Astrological Forecast Summer 2023

A poignant blue moon, an assortment of retrogrades, and many of us can look forward to heart-touching reunions and visits to old haunts.


Northern hemisphere dwellers who don’t look forward to the long, lazy days of summer are a rare breed. Here in New England the most fertile of seasons offers so many treats, from foamy sea shores to airy mountain peaks. Fresh, locally grown veggies and flowers occupy a special place in my stomach and heart. Favorite swimming holes, lakes, ponds, beaches and rivers are great places to visit and while away the hours. And of course, as any night loving stargazer knows, the stupendous, awe inspiring Milky Way deserves a mention.

We’ve got an assortment of retrogrades over the course of this summer, seven planets in total, including Venus’ in Leo and Mercury’s in Virgo. Many of us can look forward to heart touching reunions and visits to old haunts. There’s also a poignant Blue Moon in Pisces at the end of August. Remembrances, forgiveness, letting go and moving on can be beautiful experiences. Here are some of the season’s other celestial highlights.

The Sun in Cancer — June 21-July 21

The Solstice omens are excellent and celebrations are memorable. Summer begins Wednesday, June 21st at 10:58AM EDT when the Sun arrives in Cancer. Take a deep breath and feel the fullness of the most fertile season. The waxing crescent Moon, Venus and Mars hold forth in larger than life Leo. A party like atmosphere prevails, powered by a sheer love of life. Mental Mercury’s midday sextile with Mars stokes up ambitions as well as imaginations. Celebration are ambitious in scale and the Moon’s nighttime conjunction with Venus caps off a joyous day.

Caution is advised as the last weekend of June approaches. Stay calm, hold back on impulsive moves and watch your speed. Use caution around sharp cutting tools and machinery. Fiery Mars in Leo easily overheats tempers as well as the weather. The Red Planet’s explosive square with Uranus is exact during the early morning of Monday the 26th, which is also the tense First Quarter Moon.

More agreeable and controllable energies arrive by midweek, when the Cancer Sun and Mercury harmonize with Saturn. The last few days of the month are a favorable time to make agreements and sign contracts.

July has an auspicious start. On Saturday the 1st the Sun is conjunct mental Mercury and the duo holds a favorable angle with expansive Jupiter. Optimism abounds. Travel and communications can feel effortless. A waxing Sagittarius Moon brightens the night sky. Lunar harmony with Venus assures the success of Saturday night dates, dinner parties and other festive gatherings. The dynamics quickly change. Sunday morning could see strained ties as Venus tests Uranus. Under a freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon it is wise to remember how important commitments are for emotional and spiritual growth.

Feelings remain charged as the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn is exact the morning of Monday July 3rd. Do your best to empathize and remember, thoughts are only thoughts, not reality, until we repeat and invest them with energy. The 4th of July unfolds in two acts. The first is under a Capricorn Moon. Traditionalists long for simpler, more clearcut times. Easy answers are hard to find. Go out of your way to cooperate with partners. By early afternoon the Moon is in Aquarius, ushering in a more relaxed, friendly mood.

The mid-month period is comparatively quiet. The Last Quarter Moon on Sunday the 9th can bring unusual sensitivity. Tread softly. Mars enters Virgo the morning of Monday the 10th. Mercury is opposite Pluto that afternoon. Choose your words carefully and speak slowly if you wish your point to be well taken. The Cancer Sun makes a sextile to Uranus on Friday evening of the 14th. The alignment supports socializing as well as those setting off on weekend getaways. The weekend of the 14th and 15th is mellow. It’s the end of the lunar cycle, a time to reap and complete tasks.

Monday the 17th brings the Cancer New Moon and a new activity cycle. The Sun and Moon are both well-aligned with mystical Neptune. Water sprites, faeries and guardian angels draw close. Dream speak and artistic talents shine much of the week. The evening of Thursday the 20th sees a sea change. Mars is opposite Saturn and the following day the Sun opposes Pluto. The challenging aspects have lots of potential for personal growth. Demanding partners and routine tasks require one’s full attention. Awareness is key to changing habits as well as relationship dynamics as the Sun nears the end of its stay in Cancer.

The Sun in Leo — July 22-August 22

The Sun moves into its own sign of Leo the night of Saturday the 22nd. That same night Venus begins a retrograde that persists into early September. Heartfelt longings can become more noticeable. Don’t be surprised if your soon hear from old loves, long lost pals and other playmates. Surprise is a weekend theme as mental Mercury squares Uranus on Sunday the 23rd. The weather, mechanical and tech breakdowns can disrupt schedules. Do what you can to stay in touch with friends.

Review and rework plans on Tuesday the 25th under the First Quarter Scorpio Moon. Happy news is likely to arrive around the time Mercury overtakes retrograde Venus on Thursday the 27th. Mercury enters Virgo the evening of Friday the 28th. The need to be organized, efficient and helpful increases. The Moon, approaching her full stage, joins with Venus Saturday evening. This is a fine night for dining with loved ones.

The waxing Moon culminates in an August 1st Full Moon in Aquarius, the first of two August Full Moons. The surging lunar energies are enhanced by a trine between Mars and Jupiter. Passions are intensely felt but Mercury’s opposition to Saturn is a reminder to behave responsibly. During the weekend of the 5th and 6th the travel bug is activated by the Sun’s testing square to Jupiter. Spread your wings and fly. Be sure to appreciate the view. Some appetites can be insatiable under the square.

The Sun is at odds with Uranus on Tuesday the 15th. This is another day when plans can easily go awry due to unforeseen events. It’s also the final day of the Moon’s monthly cycle, low energy and more suited for resting than attempting to master anything new. Chill out until Wednesday the 16th. The Moon is New in Leo and Mars forms a fabulous trine with Uranus. It’s ‘all systems go’ for new adventures as we pass the mid-month point.

Tricky aspects on Tuesday the 22nd warrant caution. Most worrisome is Mars’ opposition with Neptune. Be on the lookout for an assortment of problems. Lost items, tainted food, inclement weather, flooding and gas leaks are among the potential threats. Mercury has stationed and will appear to reverse direction tomorrow. Pay close attention to messages sent and received.

The Sun in Virgo — August 23-September 22

Before dawn on Wednesday the 23rd of August the Sun enters the harvest sign of Virgo. Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo later that afternoon. The seasonal gear wheels are shifting. The end of vacation season is in sight. Thoughts of going back to school and work are increasing. This is a busy day. Many folks feel determined to make the most of what remains of summer.

On Thursday the 24th Mars’ trine to Pluto is a huge energy boost, helping to overcome delays and obstacles. Formulate new strategies if your situation warrants it. The process of evaluating needs continues as the Sun nears an opposition to Saturn on Sunday the 27th. It could be time to turn a page and end a commitment. Set your sights on new goals that are coming into focus. Mars enters Libra Sunday morning, giving new life to some partnerships and magnifying differences in others. Be diplomatic if you disagree. With favorable lunar trends, most differences can be satisfactorily resolved.

The month’s second Full Blue Moon in Pisces is exact on Wednesday night, the 30th. With the Moon conjunct Saturn, there are reasons to be concerned. Karmic accountability is one. A recent setback or loss may put a damper on spirits. On the other hand, faced with necessity, creative ingenuity can shine. In any event it’s important to take one’s welfare and responsibilities seriously.

The long Labor Day holiday weekend marking the end of summer gets better each day. Compared to the excitement of the Full Moon, Friday and Saturday are low key, lackluster affairs. On Sunday, September 3rd, Venus turns Direct in Leo. The flame of love is kindled anew, warming and raising spirits. Turn up the joy factor in your life. Monday morning’s trine between Mercury and Jupiter is a liberating mood enhancer. Jupiter also turns retrograde on Monday morning while conjunct the Taurus Moon. Moods are exceptionally upbeat. If the weather cooperates, outdoor barbecues and picnics are delicious, delightful events. Travel is also facilitated.

Wednesday the 6th is curiously busy. The Sun’s conjunction with retrograde Mercury can trigger deja vu experiences as well as other memories. The early afternoon is quite enjoyable but stress levels rise by late afternoon as the Last Quarter Moon square with the Sun intensifies. Think twice before saying anything that can be misconstrued. More congenial energies soon arrive thanks to the Sun’s trine to Jupiter on Friday the 8th. Minds remain open on Saturday, an excellent day for a social event.

The New Moon in Virgo initiates a fresh activity cycle the night of Thursday, September14th. We are off and running on Friday the 15th. Mercury resumes forward motion and the Sun forms a hopeful trine to Uranus. Set your sights firmly on a better future. If you can think it, it can be so.

Favorable trends make the weekend of the 16th and 17th feel very busy. Fun-loving Venus in Leo simmers on Saturday night, making sextiles to the Moon and Mars. Turn up the music and turn on the party lights, but watch what you eat. Venus is also square Jupiter, an invitation for many folks to overindulge. The week of the 18th has a busy feel. The Moon is waxing full and a string of planetary aspects keeps each day moving steadily along. Friday the 22nd can bring challenges as the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius holds sway. Evening brings calmer trends under a Capricorn Moon in harmony with Saturn. This is the last full day of summer. Autumn officially begins a few hours after midnight tomorrow. Keep looking up!

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