December 2022 Daily Astrology

December 1: Rabbit! Rabbit! The new month begins with a post midnight opposition between Venus and Mars. For night owls and insomniacs the alignment stirs passions. Because Mars is retrograde, unmet needs and unrequited love may be recurring themes, especially during the first half of the day. The waxing Pisces Moon can add to feelings of missing out. Mercury’s evening square to Neptune presents communications challenges. On the other hand there is always the chance of a dream come true. The odds of such a gratifying event increase later tonight. Keep your messages simple and stay on point. Tonight’s more hopeful stars bring happiness and contentment.

Moon in Pisces v/c 9:44PM-11:41PM Moon enters Aries, Venus opposite Mars, Mercury square Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn.

December 2: The waxing Aries Moon intensifies ambitions and steps up the pace. With the fiery Moon and the Sagittarius Sun pairing nicely, intentions are clear. Plans seem good. However, it is wise to use some caution. In the rush to get things done, messages and situations can easily be misread. Wishful thinking can be counter productive. If there is any doubt at all, check in with partners to clarify the details of schedules and goals. The evening atmospherics are particularly harmonious. It’s a great time to swap stories and share laughs with good buddies. Dreams may convey significant messages tonight.

Moon in Aries.

December 3: The Aries Moon nourishes enterprising spirits this morning. A lunar sextile to Mars provides ample energy for strenuous workouts and other ambitions. Folks who have weekend chores to take care of are willing and able. A noontime aspect between the Moon and Saturn brings out the perfectionist in many people. The second half of the day is a different story. Once responsibilities are dispensed with, it is time to play. Lunar trines to Venus and Mercury create a party-like atmosphere.  Afternoon shopping excursions are fun. Day trippers are happily on the move. Sports enthusiasts cheer on their teams. The gregarious vibes last into the night but as midnight nears, use good judgment. Overly sensitive souls are easily offended.

Moon in Aries, Neptune Direct.

December 4: Strange dreams may be prompted by Venus’ wee hours of the morning square to Neptune. Shortly before sunrise the waxing Moon touches down in comfy Taurus. It’s quite natural to enjoy an assortment of pleasures, but especially those that appeal to the the physical senses, tasty foods, soft to the touch clothes, beautiful music, warm hugs, kisses and caresses. Social leanings grow stronger as the day progresses. However, many communication channels remain challenging. Imaginations are vivid but listening skills are questionable. Do what you can to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Moon in Aries v/c 12:46AM-6:38AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus square Neptune.

December 5: For the past year and a half we have been faced with a persistent square between Saturn and Uranus. The destabilizing aspect is finally easing but today brings another ripple of potential chaos. Don’t get locked into any one plan. Things can change in an instant. There may actually be exhilarating moments this morning. The Moon is nearing a noon hour conjunction with Uranus. Tuned in people enjoy improvising and inventing. Follow your intuition and you just may stumble into a brilliant idea or a serendipitous meeting. As the afternoon unfolds a lunar square to Saturn intensifies. Progress can slow to a crawl. Second thoughts and other considerations could necessitate a different approach. If you decide to take a new route be sure to let partners know.

Moon in Taurus.

December 6: In the run-up to tomorrow’s Full Moon the stars get busy. Night owls find their minds racing during the wee hours. Mercury and Jupiter are in a heartwarming but restless square. Balance and proportion may be lost so don’t get carried away by extremes. Daylight sees a noticeable shift towards pragmatic realism. Optimism and unshakeable faith dominate the midday period. Late afternoon sees another mood swing. The waxing, nearly full Moon enters Gemini. Chatterboxes swing into high gear. As evening comes mental Mercury arrives in Capricorn, putting a focus on serious matters of importance. Take time to think things through before making any new commitments.

Moon in Taurus v/c 2:02PM-3:49PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury enters Capricorn.

December 7: Tonight’s Full Cold Moon in Gemini is conjunct retrograding Mars. The alignment makes for instant excitability throughout the day, with impatience mixed in. However, this is not a good time to rush headlong into new challenges. Because confusing Neptune influences both the Moon and Sun, the first thought that comes to mind isn’t necessarily the best. Words spoken in haste can add to problems. Fortunately, sober Saturn supports being meticulous in word and deed. Carefully define your goals and strategy, then map out detailed plans. Pace yourself. Sometimes, not getting what we want turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Full Moon Fever and the overheated atmosphere peak late tonight.

Full Cold Moon in Gemini 11:08PM.

December 8: The morning brings relief from yesterday’s hectic developments. The Gemini Moon’s calming trine to Saturn puts life in better perspective. Goals and values are clear so set your intentions first thing today. Confusion and distractions are likely to multiply as midday nears. A lunar square to nebulous Neptune is the culprit. Facts may be impossible to verify. Hunches can seem vague. Giving, saying or doing too much becomes increasingly tempting during the second half of the day. Don’t overthink. Slow your mental gear wheels with conscious breathing and an anchoring, positive attitude. Friendly evening chats and gatherings can be light-hearted fun.

Moon in Gemini, Sun opposite Mars.

December 9: Change is in the air today. During the wee hours of the morning the Moon enters Cancer. Lunar oppositions to Venus and Mercury help create stimulating encounters with friends and co-workers. The morning can feel especially busy as Venus is also at odds with Jupiter. Both planets occupy sensitive degrees of their respective signs, Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces. Be alert. Keep your wits about you. A page is being turned. Overdoing can be a soulful attempt at making amends for a past mistake. Trusting souls may set themselves up for further disappointment. True atonement elevates and inspires everyone involved. Late tonight Venus arrives in Capricorn, where she naturally inclines hearts to be more cautious.

Moon in Gemini v/c 1:13AM-2:49AM Moon enters Cancer, Venus square Jupiter, Venus enters Capricorn.

December 10: Spontaneous outings, shopping expeditions and impromptu get togethers are set in motion by a late morning sextile from the Cancer Moon to inventive Uranus. Some folks may channel the creative potential of the enlivening aspect into their holiday decorating or a home makeover. Others happily take in new places and vistas. Shared moments of happy camaraderie form a solid foundation for the future. Loyalties, traditions and nesting instincts remain strong throughout the day. Spiritual undercurrents may be noted late tonight.

Moon in Cancer.

December 11: Post midnight flights of fancy are exceptionally vivid. Let your imagination wander freely. Dreams may be prophetic. As dawn breaks the waning Cancer Moon opposes perceptive Pluto. A thirst for meaningful experiences prompts many people to take a second look at what they’re doing. At its best Pluto can be transformative. The key lies in empowering and enlightening others rather than dominating them. Moods grow buoyant as midday nears. A lunar trine to Jupiter evokes big smiles as well as large appetites. Indulge in the holiday spirit. There’s joy to be had. A brief void of course Moon ushers in a quieter mood. The waning Moon’s late-afternoon entry into Leo revitalizes hearts and spirits. Organize and prepare for the coming week this evening.

Moon in Cancer v/c 1:49PM-3:09PM Moon enters Leo.

December 12: Gear up for a busy, productive Monday. The Sagittarius Sun’s midday sextile to Saturn encourages taking care of business. Determination remains strong throughout the day. It’s an excellent time to tackle workplace responsibilities, seasonal chores and holiday preparations. Purely artistic and creative projects also progress nicely. Most everything moves at a steady pace. The Leo Moon’s evening sextile to Mars provides plenty of energy and enthusiasm. After dark, slow down, tune out distractions and pay close attention while the Moon tests unpredictable Uranus. Some folks become impatient and irritable. Stay calm as the risk of a fender bender or slip and fall accident also increases.

Moon in Leo, Sun sextile Saturn.

December 13: Those who are ready to get down to business find the early morning hours fruitful. Less assured types may hesitate in fear of making false moves. Fear not. The Leo Moon’s harmony with the Sagittarius Sun encourages seizing the day. Meetings and frank discussions can be worthwhile but watch out for those who exaggerate or overplay their hand. By noon the Moon is in void of course mode. Energy levels sag, decisiveness is lost. A pending square between the Sun and Neptune adds to doubts and uncertainties. It’s best to relax and flow with the uneven tides. Avoid making new commitments, decisions and purchases during the second half of the day.

Moon in Leo v/c 10:52AM-12:00AM.

December 14: Well before dawn the waning Moon arrives in industrious Virgo. Hard work and painstaking attention to details are hallmarks of the discriminating Sign of the Virgin but the Moon has competition today. A potentially confusing noon hour solar square to Neptune inclines some folks to be lazy. Procrastination may be due to a lack of self-assurance, initiative or energy. Fortunately the Moon also forms an uplifting trine to Venus during the mid-afternoon. Loving vibes increase. Talents shine. Moving forward feels more appealing, especially those activities that involve caring for others. There’s also great satisfaction in improving various skills. Seasonal social events shine during the latter half of the day.

Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-3:45AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun square Neptune.

December 15: Early morning anxieties stem from a testing angle between the Virgo Moon and Mars. Don’t jump to conclusions. Rushing things only adds to stress levels. Tensions ease by midmorning. A liberating lunar trine to Uranus is a positive mood enhancer. People become more outgoing and open-minded. It’s a good time to try something new. Intuitive abilities also sharpen. Meetings and group activities are favored. The afternoon hours are quietly productive. A mellow night follows. Indulge in your favorite escapes. Late night travelers are urged to use caution as inclement weather may impact roadways and flight schedules.

Moon in Virgo.

December 16: Chalk up post-midnight restlessness to the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo. The uneasy alignment is exact well before sunrise. By dawn the Moon is in a fruitful trine with Pluto. This aspect empowers and enlightens. It also aids researchers, therapists and those involved in a wide range of transformational undertakings. Don’t hesitate to repurpose or pass along an underused item. Moving boldly ahead is additionally supported by the Moon’s afternoon opposition to Jupiter. Think and dream big. Enlist the aid of like-minded visionaries. After a brief mid-afternoon void of course period the Moon enters Libra. Turn your attention to partners and peaceful relations with significant others as we head into the weekend.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 3:56AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 2:13PM-2:49PM Moon enters Libra.

December 17: Judging by astrological activity levels this promises to be an engaging day. The Moon’s placement in the partnership sign Libra boosts social awareness. In the morning a testing lunar square with Venus stirs desires for contact and fun. When the Moon is in harmony with Mars this afternoon, communications are facilitated and desires are more easily fulfilled. This is also a good time for bold initiatives and acts of courage. A late afternoon trine between mental Mercury and Uranus favors both planned and spontaneous gatherings. Listen to your intuitive promptings. A seeming hunch may be perfect. Things then change. Nighttime communications require extra patience and careful consideration. Be sure you get your message across and pay equal attention to what partners are saying.

Moon in Libra, Mercury trine Uranus.

December 18: Social ties continue to be a focus under the waning Libra Moon. With all due respect to the holiday spirit, today’s mixed trends make some relationships a pure delight while others can be strained. First though, is the Moon’s harmony with Saturn and the Sagittarius Sun. We know what to do this morning, and what to say. Under the centering energies of a Moon/Sun sextile, inner joy and enthusiasm increase as the afternoon progresses. However, more controlling types may be surprised as their good intentions fail to win over sensitive partners. Late this afternoon stay tuned in to what your significant others are feeling. If you’re not sure, ask. This evening, as the Moon travels void of course, caring, kind ways comfort worried minds. Late tonight the waning Moon enters Scorpio, boosting privacy needs.

Moon in Libra v/c 5:35PM-10:31PM Moon enters Scorpio.

December 19: The coming week is a revolving door of endings and beginnings. Finish what you can and make ready for fresh starts. Today the waning Moon is in Scorpio and conjunct her own South Node, the symbolic point of karma and past experiences. Powerful memories may surface at any time. Revisiting forgotten events can be a true eye-opener. A former dear friend or long ago love could make a surprising reappearance. Because the Moon is in a friendly angle with Venus the odds are these encounters will be happy ones. The evening mealtime occurs while Venus’ influence is strongest. Share the loving atmospherics with folks you love and enjoy. Late night trends are unsettled. Use caution if you’re out and about.

Moon in Scorpio.

December 20: In a sparkling development for fire signs, Jupiter returns to Aries this morning. Hopes and ambitions are fortified. Enthusiasm surges. Daredevils are ready to take risks. However, the Scorpio Moon’s square with Saturn cautions against making any move without a well thought out game plan. Having a backup plan is also a wise idea. The square may produce morning delays. These are not likely to last long as the Moon soon aligns with mysterious Neptune and capable Pluto. There are helping hands and pathways around or through each and every obstacle. By evening the day’s accomplishments provide a great sense of satisfaction. Plan to take it easy tonight as the Moon begins a void of course period well before midnight.

Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:45PM-12:00AM, Jupiter enters Aries.

December 21: Today is the Winter Solstice, the darkest of days in the Northern Hemisphere. Going forward, the hours of daylight will gradually increase but at this time of minimal light, it is wise to take a cue from Mother Nature. Conserve your energy. The waning Sagittarius Moon confirms the wisdom of slowing down. The Moon is also at odds with retrograding Mars. There is no sense in overexerting or forcing your pace. Much of what is done will likely need to be redone in late January, after the Red Planet’s retrograde is over. The Sun arrives in Capricorn late this afternoon, forming a taut square with Jupiter in Aries. The winter months promise to be highly active. International disputes may arise. Differences of opinion can have an impact on personal relationships. Pick your causes and battles wisely.

Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-2:12AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun square Jupiter, Sun enters Capricorn 4:48PM, Winter Solstice.

December 22: On this final day of the lunar cycle energy levels tend to be low. Fortunately, Venus is in an exhilarating trine with Uranus early this morning. The young at heart feel the magical powers of love. More pragmatic types cherish their friends and allies. The morning and early afternoon hours are the best time of day for dealing with matters of consequence. A lunar sextile to Saturn steadies hearts as well as heads. Lunchtime meetings are fruitful. Mid-afternoon brings a sea change while the Moon tests Neptune. Momentum slows and then attention spans dwindle as the Moon goes void of course. Relax and unwind as evening nears. Stay mellow during the commute. Rest up and catch your breath tonight.

Moon in Sagittarius v/c 3:16PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Uranus.

December 23: During the overnight period the darkened Moon enters down to earth Capricorn. Before sunrise Luna overtakes the Sun and a fresh activity cycle begins. This is the day to set intentions. Plan to launch ambitious projects during the next two weeks, while the Moon is waxing full. Because today’s Sun/Moon pairing is at odds with Jupiter, celestial messages are mixed. Some folks feel optimistic about the future. At the same time, other souls may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks before them. Prioritize, pare down and simplify. Old-fashioned elbow grease and a methodical approach work best. On the other hand, a spur of the moment get together can be brilliant fun tonight.

Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-2:49AM Moon enters Capricorn, New Moon in Capricorn 5:17AM.

December 24: Moods are cheerful and energetic. A compelling meetup of the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto in late Capricorn sustains spirited enthusiasm throughout the day. An assisting angle to Neptune adds sparkle, compassion and warmth. This is a near perfect day for holiday gatherings, running last minute errands or taking in inventive performances and films. The Moon and Mercury’s harmony with Neptune evokes tender feelings the second half of the day. Nostalgic memories as well as brushes with more mystical forces are likely. Listen for the promptings of your heart. A quiet yet soulful void of course Moon period begins well before midnight.

Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:11PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Neptune.

December 25: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing crescent Moon enters egalitarian Aquarius. A hail-fellow-well-met lunar sextile to Jupiter encourages good cheer and friendliness to one and all. The positive vibes envelope wide-eyed insomniacs, excited children and adults as well as soundly sleeping dreamers. Daybreak finds the Moon moving into a trine with Mars. The continuing retrograde of the feisty Red Planet leads some folks to revisit old stories and misadventures. It’s smart to direct attention to points of agreement. With tact and humor, some issues may finally be resolved. If you happen to be out late, be careful. A looming square between the Moon and Uranus increases the risks posed by speeding or ignoring common sense rules..

Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:14AM Moon enters Aquarius.

December 26: Post-midnight restlessness gives way to a subdued morning atmosphere. The Aquarius Moon is exactly conjunct sober Saturn early this afternoon. The paring motivates perfectionists but in a world that sometimes seems topsy turvy, it’s best to see people and situations exactly as they are. By mid afternoon the Moon is void of course. Pressures ease, intensity is lost. Take a hint from the less engaging planetary influences, relax, go easy on yourself and others. Use your imagination and improvisational skills. Spend time being your best genuine self. Put off major decisions,  purchases and important new commitments for another, more auspicious time.

Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:19PM-12:00AM.

December 27: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters Pisces. In this sensitive, imaginative water sign, emotional tides grow more powerful. Intuitive senses and receptivity to Mother Nature’s forces also increase. Harmony between the Moon and gritty Capricorn Sun helps direct subtle impressions as well as creative impulses into practical activities. A morning masterpiece could be at hand. With Venus moving into a sextile to Neptune, natural talents are awakened. For less artistic types, a trip to a shop, gallery or museum inspires. Use caution this afternoon when the Moon is at odds with fiery Mars. Slow your pace and watch your temper. The far more blissful Venus/Neptune sextile dominates tonight. Sweet dreams!

Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-2:34AM Moon enters Pisces.

December 28: The post midnight hours support lucid dreaming as well as premonitions and other hunches. Venus is sextile Neptune while the Pisces Moon harmonizes with clairvoyant Uranus. For insomniacs, love finds a way into their hearts. A mellow, introverted mood dominates the daytime but by evening, social impulses and romantic longings increase. The Moon overtakes Venus and Mercury, leading to flurries of calls and rendezvous. Because Mercury has stationed and will turn retrograde early tomorrow, reunions are likely. These meetings can be captivating, healing and transformative. Creative skills are finely tuned and inspired. Déjà vu experiences may also occur.

Moon in Pisces, Venus sextile Neptune.

December 29: If you awaken before dawn confused, the void of course Pisces Moon and Mercury turning retrograde could be to blame. There will be plenty to contemplate and reflect on during the coming weeks. Messages are likely to arrive from long lost pals in far flung places. Opinions will change. Fortunately, the Winged Messenger is conjunct Venus. Good news is in the picture. The Moon enters Aries well before the first light of day. Focus returns in time for sunrise. The waxing Aries Moon fosters a pro-active approach. Motivation remains strong as the First Quarter phase intensifies this evening. Conflicting impulses favor both the strong at heart as well as more cautious souls. Choose your words thoughtfully tonight. Be tactful and kind.

Moon in Pisces v/c 1:21AM-5:36AM Moon enters Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 8:21PM, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury Retrograde 4:32AM.

December 30: A waxing Aries Moon is often a rousing call to action. In spite of that, today’s skies are comparatively quiet, a cosmic invitation to proceed at your own comfortable pace. For many folks, this is a good time to slow down and assess one’s progress. Evening sees the Moon forming the day’s only exact aspect, a sextile to Saturn. The pairing promotes good timing, sound judgment and a sense of responsibility. Loyalty amongst friends is noted and appreciated, making this a fine night for a get together. Listen attentively if your party extends into the late night hours. A misunderstanding becomes more likely as midnight nears.

Moon in Aries.

December 31: Much of today’s astrological activity occurs during the early hours of the morning. Lunar squares to Mercury, Venus and Pluto generate anxious moments. Some folks fret about who may be missing or forgotten. Other souls wonder whether their own needs and expectations will ever be met. It’s wise to reach out to others and let them know you’re thinking of them. Worries ease as the Sun rises higher in the eastern sky. The Aries Moon travels void of course for most of the morning. A few minutes after noon she enters comfort-loving Taurus. We close out the year with a potent alignment. Venus is edging into a conjunction with Pluto, increasing the passion for living fully and loving deeply. Be sure your every obsession is magnificent. Tonight’s celebrations promise to be unusually heartfelt, poignant and meaningful. Happy New Year!

Moon in Aries v/c 7:44AM-12:08PM Moon enters Taurus.