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Good News Headlines 5/29/2023

From the majestic whooping crane to the smallest songbird, an iconic American landmark in Missouri is making the skies safer for spring migrating birds who follow the Mississippi River to reach their summer nesting grounds.

Good News Headlines 5/22/2023

The Colorado General Assembly has passed unprecedented and groundbreaking legislation known as The Colorado Wild Horse Project, a new law that adds state protections for the rights of mustangs and burros.

How To Practice Mindfulness By Utilizing Your Senses

Practice these simple mindfulness exercises — some that you can do anytime, anywhere — to help ground you in the present moment when you feel yourself losing your grip. They also hone each sense ability, making your perceptions more accurate and skillful over time.

Good News Headlines 5/15/2023

Chief Standing Bear, whose landmark lawsuit in 1879 established that a Native American is a person under the law, is on a new postage stamp. The U.S. Postal Service released a Forever stamp on Friday honoring the Ponca tribe chief.

Earth Talk: Lobster vs Aquarium

Environmental groups believe that lobster fishing practices are to blame for right whale deaths, while the lobster industry denies these claims, stating that there have been no right whale deaths traced back to the Maine lobster industry.

From Farmworkers To Land Healers

On most days, Sandra de Leon prunes grapevines in Northern California’s wealthiest vineyards. But today she is dressed head to toe in a yellow fire-resistant suit, helmet, safety goggles, and gloves, carrying a machete and drip torch.

Daily Astrology

June 1, 2023

Wide-eyed night owls may be swept up in merriment. Hope and optimism are high. Under the waxing Scorpio Moon feelings run deep and true but moods can change quickly. After dawn mixed trends caution against...


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