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Gratitude: The Great Connector

There is a process that can bridge the gap between where you are, and where you are going. That process is gratitude. Make a conscious effort to attach gratitude to everything that you see, hear, feel, and do. When you do, you will be surprised at how much there is to be grateful for.

You Are Enough: The Journey To Accepting Your Authentic Self

Who among us hasn’t heard that inner voice gaslighting us by reinforcing the mantra “You are not good enough”? Comparing ourselves to others can compress our possibilities for potential growth in all areas of our lives. When you're on the right path, things just magically seem to fall into place.

Make Positive Changes With Hypnosis

Various myths still persist about hypnosis, such as your mind will be controlled by the hypnotist, or you will come forth with your deepest darkest secrets. A professional hypnotist’s goal is not to control your mind, but to guide you in the direction you desire to go that is pertinent to your goal.

What Are Crystals?

Mother Nature’s rocks and gems elicit awe, stimulate the imagination, and please the eye of anyone who takes notice of them. To understand how crystals work, we must first understand what crystals are.

The Ten Twig Meditation

As even the largest tree ends in twigs, your fingers are the smallest appendages branching from your body. Our hands and fingers have been our main tools for survival, gesturing, making things, using those things, counting, writing, and now typing.

Don't Believe Everything You Believe

We are all journeyman on our own highly individualized yellow brick road. Cultivate the belief that you are a unique human creation who is meant to live here with purpose and in joy. Believe in yourself and have faith in those who are there to support you.

Love Beyond The Veil

One early Tuesday morning without warning, my mother left us. She did not say good-bye. We had no idea she was leaving, no inkling, no premonition. I don’t think she did either — at least not consciously.

Understanding Trauma To Release It

Trauma goes by many different names — abandonment, neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, bullying, mental abuse, discrimination, etc. — however, there are only two different types of traumas: loss trauma and violence trauma.

Becoming Self Aware

Returning to oneness is not the return to the source of all things, but to the wholeness of your own sovereign being, as the unique higher aspects of your own fragmented soul return to merge in a state of grace.

The Fool’s Journey

Beautiful, beguiling, and infused with mystery, the tarot may resemble an ordinary pack of playing cards, but it is so much more. Every tarot card has a story to tell and can be a powerful symbol or inspiration for the next steps on your own journey.

Getting Into Solution Mode

What are you going do with that problem you’re handling now? If you choose not to fully understand the problem you face, you’ll continue to experience the problem in many different ways over and over, to give you another chance to see through it.

How Parents Can Support Teen Mental Health

Parents can best support their teens by maintaining connection alongside enforcing structure and discipline. Parents should be on the lookout for signs that might reflect a pervasive mental health issue, since early detection and treatment is crucial.

Visions — A Gift Of Hope

Audition opportunities are available in the long-running acting troupe producing Visions, a powerful play on drug addiction, alcoholism and recovery. The play uses the medium of theater to educate about drug/alcohol addiction, and show that recovery is possible. There is hope.

Dig Your Own Well

Each winter, I watch William do the hard work of searching for open water (although this winter has been oddly warm), which inspired “Dig Your Own Well.” Keep digging; it’s worth it.

Haiku #176

Burst the bubble between you and the enjoyment of all the beauty that surrounds you with the simplicity of Haiku #176.

Ideas For Living With An Open Heart

The heart’s natural state is open. However, after we have experienced pain, abandonment, disappointment, and fear, our hearts can often shut down. So how do we reverse experiences of pain and difficulty and reopen our hearts?

Daily Astrology

April 1, 2023

Jesters and jokers are in fine humor early this morning. A waxing Leo Moon is busy, aspecting Uranus, Venus and Jupiter. The configurations are a mixed bag. A friend may back out of a previously...


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