December 2021

December 1: The waning Libra Moon is void of course during the overnight period. Edgy souls may wrestle with unsettled relationship issues. In nearly perfect synchronicity, the Moon enters Scorpio with the dawning new day. Emotions intensify. Neptune also resumes forward motion this morning. Now in ultra-sensitive Pisces, the planet of mystics, dreams and mysteries has been retrograde since last June. It’s a good bet that more than one puzzle will be solved this week as we are also nearing a New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Keep your heart, eyes and ears open. Be ready to rethink goals and plans. A leap of faith is likely. The evening hours can be tense as the Moon tests Saturn and Uranus. This is not the night to force an issue. Kindness is a better option than coercion.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-6:55AM Moon enters Scorpio, Neptune Direct.

December 2: The waning Scorpio Moon fosters a spirited response to today’s joys and challenges. A lunar conjunction with Mars provides plenty of gusto. Supportive afternoon alignments to Neptune, Venus and Pluto bestow opportunities for cooperation and inspired teamwork. Use your imagination. Show patience and encourage slower moving pals, don’t criticize them. Because Mars is always a two-edged sword, make sure enthusiasm is shared by both partners and co-workers. Use tact, especially this evening when differences of opinion are likely to be sharp. Where appropriate, agree to disagree.
Moon in Scorpio.

December 3: A deep and restful sleep is made possible by the void of course Scorpio Moon. Shortly after sunrise the waning Moon arrives in Sagittarius. The Cosmic reset button is pressed, although we are at the end of the lunar cycle. Use this day to finish projects rather than begin them. If completion isn’t possible, do what you can to move closer to a goal. A lunar sextile to Saturn helps keep the focus on persevering, moving steadily forward and staying true to one’s core principles. The harmonious aspect also supports good timing. The Moon will be new early tomorrow morning. Because the New Moon is also a partial eclipse, formulating alternative plans is recommended. Things begun the week of an eclipse seldom go as planned. Proceed accordingly.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:22AM-7:13AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

December 4: During the wee hours of the morning the Sagittarius New Moon is eclipsed. Given that Sagittarius is the sign of principles, truths, religion and politics, expect revelatory information to surface. The facts may be embarrassing, prove innocence or guilt, and lead to major shifts in public opinion. With the celestial green light to start new endeavors compromised by possible confusion, it’s best to move cautiously. In some cases waiting for more information is advisable. The wait may be short. By dawn the Moon is nearing a conjunction with mental Mercury. The morning news could be eye-opening or jaw-dropping. An afternoon lunar square to Neptune raises the prospect of new uncertainties. Another more positive possibility is inspirational ideas. Tonight is a good time to mull over your options with a thoughtful friend.
Moon in Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius/Solar Eclipse 2:43AM.

December 5: Early birds may feel lethargic as the now waxing Sagittarius Moon orbits void of course. By sunrise the Moon has settled into ambitious Capricorn, setting the stage for a quietly productive day. Take care of seasonal chores and other household or familial responsibilities. Intuitive abilities increase throughout the day. Pay close attention to hunches and premonitions. Purely instinctive knowledge can be indispensable as both the philosophical Sagittarius Sun and logical Mercury are at odds with confusing Neptune. In the aftermath of yesterday’s lunar eclipse, new facts may soon be exposed. Keep your ears and mind open. An impromptu evening gathering can be both enjoyable and enlightening.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:08AM-6:31AM Moon enters Capricorn.

December 6: Bolstered by a powerful early morning sextile between Mars and Pluto, we venture gamely forward into the new work week. The serious Capricorn Moon increases the desire to do important things and make a lasting, meaningful impact on the world. The combination is the embodiment of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation that “ The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful. to be honorable, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” This afternoon’s lunar harmony with Neptune conjures up the will to be helpful. Later, the Moon draws close to Venus and Pluto. During the evening true partnering can be transformational. The fabulously fruitful energies persist until nearly midnight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:42PM-12:00AM, Mars sextile Pluto.

December 7: When I was a kid, we all knew December 7th as “a day that will live in infamy,” to quote President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This is the anniversary of Japan’s attack on U.S. naval forces based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, prompting our entry into World War II. Fittingly, today is highlighted by two major planetary alignments, Mercury’s late-morning square with Neptune, and the late night square of Mars to Jupiter. The former configuration spotlights the danger of rumors and inaccurate information. The latter represents the dangers of violence over differences of opinion or religion. It is just this kind of close-mindedness and bigotry that so often is a root cause of war. Fortunately, the waxing Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of community and friendship. The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn speaks to the higher notion that we are all in this life together. Don’t be quick to judge others harshly, and observe the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-6:49AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury square Neptune.

December 8: The overnight hours are restless as celestial crosscurrents rule. Mars tangles with Jupiter while the Moon is at odds with Uranus. Calmer trends are in play by daybreak. The waxing Aquarius Moon harmonizes with the Sagittarius Sun, casting the morning hours in “live and let live” light. These are the two most freedom-loving signs of the Zodiac and linked together via the Sun and Moon, moods are tolerant as well as assured. Most folks contentedly rest in their own version of truth. Differences are more easily accepted or overlooked. Communications are accentuated tonight. A lunar sextile to outspoken Mercury in Sagittarius can trigger frank and passionate discussions. Express your opinions but don’t be surprised if others are equally firm in their views.
Moon in Aquarius, Mars square Jupiter.

December 9: Early risers can experience bouts of frustration as the Aquarius Moon is at odds with sultry Mars. A partner’s entrenched ways may be one trigger, while a desire to feel free and uninhibited only adds to the exasperation. A void of course Moon period takes hold, slowing the pace and easing agitated minds. By mid-morning the Moon is in Pisces, the “trick or treat” sign of mood swings, imagination and psychic sensitivities. Much of the day may feel like an emotional roller coaster ride. Given free rein exhilarating highs can be followed by plunges into feelings of isolation and longing. A positive state of mind is the best tool for navigating stormy waters. Look for hidden blessings, unspoken truths and other inspiring scenarios. The mellower evening hours are fine for relaxing.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:00AM-9:53AM Moon enters Pisces.

December 10: Eager beavers, pre-dawn progressives, futuristic visionaries and run of the mill early birds are inspired and encouraged by the Pisces Moon’s sextile to Uranus. A better world seems possible! Confidence may waver during the course of the work day. Feelings tend to wander all over the map when the Moon visits Pisces plus the Moon is edging closer to her evening First Quarter phase and a nighttime conjunction with Neptune. All Quarter Moons tend to stir up inner unrest. In this case unresolved emotional issues can manifest as indifference or a condescending attitude. Don’t take such behavior personally. The lack of empathy reflects a deeper absence of personal self-awareness. The Moon/Neptune pairing inspires some souls to spread their creative wings and fly. Others feel their energy dissipate. In any case, make yourself comfortable tonight.
Moon in Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Pisces 8:36PM.

December 11: The planetary action is picking up. A waxing Pisces Moon promotes an active pace for much of the day. Lunar angles to Venus and Pluto launch the morning with charm and grace. Social meetups are favored. Sensual pleasures are enjoyed. The morning is also a good time to make shrewd business moves and investments. Put thought and care in planning and compiling holiday gift lists. Venus’ late morning conjunction with Pluto bodes well for financial success as well as emotional satisfaction. Romantic hearts enjoy the vibe and when Mercury makes a mid-afternoon sextile to Jupiter, things begin looking up! Minutes later a lunar trine to Mars caps off a remarkably upbeat sequence of aspects. The Moon then goes void of course, an opening for a short rest. By sunset the Moon is in impulsive Aries but urges are tempered by the Sun’s imminent square with Neptune. Relax, and watch what you eat tonight. If you must be out, keep an eye on the weather.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:40PM-4:46PM Moon enters Aries, Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

December 12: The Sagittarius Sun forms a square with Neptune during the wee hours of the morning. Sleepless insomniacs will surely find programming to enjoy but outsiders and lost souls could wrestle with the question of where they truly fit in. Unfortunately, Neptune often leaves a trail of open questions. Answers can be spotty and inconclusive. As Fate has it, the Aries Moon and Saturn help everyone turn a page. The two stars form a midday sextile, encouraging responsible behavior and logical thinking. There’s an honored place for common sense. Because Mercury and Mars both stand poised to exit their respective signs, there may be several unexpected reunions and deja vu experiences later in the day.
Moon in Aries, Sun square Neptune.

December 13: Mars’ predawn entry into Sagittarius puts the Red Planet in close contact with the Moon’s South Node, a symbolic point of karma and history. The combination could stir up interesting discussions about religion, politics and other philosophical issues. Don’t ignore the past. Learn from what has gone before us. A late morning lunar trine to the Sun promotes self-confidence and conviction. Speak from the heart and believe in truth. Mental Mercury arrives in earthy Capricorn during the noon hour. Practical matters call out for attention but early evening tension between the Moon, Venus and Pluto make it difficult to reason with and win over partners. Keep talking. Work through any gnarly issues as the Moon nears a nighttime sextile with optimistic Jupiter. In the end the spirit of friendship triumphs and off to sleep we go in good spirits.
Moon in Aries v/c 9:52PM-12:00AM, Mars enters Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn.

December 14: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon finds her way into Taurus, the sign of her exaltation, a fancy way of saying Luna is quite at home in this area of the sky. Security needs are met and material plane creature comforts are sought out and enjoyed. Before dawn a lunar trine to mental Mercury helps early risers plan and get organized for the coming day. Later in the day progress may come in spurts as the Moon tests Saturn and nears a conjunction with Uranus. Be alert. Pay attention to time. Expect to face delays, make detours and improvise. After nightfall more revisions in plans are likely. There are times when forces greater than ourselves are in play and all we can do is adapt. This is one of those days.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-3:11AM Moon enters Taurus.

December 15: Insomnia could be one response to a post-midnight conjunction of the Taurus Moon and unpredictable Uranus. An epiphany is another possibility. Mellower trends dominate the rest of the day. In fact, the waxing Moon forms only one other aspect, a dreamy evening time sextile to Neptune. After noon the alignment sparks imaginations, triggers sentimental feelings and gives some activities missionary zeal. Whether you’re conducting business, baking a cake, painting a picture or taking photographs, get inspired. Creative Muses are close at hand. Many spiritually attuned souls are cloaked in otherworldly awareness, feeling the unity within all creation. This understanding leads to tender moments, kind words, charitable acts and the making of beautiful art.
Moon in Taurus.

December 16: The morning hours are chock full of loving feelings, high hopes and bright anticipation. The waxing Taurus Moon is nicely aligned with Venus. Their trine enhances moods and adds sweetness to ordinary activities. The cheerful atmosphere only grows more buoyant with a lunar square to Jupiter. Be warned, some expectations are undoubtedly unrealistic. Keep your feet on the ground and mind your budget. Be careful not to overcommit yourself. A quiet midday void of course Moon period lasts from late morning until mid-afternoon. By evening the Moon is in Gemini, where she gives mixed messages. A brush with her own North Node urges moving ahead with plans but an opposition to Mars suggests care must be taken. There may be unfinished business that needs attention. A fear or karmic obligation could slow progress. Be patient tonight, and remain calm and kind.
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:08AM-3:43PM Moon enters Gemini.

December 17: The run up to tomorrow’s Full Moon is impacted by several factors. One is the Gemini Moon’s midday trine with Saturn. The alignment supports well-reasoned thinking and behavior as well as impeccable timing. Many folks are wise beyond their years. People work efficiently together. Another component of interest is Venus’ station and proximity to Pluto. The Goddess of Love turns retrograde over the coming weekend. Today’s emotional intensity may reflect a personal or collective surrender to the ancient truism, Love conquers all. Both spontaneous and carefully planned meetings and reunions are meaningful, evoking deep feelings of connection. Some lucky folks are givers or recipients of the perfect gift. Open your heart and be transformed by the power of Love.
Moon in Gemini.

December 18: The day begins with the Gemini Moon in a testing square with Neptune. The mid-morning aspect inclines some folks to be lazy and enjoy life on their own terms. Because the Moon is nearly full and emotions are running hot, thoughts and tongues have a tendency to race. For travelers it’s best to double-check schedules, flight times and other plans. Be sure to touch base with companions before making important decisions. The day zips along but watch your speed. At sundown be sure to look to the eastern horizon for a glimpse of the rising Full “Cold” Moon. Exact fullness occurs shortly before midnight. Thanks to Jupiter, moods are highly optimistic and faith is strong. Truth liberates and empowers. It’s a fabulous night for a moon dance.
Moon in Gemini, Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini 11:36PM.

December 19: In the quiet hours before sunrise the now waning Moon slips into her own sign of Cancer and Venus turns retrograde in late Capricorn. Traditions and old school values are highlighted. Dreams may include visions of lost friends and relatives. Memories continue to percolate during the morning hours. After noon thoughts turn to the future as the Sagittarius Sun nears a sextile aspect with Jupiter. The configuration is a good omen for being on the move. Shoppers and travelers as well as holiday party-goers are in the mood for fun and excitement. High spirits prevail into the evening. Communication issues are likely to surface later tonight. A pending lunar opposition with Mercury gives some souls the gift of eloquence while others may struggle to be heard or find the right words. Be an attentive listener. Your presence alone could be the best answer.
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:02AM-4:42AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun sextile Jupiter, Venus Retrograde.

December 20: This last full day of Autumn is a curious convergence of nostalgia and visionary awareness. The Cancer Moon, ever sentimental and loyal, is in harmony with Neptune, the planet of unconditional loving and spiritual awareness. The inspirational potential is vast. Whether you are purely materialistic, a true born “love and lighter” or somewhere in between, this is a day moved along by higher aspirations. Mental Mercury’s trine to Uranus calls attention to every person’s visionary potential. Psychic abilities are on display. Inventing and improvising are favored. Planning meetings produce fantastic results. The evening hours unfold under a magical lunar trine to Neptune. Immersion in a hobby, film, a creative project or just relaxing in a comfy chair is sure to delight.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury trine Uranus.

December 21: Early risers may be drawn to the call of lasting love or money, or a combination of the two. The Cancer Moon stands opposite Venus and Pluto. The aspect represents a second chance for some partnerships. For others, the time has come to take a “make or break” stand for their principles. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course. Pressures ease and then, as we settle into a more relaxed state one of the year’s major turning points is reached. The Winter Solstice is upon us as the Sun enters Capricorn and our coldest season begins. In the coming days the hours of daylight will slowly begin to increase. Late this afternoon the Moon enters Leo, opening hearts and adding dramatic flair to Solstice rituals.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:44AM-4:54PM Moon enters Leo, Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice.

December 22: Stressful energies are in play during this first full day of Winter. The waning Leo Moon, Saturn and Uranus form a tense fixed sign T-square during the afternoon. The lunar opposition with Saturn is a reminder to remain true to your word and respect authorities. The same aspect may also bring attention to imperfections and shortcomings. Be wary of critical voices, both out in the world and from the depths of your subconscious self. The Moon’s square to Uranus activates the recurring instability themes of 2021. Little can be trusted, things feel chaotic and change is the only true constant. Faced with forces larger than our individual selves, it is wise to be flexible, humble and cheerfully adjust plans and thinking as evolving circumstances dictate.
Moon in Leo.

December 23: The waning Leo Moon supports self-expression and creative processes. Follow the spark of your heart’s desire. Do what excites, energizes and mesmerizes you. A lunar opposition to Jupiter helps light the way during the second half of the day. Enthusiasm is widespread. Take time to savor each moment. The year’s final Saturn/Uranus square is also imminent. The “question authority” mindset that has manifested in countless souls throughout 2021 is reaching a new pinnacle. Disruptive energies could require adjusting schedules and travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Stay on your toes and take yourself lightly. Going up against Fate is a fool’s errand. With Venus retrograding into a conjunction with Pluto, our world needs unconditional love more than ever now.
Moon in Leo.

December 24: Trends are decidedly mixed. During the early morning hours staid Saturn forms an exact square to eccentric Uranus. Insomniacs could face a post-midnight crisis. Nothing seems real, solid or trustworthy. By daybreak the Moon is in Virgo and well-aligned with the Capricorn Sun. The celestial duo’s trine aspect promotes inner ease and effortless productivity. Things take another turn by late afternoon when the Moon is at odds with Mars. Be careful if you’re traveling. Speak softly and choose your words carefully. Know your priorities. An upbeat, more easy-going mood takes hold during the evening. Relax and enjoy the company of friends. Be spontaneous if you have the chance.
Moon in Leo v/c 1:39AM-3:24AM Moon enters Virgo, Saturn square Uranus.

December 25: In a rare display, retrograde Venus has been hovering close to Pluto most of the month. This morning the two planets are conjunct for the second time in two weeks. The pairing inclines many people to be extra thoughtful about close friends and mates. Genuine consideration and good intentions are much appreciated. Intimate conversation can be healing. Make relationships as real and deep as can be but avoid jealousy, envy, or controlling behavior. Thankfully, the waning Virgo Moon helps sustain a generous holiday spirit. Lunar alignments with Mercury and Neptune keep the afternoon hours chatty and at times magical, as well as consistently entertaining. Enjoy fabulous companions and much-loved amusements later in the day. The congenial atmosphere persists well past midnight. Merry Christmas!
Moon in Virgo, Venus conjunct Pluto.

December 26: The sluggish early hours are due to a void of course Virgo Moon. Many folks find the laid back atmosphere agreeable. The morning is a great time to catch up on rest or tend to routine chores. Will power, energy and focus increase by noon, when the Moon’s presence in Libra is firmly established. Socially minded individuals are in the mood to mingle and with mental Mercury in sextile to Neptune, celebratory feelings continue. A visit to a museum, art gallery or treasured spot in nature can be rejuvenating. A movie matinee is another good option. Tensions increase after dark as the Moon reaches her Last Quarter phase. Seeing eye to eye with partners may not come easily, but it is a possibility, especially where the will to cooperate is strong.
Moon in Virgo v/c 3:39AM-11:24AM Moon enters Libra, Last Quarter Moon in Libra 9:24PM, Mercury sextile Neptune.

December 27: Early morning interests include good manners, a tidy environment and artfully composed outfits. The Moon is in Libra, a sign noted for creating harmony and beauty in life. The drive for perfection is stimulated by a lunar trine to Saturn. Trust your sense of design and proportion. The same applies to right and wrong. Use common sense and experience when evaluating options. Jupiter is now at the last degree of Aquarius. A year long visit to the Sign of the Waterbearer is coming to an end. Some souls contemplate their social status and the comings and goings of the past year. A seemingly “chance” reunion with long ago friends and acquaintances could occur. Such a meeting could be an informative blessing in disguise.
Moon in Libra.

December 28: Communications issues could add to morning pressures. The Libra Moons at odds with a Capricorn stellium of Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Goal-oriented pragmatists may seem out of touch, obsessed or difficult to reach. By late morning the lines clear. The Moon is nearing a trine to loquacious Jupiter. Words flow freely, ideas come in torrents. Planning is encouraged and partners happily participate. Because Jupiter is prepping to leave Aquarius later tonight, a project that has been stuck on hold could soon be viable. An hour before midnight Jupiter enters Pisces, opening hearts and stirring memories. Make it your intention to remember tonight’s dreams. You could receive an important message.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:11PM-4:16PM Moon enters Scorpio, Jupiter enters Pisces.

December 29: The predawn hours are extraordinarily upbeat. Good news could include word from a cherished pal or a financial windfall. By late morning the day is on a different course. The waning Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn. Plans change. Some people feel uneasy and irritable. Put your thinking cap on and figure out how to best work with unreasonable folks and unexpected situations. With Mars nearing a sextile to Saturn and mental Mercury overtaking Pluto, be relentless in pursuing equitable solutions. Sharing, caring and resolutely emphasizing the benefit of teaming up is the way to go.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars sextile Saturn.

December 30: Take care of business and other important matters this morning. Mercury is conjunct Pluto, giving minds laser-like focus and intensity. Insight is penetrating. Given that it’s the end of the year as well as late in the lunar cycle, tying up loose ends is appropriate and recommended. The Scorpio Moon facilitates good progress the first half of the day but goes void of course minutes after noon. The second half of the day brings more of a meandering mood and plodding pace. For those who have weighty matters on their plate, double down and do your best to stay on track. Hearts and minds do tend to wander, especially as evening nears. By then the Moon is in Sagittarius where she tests expansive Jupiter. Given room to roam, restless spirits soar. Spend time tonight with eclectic, open-minded, stimulating story-tellers.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:10PM-6:08PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

December 31: Passions are high on this final day of the year. The Sagittarius Moon is conjunct fiery Mars. Opinions are fiercely held and some disagreements are inevitable. Fortunately, the Moon/Mars tandem is in harmony with Saturn. Calmer, wiser voices are most likely to prevail. Still, listen to those whose opinions differ. As we see daily on the news, ignoring fringe voices carries risks. Remain true to your core values and principles. As midnight nears the Moon approaches a square to confusing Neptune. Pay attention. Celebrate but stay safe! Overindulging can increase the risk of an accident, loss or illness. While I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, tonight’s stars indicate it’s not too soon to contemplate your 2022 agenda. Happy New Year!
Moon in Sagittarius.