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Gratitude: The Great Connector

There is a process that can bridge the gap between where you are, and where you are going. That process is gratitude. Make a conscious effort to attach gratitude to everything that you see, hear, feel, and do. When you do, you will be surprised at how much there is to be grateful for.

Good News Headlines 3/29/2023

After three years of extreme drought, the Western U.S. is finally getting a break. Mountain ranges are covered in deep snow, and water reservoirs in many areas are filling up. Many people are looking at the snow and water levels and asking: Is the drought finally over?

You Are Enough: The Journey To Accepting Your Authentic Self

Who among us hasn’t heard that inner voice gaslighting us by reinforcing the mantra “You are not good enough”? Comparing ourselves to others can compress our possibilities for potential growth in all areas of our lives. When you're on the right path, things just magically seem to fall into place.

Make Positive Changes With Hypnosis

Various myths still persist about hypnosis, such as your mind will be controlled by the hypnotist, or you will come forth with your deepest darkest secrets. A professional hypnotist’s goal is not to control your mind, but to guide you in the direction you desire to go that is pertinent to your goal.

Good News Headlines 3/22/2023

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz on Friday afternoon signed into law a bill to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to all of the state's roughly 820,000 K-12 pupils regardless of their household income.

Good News Headlines 3/15/2023

Kristine Tompkins has conserved more land than any other single individual, calling it ‘capitalist jiujitsu’ for the planet. Read the story of how one woman protected millions of acres, a feat of conservation never before done on such a large scale, and then gave the land back to the people

What Are Crystals?

Mother Nature’s rocks and gems elicit awe, stimulate the imagination, and please the eye of anyone who takes notice of them. To understand how crystals work, we must first understand what crystals are.

Trying Not To Be Sick

It’s important to point out that we cannot always avoid being sick, no matter how good our lifestyle choices may be. Being ill is an opportunity to see where you have gotten out of harmony with the truest needs of your life.

Good News Headlines 3/8/2023

When Zandile Ndhlovu started scuba diving in her native South Africa, she was the only black person on the boat. Beneath the surface of the ocean she had discovered the place where she felt most herself – “an incredible world filled with wonder”.

The Ten Twig Meditation

As even the largest tree ends in twigs, your fingers are the smallest appendages branching from your body. Our hands and fingers have been our main tools for survival, gesturing, making things, using those things, counting, writing, and now typing.

Daily Astrology

March 30, 2023

Dedicated dreamers have the wherewithal to make their hopes come true this morning. The waxing Cancer Moon is in an inspiring trine to Neptune and possibilities seem endless. However, the Moon then begins a lengthy...


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