December 2020 Daily Astrology

December 1: Following yesterday’s Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse many people experience a letdown in energy. With the now waning Moon void of course, normally subconscious undercurrents swirl. Watch what you say and how you say it. Physical and/or mental restlessness can lead to a slip of the tongue. Meanings are easily misunderstood so pay attention. This is one of those days when people telegraph what they plan to do. Adding to the challenge of maintaining a clear mind, Mercury arrives in outspoken, optimistic Sagittarius this afternoon. Think twice before making declarations or bragging. Conceptualize plans but wait, don’t put them into action just yet. Late tonight the Moon arrives in Cancer where she supports nesting instincts as well as family ties. Savor the safety and comforts of home as well as friends you trust.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-10:33PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

December 2: Today’s Cancer Moon brings curious challenges. Balancing deeply felt loyalties with high-minded ideas and principles stirred by the irrepressible Sagittarius Sun is no easy act. As much as folks preach about ‘taking the high road,’ emotional habits and prejudices are challenging to break. Fortunately, a timely midday lunar sextile to Uranus helps warm hearts and open minds. A spontaneous meeting or surprise get together can be pivotal. Progressive thinking has a very good chance of carrying the day. The contented nighttime hours are dominated by another lunar angle, this one a trine to Venus. Get cozy. Connect with loved ones or immerse yourself in a pleasurable activity.
Moon in Cancer.

December 3: As the Moon makes her way deeper into Cancer she forms a mixed bag of alignments. An uneasy early morning square with Mars is partly offset by a calming trine to Neptune. However, the chances of an accident or angry outburst are elevated, so check your speed and take care. Be patient and watch your temper. Altruism, compassion and kindness help reduce any potential friction with partners. It’s wise to move slowly and deliberately. The midday period is fairly calm but evening brings rising tensions as well as more emotionally charged and meaningful encounters. The Moon is opposing Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Much may ride on a conversation. Cooperation is critical. Those who lay down the law or issue threatening ultimatums present a grim side of themselves. Keep the focus broad. Stand on common sense. Seek common ground and with persistence of will and caring, some partnerships can make big strides.
Moon in Cancer.

December 4: We are in eclipse season. Plans rarely play out without some surprise complications, delays or outright reversals. Those folks who are flexible and quickly adapt to changing circumstances have the best chance of succeeding. The Cancer Moon is void of course before dawn and enters Leo during the early morning. A fiery lunar trine with mental Mercury holds sway over the working hours. The alignment provokes passionate debates and lively discussions. The day moves at a brisk pace.  By afternoon the Moon is also at odds with eccentric Uranus, so it may be wise to watch your speed, catch your balance and tone down politically sensitive statements. Some people are prone to anxiety. Others overreact to the slightest provocation. Evening plans are likely to change unexpectedly. Be kind, patient and understanding. Plan B can be unexpectedly enjoyable.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:29AM-7:53AM Moon enters Leo.

December 5: With harmonizing aspects to begin and end the day, get happy and be delighted. A spicy morning trine between the fiery Leo Moon and Sagittarius Sun elevates moods. A friendly vibe is dominant. Optimism is infectious. The afternoon is more complicated as the Moon fosters numerous indulgences and bold moves. Let partners and other pals know you care, with a dramatic flourish. By late afternoon the Moon is in an exact trine to Mars, completing a prized fire sign Grand Trine, an omen of abundant energy and great good fortune. For participants as well as spectators, competitions can be thrilling. The quiet evening takes on overtones of romance, mystery and spirituality. Loving Venus makes a trine to magical Neptune just minutes before midnight. Hearts open up and minds are more intuitive. Creative juices flow. Follow up on a hunch. Less ambitious souls can relax and enjoy a movie, music or Mother Nature. Romantics contentedly bask in the glow of true love.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:28PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Neptune.

December 6: The void of course Leo Moon is a fine signature for a laid back, easy-going Sunday morning. The pace of life naturally slows. Get creative in the kitchen or pursue a hobby. Spend time with kids or touch base with your own inner child. Play, as the spirit moves you. Put off big decisions and new commitments until later in the day, when the Moon arrives in Virgo. A more industrious mood is noticeable by mid-afternoon. Tidy up. Tackle seasonal chores. After nightfall thoughts may drift to the future. Watch out for a tendency to get ahead of yourself. Successful, high quality projects always proceed one step at a time. Networking with like-minded friends or doing online research may also be productive.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-2:46PM Moon enters Virgo.

December 7: While the overnight stars see imaginations run wild with potential breakthrough ideas, the daytime hours are more demanding. The Virgo Moon is at odds with mental Mercury as day breaks. It’s easy to get discombobulated so slow down and do your best to stay organized and on track as you prepare for work or school.  Business hours are fairly productive. It’s a good time to increase or polish assorted skill sets. As nightfall approaches the Moon is reaching the Last Quarter phase, testing the Sagittarius Sun. Schedules may need adjusting. Stay on top of messages and take precautions against costly losses, mistakes and misunderstandings. A short conversation may be clearer than even a well worded text message or email.
Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 7:37PM.

December 8: In these final days of 2020’s great Capricorn stellium, the industrious Virgo Moon favorably aligns with obsessive Pluto, optimistic Jupiter and sober Saturn. Given the celestial powers involved, great things are possible. There is a karmic imprint on today’s activities, a renewed sense of purpose, depth of commitment and intensity. Whether you have multiple obligations or a single, all-consuming project, give your best effort. A turnaround could be dramatic, as necessity is first and foremost on many minds. After a day of considerable exertion the evening brings mellower trends. A brief void of course Moon period holds sway over the dinnertime hours. As night deepens the Moon arrives in Libra. Take stock of what you’ve accomplished today, and give credit where it is earned.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:35PM-7:01PM Moon enters Libra.

December 9: Twice a year the Sun forms a square with Neptune. The testing angle breeds idealism, confusion and on some occasions, misplaced trust. As much as is reasonably possible, deal with known, reliable people. Avoid taking unnecessary risks. That includes respecting the cyclical forces of Mother Nature. The weather gods may act up under these auspices. Fortunately, the waning Libra Moon is harmonizing with mental Mercury, a good omen for clear thinking and easy communications. Travel may also go well but play it safe and factor in the possibility of weather-related delays. A late night lunar opposition with Mars is a reminder to slow down if you’re out and about.
Moon in Libra, Sun square Neptune.

December 10: Shortly before dawn Venus makes an exact sextile with Pluto. A helping act of kindness can have far-reaching consequences. Sharing and caring boosts trust between partners and also raises self-esteem levels. Lunar squares then propel the day forward. Testing angles with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn instill drive and purpose. The going may feel like a strenuous, uphill climb. Carry on as best you can. Include partners if possible. Delegate as needed. Some folks feel ready to give one last try. Persistence has its rewards. The evening hours are a good time to take a break. There’s a second wind blowing tonight, when the Moon enters tenacious Scorpio. For dedicated souls victory may come as the Sagittarius Sun nears a fiery trine with Mars around midnight.
Moon in Libra v/c 7:50PM-8:59PM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus sextile Pluto.

December 11: A powerful forward push launches the day. Just an hour after midnight the Sun makes an energizing trine with Mars. Night owls respond with enthusiasm. Thinkers and writers may venture into new, uncharted territory. The early morning daylight hours play out under the Scorpio Moon’s opposition with unpredictable Uranus. Uncontrollable factors may contribute to uncertainties. Drive defensively. Be prepared to take a detour or make an unscheduled stop. The rest of the day is mellower. Moods tend to be reflective as the Moon reaches the latter stages of its cycle. Some ponder the mysteries of life and actually enjoy good prospects of refreshing insights and understanding. Ask the tough questions, of yourself and others. Tonight’s answers may be surprisingly enlightening.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun trine Mars.

December 12: Energy and emotions sometimes bog down during Scorpio Moon time. Old feelings and personality patterns can be hard to shake. Today may well be the exception, a day when prejudices and familiar responses at last release their grip. A post-midnight lunar trine to Neptune opens pathways to higher planes of consciousness. Dreams may be revelatory. Then, as the Moon draws closer to Venus, a late morning lunar alignment with Pluto ramps up the healing potential. The Moon/Venus duo spends the rest of the day harmonizing with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. The possibilities are far flung. Inner growth work remains a fine option but more mundane activities can also be engrossing. Besides taking care of weekend chores, shopping, socializing and cozying up to loved ones all have satisfying potential. Spirits feel lighter late tonight as the Moon orbits her way into Sagittarius.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:58PM-9:39PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

December 13: Mercury’s early morning square to Neptune sees lazy souls catch extra sleep. Others are moved in mysterious ways. Some folks kindly offer weary loved ones TLC, serving breakfast in bed or showing they care in sweet, tender ways. Nature lovers enjoy the magic of dawn’s light. If you do go out be sure to take proper clothing. Mother Nature may deliver a surprise or two. This is the last day of the monthly lunar cycle so expect energy to be low. Finish works in process. Don’t start anything new. The low key atmosphere is perfect for getting caught up on paperwork, doing taxes, or just relaxing. Rest tonight, and get ready for a week featuring significant planetary changes.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury square Neptune.

December 14: Astrologically, this New Moon/Solar Eclipse day is super busy and eventful. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and lunar South Node join forces in philosophical Sagittarius. The grouping in turn forms a potent trine aspect with the Cosmos’ dynamic spark plug, Mars. The fiery configuration is a powerful omen, launching daring strategies. However, it’s wise to respect the eclipse energies. Situations often change in unforeseen ways around the time of an eclipse. A Solar Eclipse can symbolize a leader losing power or in this case, a critical legal issue might surface. Listen to qualified, knowledgable people. With Mars a prominent player, hurrying can be tempting but victory doesn’t necessarily go to the swift. Remember to pace yourself, especially during the second half of the day when the Moon is traveling void of course. Venus’ afternoon sextile with Jupiter bodes well for feeling good and enjoying life. The alignment empowers teamwork and unity of purpose, assuring eventual success.
New Moon in Sagittarius 11:17AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:17AM-10:35PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars.

December 15: In a display that  takes this astrologer’s breath away, Venus and Saturn form an exact early morning sextile. The two stars are each at the last degree of their respective signs, Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn, suggesting that reunions, karmic reconnections and resolutions are likely to occur. There’s more to an apparent “chance” event than meets the eye. A debt may be repaid or an unusually meaningful meeting could occur. This type of encounter can be recognized by an innate or instantaneous sense of “knowing.” Something of value might also be found. Adding to the serendipitous possibilities the Capricorn Moon forms a late morning trine to eccentric Uranus. Intuitive powers are high. Follow up on a hunch. A wild idea or resolving conclusion can feel profoundly liberating. As noon approaches Venus enters outgoing Sagittarius, increasing friendly, easy-going vibes during the second half of the day.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus sextile Saturn.

December 16: The overnight hours offer a wonderful space for dreaming. The waxing crescent Capricorn Moon is sextile Neptune. Imagination is spurred. Be open to receiving messages from the mysterious worlds of the subconscious. Mother Nature may inspire. The morning hours bring arduous going. A lunar square to Mars generates plenty of energy but lots of friction also comes with the alignment. Frustrations may arise due to either the effort required or rate of progress. With the Moon nearing the trio of Capricorn planets, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, Mars is overmatched. Haste makes waste. Find a lower gear. Slow down. Proceed methodically. Make sure your goals are clear and methods are appropriate. A steady, consistent tempo is recommended. Increased Covid-19 risks and numbers may also be obstacles. Follow common sense pandemic rules and stay safe.
Moon in Capricorn.

December 17: A few minutes after midnight Saturn leaves Capricorn and arrives in Aquarius. The next hour the Moon follows suit. Saturn’s sign change is a seismic event, focusing attention on the future we need to collectively create. A new dynamic is emerging. As the 20th century visionary Buckminster Fuller noted, “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” By daybreak the Moon is moving into a testing square with Uranus. The angle, exact during the afternoon, keeps nerves on edge. Some folks feel their grip on reality is tenuous. If promoting a cause is on your agenda, proceed with awareness. People are more or less open to the idea of change. Saturn is in the picture, now also moving into a square with Uranus, an aspect that will repeat three times next year. The Saturn/Uranus square might best be summed up as a “question authority” signature. Get ready. One way or another, changes are coming.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:34AM-1:27AM Moon enters Aquarius, Saturn enters Aquarius.

December 18: The waxing Aquarius Moon continues through the socially aware, egalitarian sign of Aquarius. This is the USA’s Moon sign, the location of the Moon on July 4, 1776. In a nation’s chart the Moon represents its people. I fully expect interest in the governance and direction of our country to increase as we move forward. A lunar sextile to red hot Mars in Aries is today’s sole exact aspect. The energizing pairing boosts productivity as well as passions. Friendships, group activities and organizations that serve the greater good are favored. Jupiter is now at the last degree of Capricorn. The great and formidable Capricorn stellium of 2020, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, is phasing out. Laws and institutions have been tested, some suffering incalculable damage. The road towards restoration of functionality and trust in various organizations lays ahead. On a more personal level, many folks are adapting to emerging realities. In time we will regain our bearings and sense of direction.
Moon in Aquarius.

December 19: Early birds may find it a struggle to overcome inertia. The void of course Aquarius Moon is the culprit. Optimistic Jupiter arrives in Aquarius during this same quiet early morning interval. By mid-morning a renewal occurs. Luna enters Pisces, not the most energetic of signs but improved physical and mental vitality are assets throughout the rest of the day. Here, in the community minded Sign of the Waterbearer, the planet of good fortune brings blessings to scientists as well as social reformers. Science is once again respected. Group and community-building activities are facilitated. Retiring types may find it difficult to maintain their personal space when the sociable Moon tests Venus this afternoon. Some wear their heart on their sleeve. Luckily, good communications auspices dominate the evening. Take advantage. Mend fences or encourage bruised and world-weary souls.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:45AM-7:39AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun conjunct Mercury, Jupiter enters Aquarius.

December 20: As the waxing Pisces Moon charts her course through various mood swings, mental Mercury is in transition. The daytime hours find the cosmos’ messenger planet traversing the last degree of Sagittarius. The Sun shares the same degree placement. Word could arrive from friends and relatives in distant places. A simmering political issue could be revisited and resolved. Emerging realities command greater respect this evening. Mercury enters pragmatic Capricorn and we are tasked with using logic and common sense. Reality, after all, is the jumping off point for all great changes and endeavors. The Moon also conjuncts imaginative Neptune this evening. Whether idealism or escapism holds sway is a matter of personal choice.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury enters Capricorn.

December 21: Happy Winter Solstice! The Sun arrives in Capricorn before dawn and the new season begins. Here in the Northern Hemisphere this is the shortest day of the year. During the daylight hours the Pisces Moon is void of course, creating an emotionally uncertain, introverted atmosphere where much is left to imagination. Today also features two notable astrological events. First is the early afternoon conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the first degree of Aquarius. The pairing may give some people reasons to pause. With Saturn holding sway, it’s wise to carefully consider the risks and advantages of commitments. Definitive answers may not be had until evening, when the Moon enters challenge-oriented Aries. Dinnertime discussions are spirited as the Moon reaches its First Quarter phase while darkness deepens. Politely agree to disagree, if the need arises.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:32PM Moon enters Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 6:41PM, Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice.

December 22: Hold on to your hat. The waxing Aries Moon revs up energy levels while increasing the tempo of life. The Moon’s late morning trine to Venus helps keep things on an even and agreeable course. Moods are upbeat and outgoing. Ambitions are great. As the day grows late an imminent square between Mars and Pluto gradually makes its presence felt. The angle fuels obstinate as well as aggressive tendencies. Some folks fall into a “winner takes all” approach. Others may issue threats. Uncompromising attitudes can be deal breakers or indicate the end of a partnership is near. When it comes to dealing with cherished pals and associates, be on good behavior. Remain respectful. Try to cooperate. If working together isn’t possible, give each other space to do act independently.
Moon in Aries.

December 23: The Aries Moon overtakes fiery Mars. The potent pairing strengthens independent spirits. Some souls eagerly rise to meet challenges. Others are absorbed in doing their own thing. Rushing headlong into a difficult situation can be seductive but with both the Moon and Mars are at odds with Pluto, it’s wise to proceed with care. A goal may be far more difficult to reach than expected. Resistance can come from many quarters. Partners may be jealous or feel threatened. Take pains to avoid a confrontation. Embrace associates whole-heartedly and stay calm. Emphasize the benefits of working as a team. Play to each other’s strengths. This past autumn saw Mars’ square with Pluto ignite tidal waves of Covid-19 infections. The collective memory and continued threat weigh on many minds. Be socially responsible and remember to remain kind.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:51PM-12:00AM, Mars square Pluto.

December 24: Before sunrise the Moon slips into one of her comfort zones, the earthy, feel good sign of Taurus. However, early morning lunar squares to Saturn and Jupiter can cause a slowdown. Feelings of loneliness, loss or regret could also be kindled. Limiting circumstances generate sadness. Loved ones may well be out of reach under current pandemic rules. Midday brings brighter, more encouraging trends. After noon is the perfect time to pick up the phone. Reach out to friends and family while the Moon and Uranus complement the Sun and Mercury. Technological wizardry offers enjoyable, satisfying connections. Story tellers spin tales. Delighted audiences laugh and cheer. A better future seems promising. Surprise appearances and illuminating moments are also in store as Mercury forms a late night trine to Uranus.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-Moon enters Taurus 5:55AM.

December 25: Happy Holiday! The heavens rain magic on today’s events. To begin, mental Mercury’s post-midnight trine to Uranus creates a friendly mood. Expectations are sizable as many people intuitively sense or imagine future events. The as yet unrealized promise of tomorrow is its own excitement. Holiday activities play out under the Taurus Moon’s relaxing sextile with mystical Neptune. Comfort zones increase. Dreams are manifesting. Some souls feel spiritually attuned. Gratitude, compassionate feelings and deep understanding bring a sense of unity. Hearts sing. Dinnertime gatherings, games, films and Mother Nature’s handiwork can be mesmerizing. Something sacred is afoot. Shared moments of tenderness are tomorrow’s treasured memories.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury trine Uranus.

December 26: Void of course before the Sun rises, the Taurus Moon remains disengaged until evening, almost exactly half the day. As with any void of course Moon period, a lazier than usual mood can be expected. Todays stars are wonderful for easy-going flights of fancy, aimless wanderings and adventures that tap into ordinarily subconscious awareness. Relax. Follow your whims. Get creative. It’s also a satisfactory day for returning or exchanging holiday presents but put off major investments and commitments for now. The waxing Moon’s evening entrance into Gemini snaps minds to sharp attention. Motivation returns. Lunar alignments with Saturn and Jupiter bring clarity and facilitate decisions. Social networking is also made easier. Tonight is an appropriate time to make plans and discuss hopes for the future.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:32AM-6:33PM Moon enters Gemini.

December 27: Some people are giddy with excitement due to the waxing, nearly full Gemini Moon. Others feel thrilled anticipating a better, brighter future. Fresh ideas come galloping in and may depart as suddenly as they arrived. Jot the good ones down. The thought of the time when we can again safely travel, mingle, embrace loved ones or shake hands with a new acquaintance is a beacon. Idealism is fired up by the Capricorn Sun’s trine to inventive Uranus. Community spirit is alive and well. Whether your vision is broad or limited in scope, this evening is a fine time to discuss hopes with like-minded spirits. Progressive, humanitarian causes are well-served. Naturally intuitive types are likely to have peak experiences. Mere mortals can safely trust their hunches and gut feelings. Hope stubbornly persists.
Moon in Gemini, Sun trine Uranus.

December 28: The day gets off to a slow start as the Gemini Moon squares Neptune. Commitment, focus and energy may all vacillate during the early morning. Be on the lookout for simple oversights, misplaced items and missed messages. Like morning fog the nebulous atmosphere soon gives way to the irresistible, illuminating light of the almost full Moon. Reminiscences of fun times with loved ones may permeate midday activities. Multiple life chapters, from this incarnation and others, may be accessible. All the same, looking backwards won’t get you where you need to go. Be pro-active during the afternoon hours. By nightfall life feels supercharged, fueled by a lunar sextile to fiery Mars. The high octane alignment, plus the closeness of tomorrow night’s Full Moon keeps many souls animated and up late. A moon bath can be wonderful for letting go of the day’s cares.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:01PM-12:00AM.

December 29: After a void of course period overnight, the waxing Moon pops into Cancer as dawn’s first light streaks the eastern sky. Full Moon fever is with us! Exactly full late tonight, the opposing Capricorn Sun and Moon are both in harmony with astrology’s “Great Awakener,” Uranus. The eccentric planet rules rebels, social progressives, geniuses and oddballs, as well as other gifted visionaries. Any and all of these unique qualities are brought forth and spotlighted today. Adventurous spirits are empowered. Tune in. Listen to your inner guidance. Be spontaneous. Think daring thoughts. Reimagine a situation. Even though Cancer and Capricorn are signs known to champion tradition, the old ways of thinking and doing things now need to evolve. Because Venus is testing Neptune, a leap of faith is likely to be required. Be patient with yourself and gentle with partners.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-5:28AM Moon enters Cancer, Full Moon in Cancer 10:28PM.

December 30: Shortly before dawn Venus makes a square with Neptune. These are the two love stars. Venus governs deep personal affection while Neptune rules unconditional love and divine compassion. Lessons of the heart, overcoming disappointment and loss, and in the end, transcendant faith are evoked. Don’t judge yourself harshly. Morning communications can be challenging. The Cancer Moon is opposite mental Mercury. Assumptions are based on the past and not necessarily relevant to the present situation. The afternoon brings improving trends under a soothing lunar trine to Neptune. Make a peace offering or extend a helping hand. A return to relationship harmony is possible but more strains could surface again late tonight. Play fair and be nice.
Moon in Cancer, Venus square Neptune.

December 31: A complicated and challenging astrological scenario ends this memorably unsettling year. The Moon is on a dizzying course, testing Pluto and Mars during the morning and at odds with Saturn and Jupiter later in the day. Along the way the Moon changes signs so expect big swings of mood and tempo. During the early morning feelings are super sensitive. An impulsive act may be interpreted as aggressive so clue partners in to your intentions before making a move. Be respectful of others’ needs. Slow down if you’re on the road. A mellow midday interlude follows as the Cancer Moon goes void of course. By mid-afternoon the Moon is ensconced in Leo, often the signal that a party-like atmosphere is about to heat up. However, a late afternoon lunar opposition to Saturn can put a damper on celebrations. As midnight nears mixed trends urge social responsibility. Hopes for a better world increase despite uncertainties. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!
Moon in Cancer 8:45AM-1:58PM Moon enters Leo.