


To Register: Call Ann at 508-829-6300

12 Week Class $192 = $16 per class
New to yoga? Beginner Special: 5 classes for $50 and you can start at anytime.
Yoga classes can be joined at any time. Fees will be pro-rated.
3 Class Pass $54
Drop In Class $20/$16 Student
Private Lessons $70/hour
Semi-private Lesson $35/person per hour (with a friend)

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