Alternative Medicine

Trying Not To Be Sick

It’s important to point out that we cannot always avoid being sick, no matter how good our lifestyle choices may be. Being ill is an opportunity to see where you have gotten out of harmony with the truest needs of your life.

Conscious Energy Healing

What is amazing is that through manipulation of our subtle energy bodies, we can easily enter this state of consciousness associated with the superconscious mind. We can receive information that is stunning in its vastness and operate in a realm where what we consider magical or mystical becomes the ordinary.

My Pain-Body Solution

I had been living with pain for over a year and a half, seen seventeen different medical doctors. The only solutions I’d been offered were some sort of invasive procedure but that was more like a bandage than a cure. Was there no middle ground?

Daily Astrology

March 28, 2023

During the wee hours of the morning Mercury passes by Jupiter, bestowing a wealth of knowledge. Much will be thought, written and communicated. However, with the Gemini Moon void of course it may be best...


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