August 2022 Daily Astrology

August 1: In a rare celestial event, Mars and Uranus join forces with the Lunar North Node today. The volatile energies unleashed require careful handling. Paired, Mars and Uranus can be an explosive combination. The North Node symbolizes our collective path forward. Dazzling feats of courage and invention, as well as downright revolutionary events are also possible. With all three conjuncts in materialistic Taurus, wise resource management is a must. Whether it’s our fragile planet or your time, money, knowledge or presence, awareness is essential. Be a passionate champion for the values you believe in. A waxing crescent Virgo Moon reinforces the will to do good and serve others. The combined efforts of groups of people are formidable. Use technology and will power intelligently.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:29PM-12:00AM, Mars conjunct Uranus.

August 2: Much goes right today. For starters, the morning hours feel extremely hopeful. The way forward seems crystal clear. Pioneering spirits are anxious to chart new paths. The waxing Moon is in Libra while sign ruler Venus harmonizes with Uranus, Mars and the Lunar Nodes. Although the persisting square between Uranus and Saturn can stir up a doubt or delay at any moment, today’s stars deserve a full speed ahead approach. A lunar opposition to Jupiter keeps momentum going into the late afternoon. After that comes an evening of peace, love, understanding and friendship. It’s a fabulous night for a rendezvous with a special someone or group of friends. Fully enjoy your favorite pleasures.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-12:06AM Moon enters, Libra, Venus sextile Uranus, Venus sextile Mars.

August 3: An unresolved personal or business matter may command attention this morning. Word could also arrive from a long lost playmate. Life grows more complicated as midday nears. The Libra Moon is at odds with Venus. There’s always a bit of Mick Jagger singing “I can’t get no satisfaction” in this planetary square. Rather than dwell on needs, make a concerted effort to attain your desires. There is no substitute for a solid second or third attempt. Of course, knowing what you want is also essential. Don’t confuse a partner’s agenda with your own. The evening is a fine time for discussing plans, priorities and options with a significant other of your choosing.
Moon in Libra.

August 4: During the wee hours of the morning winged Mercury settles into Virgo, the discerning sign of the Harvest. The placement is a reminder to stay aware of which people, foods and experiences nourish your body, mind and spirit, as well as who and what to avoid. The early hours of daylight move slowly but the Moon’s arrival in Scorpio improves the pace and sharpens focus. Mental and emotional clarity are enhanced by a mid-morning lunar sextile to Mercury. Seize an opportunity to talk about complex feelings and aspirations. If necessary, reset the course of your day. The latter half of today is comparatively mellow. Venture out if you like but many folks will be content savoring the quiet hours.
Moon in Libra 2:20AM-7:47AM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury enters Virgo.

August 5: The early morning First Quarter Moon in Scorpio sets the stage for a trying day. The Leo Sun and Moon occupy two corners of a thorny fixed sign Grand Square. Mars, Saturn and Uranus as well as the Lunar Nodes are also involved. The tense configuration persists into evening. Exasperating moments, as if avenues are blocked at every turn, are likely. Some folks fall back on stubborn pride or anger and controlling behavior. More stalwart souls gamely find a way through all difficulties. Rise above challenges with kindness and broad-minded, inclusionary thinking. Cooperate when possible. Take a cue from Mark Twain, who noted that “great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great.” Minutes before midnight the stars at last bring forth the soothing influence of loving Venus.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 7:07AM.

August 6: After yesterday’s tensions the overnight period brings much-needed healing and restorative energies. Early morning sees the Scorpio Moon go void of course until midday. Relax and enjoy the morning’s laid back ebb and flow. Shortly after noon the Moon enters Sagittarius and the day gets its second wind. A lunar square with Mercury triggers multiple interests, inquiries and journeys. Don’t make assumptions. If in doubt, ask. However, definitive answers may not be found as the testing angle holds forth all afternoon, peaking after sunset. More agreeable energies support amiable late night gatherings. Discussions are wide ranging and wildly entertaining.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:24AM-12:39PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

August 7: Conflicting trends present opportunities as well as challenges. Fortunately, the waxing Sagittarius Moon is intrepid, helping us navigate the rising and falling tides. Venus’ midday trine with Neptune casts a rosy glow over the morning and early afternoon. Hearts are open. A kind word or gesture touches deeply. Places of worship, be it a church, temple, mosque or sacred grove, evoke intense feelings. Bon vivants are ready to enjoy life. The Sagittarius Moon and Leo Sun, both in fun-loving fire signs, align to bolster the good vibes. However, the magical spell is broken as Mars tests Saturn during the late afternoon. Slow down and take appropriate safety precautions. A more measured approach is recommended for the latter parts of the day.
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus trine Neptune, Mars square Saturn.

August 8: Shrugging off sleep can be challenging early this morning. The Sagittarius Moon is testing Neptune, the planet of dreams and confusion. Plan to take a few extra minutes to get your bearings and prepare for what may be an eventful day. The waxing Moon then ventures void of course until mid-afternoon when she arrives in dutiful Capricorn. Attentive skywatchers may note the subtle signs of rising Full Moon fever. A pending opposition between Venus and Pluto holds sway during the late afternoon and evening. Relationships can be engrossing but some partners may be super sensitive, overly protective or unreasonably demanding. Handle them with care but insist your own boundaries be respected.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:30AM-2:39PM Moon enters Capricorn.

August 9: Night owls make significant post-midnight observations. The dreamtime could reveal previously unknown details about a loved one. Universal truths may also be conveyed through the subconscious self. With the Full Moon now just two days away, the pressure to make things happen is growing. Under a dutiful Capricorn Moon the working day unfolds quietly and productively. The steady pace gradually gains momentum. As evening approaches, a lunar trine to Uranus boosts energy levels. Impromptu outings, gatherings and social calls are good fun. A friend’s suggestion could eventually lead to a fruitful change of course. Be open to all possibilities.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus opposite Pluto.

August 10: The waxing Capricorn Moon is a busy bee this morning. In quick succession lunar aspects to Neptune, Pluto and Venus keep the hours buzzing along. Meetings and conferences are instructive. Cooperative spirits are in charge. However, some skepticism is also likely. Be flexible. The Moon begins a short void of course period during the noon hour. Take a cue from the disengaged Moon and enjoy a relaxing break from workplace responsibilities. If, after the lunch break there are still legitimate differences of opinion, agree to wait on a decision or agreement. Tomorrow’s tumultuous Full Moon energies will almost certainly bring seismic shifts. Be patient. There will be clearer, more confident trends during the coming week.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:39PM-2:45PM Moon enters Aquarius.

August 11: We are under the influence of another powerful Full Moon alignment. Tonight’s Sturgeon Moon in visionary Aquarius is conjunct Saturn, at odds with the fiery Leo Sun and also testing Mars, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes. This complicated scenario generates tremendous energy. Individual needs as well as the greater good of society and the Earth are impossible to ignore. Realistically, a better future for everyone requires new priorities and a redistribution of wealth and power. This is true in personal relationships as well as on the national and international political stages. Fortunately, Mars is sextile Venus and Neptune and trine Pluto. Higher angels are accessible. Dreams are within reach. A loving spirit is woven throughout the day’s events. Attitudes and priorities can and will evolve. Don’t doubt humankind’s capacity for ingenious innovations.
Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius 9:36PM, Sun square Uranus.

August 12: If you’re out for an early morning jog or walk watch your step. A miscue is soon a thing of the past as the Aquarius Moon begins a substantial void of course period. The more relaxed, less engaged atmosphere allows minds to wander. It may be wise to reflect on recent developments. Imaginations are nimble but hold off on making new commitments or firm decisions until mid-afternoon, when the Moon enters Pisces. Emotional undercurrents then become more front and center. Inventiveness does not falter, which is a good thing as the Sun nears its annual opposition to serious Saturn. It’s time to deal with current responsibilities and realities. Karmic debts are held accountable. Tonight, open-hearted compassion and creative ingenuity make tough love and difficult choices more palatable.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:07AM-2:44PM Moon enters Pisces.

August 13: The waning Pisces Moon’s opposition to Mercury stokes imaginations. Some folks fall prey to their own fantasies but others, aided by friends, succeed in coming up with extraordinary ideas and solutions. A late day lunar sextile to Uranus raises the prospects of a turn for the better. It also favors social gatherings and visionary planning. However, it is the Leo Sun’s pending opposition to Saturn that now dominates the heavens. This once a year alignment requires a pause to thoughtfully consider what is working and what isn’t. Letting go of things, ideas and relationships that are no longer useful is often a natural end result. Fear not. It is easier to fly with less baggage.
Moon in Pisces.

August 14: Tune in to your heart’s fondest desires this morning. The empathic Pisces Moon is powerful, conjunct Neptune and sextile Mars and Pluto. Create! There are abundant energies for making your whims and dreams come true. Support is available from key allies. By late morning the Moon is void of course and an interesting juxtaposition occurs. The Sun’s early afternoon opposition to Saturn heralds both endings and deepening commitments. Following one’s clearest energetic response is recommended. If something makes you feel more vibrant and alive, do it. If an idea elicits a yawn, just say no thanks. The midday period is a fabulous time to realign your commitments. By late afternoon the Moon is in Aries and the stars urge full speed ahead in matters of love and money.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:11AM-4:43PM Moon enters Aries, Sun opposite Saturn, Mars trine Pluto.

August 15: It may now be obvious that certain matters have run their course. Recent break-ups and endings were most likely long overdue. While an early morning lunar conjunction with optimistic Jupiter stirs hopes and perhaps reaffirms the rightness of a newly found freedom, there is little else in the heavens providing clarity and direction. Take your time with today’s activities. Don’t hurry. Relax and pace yourself. Avoid overthinking. The coming days will present numerous new opportunities as well as surprising developments.
Moon in Aries.

August 16: Engaging and empowering trends bolster morning activities. Whether your interests are personal, professional or purely recreational, the celestial forces are supportive. Bold initiatives thrive. Pragmatism and confidence are a potent combination as the Aires Moon complements both Saturn and the Sun. Far-sighted idealists are doubly inspired by mental Mercury’s early afternoon trine to inventive Uranus. Welcome new ideas and experiences. Enjoy agreeable friends and co-workers. Put your psychic powers to the test. Meetings are harmonious and productive. Late afternoon brings more turbulent energies. Feelings grow edgy. Treat partners with respect. By evening the Moon is void of course and it’s time to be mellow. Sound sleep and peaceful dreams are promoted by the Moon’s nighttime entry into Taurus.
Moon in Aries v/c 4:16PM-10:22PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury trine Uranus.

August 17: Today’s waning Taurus Moon provides a bedrock of calm and stability. After a quiet morning a midday lunar square with Venus prompts some souls to follow a consuming passion. Partners express their adoration and seek intimacy, all in the spirit of good fun. Enjoyment remains a guiding principle for the remainder of the day as the Goddess planet, regal in Leo, nears a trine with Jupiter. Treat yourself to something special tonight. Share the light-hearted, lively hours with good friends or your significant other. Sample exotic foods from distant lands. Reading can be entertaining. Broaden your horizons in at least some small way.
Moon in Taurus.

August 18: Many souls sleep blissfully under Venus’ early morning trine to Jupiter. Pay attention to your dreams as spiritual messengers are active during the pre-dawn period. A late morning lunar conjunction with Uranus dramatically changes moods. Attention sharpens and nerves grow edgy. Mixed trends are in play for the day’s second half. The Taurus Moon is at odds with Saturn and the Leo Sun. Expect a post-lunch slowdown as delays can multiply. Clarity returns later in the afternoon. Faith makes an appearance this evening but with the stressful Last Quarter Moon approaching, it’s best to tread softly. Use kindness and encourage less confident pals. A cooperative attitude is a timely gift to share.
Moon in Taurus, Venus trine Jupiter.

August 19: While the post-midnight hours see some folks restlessly tossing and turning, other night owls feel motivated and renewed. The Last Quarter Moon can coincide with rethinking goals. If a better solution comes to you, take it seriously. Daybreak finds the Taurus Moon conjunct Mars. The energizing pairing usually launches enterprises but the Moon begins a brief void of course period, temporarily deflating ambitions. The Moon soon enters loquacious Gemini, breathing new life into the day by mid-morning. Minds and senses grow more acute but a lack of planetary action leaves plenty of room for tongues and imaginations to wander. An early jump on weekend festivities suits some folks. Evening brings more gregarious vibes. It’s an excellent night for deep philosophical and political explorations.
Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 12:36AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 7:06AM-8:06AM Moon enters Gemini.

August 20: During the overnight period Mars enters Gemini, joining the waning Moon in the Sign of the Twins. Minds and mouths are revved up and ready to race. Before dawn the Moon makes her only exact aspect of the day, an agreeably sweet sextile to Venus. The pleasantly sociable atmosphere diminishes with the rising morning Sun. Celestially, there’s a lot of space for roaming today. Free your imagination and feet to wander. An imminent opposition between Mercury and Neptune is a good reason to take some precautions. If you are out and about, locally or far afield from your regular haunts, keep an eye on valuables. Know your bearings and be prepared for inclement weather. Be sure your phone is charged and working.
Moon in Gemini, Mars enters Gemini.

August 21: The morning hours could bring a comedy of errors. While the alluring beauty of Mother Nature can be thoroughly engrossing it’s wise to guard against an epic miscommunication snafu. Touch base with pals regarding plans. Review travel schedules and weather reports. If you’re on a road trip check your vehicle’s tires, water, fuel level and engine oil. With both the Moon and Mercury testing mystifying Neptune, one cannot be too careful. The afternoon brings sunnier astro weather. The Gemini Moon and Leo Sun are in harmony, elevating moods and increasing confidence. By nightfall the Moon is in Cancer where she magnetically draws people to familiar comforts.
Moon in Gemini v/c 6:06PM-8:29PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury opposite Neptune.

August 22: This final full day of the Sun in Leo can feel poignant at times. Another summer is nearing its end and the Cancer Moon is known to stir long ago memories. Reminiscing is fun but a noontime lunar square with Jupiter inspires some people to shrug off the past and head out in search of a new adventure. No doubt, a change of scenery will do many souls a world of good. Mental Mercury, deep in Virgo, is powerfully aligned with Pluto. Powers of observation and reasoning are excellent. First impressions and instincts merge with practical realism. Almost magically, minds gravitate towards constructive, purposeful experiences. Less than an hour before midnight the Sun enters Virgo, the traditional harvest sign. Growing hints of coming seasonal changes soon follow.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury trine Pluto, Sun enters Virgo.

August 23: Creators, reformers and unapologetic dreamers, here’s a day tailor made for you. The waning Cancer Moon aligns with two visionary planets. A lunar sextile to Uranus, exact late this morning, enhances intuitive abilities and fosters warm camaraderie among friends and teammates. Meetings and planning sessions can be remarkably innovative and fruitful. Clever ideas continue to appear throughout the day. Tonight’s lunar trine with Neptune blends imagination with idealism. Those who work late feel inspired and are likely to make gains. Leisure activities are also enjoyable, with film, music and dance probable favorites. Uranus is poised to begin a retrograde tomorrow morning so some of today’s schemes may require further review and tweaking. Nevertheless, the potential for future success is great.
Moon in Cancer.

August 24: Before sunrise the Cancer Moon is void of course and as a result the early hours move slowly. Ordinary zest and initiative may be missing. By mid-morning the Moon is in fun-loving Leo. The Cosmic refresh button is pushed. Purpose and intensity are renewed. Clarity returns but another wrinkle could soon manifest as Uranus turns retrograde. The eccentric planet of surprises will remain on a backwards track until next January. Certain short-term plans may immediately change. Social ties and political agreements can break apart. Energy and excitement levels remain steady as lunar alignments with Mars and Jupiter refuel hopes and optimism. Tonight is upbeat and a good one for trading stories and laughs as well as gathering information.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:40AM-9:09AM Moon enters Leo, Uranus Retrograde.

August 25: After a peaceful night the day remains fairly mellow as the skies overhead are quiet. A pending square between the Sun and Mars cautions against hurrying. Be sure the object of your desires is what you really want. The waning Leo Moon has a lovey-dovey date with Venus this evening. Their pending conjunction helps keep moods warm and hearty throughout the day. Attractions are notable. Affections are easily expressed. However, both impulsive romantic as well as creative moves can set off an unintended and uncontrollable chain reaction of events. Be discreet. Proceed with caution.
Moon in Leo, Mercury enters Libra.

August 26: We are now at the end of the lunar cycle. During the wee hours of the morning the Leo Moon begins a long void of course period, lasting throughout the day until evening. Focus attention on ongoing projects and if possible, finish what you can. Talented people may notice the less engaged atmosphere allows them to tap deeply into the subconscious. Creative imaginations are enriched by looking within. Put off new commitments until after tomorrow’s New Moon initiates a new achievement cycle. After sunset the Moon enters Virgo. Evening plans can fall through as planetary omens justify laying low tonight.
Moon in Leo v/c 2:55AM-8:25PM Moon enters Virgo.

August 27: During a restless night Venus is at odds with Uranus and the Sun is testing Mars. Relationship disappointments and angst are likely. It could be time to throw your lot in with new friends. Before dawn’s light, the Moon is new in discriminating Virgo. The Sun/Moon tandem is at odds with Mars, the fiery bearer of energy and symbol of desires. Too often we strive mightily only to realize that what we’ve worked so hard to attain or achieve isn’t what we thought. To minimize head and heart aches during the coming weeks, know what you want and why. Plan carefully and act accordingly.
New Moon in Virgo 4:17AM, Venus square Uranus, Sun square Mars.

August 28: The day begins in lively fashion. The Virgo Moon is in a trine with Uranus, astrology’s Great Awakener. The trine is like an ‘instant on” signal. Even those who usually sleep in on Sunday morning are likely to be up early, eager to greet the new day. Moods change. By late morning Venus’ mid-afternoon opposition with Saturn has a sobering effect. Some couples rise to the challenge and work at partnering. Others may need to take a break and fly solo. Don’t break your budget. At dinnertime a lunar opposition to Neptune does little to improve communications but a simple kindness can comfort a wounded heart. The Moon’s last aspect of the day, a harmonizing sextile with Pluto, offers renewed hopes of a reconciliation.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:08PM-12:00AM, Venus opposite Saturn.

August 29: Night owls and early birds fly lazily under a void of course crescent Moon. By dawn the Moon is in Libra. The morning pairing of the Moon and Mercury snaps many folks to full attention. Feelings and minds share similar wavelengths. Some folks know exactly what a partner wants. Talking about complex emotional realities is facilitated by lunar harmony with Mars in loquacious Gemini. Once some people open up about their true feelings, it will be hard to put the cork back into the bottle. It’s also a good afternoon for making strategic decisions. Lively discussions continue into the evening hours.
Moon in Virgo v//c 12:00AM-5:45AM Moon enters LIbra.

August 30: The waxing Libra Moon heightens awareness of others as well as various social responsibilities. Doing the right thing, fulfilling obligations and paying debts on time is encouraged by a steadfast lunar trine to the stoic Saturn, Lord of Karma. This dominant aspect isn’t exact until evening. For the most part, judgment is sound today. Look to create order, increase efficiency and improve ties. Building trust can be a signature feature of today’s activities. Be careful not to have unrealistic expectations of others. Make sure boundary lines are clear.
Moon in Libra.

August 31: Some souls wake up feeling compelled to take action. The focus could be on resolving a dispute or clearing up a misunderstanding. Before much can be settled the Libra Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Urgency is lost, which may be a good thing. Calm down and recalculate your day’s ambitions while the morning drifts lazily by. It isn’t until early afternoon that the Moon enters Scorpio, restoring a more focused and deliberate state of being. A better idea could surface during the latter half of the day. Consider travel plans and other options for the upcoming holiday weekend. The stars are signaling a green light for social visits and horizon-broadening excursions.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:43AM-1:11PM Moon enters Scorpio.