August 2023 Daily Astrology

August 1: This afternoon’s Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius, the first of two Full Moons in August, has energy levels and emotions at peak levels. Expect the midday hours to feel almost frenzied. Mostly, the Full Moon evokes the enduring spirit of friendship. In addition to the elevated lunar tide, a trine between Mars and Jupiter spurs many souls to act courageously. However, it’s smart to think twice before speaking out or making a bold move. Consider the impact your behavior will have on others. If a cause is just then carry on. After dark things slowly quiet down. Second thoughts are front and center while Mercury is at odds with Saturn. To help ease worried minds, accentuate positives. Look for silver linings and if warranted, offer a timely apology.
Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius 2:32PM, Mars trine Jupiter, Mercury opposite Saturn.

August 2: Reverberations from yesterday’s Full Moon continue. The Aquarius Moon tests Uranus this morning, making naturally high strung folks a bundle of nerves. As much as delays and detours can be annoying, they can also be opportunities for unexpected yet delightful adventures. A little less ego goes a long way towards relaxing and enjoying new situations. Afternoon social engagements have the potential to be memorably pleasant. Shopping can also be fun but with Venus in Leo, some souls have extravagant tastes. A prima donna could put on quite a show. The evening unfolds under a void of course Moon. Take time to unwind and recharge your batteries.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:15PM-11:05PM Moon enters Pisces.

August 3: A sobering conjunction of the Pisces Moon and Saturn colors the new day. The duo oppose Mercury and Mars in Virgo, putting communications front and center this morning and throughout the day. Paperwork is another likely necessity. Hashing out contracts requires steadfast attention as well as an eye for details. Don’t rush things. Successful planning and negotiations require both patience and realistic appraisals. If a legal matter is under discussion, consult with qualified experts. There is no point in taking risks. Tonight’s lunar sextile to Jupiter brings rewards to those who have dotted their “i”s and crossed their “t”s. A subsequent late night lunar opposition to Mars signals possible risks, regrets and frustrations for those who proceeded without caution.
Moon in Pisces.

August 4: The morning hours have multiple eye-opening moments. Just before noon the Pisces Moon is in brilliant harmony with Uranus. Moods are friendly. Minds are open yet filled with anticipation of the upcoming weekend. For some souls there are even bigger dreams. A cause or higher power could be calling. Whether solo or with pals, it’s a fine day to go on a magical mystery tour. There are wonderfully creative energies percolating. The Moon’s evening conjunction with Neptune keeps the entrancing atmospherics in place. Emotions can be unusually empathic. Choose tonight’s companions and entertainments wisely. Greater intimacy or a potential healing could occur, given the supportive stars.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:21PM-11:19PM Moon enters Aries.

August 5: The sky pattern overhead is complicated. There’s plenty of fierce and fiery energy floating through the ethers. The waning Aries Moon is the spark behind many decisions. Independent spirits are ready to strike out on their own. However, with the Leo Sun nearly square Jupiter, there is a tendency to overreach or go too far. Mercury’s proximity to Mars is another contributor to the celestial “get something done” chorus. Fortunately the Moon and Sun are in harmony. Wise leaders and self-reliant souls proceed with confidence as well as constant awareness and respect for partners.
Moon in Aries.

August 6: The waning Aries Moon makes but one aspect today, a late afternoon trine to Venus. Passionate connoisseurs of all persuasions are primed for living well. Adding a taste for the dramatic is the Leo Sun’s evening square with Jupiter. Is there really too much of a good thing? Many of us will find out today. Among the possible treats are reunions and visits to beloved places. Much is done in the spirit of fun but tread lightly and stay aware of partners tonight. Feelings are likely to be extra sensitive as midnight nears.
Moon in Aries, Sun square Jupiter.

August 7: During the wee hours of the morning the waning Moon enters Taurus. Enjoying life, its challenges as well as its pleasures is today’s focus. A midday lunar sextile to Saturn reinforces commitments to be a responsible as well as thrifty consumer. The aspect also motivates those who have chores and obligations or big decisions to deal with to press ahead. Charged with determination and blessed with common sense, tasks proceed smoothly. The afternoon hours are more relaxed. Congenial trends increase this evening. Late night reading and conversations inform and delight open minds.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:13PM-2:25PM Moon enters Taurus, Sun square Jupiter.

August 8: Those who rise before dawn feel inspired by the Taurus Moon’s conjunction with optimistic Jupiter. Things shift dramatically shortly after sunrise. The Moon is in her stressful Last Quarter phase. Easy does it, at home, on vacation or going out the door on the way to work. Watch what you say in the heat of a moment. More constructive energies are in place by mid-morning when a lunar trine to Mars issues a call to action. Things take another turn towards evening as the Moon passes by unpredictable Uranus. Plans change, distractions multiply. Move your body or drive with extra care and attention, especially in heavy traffic. Welcome the ingenious thought. Irreverent friends or a comedy show can be ideal entertainment tonight, provided one laughs with people, not at them.
Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 6:28AM.

August 9: The slow start to this complex day is due to the waning, void of course Taurus Moon. During the early morning an exasperating change of plans may be due to unforeseen circumstances brought on by no fault of a partner or friend. By mid-morning the Moon is in Gemini. Mental faculties grow sharper. The pace picks up. Contrasting energies are in play the remainder of the day. The Moon is at odds with Saturn, provoking worries and a need to be perfect. Mercury is in a fabulous trine with Jupiter, filling other minds with happy visions of success, far away places and a determination to enjoy life. The trine is a great omen for travelers, teachers and communicators. This evening mixing business with pleasure can be a satisfying middle ground.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:39AM-9:05AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus square Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter.

August 10: The waning Moon in Gemini has issues with Mercury and Mars in Virgo today. Communications can be tricky. Minds tend to race and patience can quickly wear thin, especially this afternoon and tonight. Be discerning in what you say and to whom you say it. Appropriate timing is also very advisable. If you’re not sure, err on the side of caution. Fortunately, the late afternoon and early evening bring harmony between the talkative Moon and the Leo Sun. The Sun is also closing in on a conjunction with retrograde Venus. Dinnertime gatherings are brilliant fun. Once again, Love conquers all.
Moon in Gemini.

August 11: The morning hours are the best part of the day for decisions and business. By early noon a lunar square to Neptune ushers in a lazier, more uncertain mood. Many souls feel drawn to a favorite swimming hole or spot in nature. Museums, galleries and movie multiplexes are also good options. After lunch the Gemini Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. It may seem like the weekend has begun. Journeys into the inner recesses of the subconscious trigger creative impulses. Let your imagination wander in stream of consciousness fashion. A marvelous idea could surface. Evening sees the Moon enter her own sign of Cancer. Homing pigeons and other creatures zero in on well known places and companions tonight.
Moon in Gemini 1:27PM-6:52PM Moon enters Cancer.

August 12: Many fond reunions are in store this weekend. For one thing the waning crescent Moon is in nostalgic Cancer. Her predawn trine to retrograding Saturn in Pisces is today’s sole exact aspect. The alignment stirs remembrances as well as ancient loyalties. There could be an opportunity to make karmic amends. The weekend’s most notable astrological story is the Leo Sun’s conjunction with retrograde Venus. The festive pairing sparks a need for attention in some folks as well as the widespread urge to have fun. Because Venus is backpedaling there are likely to be both planned as well as unplanned celebrations. Long time friends and long ago loves may come to mind or appear in the flesh. Tonight’s party atmosphere is stellar. Midnight’s lunar sextile to Jupiter showers numerous blessings and much happiness.
Moon in Cancer.

August 13: Get ready for lighthearted fun and games. Today presents us with an unyielding string of uplifting aspects. From midnight until midnight tomorrow the Cancer Moon sustains warm feelings of friendship, honest caring and willing helpfulness. This morning the Leo Sun is conjunct Venus. With the Goddess of Love & Beauty retrograde, it’s a fine time to indulge in favorite pleasures. Unexpected invitations and other surprises may occur. A midday lunar alignment with Mars keeps sports players and fans absorbed in the competition. Health aficionados are also encouraged. Afternoon camaraderie is supported by the Moon’s late afternoon sextile to Uranus. Intuitive folks may feel they are on a clairvoyant roll. The good vibes conclude with with an enchanting late night lunar trine to Neptune. Revel in your favorite hobby, the sky above, the sounds of the sea and water, a film or TV show.
Moon in Cancer, Sun conjunct Venus.

August 14: Shortly after sunrise the waning Moon enters Leo. The next two days are low energy, following the natural course of the lunar cycle. Take steps to finish works in progress. Delay new projects until midweek, when the next activity cycle begins. Astrologically the heavens are relatively quiet during the workday and this evening. A pending square between the Sun and temperamental Uranus has many souls feeling edgy. We humans are creatures of habit. When faced with uncertainty, most hesitate. Given the evolutionary qualities of Uranus, changes, however unnerving, will prove to be for the better. Put your head together with willing partners and dream up a mutually agreeable future.
Moon in Cancer v/c 3:46AM-6:36AM Moon enters Leo.

August 15: This final day of the Moon’s cycle is overshadowed by the Leo’s Sun’s late night square with Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected. Watch your step. If you feel anxious, watch your breath. Deep slow breathing, the kind that fills your belly first, is a great stress management tool. The busy morning hours see many people juggling multiple tasks. Distractions seem to arrive from multiple sources. More harmonious and loving energies build in this evening when the Leo Moon joins up with Venus. The romantic mood is special, although some meetups may feel as though they are star-crossed. Under the Sun/Uranus square, a playmate could be delayed or even cancel plans. Do your best to remain calm and take whatever happens in stride.
Moon in Leo, Sun square Uranus.

August 16: Hearts sing as the early morning Leo New Moon is joined by engaging Venus. The daybreak event marks the beginning of a new activity cycle. However, the Moon spends the bulk of the day traveling void of course. An earthy Grand Trine configuration supports assembling a working team. Mars’ mid-morning trine with Uranus can give birth to advanced ideas. It also fosters teamwork. Less advantageously, the trine may trigger impulsive acts, but it’s wise to be patient. Set intentions, clarify goals and consult with co-workers, power brokers and playmates. Hold off on a final plan or other major commitments until this evening, when the Moon enters pragmatic Virgo.
New Moon in Leo 5:38AM, Moon in Leo v/c 5:38AM-7:14PM Moon enters Virgo, Mars trine Uranus.

August 17: The Virgo Moon’s early morning opposition with Saturn is a reminder to proceed with caution. Be sure to honor commitments and fulfill obligations before going off on other tangents. Energy levels remain low much of the day. Following yesterday’s New Moon, the seeds of new endeavors may remain hidden, waiting to germinate. There is little point in rushing things today. More hopeful trends come with evening’s arrival. A fertile lunar trine to cheerful Jupiter is gaining strength. Tonight is a favorable time to dream or work towards a goal. Read, study and gather relevant information for your project. Get together with favorite pals for highly enjoyable conversation. Another good choice is simply relaxing.
Moon in Virgo.

August 18: The morning hours are quietly productive. Six of the ten major planets are in earth signs, a potent nod from the Cosmos to attend to practical matters. After noon the waxing crescent Virgo Moon keeps us busy. The detail-oriented Moon is conjunct Mercury and Mars. We have a green light to forge ahead with ambitious plans. Many souls feel driven to accomplish something special. Get organized. Delegate assignments. Network with like-minded members of your community. Welcome visionary thoughts as well as intuitive impressions. As nighttime’s darkness deepens moods grow sensitive. Be kind and compassionate. The weather also bears watching late tonight.
Moon in Virgo.

August 19: The overnight dreamtime offers access to usually hidden memories and feelings. Insomniacs are likely to experience more than one revelation. As the daylight period gets under way the waxing Moon arrives in sociable Libra. Peace, love and pleasing surroundings take a collaborative effort today. It’s tough to ignore the fickle nature of fate and life. Today’s complex configurations guarantee captivating experiences. Enjoying them fully requires realistic expectations as well as the stout heart of a warrior. With retrograde Venus beginning to slow in preparation for a return to forward motion and Mercury prepping to turn retrograde, gracefully rolling with changes of mind and feelings is recommended.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:51AM-7:53AM Moon enters Libra.

August 20: This mostly mellow weekend continues under a waxing Libra Moon. The morning hours are quiet. Afternoon sees the Moon nearing a harmonizing angle with Venus. The late afternoon sextile alignment bodes well for pleasant social gatherings and other enjoyments. Lovers of art, beauty and love itself are in for a good time. With the love star continuing on her retrograde, long time acquaintances are likely to reconnect. Pragmatists too find outlets for their worldly pursuits. Bargain hunting, recycling and repurposing are fruitful activities.
Moon in Libra.

August 21: Deja vu experiences, karmic ties and surprise appearances help make the morning hours engaging. Take advantage of possible opportunities to right a wrong or make good on a debt. The Libra Moon is at her most active after noon, when she tests Pluto and harmonizes with the late Leo Sun. Meet others half way but go no further. Real cooperation requires all parties to be flexible. If a partner is completely stuck, take a break and turn your attention to sunnier, more rewarding pursuits. The late afternoon feels listless as the Moon briefly travels void of course. Minutes before sunset the Moon settles into Scorpio and moods naturally turn inwards. Respect privacy needs tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:31PM-7:22PM Moon enters Scorpio.

August 22: Early today hopes and expectations easily surpass what is reasonable. Venus’ square with Jupiter is the culprit. The alignment tests the limits of consumption, common sense and belief. In a quest for pleasure, spending can be substantial. Some folks are gullible, quick to place their trust in undeserving individuals. Have a jolly good time but use restraint. This afternoon finds Mars at odds with Neptune, increasing the risk of poor judgment and a financial loss. Try to deal only with people you know have solid reputations. The Scorpio Moon does sharpen intuitive senses. If a situation is unclear, listen to your gut but be aware that late tonight a testing lunar angle with Venus is likely to sustain feelings of discontent. Tuning in to inner guidance can be a challenge. It’s wise to attend to basic personal needs, beginning with self-love.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus square Jupiter, Mars opposite Neptune.

August 23: Big changes are afoot. Before sunrise the Sun enters the harvest sign Virgo, signaling the start of the seasonal transition from summer to autumn. This afternoon mental Mercury begins a three week long retrograde, drifting backwards in Virgo until September 15th. Minds are apt to change. Some confusion is likely. Review recent events. Second thoughts can lead to better outcomes as the Scorpio Moon supports the Winged Messenger during the midday period. New priorities can emerge. An abrupt change in plans makes the late afternoon period an iffy proposition. Try to stay calm and adjust your thinking and schedule as needed. Nightfall brings more relaxing trends. Take a load off your feet and mind. Entertain magical and mysterious thoughts. Delve into a fantasy or lose yourself in a creative project.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun enters Virgo, Mercury Retrograde.

August 24: During the predawn hours the waxing Moon enters outgoing Sagittarius. As the Sun rises over the eastern horizon the Moon is at her First Quarter stage. Current necessities and projected needs can mean revisiting and altering plans. Input from partners and other associates may be very helpful. Take your time. Consider a wide range of possibilities. The Moon is also at odds with Saturn so a slow, methodical approach works best. Luckily, Mars is in a brilliant trine with Pluto later today. The potent duo lend themselves to successful strategizing. An underutilized talent, asset or information can be the key to impressive gains.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:10AM-4:07AM Moon enters Sagittarius, First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 5:57AM, Mars trine Pluto.

August 25: Early risers feel buoyed by the waxing Sagittarius Moon’s trine with Venus. Greeting the new day with grateful, love-filled hearts is natural. Hopes are high and the alignment is an excellent omen for travelers. A reunion could be in the works. Complications are likely to arise afternoon as the Moon moves closer to a testing angle with retrograde Mercury. Be on the lookout for mental errors and missed communications. It’s best to double check important information, addresses, meeting times, phone numbers, etc. Take extra steps to stay in synch with associates. Be sure to keep an eagle eye on important possessions tonight. The risk of a loss increases as midnight nears.
Moon in Sagittarius.

August 26: Full Moon fever is beginning to rise but first there is the more pressing matter of a solar opposition with Saturn. The testing alignment, a question of balance, dominates the weekend. Be on good behavior. Hold yourself to the same high standards you have for friends and partners. The waxing Scorpio Moon tests Mars as the morning begins. Frustrations can lead some folks to criticize. No one is perfect. Be content to do the best you can. A brief void of course Moon period ends with the Moon’s mid-morning arrival in Capricorn. This afternoon’s lunar harmony with the Sun and Saturn provides a supportive environment for leisure as well as more strenuous activities. The Sun/Saturn opposition then takes over. Things that end are meant to end. On the other hand, it could well be the time to commit more fully to essential people and personal goals.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:56AM-9:05AM Moon enters Capricorn.

August 27: The early morning opposition of the Sun and Saturn can be cause for an important life course correction. Set new goals and boundaries. A thorough house cleaning is another good possibility. Feisty Mars also arrives in Libra this morning. When ambitions are shared, partnerships may be reinvigorated and grow stronger. However, selfishness and competition can be corrosive. If you are unable to be supportive, at least stay out of the way. Fortunately, from mid-morning until late tonight the waxing Capricorn Moon’s favorable aspects with Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus promote faith and optimism, as well as thoughtful communications. Socializing is fun. Learning is favored. Heart to heart conversation can clear up a misunderstanding and build trust.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun opposite Saturn.

August 28: An early morning dream or hunch could turn out to be prophetic. A void of course Capricorn Moon then holds forth during the first half of the workday morning. Life seems to drift. The meaning and outcome of events may seem unclear. Put off important decisions and commitments until the Moon’s late morning entry into Aquarius, when focus and energy return. A midday lunar trine to Mars puts projects back on track and in high gear. All the same, it’s best to stay ready for earth-shaking surprises. Out in deep space, Uranus, the unpredictable planet of Fate and evolution, is turning retrograde. Values, as well as financial markets may suddenly be in flux. Be humble, stay flexible and keep your sense of humor at hand.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:49AM-10:32AM Moon enters Aquarius, Uranus Retrograde.

August 29: The nearly full Aquarius Moon forms a string of challenging aspects. Needs and expectations are keenly felt this morning. Some folks happily find their wishes granted. It could be a case of being in the right place at the right time or just plain old good luck. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as well as the chance to contribute to a friend’s well-being. Trickier trends move in tonight as the Moon tests unpredictable Uranus. The eccentric rule breaking planet turned retrograde only last night. Political and social orders may be in flux. A change in plans could be unavoidable, yet still unsettling. Take care of edgy nerves. Deep breathing, soothing music and positive thinking are a good start.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:04PM-12:00AM.

August 30: Thanks to tonight’s Full Blue Moon in Pisces, emotions run hot today. Celestial influences are complicated. Six planets are retrograde and slowing Jupiter will soon make seven members of the backpedaling band. The Moon’s mid-afternoon conjunction with Saturn underscores karmic repercussions. An ending could be at hand. However, don’t overlook Saturn’s role as the master of good karma and wisdom. Saturn’s better qualities, emotional maturity and common sense are not a given, they are earned. Be aware and respectful of physical and emotional limitations. Have reasonable and realistic expectations of yourself as well as partners. Given the number of retrograding planets, some projects may now face delays. If so, don’t give up. Be patient.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-9:56AM Moon enters Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces 9:36PM.

August 31: As the fallout from last night’s Full Moon settles this morning, good news arrives. The Pisces Moon’s late morning sextile to Jupiter is a faith building, optimism promoting omen of good fortune and enjoyable times. Whatever you are doing or wherever you are bound, proceed with confidence. Express yourself. Afternoon communications can be tricky. A lingering question could be resolved via a second look. A meeting of minds can be impressive or on the other hand, make things more complicated. Thinking outside of traditional boundaries can be helpful. An on line search or input from a savvy friend may also help settle issues. Evening social gatherings are spirited fun.
Moon in Pisces.