April 2023 Daily Astrology

April 1: Jesters and jokers are in fine humor early this morning. A waxing Leo Moon is busy, aspecting Uranus, Venus and Jupiter. The configurations are a mixed bag. A friend may back out of a previously arranged meeting due to unforeseen circumstances but don’t give up. The slightly scattered early hours give way to overriding optimism and cheerfulness. Keep following your heart’s passions today and you cannot go wrong. The Moon’s trines to Jupiter and Mercury make minds nimble. Athletes feel competitive. Storytellers and performers are in excellent form. Many folks are on the move, looking for adventures as well as new challenges. The enlivening trends last past midnight.
Moon in Leo.

April 2: Night owls can easily stay up past midnight talking on the phone, reading or watching TV. More physically ambitious souls may opt for a moonlit stroll. A lunar trine to Mercury keeps senses sharp into the wee hours. Shortly after dawn the Moon arrives in Virgo and nears a sobering opposition with Saturn. It’s time to shift gears, slow down and take inventory. Review priorities as well as expectations. Some obligations can be put off, others cannot. Deal with essentials and let go of the rest. The afternoon brings resurgent energy. A lunar sextile to Mars renews the fire in weary hearts and bodies. Home related chores, cooking, exercise and health related activities get a celestial boost.
Moon in Leo v/c 2:03AM-6:57AM Moon enters Virgo.

April 3: Skill-honing continues to be of interest as the Moon waxes in Virgo. The quest for perfection can apply to almost any activity. Those who have previously fallen short of their own mark feel especially motivated. At midday, Mercury enters Taurus and into a tense square with Pluto. Focus is enhanced but open minds always work best. Be wary of overly rigid or one track thinking. Don’t argue or judge harshly. A close and trusted friend or family member can provide a helpful second opinion. The more easy-going, sociable late afternoon and evening hours offer their own unique charms.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury square Pluto, Mercury enters Taurus.

April 4: With the Full Pink Moon now only two days away, springtime excitement is in full swing. The morning’s lunar opposition to Neptune is a fertile omen for creative projects as well as seed planting. By late morning a lengthy void of course Moon period overshadows the bulk of the working day. Fluctuating moods and imaginative excursions intertwine. Creative processes can be fruitful but delay making new commitments. It isn’t until evening that attention refocuses and energy quickens with the Moon’s entry into Libra. An empowering lunar trine to Pluto fosters assured decisions, teamwork and greater intimacy. Work at strengthening ties with partners. Certain details will probably need ironing out. Proceed with caution late tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 9:50AM-5:51Pm Moon enters Libra.

April 5: The light of the nearly full Libra Moon and a contentious lunar square to Mars keep some souls anxious and awake much of the night. As the daylight hours begin, managing practical concerns is expedited by a sextile between mental Mercury and Saturn. Logical thinking is a faithful servant. Meetings as well as private personal discussions can have long lasting consequences. The productive period reaches a peak during the noon hour. After that, pace yourself. Its full tilt boogie as the irrepressible Full Pink Moon will be exact shortly after midnight. Expectations easily outpace the speed at which people and things move.
Moon in Libra, Mercury sextile Saturn.

April 6: A half hour after midnight the Full Pink Moon in Libra is exact. The Sun’s auspicious conjunction with Jupiter fosters exuberant moods. Be selective in choosing who and what you believe in. Overblown confidence can clothe a conceit or self-deception. This high point of the lunar month is sure to keep many folks up late. As dawn arrives the now waning Moon is opposing Jupiter. Hopes continue to be lofty. However, the Moon next embarks on a long void of course period. Fallout from last night’s learning adventures, as well as significant news, requires rethinking plans. With Mercury passing over the Moon’s North Node in Taurus, security concerns are paramount. Keep your financial and emotional well-being in mind but don’t rush decisions.
Full Pink Moon in Libra 12:34AM, Moon in Libra v/c 8:43AM-12:00AM.

April 7: Overnight the waning Moon enters Scorpio. By morning healing energies are in place. Venus is favorably aligned with Neptune today. The two planets inspire creative spirits to come up with imaginative answers for an endless variety of challenges. At heart, the two love stars support goodwill, empathy and kindness. They also promote the arts. The resourceful Scorpio Moon chips in with a series of motivational aspects. Pragmatism carries the early going. Midday discussions can be gnarly. Don’t butt heads. Remain solution-oriented. Partnerships are notably effective when objectives are clear and everyone has a chance to express their unique talents and experiences. Tonight’s reminiscences could shed important light on current situations.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM2:29AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus sextile Neptune.

April 8: Late night denizens appreciate the “no doze” sextile between Mercury and Mars. The enlivening aspect dominates the wee hours of the morning, keeping minds and senses alert. As day breaks a new vibe is present. The Scorpio Moon is moving into an opposition with unpredictable Uranus. The alignment is exact during the late morning. It may be nerve-racking but it helps spring some souls free from familiar emotional patterns. Uncompromising sorts disregard the rules of fair play or wrestle with control issues. In the interest of wellbeing, breaking with precedent or changing plans could be a necessity. Don’t burn bridges if it can be avoided. Kinder, gentler energies take hold this evening.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury sextile Mars.

April 9: The early morning hours are blissfully mellow under a void of course Scorpio Moon. Quiet contemplation can be rejuvenating, provided obsessive tendencies are under control. The magic of springtime’s rebirth and other life cycle phases may be of interest. By midmorning the Moon has arrived in outgoing Sagittarius. Moods brighten. Curiosity is piqued. A mid-afternoon lunar square to Saturn increases a sense of obligation but it may also trigger resistance to doing the expected. Strike a healthy balance between doing for others and self-care.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:09AM-8:57AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

April 10: Today’s planets dial up an exceptionally pleasant ambience. The waning Sagittarius Moon is in a trine with the conjunct Aries Sun and Jupiter. Under the auspicious angles, Jupiter’s benevolent side shines. Intentions and actions tend to be well meant and supportive. People in search of truth and knowledge find answers. Some learning experiences are breathtaking in their scope. Intrepid travelers make excellent progress. Venus stands at the last degree of Taurus, suggesting the possibility of a reunion with a friend or lover. As Venus is also in a favorable angle with Pluto, partnerships grow stronger. A lingering business matter could at last be resolved.
Moon in Sagittarius.

April 11: Shortly after midnight Venus enters Gemini and lets her charming, flirtatious side shine. By the break of day the Goddess of Love and Beauty is in an exact trine with Pluto. Love’s endlessly revitalizing energies are unleashed. Caring support between partners is solid. All the same, a lunar square to Neptune leads some folks to miss their bus, flight or important meeting. Check to be sure you have essential items and give yourself extra time to reach appointments. A void of course Sagittarius Moon dominates from early morning until early afternoon. A drop-off in motivation is likely. The less ambitious hours can be useful for reviewing messages and paperwork. After lunch the Moon enters Capricorn and the Aries Sun’s exuberant conjunction with Jupiter holds forth. Life proceeds full speed ahead. Afternoon and evening meetups smoothly mix business with pleasure. Teachers, story tellers, preachers and speakers of truth shine.
Moon in Sagittarius 6:48AM-1:33PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus trine Pluto, Sun conjunct Jupiter, Venus enters Gemini.

April 12: The Capricorn Moon’s overnight opposition to Mars can see sleepless souls tossing and turning. Dawn at last brings smoother sailing. More harmonious lunar aspects to Mercury and Uranus dominate today’s waking hours. Communications are crystal clear. Reception is good. Psychic and intuitive abilities help bring people closer together. Goodwill to all is a unifying principle. Noontime is good for making far reaching decisions. Evening socializing and networking are enjoyable. Spontaneous gatherings may reflect an outbreak of welcome news.
Moon in Capricorn.

April 13: Insomniacs and other night owls are under the spell of the tense Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn. Don’t get caught up in errors of omission and “what ifs?” Focus instead on imagining happy outcomes and a better future. By daybreak the Moon is on her way into a sextile with Neptune. The aspect soothes frazzled nerves and worried minds. It also reaffirms the idea that helping others is one of the best cures for whatever ails a person. A lengthy void of course Moon period overshadows the midday hours. Consolidate, conserve and complete what you can. Hold off on starting new projects. Late afternoon sees the Moon arrive in Aquarius where she passes by Pluto and harmonizes with Venus. This is a fine night for schmoozing with friends and enjoying life’s many pleasures. Turn on the party lights.
Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 5:11AM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:14AM-4:42PM Moon enters Aquarius.

April 14: The Aquarius Moon supports friendship and community spirit but expect a few relationship challenges today. For one thing, breezy Venus in Gemini is at odds with dour Saturn. Their midday square puts a lid on flirtations as well as outgoing moods. Expenses can also squeeze pocketbooks. After noon, lunar squares to Mercury and Uranus continue to cause mixups and problematic communications, Think before you speak. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That’s the best way to keep misunderstandings at bay. Good friends calmly accept and shrug off the snafus and unexpected schedule changes. For lighthearted souls, making alternate plans can be fun.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus square Saturn.

April 15: Get a move on this morning. A lunar sextile to optimistic Jupiter ushers in the new day. Meetups, chores, hobbies and other favorite pursuits bring great joy. Under an Aquarian Moon sports enthusiasts enjoy friendly competition. By late morning the Moon is comfortably sextile the Sun. At brunches and lunches camaraderie is notable. You may want to take a siesta after the midday meal as by noon the Moon is void of course. Put off major purchases and decisions until later in the day. As the Sun sinks low in the western sky Luna enters Pisces. Here she meets up with sensible Saturn. Use the evening hours to prepare for the coming work week, consider options, set goals and commitment to them.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:16AM-6:57PM Moon enters Pisces.

April 16: Due to testing lunar alignments, moody night owls may wrestle with insecurities, including fears of abandonment or rejection. Do your best and try to get some sleep. Morning brings more engaging and energetic trends. The Pisces Moon is nearing a dynamic trine to Mars. Desires are aroused, challenges welcomed. The stimulating aspect dominates the midday period. This is a good part of the day for strenuous physical activity. Evening sees a new round of engaged enthusiasm. Harmonious lunar alignments with Mercury and Uranus facilitate mental as well as spiritual activities. With minds deftly darting from one interest to the next, creative geniuses flourish tonight. Conversations and social gatherings are effervescent fun.
Moon in Pisces.

April 17: A bright idea could surface during the post-midnight hours. If you wake up during the night, jot it down. Daytime trends are also intriguing. The Pisces Moon is late in her cycle and close to mysterious Neptune throughout the day. Humanitarians and empathic souls are ready to make personal sacrifices in order to help others. Dreamers, altruists and artists find their Muses are close at hand. Others simply marvel at the wonder of being alive on a beautiful planet. On the other hand, procrastinators and evasive types deftly make familiar excuses. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course. Pay attention during the evening commute. Energy levels shift after dark when the Moon enters Aries. This is a good evening to be in touch with close friends.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:57PM-9:09PM Moon enters Aries.

April 18: It’s easy to be charmed this morning. Feelings are warm. With the brash Aries Moon sextile flirtatious Venus in Gemini just before noon, it’s easy to enjoy friends and win new admirers. The morning is also an opportune time to discuss and line up support for a proposal. Both personal as well as professional gatherings are entertaining. Shopping can also be fun. Tensions gradually increase as the afternoon hours pass by. An evening lunar square to Mars is the culprit. Protective feelings make some people defensive. Others are frustrated by perceived delays and obstructions. Patience is advised. If you’re on the road watch your speed and be a patient driver.
Moon in Aries.

April 19: This final day of the lunar cycle is a low key, pleasant affair. An early afternoon lunar conjunction with Jupiter is today’s sole exact aspect and it’s a good one. Astrology’s ego-enhancing “Greater Benefic” puts smiles on faces and a bounce in many peoples’ step. Jupiter boosts faith as well as confidence. A positive attitude, one that includes gratitude, increases enjoyment and attracts opportunities on all levels. One caveat is at this phase, when the Moon is darkened, it’s best to delay starting anything you wish to succeed. However, the new cycle begins only minutes after midnight so if you’re inclined to launch a plan this evening, you have a Cosmic green light. Keep in mind, tomorrow’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse while mental Mercury is slowing and will soon turn retrograde. Leave yourself wiggle room and be prepared with alternate plans.
Moon in Aires.

April 20: Minutes after midnight the Moon is new in Aries. This is the year’s second New Moon in Aries. It is a Solar Eclipse and it comes at the critical last degree of the sign. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter and the Lunar North Node. Fate is at work. For some folks, karmic issues are on the verge of resolution. Mental Mercury has stationed close to Uranus and will soon turn retrograde. Eclipses always reveal new information. Major undertakings may be getting under way but surprise turns of events are likely. Minds are likely to change in the coming days. During the wee hours of the morning first the Moon and then the Sun enter Taurus. Both lights test Pluto. Behind many current personal and collective changes are power struggles and survival issues. Fortunate angles to Saturn urge us all to be wise. There is no greater strength than good judgment, solid values and loyalty to friends, allies and principles.
New Moon in Aires 12:13AM, Moon in Aries v/c 12:13AM-12:30AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun Square Pluto, Sun enters Taurus.

April 21: Mental Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus during the predawn hours. The Winged Messenger is conjunct unpredictable, sometimes brilliant Uranus, increasing the odds of a complete reversal or other surprise. The Taurus Moon is also close to Mercury and Uranus. Dreams may be prophetic. Listen to your gut feelings and intuitive flashes as you begin the day. If nerves are on edge early this morning, deep breathing, meditation, yoga or a walk can be calming. Moods mellow as the day unfolds. This is the first full day of the Sun’s passage through Taurus. Slow and steady is the way to go. Evening sees the Moon in a soothing sextile with Neptune. Weather permitting, it’s a fine time for sky viewing. Tonight, films and other art forms are emotionally moving.
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:41PM-12:00AM, Mercury Retrograde.

April 22: It’s difficult to celebrate this Earth Day and ignore the daunting reality of climate change, mass extinctions, the bad behavior of corporate actors and the public’s unspoken support of environmental devastation. The Gemini Moon is trine Pluto early this morning and then square somber Saturn during the afternoon. Both alignments urge an honest look at what is and what needs fixing. The former lends itself to adjusting tactics and lifestyles in the interest of preserving a life-sustaining planet. The latter calls for stopping destructive behaviors and mind-numbing propaganda. The silver lining is the Gemini Moon’s natural inclination to gather information and talk about anything and everything. Even folks who don’t consider themselves environmentalists are wise to consider the impact their actions have. This evening, lovers do well to look for the crescent Moon and Venus in the western sky. The sight is a natural mood enhancer.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-6:11AM Moon enters Gemini.

April 23: A breezy conjunction of the Gemini Moon and Venus lends a cheerful
atmosphere to the early morning hours. It feels good to be alive and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. For some folks a day trip could be in the offing. The good feelings continue. Mental Mercury, newly retrograde, forms a sextile to Mars. Reunions of family and friends are engaging. A return to an old haunt can also be captivating. If plans have fallen through in the last few days due to either the revelatory Solar Eclipse or Mercury’s mind-altering retrograde, this is a good time to come up with an alternative strategy.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury sextile Mars.

April 24: Beginning this working week is particularly challenging. After a final square to nebulous Neptune the Gemini Moon goes void of course before business hours begin. Oversleeping, missed rides, lost items, general confusion and pure laziness all can add to difficulties. Inclement weather may cause delays. An unfocused period follows. On the job, stick to familiar routines. Stream of consciousness writing, inner explorations and creative projects may be fruitful. If you’re free to follow your whims, do so. Mental focus sharpens and energy builds with the Moon’s late afternoon arrival in Cancer. Strive for material plane security. Cultivate peace of mind. Familiar comforts are nourishing tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:15AM-2:58PM Moon enters Cancer.

April 25: Many people enjoy a solid night’s sleep under supportive stars. Good deeds are rewarded as the Moon and Sun occupy favorable angles to Saturn. Priorities are clear this morning. Honoring obligations is supported, as are sensible decisions and efficient planning. The waxing Cancer Moon’s evening sextile to retrograde Mercury is a good omen for getting caught up with paperwork and messages. If you have the chance, resolve a financial issue. Reminiscing is another likelihood. Tonight, emotions are steamy as the Moon conjuncts Mars. A home-based project can be productive but don’t rush it.
Moon in Cancer, Sun sextile Saturn.

April 26: Messages may come from unseen sources during the overnight period. Pay attention to your dreams or, if you’re awake, gut hunches. Feelings remain sensitive today under the waxing Cancer Moon. Happy or sad, the inclination to overreact is magnified by a late afternoon lunar square to Jupiter. Some responses are over the top dramatic. Outpourings of generosity and optimism may well be justified. The Moon trines Neptune this evening, a harbinger of ease, magical moments and heart to heart communion with people and Mother Nature. Creativity is also spurred. Be alert late tonight. Handle partners with care and do your best to cooperate.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:46PM-12:00AM.

April 27: Excitement levels are building as the Leo Moon waxes. Adding to the buzz is the proximity of retrograde Mercury, the Sun and Uranus, the electrifying planet of surprises, revolutions and liberation. The trio of planets are now in Taurus, the earthy sign of among other pleasurable things, money and resources. Minds and senses are unusually sharp, good for multitasking. Keep an eye on spending the next two weeks. Stay aware of and savor your surroundings. Study history. Anticipate changes and know they will be for the better. A revision in plans or course change could be in the works today. The tense First Quarter Moon phase is exact late this afternoon. Express your creative side and pursue your passions, but remain considerate of others.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:30AM Moon enters Leo, First Quarter Moon in Leo 5:20PM.

April 28: An early morning lunar square with Mercury is likely to present communication problems. A travel delay is also a possibility. Be mentally nimble and ready to adjust your schedule. This afternoon the Leo Moon also tests Uranus. Uncontrollable and unforeseen factors are in play. Whether you are on foot or in a car, move with caution. Intuition can be erratic or entirely off the mark. Stresses gradually ease during the late afternoon as more congenial trends build in. Tonight is delightful. The Moon and Venus combine to elevate moods. If you’re planning a festive dinner or party, this night is a winning choice.
Moon in Leo.

April 29: Last night’s good vibes carry over into the new day. An early morning lunar trine to Jupiter puts glowing smiles of contentment on faces. Travelers are eager to be on their way but then the Moon goes void of course for an extended period. Momentum is lost and a slower, more easy-going mood takes hold. Delay important decisions and new commitments. This is a perfect opportunity for classic weekend relaxation, at least until late-afternoon when the Moon enters Virgo. If you have business to attend to the latter part of the day is suitable. Mars is also sextile to Uranus so there is no shortage of projects or entertaining diversions available. A spontaneous get together can be delightful. Don’t plan on making it a late night as the Moon is at odds with Saturn by the time midnight nears.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:53AM-2:59PM Moon enters Virgo, Mars sextile Uranus.

April 30: With the Moon’s light increasing daily, life moves at accelerating speeds. This morning’s lunar trine to the Taurus Sun is a fertile omen, one that promotes inner ease. It’s also good for planting and other practical pursuits. Make a business-related decision. Spruce up your home or get going with a diet or exercise regimen. The Taurus Sun increases tenacity and staying power. A long ago friend, neighbor or relative could visit or be in touch. The congenial atmosphere continues throughout the day. Afternoon and evening gatherings are crowd pleasers, whatever the size.
Moon in Virgo.