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Good News Headlines 5/5/21

Australia last week committed $100 million to ocean conservation in an effort to protect ‘blue carbon’ environments and reduce emissions, President Biden orders minimum wage hike for federal workers to $15 and more Good New Headlines....

Good Vibes Spring Bean Salad

This spring bean salad is easy and versatile. As you touch the food and prepare it, imagine you are sending good vibes to all those who eat it, and that they use this energy to bring healing to the world...

The Three Pillars Of Social Medicine

“Social medicine” practices are built upon three pillars. The first is “accompaniment,” the second is to address the “structural violence” of racial discrimination and inequality, and the third is “a preferential option for the poor”.

Good News Headlines 4/21/21

Millions of bison once roamed the great plains. Now, in a unanimous vote, the Denver City Council gave the final approval Monday to donate 13 buffalo—around half of which are pregnant—to the Cheyenne and Arapaho nations in Oklahoma and one buffalo to Tall Bull Memorial Council in Colorado to enhance conservation herds on tribal lands.

9 Practical Self-Improvement Tips

If you are someone who wishes to grow, improve yourself and become a better person, we have a lot in common. I’m passionate about personal growth, and want people around me to live a successful,…

Good News Headlines 4/14/21

Derek Chauvin’s trial is bringing down the “blue wall of silence” as long-serving officers in the Minneapolis Police Department have testified to Chauvin’s use of excessive force…

Good News Headlines 4/7/21

In November, the National Heritage Corridor acquired an adaptive bicycle that allows the disabled or people with mobility issues to enjoy a bike ride...

Daily Astrology

May 7, 2021

While the early morning hours can feel like a sleepy climb uphill due to a void of course Pisces Moon, energy levels soon pick up dramatically. The Moon enters Mars-ruled Aries and by mid-morning off we go renewed, ready to run a 10K race or embrace the day’s challenges.


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