Astrological Forecast Fall/Winter 2022


“ …deriving their powers from the consent of the governed…”  The Declaration of Independence

As we reach the latter stages of the year, momentous changes are under way. The pesky “upset the apple cart” square between Saturn and Uranus, a fixture during chaotic 2021, is realigning and gaining strength. Saturn represents the powers that be, conservatism and respect for the past. Uranus rules progressive thinking, advances in technology and the notion that we humans are one family, all in this life together. Saturn is regressive and at times repressive while Uranus is evolutionary and loves freedom. Historically, eras when these two planets test each other often bring tumult and leaps in the collective consciousness.

Faced with the uncertainties of climate change, overpopulation and a lack of political leadership due to rampant greed, corruption, ineptitude and denial, millions question authority in countries around the globe. Many more people are simply too busy trying to survive day-to-day to consider the political fray. Under the Saturn/Uranus square, with its one step forward, two steps back pacing, progress comes in halting steps.

Our own nation is in the throes of its first Pluto return, when the outermost planet returns to the degree it occupied on July 4, 1776. In 2022 there are three exact return dates, a once in two-hundred-and-fifty year event. These returns take several years to play out. They herald the collapse of some empires and the rebirth of others.

No doubt we are at a crossroads. Pluto is always about the use of power, who holds it and what purposes are served. The November midterm elections are crucial to the fate of our country. That morning’s powerful full Moon/lunar eclipse underscores the need for participation. At the end of the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin opined, “It’s a republic, if you can keep it.” A republic may no longer be sufficient. Hopefully in this election cycle our country will finally live up to its ideal of a more perfect union and become a more functional democracy.

September 2022

We’re off to a jaunty start as the month begins. Optimism is writ large in the stars as Mars is sextile Jupiter the morning of Thursday, the 1st. Under Friday’s Mercury/Jupiter opposition trains, automobiles and flights are filled with countless holiday weekend travelers. Pay attention on Saturday, the 3rd when the waxing Moon tangles with Mars and the Sun. Morning stress levels can be intense. Unrest eases by late afternoon. Sunday evening is a holiday bright spot. It’s an excellent time for a party or date with a special someone.

Time passes quickly during the back to school and work week. Tuesday, the 6th and Wednesday feel bright and busy. Even as the Moon waxes full, Mercury slows and turns retrograde on Friday, the 9th. Now in Libra, the Messenger of the Gods stays retrograde until October 2nd. Much of the retrograde period sees Mercury at odds with Jupiter. With the midterm elections a mere two months away, a flood of political news and shifting opinions is likely. Carefully scrutinize the source of your information. Be on the lookout for ulterior motives and hidden agendas. TV content is called “programming” for good reason. Mercury retrograde can actually be good for critical thinking, second looks and drawing knowledge from past events and personal experience.

The full Harvest Moon is exact in Pisces at 5:59 in the morning on Saturday, the 10th. Empathy, compassion and humanitarian impulses are stimulated. From Taurus, Uranus functions as a beacon of possibility. Tune out angry, strident voices. The path forward is kind and inclusionary, as well as open-minded. Dream of a better world.

After a quieter few days the Sun is at odds with confusing Neptune on Friday, the 16th. The conjunct Moon and Venus square Mars that same day. Dissatisfaction can be great, although the true cause may not be obvious. Some may seek to exploit differences between the sexes. Debates may be lively over the weekend. Many questions are answered by the night of Sunday, the 18th. Monday, the 19th has enormous romantic and social potential.

The fall equinox is Thursday, the 22nd. The Sun enters Libra that night. The hours of daylight and darkness are in balance and autumn begins. Stay on top of weather reports on Friday, the 23rd. A fresh activity cycle begins with the Libra new Moon the evening of Sunday, the 25th. Political passions are inflated as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus oppose Neptune and Jupiter. Seekers of truth and fair play feel encouraged. We must give respect if we are going to receive it. Set your intentions for the coming weeks. Monday the 26th is both eye-opening and pleasurable. The last week of the month feels busy and productive.

October 2022

Personal initiative is strong the morning of the 1st. Running errands or doing household chores goes more smoothly and enjoyably with many hands pitching in. Distractions multiply Saturday afternoon, and the battle to focus continues into Sunday when Mercury resumes forward motion. Partners may demand attention at inconvenient moments. The first quarter Capricorn Moon adds to Sunday evening turbulence. Be understanding and patient. Let certain obligations ride, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Goals are within reach as the Moon waxes during the week of the 3rd. The weekend of the 8th and 9th is high energy. Pluto resumes forward motion Saturday evening. The direction change ratchets up the public will to redirect our nation’s course. Resistance is also likely to rise. In a democracy it’s supposed to be about the numbers. The whole idea is majority rules. The Moon enters Aries on Sunday at midday. The current activity cycle reaches its zenith with the full Hunter’s Moon on Sunday afternoon, the 9th. Venus is close to the Libra Sun, giving peace, love and understanding a fighting chance. An air sign grand trine composed of the Sun, Mars and Saturn encourages reasonable discussions.

Mercury returns to Libra the evening of Monday, the 10th. Holding some people to their word becomes more challenging as mixed trends move in. Stick to the tried and true as the Sun aligns with Saturn on Tuesday, the 11th. Mars’ midweek square to Neptune stirs fears and controversies. Disinformation is a serious threat. Weather conditions may also be problematic. The working week ends on a positive note. As Venus aligns with Saturn early Friday morning, alliances are solid.

Energized Monday, the 17th features a motivational last quarter Moon. The Sun’s evening trine to Mars helps many people power through the day’s challenges. Venus forms another trine to the Red Planet the following day, sustaining friendly vibes, happiness and passionate affections. Relationships require care on Wednesday, the 19th when both the Sun and Venus are at odds with Pluto. Jealousy can be an unpleasant factor. The Sun’s Saturday afternoon conjunction with Venus puts many hearts in an excellent place. This is a great day to make peace and share love.

Sunday, the 23rd brings a sea change. The Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, and Saturn resumes forward motion. The stakes seem to be growing higher. It is impossible to ignore the karmic implications of words and deeds. The stage is now set for autumn eclipse season. As is often the case, there will be two this fall. Tuesday, the 25th brings the Scorpio new Moon, a solar eclipse. Revelations are the order of the day. Secrets are outed, leaders may fall. Pay close attention to inner guidance. As with all eclipse weeks, unexpected events are more than likely to impact plans. As the new activity cycle is now under way, be ready to invent, improvise and change course.

Retrograde Jupiter slips back into Pisces on Friday, the 28th, stirring hearts and imaginations. The shift also evokes deeper concern for others. The first half of Halloween feels celebratory. The Moon’s late morning entry into Aquarius initiates more stressful energies. Pay attention if you plan to be out tonight.

November 2022

A massive, tense fixed sign configuration dominates the early November skies. Five planets plus the fateful lunar nodes are involved. Flexibility is one key to managing the dynamic energies. Tenacity is another. The trick is knowing when to bend, when to stand firm, and when to forge ahead. There may be no perfect option available on Tuesday, the 1st. Consider adopting an “if in doubt, wait” approach. Roadblocks begin to clear tomorrow afternoon, and by Thursday, the 3rd substantial progress is made. Teamwork is facilitated. There could be surprising economic news on or around Saturday, the 5th as Venus opposes unpredictable Uranus. Some social ties are strained, others break apart. An unexpected expense could also arise.

The week of the 7th is filled with grave challenges. Election Day, Tuesday, the 8th, features the full Beaver Moon in Taurus, a lunar eclipse. The eclipsed Moon is exactly conjunct the erratic but sometimes ingenious Uranus. The Scorpio Sun, Venus and Mercury are conjunct. All five opposing planets are at odds with Saturn, the karmic scorekeeper. The cosmic energies are formidable. Use them wisely for transformational growth, breaking free of confining situations and living a more ethical, fulfilling life.

Participation in these midterms is likely to be massive, a clear response to last summer’s Supreme Court rulings. Efforts to undermine the will of voters are also probable as the Moon symbolizes public sentiment. Not everyone will be pleased with the results. By Thursday, the 10th Mercury is in a testing square with Saturn. Friday, the 11th sees the Sun also square to the Ringed Planet. Proceed slowly and deliberately. Respect rules and regulations. Protestors will likely face draconian treatment by the powers that be.

Silver linings are more apparent over the weekend. Some controversies are resolved. Hopes are on the rise as Mercury, Venus and the Sun harmonize with Neptune from Saturday, the 12th through Monday, the 14th. Venus’ trine to Jupiter makes Monday night spectacularly enjoyable. Friday, the 18th brings headaches as well as hard won gains. Mars’ square to Neptune during Saturday morning can be a harbinger of treacherous weather. Dress appropriately and use safeguards if you’re using tools or machinery.

The busiest of the holiday travel weeks actually kicks off early this year. On Sunday, the 20th a solar trine to Jupiter is a cosmic green light signal. Optimism is reinforced on Monday, the 21st as Venus and Mercury link up in philosophical Sagittarius. The Sun enters Sagittarius early on Tuesday, the 22nd. Plans may be in flux but the very next day, Wednesday, the 23rd brings a frisky and enlightening new Moon. The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are all conjunct in freedom-loving Sagittarius. The planetary stellium’s trine to retrograde Jupiter and Neptune in late Pisces foretells many wonderful reunions during the coming weeks.

After all the celestial fireworks, the final week of November is relatively quiet. Take advantage of muscular trends on Sunday, the 27th and Monday, the 28th. These can be fruitful days. Maintain a steady pace on Tuesday, the 29th and make course adjustments on the 30th.

December 2022

Thursday the 1st is a long and winding road. From a post-midnight opposition between Venus and Mars until Venus sextiles Saturn towards day’s end, numerous aspects keep the emotional landscape varied. If you’re busy with work or holiday planning, be on guard against oversights and misplaced items. Clarity and momentum take an uptick just before midnight, and energy levels stay high through the first half of the weekend. Sunday is relatively calm.

The waxing Taurus Moon unites with Uranus at midday on Monday, the 2nd. Life takes surprising turns. Hopes compete with fears that night, but building lunar energy pulls us on towards Wednesday night’s full Moon in Gemini. The volatile full Cold Moon, exact an hour before midnight, is exactly conjunct Mars. A war of words could erupt. Think carefully before speaking. A testing angle from Neptune increases the chances of a miscalculation. Be kind and quick to forgive.

Holiday preparations and parties are in full swing during the middle of the month. Check the weather forecasts on and around Wednesday, the 14th when the Sun is at odds with Neptune. Saturday, the 17th is a fine time for gatherings and meeting people. The diminishing energy of the waning lunar cycle runs counter to building anticipation for the holidays. At the winter solstice, Wednesday, the 21st, the Sun’s entry into Capricorn and shortest day of the year, the Sun forms an enlivening square to Jupiter. A torch of hope is lit. Expectations are enormous. Solstice observances are also graced by Venus’ magical trine to Uranus.

On Friday, the 23rd the Capricorn new Moon launches a new activity cycle. Saturday, the 24th sees wonderful auspices for travel and socializing. Holiday traditions are taken to heart. Sunday, the 25th brings an Aquarius Moon that is well-aligned with Jupiter and Mars. Stories and camaraderie are shared in equal measure. Be careful if you are out late that night. Mercury’s retrograde on the 29th is likely to bring touching reunions and realizations. A family secret could be revealed.

January 2023

Happy New Year! Harmony between the Taurus Moon and Capricorn Sun bodes well for a very comfortable New Year’s Day. The Moon’s proximity to her north node and Uranus are perfect for envisioning the future as you would like it to be. Divine inspiration is also available. Spirits remain high as the Moon waxes during the first week of the year. Count your blessings as Venus aligns with Jupiter on Wednesday, the 4th. The Sun’s trine to Uranus buoys progressives the following day, an excellent time for planning. The Cancer full Wolf Moon on Friday evening of the 6th is an eye-opening experience. Tribes gather and we draw on the past to prepare for what lies ahead. Discuss options and rework plans over the weekend of the 7th and 8th.

Mars, retrograde in Gemini since late October, resumes forward motion the afternoon of January 12th. A stalled project could suddenly take on new life. Some partners require special care around Tuesday, the 14th. Breezy Venus in Aquarius is testing Uranus, highlighting the reality that relationships have their seasons and require periodic renewal. Giving others space makes sense and with the Sun overtaking Pluto on Thursday, the 16th, finding a healthy balance of give and take is necessary.

On Friday, the 20th, the Sun enters visionary Aquarius. The Aquarius new Moon the afternoon of the 21st reinforces commitments to the welfare of friends and extended family groups. Where fair play and loyalty are missing, it could be time to sever ties. Uranus resumes forward motion on Sunday evening, the 22nd. More financial instability and earth changes are to be expected.

Thoughts of the future are particularly detailed and expansive due to a solar sextile with confidence-building Jupiter on the 24th. As Venus arrives in Pisces the night of Thursday, the 26th be aware that feelings grow more tender. Over the weekend of the 28th and 29th a dynamic angle between the Sun and Mars fosters a brisk pace. Saturday night is a good one for socializing.

February 2023

While the comforts of home, family, friends and familiar faces are notable the first days of the month, the forces of change are building. The Sun’s square to Uranus the night of Friday, the 3rd underscores the fragility of life. Happy or sad, a waxing Moon adds to the intensity of feelings. Relationship challenges are sparked on Saturday, the 4th. Worries culminate with the full Snow Moon in Leo the afternoon of Sunday, the 5th. Some souls need to be the center of attention but excessive amounts of ego can stand in the way of friendship. Being up front about insecurities alleviates anxieties.

A mellower week follows. As Valentine’s Day nears, the heart-stirring worlds of the creative arts, spiritual wisdom and love are illuminated. The 14th is a fantastic day for sending as well as receiving cards and gifts that express affection. Venus’ approach to Neptune culminates with a conjunction the morning of Wednesday, the 15th. A Sun/Saturn conjunction quickly follows on the 16th. It’s time for a reality check. Either commit fully and dive deeper in or move on. Halfway measures will not do.

Forgiveness is a powerful undercurrent on Friday, the 17th. Send messages of loving concern. Make travel arrangements. Optimistic trends continue into Saturday, the 18th. The Sun enters Pisces Saturday evening. The weekend is the ideal time to mend fences with estranged friends and associates. Concentrate on tying up other loose ends as the Moon reaches the end of her cycle.

The Pisces new Moon of Monday, the 20th heralds a new activity phase and the coming of spring. With the Sun and Moon still close to Saturn, winter may seem to linger interminably in many parts of the world. Venus enters Aries the same day, breaking through some of winter’s doldrums. Be on the lookout for schedule disruptions on Tuesday, the 21st. Even the most carefully planned events are subject to unexpected changes. Much like slowly melting winter snowpacks, the last days of the month are quiet. Expectations are increasing. Venus’ pending conjunction with Jupiter boosts confidence as well as joie de vivre as March nears. Believe in the power of love!

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