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Good News Headlines 4/21/21

Millions of bison once roamed the great plains. Now, in a unanimous vote, the Denver City Council gave the final approval Monday to donate 13 buffalo—around half of which are pregnant—to the Cheyenne and Arapaho nations in Oklahoma and one buffalo to Tall Bull Memorial Council in Colorado to enhance conservation herds on tribal lands.

9 Practical Self-Improvement Tips

If you are someone who wishes to grow, improve yourself and become a better person, we have a lot in common. I’m passionate about personal growth, and want people around me to live a successful,…

Good News Headlines 4/14/21

Derek Chauvin’s trial is bringing down the “blue wall of silence” as long-serving officers in the Minneapolis Police Department have testified to Chauvin’s use of excessive force…

Good News Headlines 4/7/21

In November, the National Heritage Corridor acquired an adaptive bicycle that allows the disabled or people with mobility issues to enjoy a bike ride...

The Kind of Heroes We Need to Actually Save the Planet

What if none of the heroes in books or movies ever looked like you? What if you always resembled the villain? What if you and everyone else in the world believed in that vision, so when you placed your Brown body in front of a wall of armored police, by default you became the villain and the police became the heroes?

Dowsing for the Spirit of Place

Sig was first exposed to dowsing by his mother forty years ago when she taught him to dowse with wire coat hangers using his home's underground water pipe as a target. But it wasn't until the summer solstice of 1970 that he realized dowsing was his life work…

Good News Headlines 3/30/21

With his 1979 song "The Rainbow Connection," Kermit the Frog has a place in music history as the recording joins the National Recording Registry. The song has appealed to generations of Muppets fans.

Good News Headlines 3/24/21

Hawaii is poised to ban more reef-damaging sunscreens that contain avobenzone and octocrylene, chemicals that also have adverse affects on marine life...

Daily Astrology

April 20, 2021

The First Quarter Moon dominates the overnight period. This energizing but tense Sun/Moon angle could explain bouts of sleeplessness and waking up in the morning feeling unrested.


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