Good News Headlines 2/16/2021

Taking a moment away from your work to stretch out your mind can be a great way to manage stress, and these NASA videos of our Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfect ways to do so…

Economics As If Future Generations Mattered

We have turned a corner on climate change--a wrong turn--and it is happening more rapidly than we have predicted. Climate change is already disrupting society, ecosystems, and national economies. We have altered so much of our Earth that we now threaten our own survival…

Good News Headlines 2/9/2021

For those unfamiliar with the Firefall, it is a bizarre and beautiful natural phenomenon that can only occur for two weeks out of the year. At sunset, the waterfall transforms from an icy shower to a glowing flame that appears to flow like lava …

Good News Headlines 2/2/2021

About those wooly mittens that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders wore to the presidential inauguration, sparking endless quirky memes across social media? They've helped to raise $1.8 million in the last five days for charitable organizations in Sanders' home state of Vermont, the independent senator announced Wednesday.

Good News Headlines 1/26/2021

In a bid to bring the direct voices of the public to the table, the state of Washington has randomly selected state residents, representative of every congressional district, to its assembly on climate.

2020 Has Shown Us The Way Forward

No matter where in the world we are, the complexion of our skin, the language we speak, the gods we worship, many of us have been experiencing the same fears, the same losses.

Good News Headlines 1/5/2021

Created using mycelium, Adidas’ newest “leather” will join the brand's line of animal-free versions of its most iconic shoes, launched earlier this year as part of its sustainability initiative…

How To Save Money On Everyday Supplies

At the end of the month, when your budget is getting thinner, you may start to wonder where exactly all of your money went, especially if you didn’t have any splurges or out of the ordinary purchases.

Good News Headline 12/15/2020

A little pygmy possum has been found on Kangaroo Island for the first time since bushfire destroyed most of their habitat in last summer’s devastating blaze.

Good News Headlines 12/1/2020

Wintertime weather, holidays, and a pandemic lockdown can make routines difficult, but practicing mindfulness can offer a solution, and be done in very simple forms…

Good News Headlines 11/24/2020

In the South Atlantic Ocean, a tiny island of 250 people has made a significant contribution to global marine conservation by protecting a huge swath of ocean under its control…

Daily Astrology

May 6, 2021

Venus’ early morning trine with Pluto bodes well for intimate as well as professional relationships. Love’s healing and transformative powers touches many lives. It’s clear that two together is greater than the individual parts. A dreamlike atmosphere pervades much of the working day.


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