Astrological Forecast For Fall/Winter 2021

Startspeak Moon 6“Do not grow old no matter how long you live, never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.” — Albert Einstein

The profound impact of climate change and the pandemic have raised existential stress levels several notches. If life seems stuck in a holding pattern, it may be because five major planets are retrograde as the forecast period begins. Faced with ongoing political divides, policy controversies and political uncertainties, many folks are understandably confused and many feel alienated. At the heart of the persistent unrest is the ongoing unstable square between Saturn and Uranus. The stoic Ringed Planet fosters order and stability while maverick Uranus supports the irrepressible forces of progress.

Questioning authority is very much in fashion. Almost every day new facts come to light. Plans change. To keep confusion to a minimum, simplify. Mindful living is recommended. Use every tool you have to keep your body safe, your mind right and spirits up. There are astrological bright spots but certain days can seem to be an endless string of delays and senseless complications. Patience, perseverance, flexibility, an open mind and a good sense of humor are the best tools for not just coping but flourishing in this environment.

We each have to face the many issues of our times. Uranus is also the planet of community and friendship. “Let us put our heads together and see what life we will make for our children.” Sitting Bull said that. The great Lakota chief was right. We all need to pressure elected representatives to fulfill their solemn oath to protect the Constitution and stand up for the needs of voters who elected them. When it comes to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a functional democracy, clean air and clean water are high atop the list.

The retrogrades will gradually end with the onset of cooler weather. A renewed sense of forward movement will grow over the course of the forecast period. If we remember our sense of wonder and honor the privilege of being alive, great things can and will emerge from these challenging days.

September 2021

A waning Moon heralds a gradual slowing as the month begins. On Thursday, the 2nd Mars’ opposition to Neptune brings some dreams to fruition but carries risks as well. Keep an eye on the sky as dangerous weather-related events are known to accompany such alignments. Slow down for added safety. We move steadily ahead as the long holiday weekend nears. Travel is facilitated but backyard gatherings and local events can also be fun. The Labor Day skies feature happy omens. The Virgo Moon is new as the Sun and Moon trine Uranus. Whatever is your pleasure or desire, pursue it with gusto! Resourceful inventiveness and joyful cooperation lead to many successes in the coming weeks.

Don’t expect instantaneous results. The mid-month stars are comparatively quiet. The Virgo Sun forms a tricky, early morning opposition to Neptune on Tuesday, the 14th. That evening fiery Mars enters Libra. Partnerships require skillful handling. Be proactive and head off a misunderstanding. Mixed trends later in the same week demand patience and poise. Thursday’s challenges can be successfully negotiated but not without give and take compromises.

On Monday, the 20th the full Harvest Moon in Pisces lights up the evening sky. There’s much to be thankful for at this, the time of gathering in. Hearts and minds both benefit from the astrological influences. The Moon’s proximity to Neptune evokes tender feelings while a trine between Mercury and Jupiter instills faith and optimism.

The autumnal equinox, a time of balance between darkness and light, occurs on Wednesday, the 22nd. The Sun is in diplomatic Libra but with Mercury testing Pluto and Venus at loggerheads with Uranus, some folks are inclined to argue. Remaining tactful and constructive can be challenging. On Saturday, the 25th a stabilizing trine between Mars and Saturn puts friendships on solid footing. For the most part, relationships remain cordial through the end of the month.

However, when mental Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on Monday, the 27th a review of shared resources and commitments may be desirable. Wait a few days before making final decisions. Wednesday, the 30th has excellent creative potential.

October 2021

Friday, the 1st could be a good time to clear up misunderstandings. Keep the focus on mutual interests and experiences. The communication auspices remain good throughout the weekend. The new Moon in Libra launches Wednesday, the 6th in understated fashion. Moods are reflective. It’s an appropriate time to check in with friends and partners. Pluto turns direct that afternoon. Investors are advised to keep an eye on upcoming market trends.

Be on good behavior over the next few days. The Libra Sun, Mars and Mercury form a volatile stellium. Enthusiasm is sparked but patience and sensitivity can be missing. Momentum grows with the waxing of the Moon. Thursday, the 14th is an upbeat day but a late afternoon complication could require a change in plans. Don’t fret as things will soon work out well. As the weekend begins many people feel a sense of anticipation. On Sunday, the 17th the Sun tests Pluto, revealing new obstacles.

Monday, the 18th sees first Jupiter and then Mercury turn direct. Mars is trine Jupiter that same night. The forward motion of both communications and travel planets facilitates many lively debates and discussions. The waxing Hunter’s Moon is full in Aries late Wednesday morning, the 20th. Powerful women make their presence felt. Patriarchal men may feel threatened. Hopefully both sexes make accommodations and peace prevails.

The Sun settles into the depths of Scorpio just after midnight on Saturday, the 23rd. Emotional strength and stability is notable the night of Monday, the 25th. Pay attention to calories and food quality Tuesday evening. Work and other business matters proceed gloriously on Thursday, the 28th. It’s best to wrap up important matters before late afternoon when a less congenial atmosphere takes hold. A time of karmic reckoning approaches with the Sun’s square to Saturn on Saturday, the 30th. Kids enjoy Sunday afternoon Halloween festivities on the 31st. More seasoned revelers may easily party into the wee hours of the morning.

November 2021

As Monday, November 1st begins dreams may include spiritual instruction as well as visitations from saints and concerned ancestors. By morning the mystical vibes have diminished and it is back to business as usual. Energy levels diminish with the waning Moon. The cycle reverses with the Scorpio new Moon on Thursday, the 4th. The combined Sun and Moon are at odds with Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. Be ready to adjust your thinking and schedule. Friday, the 5th’s three planetary sign changes add to the sensation of things being up in the air. Weekend social events contain plenty of charming moments.

On Monday, the 8th diligence marks the beginning of the working week. Buckle up, settle down and get productive. The Wednesday hump day is particularly challenging as Mercury and Mars test Saturn. Bide your time if you’re facing interminable delays and obstacles. It isn’t until the afternoon of Thursday, the 11th that momentum is fully restored. Plans are interrupted frequently during the mid-month period. Try to keep distractions to a minimum.

A lunar eclipse is in the making. Things begun the week of an eclipse rarely play out as originally conceived. This is again a time that necessitates inventiveness and flexibility. The eclipsed full Beaver Moon in Taurus sails high overhead during the early morning hours of Friday, the 19th. The “signs of values” are spotlighted. Personal realizations are likely to change outlooks. Resources may soon be redirected for humanitarian purposes. The following weekend brings many stimulating conversations. Be an empathic listener Saturday night.

The Sun arrives in Sagittarius at night on Sunday, the 21st. Sagittarius is one of the major travel signs. It’s no mere coincidence that the coming week is usually one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Even with a waning Moon there is a notable buzz leading up to Thanksgiving Day. If you plan to travel, the earlier in the week the better off you are. Stay local and enjoy feasting on Thursday, the 25th. After a hectic few days, Sunday, the 28th is favorable for traveling. Workplace demands are strenuous but fruitful the last two days of the month.

December 2021

Feelings run deep to start the new month. On the morning of the 1st, Neptune resumes forward motion in sensitive Pisces, and the Moon enters Scorpio. The emotional content of Thursday, the 2nd is notably rich. Kindness, affection, passion and compassion permeate many hearts. Gratitude is expressed and shared. Artists and creative types feel inspired. If it is possible, slow down and catch your breath on Friday, the 3rd. This final day of the lunar cycle is best suited for completing projects.

Saturday’s Sagittarius new Moon is also a solar eclipse. Expect new revelations to alter your world view. The political arena is sure to be a hotbed of rumors. Outsized egos may whither under public scrutiny. The weekend is relatively low key, a good opportunity to restore physical and emotional strength.

The week of Monday, the 6th gets off to a swift and powerful start. Make sure communications are clear on Tuesday, the 7th. Pace yourself on Wednesday and good progress can be made. Stay alert to underlying feelings on Thursday and Friday, the 10th. A hunch or second thought can be clues that something is amiss or a coworker is feeling upset. De-stress on Friday night and make Saturday, the 11th a time for recreational activities. It’s a fine day to go shopping and make holiday preparations. Be alert to tricky travel conditions Saturday night. Mars enters Sagittarius on Monday, the 13th, giving many souls an “off to the races” push. Mercury in Capricorn helps keep things in needed perspective.

The full Cold Moon in Gemini is exact the night of Saturday, the 18th. Travel plans and long distance connections occupy many minds. Close to Pluto, Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn early the next morning. Loved ones are embraced while others are sorely missed. Fortunately, the Sun’s uplifting Sunday evening sextile to Jupiter, and Mercury’s Monday trine to Uranus direct attention to the future. Confidence grows. Hopes are undeniable.

The winter solstice follows. On Tuesday, the 21st the Sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins. The turning of the cosmic wheel means that from now until the summer solstice, the hours of daylight will gradually increase. This is the time to conserve energy and prepare for the new cycle.

Early on Friday morning of the 24th, Saturn and Uranus form a third and final-in-a-series square. The aspect has dominated 2021, bringing endless uncertainties, controversies and confusion. One thing is clear; in the coming months the unstable energies are going to subside. Meanwhile, expect the continued stripping away of false narratives and failing institutions. Make way for the new! Venus’ Christmas Day conjunction with Pluto may yield clever ideas for building more resilient and sustainable relationships. A more equitable redistribution of wealth and power could be on the way.

Holiday gatherings benefit from a socially lively and spiritually adept waning Virgo Moon. Lunar alignments with Mercury, Neptune and Venus bode well for friendly atmospherics and tasty fixings. If you plan to travel on Sunday, an early start is recommended. Try to reach your destination before nightfall.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces the night of Tuesday, the 28th. Certain causes and projects that have been on the back burner since last summer may soon be resurrected. After a bright start there are hoops and hurdles to jump through or over much of Wednesday, the 29th. Those who persevere reach their goals. New Year’s revelers get an early boost from a Sagittarius Moon/Mars conjunction. The post-midnight hours are tricky, so use good judgment when it comes to where you go, who you party with and what you imbibe. Stay safe!

January 2022

Happy New Year! Moods are reflective on New Year’s Day. It’s natural to think about what has been learned and lost but thoughts of the future are also captivating. The year’s first major alignment is the Sun’s trine to visionary Uranus, heralding technological innovations and evolutionary awareness. The aspect can be a rallying cry for unity and teamwork. If nothing else, the Covid-19 pandemic has made many of us aware of just how interconnected we all are. The month is exceptionally busy.

The Capricorn new Moon on Sunday, the 2nd marks the launch of a new activity cycle. The impact we each have on the world is highlighted. Mercury’s arrival in forward-thinking Aquarius directs eyes towards the future. Loving vibes are powerful on Wednesday, the 5th. Retrograding Venus is in harmony with Neptune, softening hearts and stirring imaginations. The waxing crescent Pisces Moon and Jupiter adorn the evening sky, instilling optimism and bringing success to some souls.

On Sunday, the 9th the first quarter Aries Moon could precipitate a course correction. The pace of life is again picking up as the Moon waxes. New wrinkles appear at mid-month. Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn are at odds with unpredictable Uranus on Thursday, the 13th. Surprise events can be vexing. Nerves grow edgy. Complicating matters, Mercury turns retrograde the morning of Friday, the 14th. A second Mercury/Uranus square occurs on Saturday, the 15th. Breathe. We all know the drill. Be ready to adapt and improvise. Stay humble. If all else fails laugh at life’s absurdities. The Winged Messenger follows a backwards track until the first week in February.

The Cancer full Moon is exact the evening of Monday, January 17th. The Sun’s proximity to Pluto emphasizes the use of money and power to reach goals. Those who keep the interests of others at heart thrive. There’s not much chance to catch our collective breath this week. Uranus turns direct on Tuesday, the 18th. The direction shift is sure to send shockwaves through financial markets. Plans can also go amiss. The same day the lunar North Node slips into Taurus, ushering in a new focus on security and resource management.

During the night of Wednesday, the 19th the Sun enters Aquarius. Thinking about future projects is one way of coping with cold winter days. Put some energy into your social life the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd. Roll up your shirtsleeves and get to work as Mars enters ambitious Capricorn the morning of Monday, the 24th. A last quarter Scorpio Moon and Mercury retrograding back into Capricorn make for difficult going on Tuesday, the 25th. Tread softly and be kind to yourself and others.

Venus resumes forward motion on Saturday, the 29th. That night is a fine one for a gathering. Conversations are heartfelt and meaningful. Pay close attention. The last few January days are comparatively mellow under a waning Moon. Take your time.

February 2022

Just after midnight on Tuesday, the 1st the Moon is new in Aquarius. Seed thoughts and vision boards are contemplated, but the Moon/Sun/Saturn stellium is tested by Uranus. Planners, inventors and architects, as well as gardeners dreaming of future harvests are likely to find surprises are in store. Still, we must resolutely carry on as the fresh activity cycle begins. Venus’ February 2nd trine to Uranus makes playful and romantic inclinations come alive. Even groundhogs smile.

Mercury turns direct the night of Thursday, the 3rd. Minds are apt to be fickle. Pressing realities soon require decisive action. The Sun passes by Saturn on Saturday, the 4th. This is an appropriate time to set boundaries or put an end to an unacceptable situation. Mars in Capricorn harmonizes with Jupiter and Uranus from Sunday, the 5th until Wednesday, the 9th. This is an excellent period to go on an adventure or try new things. However, it’s best to be tactful on Thursday, the 10th.

It may be the waxing Moon, a hint of spring or other good news that brightens the 13th. Valentine’s Day sees Mercury enter Aquarius. The near conjunction of Venus and Mars fuels passions while the Leo Moon enhances celebratory moods. Whatever your relationship status may be, have fun!

The full Snow Moon in Leo is exact minutes before noon on Wednesday, the 16th. Creative powers are impressive but enduring contributions must provide practical benefits. Use your personal powers wisely. Jupiter makes an exact sextile to Uranus on Thursday the 17th. This is a topnotch day to hold strategy sessions, meet new people or embark on a spur of the moment adventure.

The Sun enters mutable Pisces around midday on Friday, the 18th. Springtime will soon be on the way. Lengthening daylight hours are noticeable. Mars and Venus continue to travel in tandem through late Capricorn. Their approach to Pluto gradually intensifies certain partnerships. Don’t underestimate the potential advantages of teamwork or the transforming power of love. Two other planetary power trios grace the heavens at the end of February, the Pisces Sun, Jupiter and Neptune and the Aquarius Moon, Mercury and Saturn. This is an impactful time. Powerful souls are being born. Important transitions are under way as many recent obstacles phase out.

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