August 2020 Daily Astrology

August 1: There are several notably bright moments today. However, it’s best to keep your cool as the nearly full Capricorn Moon sends shockwaves through a complex configuration of several other planets. Mental Mercury forms a testing opposition with Pluto early this morning. The taut angle enhances the focus of students, researchers and investigators but less finely tuned and inquisitive minds may fall prey to stubbornness and tunnel vision. A late afternoon lunar square to Mars could set off heated disagreements. Thankfully, the Moon’s evening conjunction with Jupiter replaces narrow-mindedness with receptivity to new information and thoughtful pragmatism. For sky watchers the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn make a lovely sight in the darkening heavens. Hearts also soften, increasing the likelihood of a rapprochement or healing rebirth tonight.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury opposite Pluto.

August 2: The Leo Sun’s tense early morning square with Uranus keeps many folks on edge during the overnight period. The inherently unstable alignment is a stress test of sorts. Conscious breathing and good posture can help offset some of its pressures.  However, the earth may shake and unexpected events can impact us globally as well as personally. Stay alert. Be flexible, ready to change your thinking and plans in an instant. A break from everyday routines may be truly liberating. Move your body with conscious awareness. The risk of an accident is heightened. After a late morning conjunction with Saturn, the Capricorn Moon goes void of course for several midday hours. Use the less focused “down time” to ponder uncertainties and formulate new plans. A post lunch nap could feel just right. By mid-afternoon the waxing Moon enters Aquarius. Full Moon fever is upon us and more surprises are on the way.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:59AM-2:11PM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun square Uranus.

August 3: Opposed to the Leo Sun, the Full Moon in Aquarius is exact a minute before noon. Both astrological lights are locked in testing square angles with Uranus, the egalitarian planet behind revolutionary movements and unexpected events. Anything goes in this highly charged atmosphere, including social mishaps, accidents and earth shaking news. Even amidst the great uncertainties of the times, we are pressed to respect individual expression as well as the betterment of society. Mental Mercury is also in an exact opposition to Saturn. Attention to detail is a must. The sobering alignment makes things very clear. What you see is what you get. Actions speak more loudly than words today. Don’t fall prey to fear and negativity. Changes on Life’s path can be for the better. There’s some cooling off tonight but think twice before voicing your opinion.
Moon in Aquarius, Full “Sturgeon” Moon in Aquarius 11:59AM, Mercury opposite Saturn.

August 4: Morning excitement builds on a square between feisty Mars and loquacious Jupiter. Some folks are impatient while others can be downright haughty or argumentative. Don’t let emotions get the better of you. Volume won’t make a point more clear, more eloquent or better-received. With mental Mercury at the last degree of Cancer, unresolved emotional issues can easily influence thinking and cloud judgment. Fortunately, the live and let live Aquarius Moon helps hold tempers and impulses in check. A lunar trine to loving Venus fosters friendly vibes much of the day. Warm feelings peak late this afternoon after which the Moon goes void of course. Late tonight the Moon enters Pisces and Mercury reaches Leo, steering moods and minds in unexpected directions. An enduring sense of wonder can be a godsend.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:45PM-10:28PM Moon enters Pisces, Mars square Jupiter, Mercury enters Leo.

August 5: Compared to the past week’s busy pace, today is relatively mellow. Mental Mercury is now firmly established in regal Leo. Outlooks tend to be magnanimous and expansive. Conversationalists love an audience! In contrast, the now waning Pisces Moon supports quieter, more introverted moods. Hours spent enjoying the privacy of one’s innermost thoughts and emotions feels quite comfortable. Better ideas may come in bunches as the Moon eases into a harmonizing angle with visionary Uranus this evening. Psychic powers are also strengthened. For socially inclined souls the evening period provides a stimulating atmosphere. Given the ongoing constraints of social distancing, pick up the phone or use one of the many available social media platforms. Technological wizardry can surely enhance a great many personal connections these days.
Moon in Pisces.

August 6: The Pisces Moon’s proximity to Neptune gives the day a magical, at times otherworldly atmosphere. Unenlightened individuals may feel lost or turn to substance abuse to ease a wounded heart. Psychically sensitive souls can feel guided by unseen forces. Protective ancestor spirits as well as guardian angels are close at hand. Feelings can be ultra tender. Empathy and compassion heighten a sense of connection with loved ones, underdogs and less fortunate individuals. With the Moon and Neptune in supportive alignments to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, spiritual knowledge has practical applications. This can be a good day to manage investments. It’s also possible to turn the kindest impulses into concrete action. Creative inspirations can be a plus on the job for visual artists as well. Helping others boosts business and puts good karma capital in one’s spiritual bank account. The second half of the day is the most productive.
Moon in Pisces.

August 7: Decisions and questions. A morning lunar square to Venus raises many of them. What to wear? Who to see? Or whatever happened to…? The Pisces Moon and Venus in Gemini test each other at the final degrees of their respective signs. It could be time to close the door on one or more forgettable experiences. Let go gracefully. Love yourself at least as well as you love others. By late morning the Moon is in Aries. Venus enters Cancer before noon. By the midday break it’s high time to move on. Turn your attention to current or new challenges. As evening approaches the Moon slides into a trine to mental Mercury, putting emphasis on fun times in the here and now. Pursue a passion. Express yourself. Touch base with an adoring member of your fan club. Positive thinking gives confidence and self-esteem a timely gift.
Moon in Pisces v/c 8:53AM-9:05AM Moon enters Aries, Venus enters Cancer.

August 8: The waning Aries Moon compliments the Leo Sun today. Harmony between the astrological ‘lights’ symbolizes integration of the masculine ego consciousness and feminine subconscious self. Inner comfort in turn fosters more satisfying relationships as well as greater personal productivity. Use these supportive energies well. Tackle a project that is dear to your heart. Look for novel ways to channel your creativity. Follow the example of a principled teacher or tradition. The evening hours may be especially inspired. Avoid a tendency to overdo or say too much later tonight when the Moon tests Jupiter. Control indulgent appetites and exercise prudent judgment. An argument may be won but future costs can be great.
Moon in Aries.

August 9: Timing is tricky today. The Aries Moon is conjunct Mars during the overnight period. While the pair makes a pretty sight for skywatchers the fiery duo also tests Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. These contentious energies are strongest during the early morning hours. Self-centered and unethical types bend rules and resort to underhanded measures. More evolved souls resolve to try harder, regardless of current difficulties. By late morning a sea change occurs. The Moon is nearing an exact square with Saturn. Slow down. Take stock of values and priorities.  Once goals are clear, proceed deliberately. A late afternoon lull is due to a void of course Moon period. Nighttime brings more comfortable atmospherics. The Moon arrives in Taurus where she and Venus combine to support good cheer and loving moods.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:50PM-9:28PM Moon enters Taurus.

August 10: Nerves are on edge as the day begins. A morning square between mental Mercury and eccentric Uranus tests both logic and intuition. Melding the two brain functions may be challenging but it remains a worthy objective. Because the Moon is also in the Sign of the Bull, gut hunches are more likely to be the better guide. Don’t overthink. Breathe. To tap into body wisdom, one must be relaxed and calm, yet alert. The advancing Moon only energizes the tense Mercury/Uranus alignment as the day progresses. Think outrageous thoughts. Entertain original ideas. Try out new flavors and colors. Minds may be overstimulated and struggle to keep up with fast-paced developments. This could be a period of one step forward, two steps back progress. Don’t despair. Uranus has its own unique way of bringing changes for the better.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury square Uranus.

August 11: For the most part the waning Taurus Moon has a calming and grounding impact today. The late morning lunar sextile to Jupiter is a mood-elevating, soul stirring, confidence builder. It bodes well for business acumen and success. However, during the noon hour the Moon reaches her Last Quarter phase, squaring the Leo Sun. A squabble over money or stylistic differences could briefly throw the day off kilter. More agreeable trends quickly return. After lunch a kind word or thoughtful gesture eases any lingering tension. The spirit of cooperation and desire for practical solutions make the afternoon hours highly productive. Review finances and investment strategies. The opportunity for fruitful work extends into evening. As the Sun settles beneath the western horizon, take a well-deserved break to recharge your batteries.
Moon in Taurus, Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 12:45PM.

August 12: The early hours feel sluggish. The waning Taurus Moon is void of course. It isn’t until late morning that the Moon is re-energized, entering effervescent Gemini. Minds and senses respond, growing more alert while skillfully managing practical concerns. An imminent square between Mars and Pluto then holds sway over the remainder of the day. This “push comes to shove” configuration may easily see power abused. To use the potential well requires superb judgment. We must all respect the constraints of safe and moral behavior. Bear in mind, Mars is also simultaneously testing Jupiter and Saturn. Due to the Red Planet’s upcoming retrograde, the challenging aspects continue until January of next year. We’re all being taken to school regarding the use of our individual and collective will power and freedoms. I recommend two basic precepts, do no harm and follow the Golden Rule.
Moon in Taurus v/c 3:55AM-9:46AM Moon enters Gemini.

August 13: The early morning square between Mars and Pluto arouses competitive urges. Winning strategies at this time in mankind’s evolution require moving beyond self-centered motives. Those who keep the greater good at heart have a chance to remake their life goals and strategies. With the waning Moon in talkative Gemini this is a fine day to rethink and discuss contracts and other agreements. A lunar sextile to Mercury almost guarantees lively discussions and much-needed, helpful give and take thinking. Be as good a listener as your are a talker. Peak time for considering possibilities comes to an end this evening. After that it’s best to relax and enjoy favorite pastimes, hobbies and other escapes.
Moon in Gemini, Mars square Pluto.

August 14: Early birds find themselves busy with the rising Sun. The Gemini Moon energizes the early hours with stimulating sextiles to the Sun and Mars. The feeling is “all systems go.” However, the Moon is soon void of course, robbing the day of its vitality and focus. If getting an early start on the weekend is an option, consider it carefully. The day is well-suited for following free-flowing thoughts and impulses. Wherever you find yourself, the urge to improvise, explore and go with the flow continues until the evening hours. More practical matters are likely to meet with unsatisfying results. Sunset sees the Moon arrive in Cancer, a call to return to one’s roots, home and other places of the heart.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:19AM-7:35PM Moon enters Cancer.

August 15: Enjoy a splendid start to your day. The waning Moon in Cancer forms a sweet mid-morning conjunction with Venus. Savor breakfast with treasured companions, safely. Make a stop at a favorite old haunt. Under these stars another good option is launching the Zoom machine, Skype, etc and scheduling an impromptu on line social visit with loved ones. Both the Moon and Venus are in favorable angles with Uranus, the iconoclastic planet of technology and friendship. Stationed in materialistic Taurus, Uranus turns retrograde today and remains on a backwards track until January. As outlooks and plans change, many folks wonder what the future holds.
Moon in Cancer, Uranus Retrograde.

August 16: Today divides neatly into two very different chapters. The morning chapter is a quick read. Early morning lunar alignments with Jupiter and Neptune are the stuff dreams are made of. Hopes are high as the day begins. Later in the morning the Leo Sun makes an uplifting, high energy trine to Mars. We’re off to the races, ready for fun and adventures. The afternoon is more complicated. The Cancer Moon is winding down,  late in her cycle. Challenging lunar aspects with Pluto, Mars and Saturn foretell emotional trials. Partners may be inconsiderate, ornery or impossible to please. Slow your pace and douse potential brush fires before they grow into something larger and unmanageable. Luckily, Mercury is also trine Mars. With imagination fired up, creative minds see a way to overcome every obstacle.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:59PM-12:00AM, Sun trine Mars.

August 17: The post-midnight period is busy. Mental Mercury is in a trine to Mars, keeping some folks up late with racing minds. The Moon also slips into Leo during the wee hours. However, this is the last day of the Moon’s cycle so it’s best to devote attention to completing projects. If you want to succeed, hold off on new efforts until tomorrow night’s New Moon signals a Cosmic green light. The Leo Sun and Mercury make a late morning conjunction. The pairing ramps up mind power but may also reduce objectivity. Guard against excessive egotism. This evening’s lunar square with Uranus is hardly restful. Uncontrollable and unforeseen developments can disrupt plans. Do your best to maintain inner peace and replenish your vital energies.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-1:38AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury.

August 18: Like many New Moon days, today is low key but unlike most, deceptively powerful. A sweet sextile between Venus and Uranus lends easy-going charm to the daytime hours. Friends and family members may provide unexpected joys. Things become more complicated around nightfall. In the twilight the Moon trines Mars in Aries. The fiery omen heralds great aspirations. Late tonight, when the Moon and Sun are conjunct, the scenario is complicated. Mercury is close by. Challenging angles to Saturn and Pluto suggest the current status quo is likely to change. Critical details may be overlooked. Important people in high places have conflicting agendas. If you find yourself on the threshold of a new start, be open-minded and ready to adjust schedules and plans.
Moon in Leo, New Moon in Leo 10:42PM, Venus sextile Uranus.

August 19: Now in her pro-active waxing phase the Moon enters discriminating Virgo during the quiet predawn hours. Mental Mercury is poised at the final degree of Leo, about to join the Moon in the health conscious Harvest sign. Under the ongoing stresses of the pandemic, many feel ready to try new diets, supplements and exercise plans, as well as alternative medicine. The evening time holds interesting potential. A look back at recent accomplishments and events can be enlightening. When Mercury enters Virgo a new resolve may be noticed. The Moon is in trine to Uranus, the visionary planet of friendship and collective consciousness. Community spirit may enjoy a resurgence. Progressive types pinpoint key goals. When midnight nears love is in the air. Caring for others in simple, practical ways is a token of deep affection.
Moon in Leo v/c 1:38AM-4:20AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury enters Virgo.

August 20: This is a fabulous day for putting things in order. Clean the house, wash the car, organize at the office. The detail-oriented Virgo Moon promotes excellence in every task. To begin the day, developing new skills gets a boost under an optimistic lunar trine to Jupiter. Make inquiries and requests and extend invitations under this same late-morning alignment. A few less focused midday hours follow. Have a leisurely lunch and take time to digest your meal. Midday brainstorming sessions can turn up interesting ideas. The focus on efficiency and productivity continues long into the night as the Moon trines Pluto and Saturn. If you’re working on mastering a skill, this day is perfect.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:37PM-12:00AM.

August 21: The Sun is at the last degree of Leo today, a reminder that summer doesn’t last forever. If there’s a game you’ve been meaning to play, a fun activity or place you’d like to visit, get to it. There might even be a person tugging at your heartstrings. With the waxing crescent Moon now in partner-oriented Libra, it’s an appropriate time to share feelings and needs. As the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We are in the midst of a relatively mellow period. Five major planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, remain retrograde so many things may appear to be in a holding pattern. These retrogrades give us an opportunity to reflect on the past and sometimes, to finally see and resolve karmic issues.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-5:16AM Moon enters Libra.

August 22: The waxing Libra Moon charts a fairly busy course today. Morning lunar squares to Venus and Jupiter may feel like an abundance of blessings. Choosing from among several attractive social invitations may be difficult. The Libra tendency to sit on the fence and wait, then making a decision based on what others want can be very evident. The final third of Summer officially begins shortly before noon when the Sun enters Virgo. Inevitable change is in the air. By late afternoon the Moon is at odds with Pluto, Mars and Saturn. Diplomatic skills are tested as some folks are likely to be surly and disagreeable. It may take nerves of steel to play the level-headed people pleaser but it’s worth the effort.
Moon in Libra, Sun enters Virgo.

August 23: Under a void of course Libra Moon the nighttime hours are quiet and restful. Day breaks with the Moon entering Scorpio and forming a harmonizing sextile to the Virgo Sun. This harbinger of a pleasant day sets an agreeable tone for both casual and more intimate relationships. Curiosity and the powers of perception are enhanced, coupled with a desire to be helpful. These qualities work to the benefit of many partnerships. By late afternoon the Moon is also aligned in a sextile with mental Mercury. The angle facilitates interesting, informative conversations. Insights into root causes and hidden motives can be impressively accurate. Some realizations may best be kept to one’s self. A midnight lunar opposition to impulsive Uranus can lead to blurting things out without considering the consequences. Think twice and be kind.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:20AM-6:16AM Moon enters Scorpio.

August 24: No doubt the Scorpio Moon’s taut midnight opposition to Uranus will set some souls to tossing and turning. Do your best to let bygones be gone. Breathe your cares away. Daybreak brings a delightful lunar trine to Venus in protective Cancer. Affection is genuine. The morning hours are super for chummy, spirited and productive meetings. However, be prepared for the early afternoon square between impulsive Mars and Saturn. The Ringed Planet plays the voice of caution, which may prove helpful. Theories may be questioned or a more detailed look at plans and costs could be called for. Increased scrutiny may lead to some beneficial late afternoon revisions. Be patient as the reevaluation process could easily go on into tomorrow. Treat yourself and a pal to some needed rest and relaxation tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Mars square Saturn.

August 25: The early morning hours unfold slowly under a void of course Scorpio Moon. By mid-morning the Moon arrives in Sagittarius, brightening moods. Strokes of genius accompany Mercury’s late morning trine to Uranus. Eerie precognitive experiences are another possibility. The nifty alignment takes mental agility to new levels and also fosters camaraderie and team spirit. Just when things are moving expeditiously the First Quarter Moon energy takes hold. Exact during the early afternoon, this lunar phase precipitates a second look at current objectives and strategies. Be prepared to fine tune plans. Venus’ evening opposition to Jupiter then ushers in a celebratory few hours. Enjoy the party-like atmosphere but don’t overdo.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:27AM-8:49AM Moon enters Sagittarius, First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 1:58AM, Mercury trine Uranus, Venus opposite Jupiter.

August 26: Fitting the midweek “hump” day’s reputation to a “t,” a mutable sign T-square configuration both motivates and presents numerous challenges. The Sagittarius Moon is at odds with the opposing tandem of Mercury and Neptune. The Moon leads many people to think and feel in broad, expansive terms while Mercury in Virgo is detail oriented, sometimes to the point of myopia. Thus the early morning hours can bring muddled thinking and a tough time finding one’s bearings. Later in the day the lunar square with Neptune can inspire imaginative and humanitarian impulses, but again there is a potential downside. Trust could be placed in the wrong information or people. To be safe, minimize risks. Deal only with facts and folks whose reputations are stellar.
Moon in Sagittarius.

August 27: The early morning stars bestow great faith, solid enthusiasm and a taste for action. The energy pattern soon shifts as the Sagittarius Moon then embarks on a lengthy void of course period. Passions ebb. It isn’t until after lunchtime that the waxing Moon enters achievement-oriented Capricorn, giving the day a second, more fruitful wind. If you’ve got business to attend to, this afternoon is prime time. Gritty productivity merges with undeniable joy as Venus aligns with mysterious Neptune. Divine compassion and unconditional love are also born of this alignment. Mother Nature stimulates imaginations and touches souls. Creating and enjoying inspired works of art are also common effects. Inner peace and personal satisfaction are sustained until late tonight when the Moon forms a trine with the Virgo Sun.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:00AM-1:37PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus trine Neptune.

August 28: The working week ends on an astrological high note. The waxing Capricorn Moon forms an earthy Grand Trine alignment with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Virgo. Original ideas find a place in everyday affairs. Material plane concerns are eased by invention and community action. Pay special attention to morning premonitions. Avoid second-guessing yourself. Follow up on strange feelings and hunches. The stars also ease the way for networking, discoveries and inventions, as well as ideological breakthroughs. Perseverance is supported by the industrious Moon. Evening brings a burst of happy calls and messages. The auspices also favor travelers. Optimism cannot be squelched as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter tonight.
Moon in Capricorn.

August 29: The travel bug is strong this morning as winged Mercury trines Jupiter. While millions of people face travel restrictions, their wanderlust must to take other forms. For inquiring minds there are limitless on line options to study and learn. Positive thinking is also encouraged. The Capricorn Moon is wending its way through the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn. As noon approaches it can be hard to ignore the many justifiable concerns threatening our world. Fears may weigh heavily. The best recourse is committing more deeply to being fully present and standing up for the principles you believe in. Mid-afternoon sees the Moon at odds with Mars. Channel feelings of frustration into constructive acts. Anger only serves to mask an underlying fear. A late afternoon cooling off period follows while the Moon travels void of course. The evening hours are quiet, a good time to be mellow and enjoy simple pleasures.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:31PM-8:37PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury trine Jupiter.

August 30: Venus’ morning opposition to Pluto brings some souls closer together and separates others. Handle sensitive partners with care. Take pains to avoid controlling behavior. Mental Mercury is also opposite Neptune. Communications can be an adventure. Speak slowly and clearly. Double-check to make sure you and your mates are on the same page. Pay extra close attention to important documents and personal items. In normally cool Aquarius, the waxing Moon is nearly full. Feelings can veer to extremes, especially this afternoon when a lunar square to Uranus is jarring. Considering life’s uncertainties, elevated stress levels should come as no surprise but still, it’s worth remembering to be gentle with one’s self and others. A break from routine could be beneficial.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus opposite Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune.

August 31: August ends with a mellow day featuring no exact aspects. The Aquarius Moon is a scant two days away from her full stage. The energetic lift helps sustain enthusiasm as the working week begins. Within this relatively quiet atmosphere comes an opportunity to refocus on goals and the pathways to reaching them. A pending trine aspect between Mercury and Pluto fills the celestial void. With both planets occupying practical earth signs, pragmatic thinking offers the best solutions. Have a talk with a more experienced co-worker or mentor. Today’s time invested in research will soon yield valuable dividends. Approaching midnight could bring an “aha!” moment and a very feasible plan.
Moon in Aquarius.