August 2021 Daily Astrology

August 1: Opinions are closely held and sharply divided. Tempers easily flare. If sensitive issues are under discussion, be they personal, professional, political or otherwise, proceed accordingly. Because the Leo Sun and Mercury stand opposite Saturn, a separation is more likely to be permanent. Tread softly. Swallow your pride if necessary. Fortunately, the waning Taurus Moon is in harmony with Neptune and Pluto. There are key points of agreement that serve as stepping stones through turbulent waters. Strive for unity of purpose. Work to shore up strained but essential ties.
Moon in Taurus, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury opposite Saturn.

August 2: The Leo Sun’s opposition to Saturn underscores the fragility of some ties. The “make it or break it” alignment begs compelling questions. Is time being spent on rewarding pursuits? Has an activity or relationship outlived its usefulness. Where is the passion? Today’s stars could be the impetus to leave the desert of futility and get started on a more fruitful track. With the Moon in multi-faceted Gemini well before the Sun rises, second guessing can plague minds. A pending trine between Venus and Uranus suggests a friend’s advice can be uniquely helpful. The aspect brings happy expectations, welcome surprises and lucky coincidences. Goddess energy is working magic, especially later in the day. Follow a loving path.
Moon in Taurus v/c 3:41AM-4:46AM Moon enters Gemini, Sun opposite Saturn.

August 3: Night owls may experience a sudden romantic crush, have oodles of fun or entertain the distinct sense that all is well. Justified optimism persists through the first half of the day. After noon the Gemini Moon ventures into a tricky square to Neptune while mental Mercury tests Uranus. Faced with uncertainties, fantasies may seem appealing. Stay present. Fly away dreams and other escape routes leave pragmatists scratching their heads. Because the Sun is also at odds with Uranus this week, there are more questions than answers. Reserve judgment. Not knowing is okay. The only sure thing is that changes are under way, hopefully for the better.
Moon in Gemini, Venus trine Uranus, Mercury square Uranus.

August 4: An early morning lunar square with Neptune stimulates subconscious minds. The midnight to dawn period may be punctuated by numerous dreams, reveries, visions and memories. Daybreak finds the Gemini Moon nicely aligned with jolly Jupiter. Minds clear. Moods are positive and life feels satisfying. Communications and travel flow smoothly most of the day. Late afternoon brings a brief void of course Moon period. Evening sees attention redirected as the Moon arrives in Cancer. Home and family matters call out to some folks while others focus on health regimens. Putting one’s body and living space in top working order is always a good idea and tonight’s lunar sextile to Mars fuels many improvement projects. Those who are cooking, organizing or planning find it easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:38PM-5:17PM Moon enters Cancer.

August 5: By afternoon the waning Cancer Moon is balsamic, the last stage of her monthly cycle. Ordinarily the celestial emphasis is on rest and digesting recent events. If your energy is low, take a breather. However, the Moon is also sextile visionary Uranus, opening a window into the future. Premonitions are as likely to come through the physical body as the mind. Listen to your body. Energy levels can offer valuable clues to how best to proceed. Pay attention to hunches and “irresistible” attractions or use the divination tools of your choice. Take note of your creative ideas and visions. The nighttime is also favorable for social networking. Computer technology enhances one on one meetups, group gatherings and the performing arts.
Moon in Cancer.

August 6: The stars deliver a nearly perfect summer morning. The idyllic hours pass sweetly by and may at times feel magical. Affairs of the heart are spotlighted. It’s a fine time for communing with loved ones as well as Mother Nature. Empaths are hyper alert but reception could become erratic during the afternoon. By evening the Cancer Moon is opposite Pluto and the Sun is square Uranus. Surprising events can boggle minds. Personal biases and feelings intensify and are more easily projected, clouding objective vision. Practice detachment. Gracefully adapt to situations that are beyond anyone’s control. Change course if necessary. Abide by the rules of fair play. A lengthy void of course Moon period begins before sunset and lasts past midnight. Relax and cultivate inner peace tonight. Nurture yourself as well as loved ones.
Moon in Cancer v/c 6:15PM-12:00AM, Sun square Uranus.

August 7: During the quiet wee hours of the morning the Moon slips into Leo. This is the final day of the monthly lunar cycle and promises to be a low energy affair. The only exact alignment is the waning Moon’s evening opposition to Saturn. Use the available energy wisely. Respect boundaries and limitations. Put time and resources to good use. Hopes may be great but restrictive circumstances can feel overwhelming. If you face a delay, consider your options. Diligently explore alternative strategies. World events may weigh heavily on some souls. A friend may need cheering up. Respond with love. Mother Nature, music and other art forms provide solace and inspiration.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-3:31AM Moon enters Leo.

August 8: The late-morning Leo New Moon quietly launches our next activity cycle. Fun and creative self-expression are essential ingredients of current plans. Order a healthy side dish of self-respect and you’ll increase your enjoyment without developing an outsized ego. These days the Cosmos has ways of humbling willful types. Because the Moon and Sun occupy testing angles with Saturn and Uranus, the path forward is likely to include delays and detours as well as surprise side excursions. Prepare as you would for an extended trip. Pack for all types of weather, protect valuables and essential papers and be ready to improvise, both today and in the coming weeks. If there is a message in today’s embryonic alignments, it’s that the moment to moment journey is foremost in importance, not the destination. Ultimate landing spots are yet to be determined.
Moon in Leo, New Moon in Leo 9:50AM.

August 9: A lunar opposition with expansive Jupiter lifts hopes during the early hours. However, reality may fail to live up to expectations as a void of course Leo Moon brings morning sluggishness. Hold onto dreams. Come late morning the Moon is in Virgo, bringing a resurgence of commitment and effort. The Moon is nearing a conjunction with spark plug Mars for the rest of the day. Forward movement is facilitated, one step at a time. Venus is at odds with Neptune this evening. The opposing duo fosters romantic as well as creative inspiration. Under the influence some folks tend to give too much. Weigh the consequences of caring. Well-built partnerships cross a threshold to higher levels of trust and caring. Others may find their hopes dashed by a betrayal. In either case, tonight there are opportunities for psycho-spiritual growth and learning.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:23AM-10:56AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus opposite Neptune.

August 10: With the waxing crescent Virgo Moon activating a pending trine between Mars and Uranus, it’s full speed ahead! Seize the day. Organize plans and cooperative efforts this morning. Visionary capacities as well as team spirit are excellent. The midday period is perfect for brainstorming and planning. Be patient with less adventurous souls. Mental Mercury is at odds with Jupiter tonight, increasing ambitions but blowing some matters way out of proportion. Be mindful of those prone to exaggerating and boasting. Some plans are flat out unrealistic. Further negotiations will likely be necessary. Agree to continue conversations as soon as tomorrow. Bedtime prayers and midnight meditations have special magic.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury opposite Jupiter.

August 11: Early birds feel emboldened by love. The powerful emotion comforts, heals and helps build trust. All the same, momentum declines during the morning hours as the Virgo Moon begins a long void of course period. Diminished energy lends itself to greater inner awareness. Mental Mercury directs attention to matters of the heart and past events. Practically speaking it is best to concentrate on work already in progress. Efforts are sustained by tonight’s trine between Venus and Pluto. What can be accomplished in the name of love is limitless. By then the Moon is in Libra and Mercury, the communications planet, is in Virgo. Partners will undoubtedly be receptive to loving words, compliments and perhaps most importantly, attentive companionship.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:22AM-4:08PM Moon enters Libra, Venus trine Pluto.

August 12: The day begins under a steadying influence, a lunar trine to Saturn. Now waxing in Libra, awareness of others is highlighted. With Saturn involved, doing the right thing is a must. The Ringed Planet, AKA the Lord of Karma, does keep score. Fortunately, the essentials of healthy relationships, fairness, honesty and loyalty are encouraged by the alignment. If you need a word with a higher up, this morning is a good time. Momentum is gently sustained by the waxing Moon’s building sextile to the Leo Sun. This is a solid day for partnering. Enjoy co-workers, friends, family members and other playmates.
Moon in Libra.

August 13: Early risers experience inner peace under the aligned Sun and Moon. As daylight breaks tensions are rising. The Libra Moon is moving towards a testing late morning square with Pluto. Emotional sensitivity increases. Normally subconscious feelings need expression. Real and imagined scenarios can lead to reactions that are inappropriate or disproportionate to the situation at hand. Be on guard against jealousy, abandonment issues and other uncomfortable emotions. A truth-telling session may relieve the inner logjam. Brighter trends build in after the noon hour. Life takes a major upturn as the Moon engages optimistic Jupiter. Faith and trust are restored. Positive thoughts and physical travel are expedited. Evening sees the Moon enter Scorpio and feelings again deepen. Fortunately, communications are also easier. Share your emotional truth.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:39PM-8:01PM Moon enters Scorpio.

August 14: If fun and recreation are on your agenda, live fully and play hard. Half-hearted participation will not do. Today it’s the Scorpio Moon’s turn to test Saturn and Uranus. The trio form a fixed sign T-square, a taut yet powerful configuration that poses challenges as well as opportunities. The key is staying composed and under control at all times. With poise the potential for successful gatherings and fulfilling activities is very good. Lose your balance and setbacks are likely. An early afternoon lunar sextile to Mars provides ample energy and tenacity. Helping others is encouraged. It is towards evening when uncertainty is greatest. Be extra careful, whatever it is you’re doing, and ready to modify social plans.
Moon in Scorpio.

August 15: The stars keep us busy today. The waxing Scorpio Moon reaches the First Quarter stage just before noon. A laid back early morning segues into an action-packed midday period. Balancing privacy needs with the impulse to be seen and admired requires acute judgment and an artful touch. A fallback option could involve an out of the way locale that invites quiet intimacy. For some folks, home is the place to be. The second half of the day brings easier, more sociable going. Lunar harmony with Pluto and Venus, augmented by Jupiter, herald a luminous and enjoyable evening. Dinnertime on into the evening is thoroughly enjoyable. Turn on your party lights. The Moon’s final aspect, a late night sextile to Venus, bestows happiness, love and contentment.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 11:30AM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 11:05pm-11:12PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 16: Just after midnight loving Venus enters Libra, the sign of harmony and balance. Sharp dressers, deft designers, those with an eye for art and beauty are rejuvenated and inspired during the next few weeks. The age old quest for the perfect look is back in style. A waxing Sagittarius Moon helps keep spirits on an “upward and onward” track. After a busy morning, the afternoon is a kaleidoscopic mix of nifty ideas and pragmatic considerations. With much to consider, be sure to know who and what is most important. Dispense with significant responsibilities first. Evening presents new challenges. The Moon is in a testing square with fiery Mars, now in detail-oriented Virgo. Free spirits may face criticism. Personal desires can seem impossible to satisfy. Be patient. Know exactly what you want and frustrations will be kept to a minimum.
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus enters Libra.

August 17: Even royals have to hold the line on spending from time to time. Pay attention to your cash outflow this morning. Be attentive, firm and clear with partners. Fantastical thinking dominates the midday period. Artistic souls tap into deep levels of inspiration. Others, afraid to make a mistake, are inclined to procrastinate. Dream big but keep your feet firmly planted. It’s the evening hours that shine the brightest. The freedom and truth loving Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with the Leo Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Dinnertime moods are cheerful and the company of good friends is treasured. A late night void of course Moon phase is Nature’s way of saying, “early to bed.”
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:43PM-12:00AM.

August 18: The Moon enters goal-oriented Capricorn during the wee hours of the morning. Ambitious sorts have plenty of drive today. Mars and Mercury are conjunct in dutiful Virgo. The duo provide ample vitality for tackling jobs big and small. However, don’t overthink. Mercury in Virgo sometimes gets lost in details, failing to consider the big picture. The Mars/Mercury pairing also anchors one corner of a triangular Earth sign Grand Trine, along with the tenacious Moon and inventive Uranus. Thus this is a fabulous work day. Both independent operators and groups are well-equipped for the job at hand. Team camaraderie is notable. New methods and evolving technology can dramatically improve performance levels. The planetary energies surge this evening, a plus for burning the midnight oil.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-1:58AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury conjunct Mars.

August 19: There are big goings on today. The Leo Sun is opposite the Solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter. This aspect opens minds and enhances faith. Optimism prevails. Altruism is encouraged. It’s easy to think lofty thoughts. For some, wanderlust is stimulated. Less enlightened folks may resort to braggadocio and pompous statements. Expanded horizons and open minds compliment the gritty Capricorn Moon’s determination to get ahead professionally. For those with a plan, this is an excellent day to pursue career goals. Meetings and presentations are informative and persuasive. One potential hitch is Uranus turning retrograde tonight. A computer malfunction could temporarily snarl travel and complicate other matters. Minds may change but with both Mercury and Mars favorably aligned with Uranus, an altered strategy can easily be an improvement, and very likely to succeed.
Moon in Capricorn/c 7:59PM-12:00AM, Sun opposite Jupiter, Uranus Retrograde.

August 20: During the pre-dawn hours the nearly full Moon enters Aquarius while mental Mercury forms a trine to now officially retrograde Uranus. The Cosmos is urging us to look ahead and envision the future. However, the fact that Uranus is actually stationary and only gradually, over the next week begins to move retrograde raises some interesting possibilities. Dreams may be a guide in how to take a great leap forward. On a hunch you may want to contact friends and former associates. Word could arrive from someone who has been out of touch. Daylight finds the Moon energizing the pending trine between Venus and Saturn. This is a good omen for strengthening partnerships and solidifying contractual agreements. If you have a serious commitment to make, today is the day.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-4:49AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury trine Uranus.

August 21: As Full Moon intensity builds the skies are active. The waxing Aquarius Moon tests Uranus early this morning. The lunar square with the volatile planet of surprises is comparable to a loud alarm bell. Some souls are jolted awake. Nerves are edgy, senses on high alert. Today’s plans may unexpectedly change. An imminent trine between Mars and Uranus emboldens those who are eager to make decisive moves. A new strategy could be a thing of genius. All the same, it’s wise to guard against using excessive force or haste. Surging emotions, associated with tomorrow’s Full Moon, may override rational thinking. Relax as best you can and avoid taking unnecessary risks. There’s a wonderful Moonrise this evening.
Moon in Aquarius.

August 22: Insomniacs are restless under Mars’ trine with Uranus and the Full Moon’s conjunction with expansive Jupiter. Slumbering dreamers as well as sharp-eyed night owls may accurately sense the future, harboring hopes for better days. Early this morning the Moon is exactly full at the last degree of Aquarius. The opposing Sun is in the final degree of regal Leo. The last degree of any sign is karmic, implying a lesson has been or will soon be faced and completed. Awareness of others is advisable. Understand your place in the community. Treat partners with respect and kindness. Be loyal. Reflecting environmental changes, values are evolving. There’s not much time for a breather as minutes after her Full phase the Moon continues on into Pisces. Numerous mood swings follow throughout the day. By evening the Sun is in Virgo, the transitional harvest sign that links the summer and autumn seasons.
Full “Sturgeon” Moon in Aquarius 8:02AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:02AM-8:43AM Moon enters Pisces, Mars trine Uranus, Sun enters Virgo 5:35PM.

August 23: Venus opens the new week with a substantial trine to Saturn. The alignment urges some folks to prepare for the coming school year or post vacation workplace activities. Emotionally savvy souls acknowledge long time friends, stalwart loves and loyal mentors. The Pisces Moon injects late morning levity with a sextile to Uranus. High spirits and serendipity go hand in hand. Try something new and different. More challenging trends arrive during the noon hour. Nearing Neptune, the Moon opposes Mars. Desires and goals may be confusing. Excellence as well as contentment can be elusive. Think twice before springing into action. Tonight the Moon is opposite Mercury, stimulating the need to express complex feelings but potentially muddying the waters of communication. Words may simply fail to capture every nuanced emotion. Nonetheless, give chatting or writing a try. The proximity of creative muses can be a pleasant surprise.
Moon in Pisces, Venus trine Saturn.

August 24: The Pisces Moon is conjunct mystical Neptune shortly after midnight and sextile Pluto just before sunrise. Even while asleep, physical and emotional restoration occurs during this celestially busy overnight period. By dawn the Moon is void of course. The day then takes a meandering path. Emotional ups and downs may inspire, distract or entice some folks to play hooky. Both creative and escapist tendencies are stimulated by Mercury’s opposition to Neptune. The alignment challenges perfectionists to relax their minds and surrender to heartfelt longings. A leap of faith could be in the making. The Moon’s mid-afternoon arrival in Aries restores energy levels and boosts mental clarity. Still, it’s wise to double-check facts, figures and schedules before making plans and commitments.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:12AM-2:57PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury opposite Neptune.

August 25: Devotion and loyalty infuse early morning commitments. With the Aries Moon in a sextile to Saturn this is also a good time of day to lock in plans. The remaining morning hours are highly sociable, a favorable atmosphere for productive meetings and fruitful shopping expeditions, as well as matters of the heart. Work with partners to make mutually beneficial arrangements. The second half of the day is mellower. Many souls are content to do their own thing. It’s a good time to take care of personal matters. Be careful not to miss a plum opportunity to mend fences and strengthen ties. Common sense and street smarts can be useful additions to all ventures.
Moon in Aries.

August 26: Mercury’s late morning trine to Pluto sharpens perceptions. Discriminating minds see through all manner of things. Peoples’ motives and the hidden dynamics at work in many situations can seem quite obvious. Believe first impressions. Second thoughts and worst case scenarios are harder to ignore after noon. The Aries Moon is at odds with Pluto around midday. Control your mind. Direct your attention towards positive outcomes and seeing advantages. The late afternoon brings a rebound to easier going. Spirits lift and optimism returns. Network with business associates. Plan a get together with friends after work. Gatherings are chummy. A void of course Moon period brings a quiet evening, good for de-stressing after a sometimes hectic day.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:14PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Pluto.

August 27: The morning has a certain stylishness, one that blends tried and true methods and fashions with enduring practicality. The Taurus Moon’s harmony with the Virgo Sun is an excellent omen of decisions, purchases and commitments that can not just be lived with, but thoroughly enjoyed. After lunch the Moon makes her way deeper into Taurus and begins to energize the Saturn/Uranus square. Stumbling blocks can lead to increasing fears and stresses by mid-afternoon. Take heart in the words of Mark Twain. “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” The evening hours bring continuing uncertainties mixed with anticipation of something new. Push on. Changes for the better are in store.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-12:27AM Moon enters Taurus.

August 28: Early birds are advised to watch their step. The conjunction of the Taurus Moon and Uranus may herald an epiphany but it can also coincide with an avoidable accident or fall. Be mindful. Breathe deeply, stay calm and under control. Spend a few extra minutes in meditation or doing yoga. By late morning the day finds a comfortable and productive rhythm. The Moon is trine Mars, a wonderful arrangement for getting things done at work or around the house. Harvest garden veggies or head to a local farm stand this afternoon. There’s good pickings. Tonight’s lunar sextile with Neptune provides delightful ambience for communing with Nature or taking in a movie or show. Empathy and compassion are also stimulated. Comfort a child or assist a friend in need if it is appropriate.
Moon in Taurus.

August 29: The waning Taurus Moon harmonizes with mental Mercury late this morning. The aspect stimulates minds. Pragmatic thinking is particularly encouraged. Learn from the past. You’re not the first person to face a current problem. Engaging conversations are also promoted. The lively banter at breakfast and brunch scenes is intellectually tasty. Use the two hour midday void of course Moon period to digest food and facts. Because Mercury is at the last degree of Virgo there are likely to be pleasant surprise endings. Recollections and social reconnections may also enhance the day. The Moon enters effervescent Gemini during the early afternoon. Curiosity increases but so does ambivalence. The Last Quarter Moon phase is approaching. Preferred intentions may seem unworkable. Keep searching for solutions. A better idea could appear late tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 10:59AM-12:42PM Moon enters Gemini.

August 30: An hour after midnight Mercury enters Libra for a lengthy visit. An upcoming late September retrograde will keep the Winged Messenger in the Sign of Marriage, Beauty and Balance until November 5th. We all have a prolonged opportunity to practice the art of diplomacy and hopefully promote peace, love, sensitivity and understanding. If you’re up late into the wee hours of the morning it could be due to the stress of the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Minds tend to be restless. Thoughts of the future are prevalent. Senses are easily overstimulated. Calming trends come with the approaching dawn. The daytime hours are relatively quiet yet conducive to multi-tasking. The evening hours prove enjoyable. A lunar trine to Venus is forming, always a favorable influence for successful parties and glittering social events.
Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 3:13AM, Mercury enters Libra.

August 31: The approaching opposition between Mars and Neptune is activated by the waning Gemini Moon this morning. The tricky T-square configuration can bring confusion and indecision as well as incorrect assumptions. Proceed with caution. Mental discipline is required. Be careful not to overanalyze your feelings. Don’t be impulsive or only guided by emotions. Put your logical mind to work. A good first step is clarifying goals. Once you know what you want the going is considerably easier. Reach out to friends and associates after noon. Input and assistance from trusted pals can help put the day on a winning track. Friends are happy to pitch in. Late afternoon sees the waning Moon go void of course. The tempo slows. Rest up and recharge your batteries tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 4:48PM.