April 2022 Daily Astrology

April 1: In the deepest dark of night, during the wee hours of the early morning, the Moon is new in Aries. I think of this singular celestial event as the true start of the astrological year. And this year the Cosmos is vigorously flashing a bright green go light. It’s time to initiate bold, decisive efforts.Survey the social scene for willing partners and build ties amongst friends and allies. There is strength in numbers. The Moon’s favorable alignments with Mars and Saturn help us sustain our efforts. Projecting into the future we are in this, whatever the task, for the long haul. There will be hiccups of course, but with Jupiter nearly conjunct altruistic Neptune faith and goodness endure in all well intentioned people.
Moon in Aries, New Moon in Aries 2:24AM.

April 2: Overthinking can be problematic this morning. The Aries Moon is at odds with Pluto. Mental conundrums easily eat up both time and energy. If acceptable solutions elude you, take a break from your problem. Focus on a different matter or go for a refreshing walk. Late morning sees the Moon travel void of course for a few midday hours. By early afternoon Luna is in Taurus, soothing frazzled nerves and slowing the pace. Mental gymnastics persist as the fiery Aries Sun and Mercury are conjunct this evening. What to do with all the mental energy? That is entirely up to you. I recommend accentuating positives, welcoming input from an assortment of eccentrics, shamans and visionaries. Anything that expands your worldview is a plus.
Moon in Aries v/c 9:51AM-12:50PM Moon enters Taurus, Sun conjunct Mercury.

April 3: The heavens are tolling the chimes of freedom. The waxing crescent Taurus Moon forms but one exact alignment today, an early afternoon conjunction with the planet of unconventional, extraordinary and avant garde thinkers, Uranus. From a spiritual perspective this liberating pairing invites people to align with their truest self. Psychic sensitivities are also enhanced. Friends are likely sources of inspiration. New places, flavors and experiences may be tempting. Look beyond superficial differences and focus on universal human values. On the material plane, parts of the world as well as financial markets may shake. With tempestuous Mars about to conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, a pause in the devastating Ukraine war is possible.
Moon in Taurus.

April 4: Jump in fully this morning. Half way measures won’t do. The Taurus Moon is forging steadily ahead. Stability and security are eagerly sought. Testing lunar angles with Mars and Saturn prod cautious souls to get going and be persistent. The Moon’s favorable aspects to Jupiter and Neptune give moods confidence and faith that on this day a long shot can win. The fusion of effort and inspiration can and will produce satisfying results but don’t hurry. In the end, a slow and steady approach wins the prize. Fatigue may take hold tonight as energizing Mars faces the restrictions of Saturn’s limiting rings. A reunion of longtime friends could also occur. In some cases it may feel as though a bridge connecting different life chapters is being crossed.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:53PM-11:04PM Moon enters Gemini, Mares conjunct Saturn.

April 5: Word from a friend can be a reason to smile this morning. Sending out a thoughtful message will touch a special someone’s heart. Fond memories and warm feelings intensify when Venus arrives in sensitive Pisces around midday. Empathy also increases. The waxing crescent Moon is in chatty Gemini. Curious minds tend to race and meander. With no exact planetary alignments today, imaginations are unleashed and fertile. Jolly Jupiter is nearing a once in twelve years conjunction with Neptune. The combination in mysterious Pisces is even rarer, an only one time in two centuries event. Both planets enjoy special connections with the Sign of the Fishes. Presently they fuel a profound desire for peace and acknowledgment of a fundamental truth, we are all in this world together.
Moon in Gemini, Venus enters Pisces.

April 6: Today’s stars favor getting down to business. Morning clarity and purpose are reinforced by the Gemini Moon’s supportive angle with the Aries Sun. Minds are super sharp. Priorities are clear and action is decisive. Daylong tenacity is sustained by the Moon’s evening engagements with Mercury, Saturn and Mars. No effort is wasted, even if results are not immediately apparent. Should the active pace drain your energy reserves, take a breather and relax tonight. Any number of interests, hobbies, films, music, art or a fine wine, can be a transcendental escape. With the Moon testing Jupiter and Neptune, the veils between various spiritual planes are parted. Meditation and prayer could be the gateway to a sublime experience.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:15PM-12:00AM.

April 7: The morning stars serve up contrasting messages. The waxing Gemini Moon is void of course. Mental gear wheels churn under the weight of increasing restlessness and indecision. On the other hand Mercury is sextile Saturn, a celestial omen of good timing and sound judgment. If you hit upon a wise solution to a problem early today, wait. Put your plan into motion around noon, after the Moon enters proactive Cancer. The day’s second half feels more grounded and is likely to be more fruitful. A prospering afternoon lunar trine to Venus brings happiness and inspires caregivers. Enterprising souls are ready to flourish, celebrate and live fully. The fertile alignment is an excellent omen for planting gardens and fields. The quiet evening hours direct us to the sanctuary of familiar places and home.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-11:30AM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury sextile Saturn.

April 8: Today features abundant energy. The willing are animated and empowered by Mercury’s sextile to Mars. Minds are determined and action naturally follows thoughts. Ambitious souls are ready to take ingenious or heroic steps. The waxing Cancer Moon rouses protective feelings as well as heartfelt loyalties. The lively vibes make the day a standout for productivity. Remain aware of partners. Be careful not to intrude on another’s boundaries. Overreaching can set off stiff resistance. Work at cooperating. Ask for input from partners. Think through the consequences of a plan in the making, especially tonight when the tension-raising First Quarter Moon nears.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury sextile Mars.

April 9: Look to the First Quarter Cancer Moon as the cause of a restless night. The unsettling energies can magnify fissures between the conscious mind and inner self. Daybreak ushers in infinitely more agreeable moods. Lunar trines to Jupiter and Neptune make the world seem a wondrous, luminous place. Angelic forces draw near, creative imaginations thrive and unconditional love softens many hearts. The evening brings another mood swing. Some folks grow edgy. A communications snafu can be annoying. Don’t be pushy. This is one of those nights when people are likely to project their own faults on others. Sympathy, kindness, and understanding words are the antidote to any perceived snubs.
Moon in Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 2:48AM, Moon in Cancer v/c 9:01PM-12:00AM.

April 10: Mental Mercury’s predawn square with Pluto dominates the overnight period. If you wrestle with insomnia, take charge and direct your mind. Think positive of others and envision happy outcomes. Use prayer or recite a mantra. Today’s waxing, big-hearted Leo Moon encourages living, loving and playing with gusto. Appetites for fun are limitless. Pursue whatever gives you a thrill or puts a smile on your face. Mercury’s late day entrance into Taurus helps refocus attention and slows life to a more manageable pace. Be thankful for small gifts and pleasures. As midnight nears the Moon is moving into a challenging aspect with Uranus, another reminder that not getting what we want often turns out to be a blessing.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-12:00AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury square Pluto, Mercury enters Taurus.

April 11: An uneasy night is most likely due to myriad uncertainties. The Leo Moon’s testing angle with Uranus fuels rebellious streaks as well as nervous energy. Calmer, more confident skies grace the daylight hours. Energy and passion increase under an encouraging trine between the Moon and Aries Sun. Enthusiasm is intensely felt and the day’s challenging tasks provide enjoyable rewards. The biggest thrills may come from inspiring and assisting others. When nightfall approaches the Moon is at odds with Saturn. Some folks suddenly feel drained, as if they’re running on fumes. Listen to your body. If you’re one of those at your physical limit take a needed break and relax tonight.
Moon in Leo.

April 12: The early morning hours feature a tense lunar opposition to Mars. Frustrations can easily mount. Just as an obstacle finally appears to be overcome the Moon goes void of course. A few hours of relax and “go with the flow” drifting follows until late morning when the Moon enters dutiful Virgo. From then on the day becomes more productive. Jupiter forms a technicolor conjunction with Neptune. Their pairing in Pisces is rare, a once in two centuries event. Tune in to your dreams. Messages from spiritual dimensions and Mother Nature arrive in high def. Artistic aspirations, religious leanings and humanitarian impulses are all reinforced. Inform ordinary tasks with your loftiest visions. A moment of genius could be at hand.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:16AM-10:07AM Moon enters Virgo, Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Sun sextile Saturn.

April 13: Some ideas may seem too good to possibly be true but follow up on them anyway. Epiphanies and clever solutions are the morning’s gift, thanks to the waxing Virgo Moon’s trine to Uranus. The eccentric planet is slowly drifting closer to the North Node, a reminder that brotherhood and sisterhood are humankind’s only path forward. Mars’ position in the last degrees of community-oriented Aquarius also sparks the drive to work for and with others. Friends can make timely contributions. With the Full Moon only a few days away, the time is right for action on community issues. Helping less-advantaged folks reflects the growing awareness of humanity’s interdependence. Everything we do impacts others. What is done to one is done to everyone.
Moon in Virgo.

April 14: Early morning lunar oppositions to Neptune and Jupiter leave some folks lazily luxuriating in bed, reading or enjoying a few extra minutes of sleep. Others feel somewhat inspired, eager to pursue a noble cause or help out a pal. A collaboration of some sort is highly productive. By early afternoon the Virgo Moon is aligned with Pluto, backing team efforts. Camaraderie is strong as Mars sits at the final degree of Aquarius. Make use of each person’s unique talents to maximize productivity. A two hour long void of course Moon period slows mid afternoon progress. More changes follow. The waxing Moon enters Libra late this afternoon, spiking energy levels with a touch of Full Moon Fever. Mars arrives in Pisces about an hour before midnight. Dreams are bound to be entertaining tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:11PM-4:46PM Moon enters Libra, Mars enters Pisces.

April 15: The Sun, now in late Aries, occupies a testing angle with Pluto. The square between the two celestial players provides plenty of initiative but there can also be drawbacks. The impulse to do something is mighty but so too is the need for careful thought and consideration before forging ahead. The key is getting beyond simple self-interest. Serving others is the healthiest and most rewarding form of motivation today. Draw up plans that center on win-win results. Include partners in your thought process. Because Venus is harmonizing with Mercury and Uranus, the channels of communication are blissfully smooth. Kindness is extended organically and for many souls, altruism is close at heart. There’s a nearly Full Pink Moon sailing overhead tonight. Enjoy her pale light.
Moon in Libra.

April 16: The Libra Moon is waxing full and well aligned with Saturn, the serious planet of karma, commitments and other necessities. Early today many folks feel they are in control of the superabundant energies. Obligations and responsibilities give meaning and direction during the morning hours. The Full ‘Pink’ Moon is exact during the early afternoon. Passions reach a peak and partnerships are in the spotlight. Look for ways to improve the working dynamics of important relationships. The Moon is also closing in on an early evening square to Pluto. Feelings remain extra sensitive so handle loved ones with care. Curtail any eye rolling and speak tactfully. A short void of course Moon period follows, gently deflating overheated emotions. Tonight’s Scorpio Moon can be a catalyst, revealing and clarifying deep desires and heartfelt dreams.
Moon in Libra, Full Pink Moon in Libra 2:55PM, Moon in Libra v/c 5:57PM-8:23PM Moon enters Scorpio.

April 17: Happy Easter to those who observe. As the Scorpio Moon steers a quiet course most of the day, events unfold graciously. Winged Mercury is active. The Messenger Planet is nearly conjunct Uranus, opposite the Moon and trine Venus. Mental and social activities are wonderfully engaging. A sense of grandeur pervades the day. Psychic abilities can be topnotch. Chance meetings and deja vu experiences evoke sweet memories. Serendipitous factors are frequently amusing. Savor good times with family and friends as well as newly made acquaintances. The high energy evening hours are particularly exhilarating. Night owls are happy to stay up late.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury sextile Venus.

April 18: Mixed trends provide moments of irrepressible joy as well as quieter, expectant pauses. The impulse driven Aries Sun is at odds with Pluto late this morning. Awareness of others is required. Those who fail to respect and accommodate the needs of partners may seriously damage their relationship. The Scorpio Moon is also testing Saturn. Options may seem limited or a private matter could weigh heavily on some hearts. Assume no harm is intended if a co-worker seems preoccupied and distant. Fortunately, conflicting views can be discussed and resolved under the more amenable afternoon stars. As the Moon harmonizes with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, improved moods and communications appear to be a product of divine intervention. Speak your truth with confidence.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:55PM-10:16PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Venus sextile Uranus, Sun square Pluto.

April 19: The waning Sagittarius Moon squares Mars during the wee hours of the morning. The tense angle can rattle nerves and contribute to sleeplessness. Thinking about mistakes and missed opportunities may also be a factor during much of the day. The Sun is at the last degree of Aries, leading some souls to revisit past failures and successes as well as unfinished business. Because the Sagittarius Moon steers most people towards an optimistic point of view, hopes for the future remain undaunted. Tonight’s arrival of the Sun into earthy Taurus shifts life to a lower, slower and steadier gear. The more deliberate pace lends itself to uphill climbs and lasting gains. In the upcoming weeks persistence is the key.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun enters Taurus.

April 20: Interesting dynamics are in play today. Expansive ideas translate into practical steps as the Sagittarius Moon aligns with sober Saturn during the early afternoon. The blend of cheerful confidence and pragmatism is perfect for dealing with responsibilities and demanding tasks. The late afternoon hours see the Moon at odds with Neptune and Jupiter. Faith continues to be resolute but some folks are downright gullible and easily misled. Be on the lookout for deceptions, disinformation and unscrupulous people. Pay close attention to valuables and what you put in your body. A quiet evening follows as the Moon goes void of course until almost midnight. A pending Moon/Sun trine aspect brings inner calm to late night proceedings. Sleep is sound.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:56PM-11:52PM Moon enters Capricorn.

April 21: The waning Capricorn Moon fosters a businesslike atmosphere. Lunar harmony with the Sun, Mars and Uranus sets the stage for steady efforts. Creative ideas and improvisational moves lead to gains. This is also a fertile day for planting in gardens. Social networking is another appropriate choice, especially later in the day when like-minded people are magnetically attracted to one another. Get in touch with friends. Use social media and other technological wonders to link up with people around the far flung world. ESP is extra sharp tonight. Take notice of hunches and premonitions and act accordingly.
Moon in Capricorn.

April 22: The working week ends in grand fashion. The Capricorn Moon helps sustain ambitions as well as surprisingly upbeat moods. The day is both productive and enjoyable. The morning’s lunar aspects to Venus and Mercury are helpful for effective communicating and planning. Define goals and delegate specific tasks. Partners are attentive, capable and willing to assist. Awareness shifts to leisurely pursuits by late afternoon. And why not? The weekend is near. This evening the Moon’s scintillating sextile with Jupiter sees some folks eagerly packing their bags for a getaway. Others appreciate mind-expanding conversations. Be a good listener. A late night lunar conjunction with Pluto can bring an important discovery, revelation or insight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:53PM-12:00AM.

April 23: The wee hours of the morning coincide with the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. Most of us will sleep through the tense moments. For night owls and those in other time zones, confining situations can be uncomfortable. Maintain personal integrity and give partners space to do likewise. Striving to be a more genuine version of one’s self is a theme this weekend. Make note of your personal preferences and needs. Philosophical points can only do so much. In this uncertain world material plane security is utterly necessary. Don’t overlook or downplay the enjoyment provided by tasty food, good friends, soothing music and nature’s beauty.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:17AM Moon enters Aquarius, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 7:56AM.

April 24: Mercury’s testing square to Saturn can cast long shadows this morning. Worries, lacks and limitations may loom large. Truth be told, there is a silver lining in every storm cloud. It’s all a matter of perspective. Luckily, Mercury is also nicely aligned with mystical Neptune later in the day. The pairing eases loneliness and chases away shadows. The alignment may also provide a measure of faith in one’s own creative abilities or for some souls, a connection with higher spiritual powers. On a day when the capacity to think positive is tested, faith and hope are good medicine. Spring eclipse season is also approaching. Much that now appears inevitable will soon resolve in surprising fashion. Remain positive.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:33PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune.

April 25: Less than an hour after sunrise the Moon enters empathic Pisces. With the Moon now nearing a Mars conjunction, assertive tendencies increases. Helpfulness is a fine way to express these rising celestial energies. The Moon/Mars combo is also in a favorable angle with the Taurus Sun. As a result, impulsive, caring feelings grow more steadfast and assured. The stabilizing lunar sextile with the Sun caps off the fruitful workday. Evening finds the Moon conjunct Mars. The God of War in the Sign of the Fishes is always an interesting proposition. One must determine whether desires are realistic. Persist. Channel your ambitions, raw energy as well as any potential frustrations into constructive activities.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-6:15AM Moon enters Pisces.

April 26: Today is marvelously upbeat. The Pisces Moon is nicely anchored by inventive Uranus in the morning and loving Venus tonight. Beginning with the early morning lunar sextile to Uranus, life moves organically and with equal measures of excitement and anticipation. It just feels as though something wonderful is brewing, and most likely it is. Follow up on an early hunch. If you get the urge, take the road less traveled. Mercury is nearing an optimism-fueling, confidence building sextile to Jupiter. The world is a rosy place. Tonight plays out with the Moon drawing closer to Venus. Nearby are Neptune and Jupiter. Including Mars there are five planets afloat in Pisces. Dive deep for love, dreams, art and spirituality. Share the magical hours with folks you care for deeply.
Moon in Pisces.

April 27: Overnight dreams can be truly splendid as the waning Pisces Moon passes by Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. Some folks awaken feeling as though they’ve spent the night deep in study or visiting sacred places. Treasure such experiences. The otherworldly atmosphere translates nicely into early morning activities. Mental faculties are sharp, resources are well-managed. Productivity begins to lag by late morning. The Moon is void of course. The noon hour sees the Moon enter Aries. An uptick in energy follows. Venus is conjunct Neptune this afternoon. The duo can bring out intensely romantic feelings and inspire lyrical rhapsodies about living and loving. Artists flourish. Euphoria is another strong possibility. Mellower trends hold forth for the remainder of the day.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:36AM-12:10PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus conjunct Neptune.

April 28: The waning crescent Aries Moon is nearing the end of another cycle. Complete rather than begin projects today and tomorrow. Mercury’s morning trine to Pluto does provide excellent insights into people and their circumstances. An accurate premonition is another possibility. However, spring eclipse season begins with Saturday’s New Moon, which is a partial solar eclipse. Things begun around the time of an eclipse seldom play out as conceptualized. Even the most ingenious of plans is likely to run into unexpected complications. Adding to the suspense is another wrinkle. There have been no retrograde planets since early February. That too is about to change. Pluto has stationed and will reverse direction tomorrow. Policy makers and market shakeups will likely impact many investment strategies. Stay informed, keep your options open and be ready to make adjustments.
Moon in Aries, Mercury trine Pluto.

April 29: Change is in the air. Spring eclipse season is close at hand and, after nearly three months, planetary retrogrades begin again. The Aries Moon launches the day with goals clearly defined. Pacing and timing are good. Mercury’s presence on the cusp of Gemini triggers reminiscences about calmer times and lost security. The day moves steadily along. During the afternoon Pluto turns retrograde. A shake-up in the world’s financial order may occur. By late afternoon issues around personal accountability surface. Be calm and cooperate as best you can. Intimate conversations can be extraordinarily revealing. Evening sees the Moon travel void of course while Mercury enters his comfort zone of Gemini. Dinnertime conversations are likely to be charming. After sundown the Moon arrives in Taurus. Get comfortable, rest, relax and enjoy tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:38PM-8:19PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury enters Gemini, Pluto Retrograde.

April 30: Spring Eclipse season is upon us. The Moon partially eclipses the Sun during this afternoon’s New Moon in Taurus. Personal realizations as well as surprising public announcements can be expected. A leader could fall from power as a major financial scandal is revealed. Activities begun during the week of an eclipse often take unexpected turns. New information can make plans obsolete or unnecessary. Counter balancing the uncertainties there is also an exceptionally good omen today. Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. The loving duo awakens hearts at the deepest levels. Nonjudgmental, unconditional love liberates and heals. Unselfish and charitable acts are encouraged. Spread your arms wide and let your love light shine.
Moon in Taurus, New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse, Venus conjunct Jupiter.