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Becoming Self Aware

Returning to oneness is not the return to the source of all things, but to the wholeness of your own sovereign being, as the unique higher aspects of your own fragmented soul return to merge in a state of grace.

Varieties Of Voice Hearing

A team at Yale University has been working with people from the mediumship community in an effort to understand their experiences. The team would like to apply what they learn to help people who hear voices that are distressing, who might suffer from serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

The Golden Journey

The Japanese have an art form called kintsugi which means “golden journey.” In this process they repair a valuable old broken piece of pottery with liquid gold, bringing the pieces together to make the item whole again. At the same time, rather than hiding the breaks it enhances them.

The Gift Of Me Through Polyamory

I found myself in a polyamorous relationship entirely by chance when I was recently divorced for the second time. Until then, I barely knew what the term meant, and I had never met anyone who loved in such an unorthodox way.


Karma is the primal seed of desire that guides the destiny, thoughts, actions and behavior of every individual.

Daily Astrology

July 9, 2020

Emotions are especially fluid and impressionable under the Pisces Moon. Empaths, psychics and visionaries put their varied talents to good use…


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