Good News Headlines 4/14/21

Derek Chauvin’s trial is bringing down the “blue wall of silence” as long-serving officers in the Minneapolis Police Department have testified to Chauvin’s use of excessive force…

Good News Headlines 4/7/21

In November, the National Heritage Corridor acquired an adaptive bicycle that allows the disabled or people with mobility issues to enjoy a bike ride...

The Kind of Heroes We Need to Actually Save the Planet

What if none of the heroes in books or movies ever looked like you? What if you always resembled the villain? What if you and everyone else in the world believed in that vision, so when you placed your Brown body in front of a wall of armored police, by default you became the villain and the police became the heroes?

Good News Headlines 3/30/21

With his 1979 song "The Rainbow Connection," Kermit the Frog has a place in music history as the recording joins the National Recording Registry. The song has appealed to generations of Muppets fans.

Good News Headlines 3/24/21

Hawaii is poised to ban more reef-damaging sunscreens that contain avobenzone and octocrylene, chemicals that also have adverse affects on marine life...

Good News Headlines 3/17/21

How an Endorsement from Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert Saved a Small Bookstore. Before last month's Super Bowl, Foggy Pine Books was one of the thousands of small...

Good News Headlines 3/11/2021

World’s Oldest Known Bird Gives Birth to New Chick on Midway Atoll. Wisdom the mōlī, or Laysan albatross, is the oldest wild bird known to science at the age of at least 70. She is also, as of February 1, a new mother...

Good News Headlines 3/3/2021

In a tireless, two-day effort, volunteers in New Zealand joined together to successfully refloat a pod of long-finned pilot whales stranded on the beach...

Good News Headlines 2/16/2021

Taking a moment away from your work to stretch out your mind can be a great way to manage stress, and these NASA videos of our Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfect ways to do so…

Economics As If Future Generations Mattered

We have turned a corner on climate change--a wrong turn--and it is happening more rapidly than we have predicted. Climate change is already disrupting society, ecosystems, and national economies. We have altered so much of our Earth that we now threaten our own survival…

Good News Headlines 2/9/2021

For those unfamiliar with the Firefall, it is a bizarre and beautiful natural phenomenon that can only occur for two weeks out of the year. At sunset, the waterfall transforms from an icy shower to a glowing flame that appears to flow like lava …

Good News Headlines 2/2/2021

About those wooly mittens that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders wore to the presidential inauguration, sparking endless quirky memes across social media? They've helped to raise $1.8 million in the last five days for charitable organizations in Sanders' home state of Vermont, the independent senator announced Wednesday.

Good News Headlines 1/26/2021

In a bid to bring the direct voices of the public to the table, the state of Washington has randomly selected state residents, representative of every congressional district, to its assembly on climate.

Daily Astrology

April 17, 2021

Today is upbeat and energetic. Early birds are called to action by the Gemini Moon’s conjunction with Mars. Some set out on their morning with extra enthusiasm and added spring in their step. Others talk a blue streak.


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