The Birds

“This kind of spring day, with the beautiful myriads of colorful sprites just arrived from tropical shores, has to be one of the greatest gifts on Earth.”—Kenn Kaufman

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How to Raise Climate-Resilient Kids

Experts agree that discussing climate change and modeling behaviors that reflect climate solutions are important. Exhibiting climate-positive behaviors such as energy conservation and avoiding single-use plastics carries value at all ages.

Good News Headlines 6/9/21

The Supreme Court issues ruling affirming the sovereignty of American Indian tribes. This decision affirms the authority tribes have on tribal lands, and acknowledges the vital role that tribal governments play in keeping their communities safe.

Good News Headlines 6/2/21

Prince Harry has been refreshingly open about his mental health struggles for years, but in his new Apple TV docuseries on mental health, he's bringing the public into a therapy session with him.

Is Weight Loss Contagious?

People who make an effort to lose weight aren't just helping themselves, they may be helping others too. That's the finding of a new University of Connecticut study that tracked the weight…

The Irish Sand Art of Manu

The first look at the geometrics that Manu rakes into the sand along the Irish coastline affects people in several ways. The first for me was, “How beautiful”, but as I realized that the tiny blip I was seeing next to the geometric was the artist himself.

Why Do We Hate The Sound Of Our Own Voices?

As a surgeon who specializes in treating patients with voice problems, I routinely record my patients speaking. For me, these recordings are incredibly valuable. They allow me to track slight changes in their…

Good News Headlines 5/19/21

In a plotline straight out of Disney, an adorable aquatic denizen of Japan’s Tateyama Bay has captured one man’s heart in a friendship that’s lasted close to three decades

Daily Astrology

June 12, 2021

Pleasant vibes dominate the overnight hours. The Cancer Moon harmonizes with Venus and Uranus, a fortunate celestial signature for insomniacs. You know who you are. Old as well as new friends enjoy tender moments under the serendipitous stars.


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