April 2021 Daily Astrology

April 1: Look Ma, no retrogrades! And that’s no April Fools’ Day joke. The planets are all moving forward as the month begins. Full speed ahead. In a timely manner for those who prize good-natured fun, the Moon makes her way across easy-going, philosophical Sagittarius today. Moods are upbeat and magnanimous. A lunar sextile to Saturn keeps the focus on handling responsibilities and doing right by friends. Gratitude is felt for those who educate and inspire youthful minds. The Moon is harmonizing with the Aries Sun/Venus duo, a surefire sign that moods will remain cheerful long into the night. Mental Mercury’s pending sextile with Pluto provides soulful depth to understanding thoughts. The aspect also gives the power to manifest desires so be careful about what you think or ask for. Expect a day of knowing smiles, profound discussions and perceptive observations.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-1:59AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

April 2: Post-midnight insomniacs enjoy loving ties and intimate chats. Early risers may hit a wall. The Moon is at odds with Mars so be careful. Whether you’re on foot or on the road, don’t hurry. The opposing stars are also in a tricky alignment with confusing Neptune. Risk factors are elevated through the morning and early afternoon hours. Missed messages, forgetfulness, oversights and inclement weather may all contribute to potential delays and complications. Pay extra close attention to and take care of precious people and items of value. A late afternoon lunar sextile to Jupiter brings a breath of fresh air. At last it seems, the weekend is at hand. However, communications can also be wonky tonight. Do what you can to maintain open and clear channels.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Pluto.

April 3: Night owls may seek relief from an emotionally challenging situation. The Moon is testing Mercury, now poised at the final degree of Pisces. The Winged Messenger’s position provides an interesting vantage point. Regrets may haunt while hopes for the future are just as likely to tantalize. Before dawn the waning Moon enters Capricorn, providing new resolve to push on, whatever the future challenges may be. A new take on an old situation is facilitated by a lunar trine to inventive Uranus. The eccentric planet of genius and irreverence brightens late afternoon moods with humor and renewed hopes. A realization or chance meeting could be extraordinary. Minutes before midnight Mercury enters Aries. If you have something to get off your chest, tread or speak softly.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:24AM-4:13AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Aries.

April 4: Overnight restlessness is partly due to the early morning’s Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn. The testing Sun/Moon relationship sees some folks dutifully spring into action at the first light of dawn, anxious to please loved ones or themselves. Trying too hard is one thing to avoid. Relax. Proceed at a comfortable pace. An enchanting atmosphere dominates the day as the Moon also engages Venus and Neptune. Whether you are observing the religious holiday or attuned to the forces of nature, the stars favor aligning with our higher selves, loving others and appreciating life’s finer qualities. Art, music, meditation and good friends can all contribute to a soul-nourishing, transformative day.
Moon in Capricorn, Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 6:02AM.

April 5: For those heading back to work the early morning hours require a little extra care and attention as minds tend to drift. The Capricorn Moon is void of course. The quiet, unexciting atmosphere soon improves. By mid-morning Luna is in visionary Aquarius where she aligns with Mercury in a nifty sextile, increasing mental alertness and sharpening senses. Messages are clear, people are open-minded and receptive. The easy flow of communications is a plus for midday meetings as well as personal planning. This is also a fine time to make a proposal, suggestion or extend an invitation. Visionaries who stay up late tonight are likely to become a bit anxious as the Moon begins to test unpredictable Uranus. Don’t rule out an odd or apparently impossible thought. Uranus is the planet of surprises.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:05AM-9:04AM Moon enters Aquarius.

April 6: Night owls and early birds labor under a lunar conjunction with Saturn. The sobering, sometimes depressing pairing may magnify shortcomings but also focuses attention on meeting responsibilities and deadlines. Shortly after dawn lighter, brighter trends take hold and then dominate the rest of the day. Venus’ early morning sextile with Mars sets an agreeable tone. Harmony between feminine and masculine archetypes bodes well for inner peace as well as enjoyable relationships. The waning Aquarius Moon is also in favorable alignments with the Aries Sun, Venus and Mars. The encouraging aspects support being proactive and fully engaged in life. Make love, art and beautiful things happen. If a friendship is in need of a reset, this is a great day for it. Have a heart to heart talk. The romantic vibes tonight are topnotch.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus sextile Mars.

April 7: The effervescent early morning hours are filled with big ideas and bright hopes. The Aquarius Moon is conjunct cheerful Jupiter. Be optimistic but don’t be gullible or tempted to make promises you cannot possibly keep. One can easily be carried away by an overly rosy take on a situation. The Moon is then void of course, from just after sunrise until late afternoon. It’s a ‘go with the flow’ Wednesday. Visionary thinking can include wonderful new ideas. However, don’t rush things. Put off major decisions and new commitments for now. When it comes to important matters stick with familiar tactics and techniques. By evening the Moon is in Pisces, keeping imaginations fertile but physical bodies are still not strongly motivated. With tricky trends building in it is wise to relax tonight. Quiet, reading a book or pursuing a favorite hobby can feel perfect.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:05AM-4:30PM Moon enters Pisces.

April 8: The ultra sensitive Pisces Moon has emotions flowing this morning. A lunar sextile to Uranus ramps up the speed of mood changes. Most notable is the sense of anticipation. Psychic abilities are enhanced. At this late stage of the Moon’s cycle, insights into past events are as likely as premonitions. Don’t overthink, trust your gut feelings. We’ve been in a remarkable stretch, with no retrograde planets since late February. That will change later this month. Pluto is beginning to slow down in preparation for a direction shift. Those who are tuned in to Cosmic forces may already sense a new dynamic forming. Venus, the Sun and Mercury will soon test Pluto. Cooperation, respect for and inclusion of others will serve the greatest good.
Moon in Pisces.

April 9: The Pisces Moon’s late morning conjunction with Neptune arouses empathic and compassionate feelings. Creative imagination is also stirred. Awareness of spiritual realities may also increase. A few regrets could also surface. Be open to the proddings of your heart or the callings of your Muses. Pluto’s handy, supportive role is a plus for business matters as well as self-understanding. However, the Moon/Neptune duo is in a testing angle with Mars. Overly sensitive emotions or paranoia could lead to a painful misunderstanding. If a partner gets the wrong idea, be patient. Speak to others with the same care and respect you ask for yourself. Mars’ mid-afternoon square with Neptune also increases the likelihood of bad weather. Look before you leap. The evening brings a calmer, more composed mood. Feelings are under control. The evening hours are mellow as the waning Moon begins a void of course period.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:48PM-12:00AM, Mars square Neptune.

April 10: On this final day of the lunar cycle the Moon enters Aries during the early morning hours. The lunar tide is out. Be patient. Start nothing new. Busy yourself advancing works in progress and completing projects, or just take it easy. Fortunate alignments promise a bounty of satisfying experiences. Late this morning mental Mercury is in a sextile with Saturn. The alignment fosters clear eyed, level-headed thinking. Be in touch with friends and elders or make plans for the future. The mid-afternoon period sees an exact sextile between Venus and Jupiter, astrology’s all-star ‘good fortune’ planets. Joy and optimism prevail. Count your blessings. It feels fine to be on the move, out and about, chatting with friends and neighbors.Tonight’s low lunar tide is good reason to conserve energy. As a reminder, be smart and still wear a mask!
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-2:11AM Moon enters Aries, Mercury sextile Saturn, Venus sextile Jupiter.

April 11: Energy builds slowly, almost unnoticed, throughout the day. The Aries Moon is approaching her new phase, a monthly conjunction with the Sun. The lack of lunar aspects from before dawn until late tonight gives the day a very low key vibe. Venus’ testing square with Pluto fills the void. Unresolved issues between partners can surface. Love and affection may seem to carry great costs. Accusations could fly. Needs weigh heavily. If things get heated or heavy, take a moment to consider the importance and value of ties that bind. Shared interests and mutual benefits can be keys to getting back to more loving ways. Late tonight the Aries Moon is new, the first of the astrological year. Another cycle of beginnings is upon us. Set intentions clearly and put plans in motion. The coming weeks will emphasize the importance of teamwork as well as the best ways of maximizing each other’s potential.
New Moon in Aries 10:31PM.

April 12: While insomniacs and other night owls dare to dream up big plans, there may be plenty of details to work out. Costs and responsibilities are likely sticking points and then come more complications. By mid-morning the Aries Moon is void of course. Energy sputters, enthusiasm wanes. A lackluster few hours last until early afternoon when the Moon arrives in her comfort zone, earthy Taurus. Attention naturally shifts to ease and contentment. Stability, tranquility and opulence are all worthy objectives but given current uncertainties and anxieties, a challenge to sustain. With mixed trends dominating this week, proceed boldly, but with your loved ones’, friends’ and partners’ well-being firmly in mind.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:06AM-1:44PM Moon enters Taurus.

April 13: The Taurus Moon aligns with eccentric Uranus this morning. A devil may care attitude has restless souls rolling the dice, eager to get on with envisioned changes. Intentions may be enlightened but the Moon is soon at odds with Saturn, the stoic ‘just wait until your father gets home’ voice of perfect discipline and self-control. Unfortunately, meaningful change carries inherent risks, putting many souls in an awkward position. Worries mount during the early afternoon. A midday delay is likely but only temporary. Despite resistance from some quarters, progressive causes win out. The adventurous Aries Sun is in harmony with fiery Mars, encouraging bold, heroic initiatives. Follow your passion, whether on the playing field, in the political arena, at home or work. As evening turns to night the busy pace slows and becomes more relaxed.
Moon in Aries, Sun sextile Mars.

April 14: Dreams and reveries could center on a lost love or friendship. Venus is at the final degree of Aries, a potential reminder of the past. The Taurus Moon is in synch with Neptune. Hearts may find a measure of peace. Talents in the traditional arts like painting, dance, photography or music as well as the healing arts may also shine. Life feels busy after noon. Avoid taking on an uncomfortable amount of work or other responsibilities. Keep it simple, one thing at a time. A person can quickly get distracted as the Moon tests Jupiter. Watch your calorie intake at dinnertime. Eating to sublimate stress will be tempting. An evening time lunar trine with Pluto supports those looking to recharge their batteries. The aspect is also a good one for making practical decisions. After sunset it’s time to chill out as the Moon goes void of course.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:00PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Taurus.

April 15: The waxing crescent Moon enters effervescent Gemini during the wee hours of the morning. Senses sharpen and minds quicken when the Moon visits the Sign of the Twins. Mental faculties receive another boost from the Aries Sun’s midday sextile with Jupiter. Confidence grows. Knowledge and truth are prized. The spirit of inquiry is alive and well. It’s a great day for learning. Discussions and debates are lively. Nonetheless, an imminent square between the Sun and Pluto cautions against trying to win over reluctant cynics and hardened conspiracy theorists. We each must choose to face the light or live in shadow. Under today’s splendid auspices the truth can set us free.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-2:35AM Moon enters Gemini.

April 16: The day begins with Mercury, the Sun and Venus in a tense square with Pluto. Walking on eggshells may be an understatement in certain circumstances. Some people will go to great lengths to exert control over others. Others rise to the occasion, seize the tremendous energies and put them to strategic use. In the right hands and with good intention, much is possible. Used wrongly, a good deal of pain follows. A good rule of thumb is do no harm. Work cooperatively, treating others as you wish them to treat you. By mid-afternoon a new energy is flowing. Mar’s pending sextile to Jupiter inspires optimists, doers and cheerleaders. The harmonious angle launches learning adventures and other excursions. Just be sure to use common sense tonight as travel conditions can be dicey under the Gemini Moon’s square with nebulous Neptune.
Moon in Gemini, Sun square Pluto.

April 17: Today is upbeat and energetic. Early birds are called to action by the Gemini Moon’s conjunction with Mars. Some set out on their morning with extra enthusiasm and added spring in their step. Others talk a blue streak. Despite the late morning start of a void of course Moon period the cheerful mood grows stronger as noon approaches. Communications and gatherings are relaxed, enjoyable and memorable. A consequential decision could be made after the midday break. By late-afternoon the Moon is in Cancer. A testing square between Mercury and Pluto brings the day’s biggest challenges. Delicate negotiations could be under way. Be tactful and respectful. It may be wise to keep privileged information to yourself. A lunar sextile to Venus adds sweetness and grace to festive late night activities. Love is in the air.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:03AM-3:25PM Moon enters Cancer, Mars trine Jupiter, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury square Pluto.

April 18: This morning’s free-flowing energies invite spontaneity and inventiveness. Impromptu get togethers and spur of the moment adventures can bring unexpected delights. The Cancer Moon fosters loyalty as well as deep appreciation for the security of home and familiar places. If you’re in the right climate zone, this is a very auspicious day for planting your garden. Fleet-footed Mercury overtakes the Aries Sun tonight. Minds tend to race during the second half of the day. Impulsive individualism can present relationship challenges. Be considerate of others. Circumvent potential issues with a few thoughtful, well-timed words. Let partners know what you’re thinking and doing. With usually subconscious memories bubbling up, communicating is the best and fairest way to keep relationships harmonious.
Moon in Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury.

April 19: Even as the waxing Cancer Moon orients people towards feeling secure, changes are afoot. First Mercury this morning and then the Sun late this afternoon enter Taurus, the earthy Sign of the Bull. Springtime downshifts to a lower, slower, more grounded gear. If we choose to, we can savor the season’s remarkable mix of greenery, colorful flowers, birdsongs and scents. A late morning lunar trine to Neptune enhances the physical as well as spiritual communion with Mother Nature’s handiwork. Creative types take pleasure in an abundance of inspired ideas. The day proceeds at a slow but steady pace. Tensions could increase towards evening as the Moon opposes Pluto. Some couples grow closer but others see their differences magnified. The Moon then goes void of course, leaving some issues unresolved for the time being. Make a peace offering if warranted and relax tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:03pm-12:00AM, Mercury enters Taurus, the Sun enters Taurus.

April 20: The First Quarter Moon dominates the overnight period. This energizing but tense Sun/Moon angle could explain bouts of sleeplessness and waking up in the morning feeling unrested. Testing lunar aspects influence the entire day. Fasten your seatbelt. At sunrise the Leo Moon is at odds with Mercury. Complex emotions are daunting but if you feel misunderstood, work at explaining how you feel. Those who succeed have the gift of self-knowledge and excellent communication skills. The day then settles into a quiet and by now familiar pattern, periods of progress alternate with delays and obstacles. The Moon is energizing the persistent, year long square between Uranus and Jupiter. Unknowns and uncertainties can impact plans. Disorganized ventures may be plagued with problems. Remain open-minded, stouthearted, ready to improvise and enjoy a good laugh at life’s ironies and absurdities.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:11AM Moon enters Leo, First Quarter Moon in Leo 2:59AM.

April 21: Today has intriguing potential. The waxing Leo Moon’s post midnight opposition with Saturn is the only exact aspect. The resulting empty canvas of a day invites us to paint the remaining hours with designs and colors of our choosing. A stellium of early Taurus planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus offer nearly endless possibilities for invention. Because unpredictable Uranus is involved, be ready to rethink both goals and plans. Venus is about to pass by eccentric Uranus, a magical omen for creativity as well as serendipitous new friendships and out of the blue ‘love at first sight’ meetings. Get inspired, open your heart and mind and let wonderful things happen.
Moon in Leo.

April 22: We Blue Planet dwellers are blessed with superb celestial influences on this Earth Day. A fast start is initiated via the Moon’s trine to Mars. By mid-morning the Moon is in fertile Virgo, the discriminating Harvest Sign. Here Luna makes nice with the sensuous Taurus Sun. Stop to smell the flowers. Listen to waves crash or birds sing. Venus’ conjunction with socially minded Uranus favors gatherings, especially if a righteous cause is being served. Is there a better reason to celebrate or a more essential cause to serve than the health of the life-supporting planet we call home? Do your part. Donate time, energy or money to protect our air, water, forests and fields. Plant your garden. Hug a tree. An upswell of environmental consciousness is likely. New friendships and alliances as well as possible romance are in the stars.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:05AM-9:08AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus conjunct Uranus.

April 23: Early this morning fiery Mars splashes down in watery Cancer, the sign of nurturing, protective emotions. Moms like things their way under this influence. Caregivers tend to be more proactive. The waxing Virgo Moon’s opposition to Neptune arouses humanitarian impulses. Hearts go out to those who are in pain. The same opposition can also generate confusion. Expectations may be unrealistic. In business affairs know who you’re dealing with. Avoid taking unnecessary risks. If there’s any doubt about who rules the roost, it will quickly become apparent that a boundary has been crossed. Mental Mercury is nearing a conjunction with visionary Uranus. Some people feel the future cannot arrive quickly enough. Because cautious Saturn factors into all deliberations, it is best to be patient. Find contentment in what you already have.
Moon in Virgo, Mars enters Cancer.

April 24: Nerves may wear thin during the wee hours of the morning. Mercury is conjunct Uranus. Because the communications planet is also testing Saturn, it could be a classic case of feeling “stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Luckily, a rejuvenating lunar trine to Pluto takes hold before the Sun rises. The Virgo Moon then goes void of course until the noon hour. It may be a good morning to sleep in and catch up on rest. In any case, plan to take it easy. It is the weekend, after all. Things pick up minutes after noon as the waxing Moon enters Libra. However, the path forward isn’t smooth. The Moon is testing Mars and Venus is also at odds with Saturn. Relationships, ever the focus under a Libra Moon, require work. Address boundary issues, insecurities and unmet needs head on. Failure to perform necessary maintenance work puts partnerships at risk. Kindness and caring are the remedy.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:50AM-12:06PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury conjunct Uranus.

April 25: Full Moon Fever is happening. The waxing Moon is in Libra and will be full tomorrow night in Scorpio. Happy, sad or somewhere in between, emotions are oversized. Maverick Uranus is now reinforced by the Taurus Sun, Mercury and Venus in a blockbuster stellium. Whether it’s personal or on a national or global scale, the forces for change are galvanizing. The stellium in turn forms a challenging square with serious Saturn. The conservative old guard holds gamely on but sheer strength of numbers gives progressive the advantage. Hook up with like-minded friends and allies. Keep in mind the evolutionary nature of the times we are in. Don’t expect to get everything right the first time. Experimentation means trying new things and trying again if necessary. Work towards a more perfect world, not perfection.
Moon in Libra, Venus square Saturn, Mercury square Saturn.

April 26: A short-lived early morning drama could lead to an important realization or point the way to a golden opportunity. As the waxing Moon transitions from Libra into Scorpio she provides an energizing midday boost. Spirits and momentum remain strong on this Full Moon day. Because the money and values signs are highlighted, financial policies and practices are on many peoples’ minds. Sharing with others for the well-being of all is natural to caring souls. It is the concentration of wealth and power that too often leads to abuse. The squares to Saturn formed by the opposing Sun and Moon remind us that rules and regulations are healthy and needed. Inequalities have to be addressed and corrected. Perhaps the Buddha’s teaching of non-attachment has a place in the discussion. His spirit is associated with this Full Moon. In any case, we all have to be wise stewards of our resources.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:40AM-12:18PM Moon enters Scorpio, Full Flower Moon in Scorpio 11:32PM, AKA The Buddha Full Moon.

April 27: Coming on the heels of last night’s dramatic Scorpio Full Moon are more challenging lunar angles. We continue to feel very engaged, beleaguered this morning and euphoric after noon. The remarkable run without retrograde planets comes to an end today. Cosmically, it has been all systems go since February 20th. Pluto reverses direction this afternoon. The tiny but powerful planet may roil governments and financial markets. There can also be seismic shifts in personal wants and priorities. Given these important realignments and the Moon’s afternoon oppositions to Venus and Mercury, ask for what you want. A late night lunar trine to Neptune suggests that prayers are being answered and dreams are within reach.
Moon in Scorpio, Pluto Retrograde.

April 28: After a whirlwind few days there’s a chance to regroup this morning while the Scorpio Moon travels void of course. The usual v/c rules apply. Take some personal time and relax if possible. Make no new commitments, major purchases or decisions. Reviews and research are fine but hold off on launching projects until noontime when the Moon reaches Sagittarius. Because Pluto turned retrograde yesterday, there are likely to be new scandals making headlines. Changing fortunes can impact everyone’s life, directly or indirectly. Stand on your principles. When all is said and done, your word and truth may be the greatest assets.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:31AM-11:42AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

April 29: A steadying lunar sextile to Saturn brings calm self-assurance to the early part of the day. The Moon is in outgoing Sagittarius and the combination of friendliness mixed with business and social savvy is an excellent omen for a fruitful and enjoyable day. From a perch in Taurus, mental Mercury is forming a sextile to Neptune. Here again we have a nice blend, this time of imagination and practical knowhow. Whatever you have dreamed of doing, make an effort to see it through today. Creative minds thrive in all fields. Night owls do need to be alert as midnight nears. The Moon is in a testing square with Neptune, increasing the chances of a potentially dangerous oversight.Take common sense precautions and put things in order before going to sleep.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Neptune.

April 30: A cheerful lunar sextile to Jupiter has some folks whistling merrily to start the day. However, there is a three hour void of course Moon period to contend with. Expect a letdown in energy. Be ready to go with the morning’s ebbs and flow. The Cosmos is about to play a wild card. The Sun overtakes unpredictable Uranus this afternoon and some souls are in for tumultuous times. The eccentric maverick of our solar system has a well-deserved reputation as the “Great Awakener.” Some folks wake up more easily than others. Spiritual realizations, epiphanies and scientific discoveries sometimes occur during this alignment. Accidents can also happen so pay attention at all times. In certain geological zones quakes and eruptions are within the realm of possibilities. Caution is advised during the second half of the day.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:27AM-12:16PM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun conjunct Uranus.