February 2021 Daily Astrology

February 1: After some nighttime hurdles the new month assumes solid footing. If you work the night shift, watch your speed and stay calm. An ominous, early morning Solar square to Mars makes night owls and early-risers ultra serious and inclined to worry. Mid-morning sees love star Venus move into Aquarius, where a planetary party is going on. Taking on a more outgoing style, Venus joins Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in the tolerant, community-minded sign. The day then plays out with the tactful Moon forming a series of uplifting trine aspects. Friendships and good vibes bloom. Business matters are facilitated. Discussions about goals, strategies and timing may grow passionate but the predominant impulse is teaming up to best serve the greater good.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:10AM-6:25AM Moon enters Libra, Sun square Mars, Venus enters Aquarius.

February 2: Early birds as well as gritty groundhogs rise to meet the new day with the wind at their backs. The waning Libra Moon forms a fine pre-dawn trine with the Aquarius Sun. The encouraging alignment promotes restful sleep and for those who are awake boosts inner confidence. Friendly ties are also favored. Some strained social unions may improve but other relationships could require a masterful touch. On a day when Mars and the Sun remain at odds, actions prove more persuasive than words regardless of how charming or literate the messaging. A consistent and steady approach to partnering is recommended. Keep the focus on shared interests and mutual benefits.
Moon in Libra.

February 3: The early going is sluggish under the void of course Libra Moon. Don’t spend too much time wondering about the imagined needs of partners. If you have a question or doubt, ask. By mid morning the Moon is in Scorpio, setting the stage for a series of celestial tests that persist well into tomorrow. Lunar squares and oppositions can make the day feel like an endurance contest. Fortunately, as challenging angles give reason for pause, they also motivate. The Moon’s early afternoon square with Venus can lead to increased intimacy and trust. It may also fuel discontent. Intention makes the difference. Love wisely. Align your life force with those who appreciate your presence and efforts. Flexibility is also required, especially this evening when fate is likely to disrupt schedules. Humility also helps.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:15AM-9:15AM Moon enters Scorpio.

February 4: The morning hours may feel like an obstacle course or marathon. Timing can be off, either too soon or too late. Opinions easily annoy. The Scorpio Moon is testing Jupiter and Mars. Heartfelt debates and disagreements are sparked. Good tacticians know it is sometimes better to lose a battle in order to win a war. Engage in discussions but try to be discreet. Self-edit your words. Keep inflammatory thoughts to yourself. The noon hour brings the Last Quarter phase, a testing angle between the Moon and the Aquarius Sun. Hurt feelings will not soon be forgotten, so act accordingly. The afternoon hours present a far better climate for communicating. The Moon’s evening trine with Neptune confers a less charged atmosphere. Take advantage and make a peace offering. Insomniacs are again advised to watch their tongues, tweets and other posts.
Moon in Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 12:37PM.

February 5: Long before sunrise the Scorpio Moon is void of course. The resulting lack of energy robs the early morning hours of drive and determination. If emotional stagnation occurs, activity may be the best antidote. Venus is about to conjunct Saturn and one must do what one must do. This is not the day to shirk responsibilities. By mid-morning the Moon is in Sagittarius. Optimism increases along along with rising energy levels. By evening moods are buoyant. A festive ambience contributes to enjoying life. Play or listen to music. Savor friends and good food. Tonight’s pleasures have been earned. Take serious stock of partnerships and other relations as the hour grows late. Either renew or deepen your commitment or be prepared to cut ties.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:20AM-12:16PM Moon enter Sagittarius.

February 6: If a dream includes a loved one or pet that has moved on, it just may be the post midnight conjunction of Venus and Saturn that is in play. The once a year conjunction can lead to separations as well as fateful meetings. Daybreak features a sweet sextile between the Sagittarius Moon and Jupiter, a harbinger of learning experiences and other adventures. Keep your eyes and ears open today. There are important lessons to consider. Reunions are also likely to occur. Tonight’s enjoyable social developments may bring other surprises. Venus is once again active, testing unpredictable Uranus. However, circuitous the route or unlikely, love will find a way.
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus conjunct Saturn, Venus square Uranus.

February 7: Relish a laid back Sunday morning. Sleep late. Linger over a leisurely breakfast or brunch, taking time to savor each morsel. Go for a walk. Indulge in a favorite hobby. The relative peace and quiet persists much of the day, until late afternoon when the Moon enters the more ambitious sign of Capricorn. Thoughts may turn to the future but there is little impetus to tackle demanding projects. Planning is facilitated by the pending lunar trine with visionary Uranus. Stick to groundwork. At this latter stage of the monthly lunar cycle it’s best to wait a few days before launching a new project.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:16AM-3:52PM Moon enters Capricorn.

February 8: Minds and senses are sharp. The Aquarius Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury early today. The duo is part of an Aquarian stellium, also featuring Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. If a better future seems possible, even probable, it is. Just understand that a persistent square between Saturn and Uranus presents ongoing challenges. Plans may be interrupted at any time. We all have to be ready to deal with setbacks and delays. Patience, commitment and a ready sense of humor are essentials. Late today the Capricorn Moon is trine Mars. Instinctive knowledge shines in group settings. Assertive, powerful women make a decisive impact.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun conjunct Mercury.

February 9: It’s a fine morning for tying up loose ends and attending to business related matters. The pragmatic Capricorn Moon is conjunct Pluto, one of the principle money and resources planets. Be sure to factor in your time and effort when calculating the actual costs of things. Psychological insights can also be uncannily accurate. Hidden motives may suddenly be obvious. Other secrets could come to light. After lunchtime the waning Moon is void of course until after nightfall. Observe the usual v/c Moon precautions. Hold off on major moves and purchases, ideally until after Thursday’s New Moon. When Luna arrives in Aquarius during the evening, friends may call. Communications can be difficult as retrograding Mercury nears a square with Mars. Speak slowly. Double-check messages and avoid rushing to judgment.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:22PM-8:20PM Moon enters Aquarius.

February 10: Retrograde Mercury backs into an early morning square with Mars. A second look at a thorny issue could prove timely. Reviewing options and rethinking plans is made more of a necessity by lunar aspects with Saturn and Uranus. Good choices may be elusive. Make do with what is on this last day of the lunar cycle. The late afternoon and evening offer new hopes as the Aquarius Moon joins with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Visualize perfect resolutions. Dream up grand plans. Just wait until tomorrow’s New Moon before putting your ideas into action.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury square Mars.

February 11: The formidable array of six planets in Aquarius reaches a pinnacle with this afternoon’s New Moon in the visionary Sign of the Waterbearer. So many folks are clamoring for the start of the Aquarian Age. Perhaps a political realization is sweeping the globe. We are all on this lovely, small but fragile world together and we each must pitch in if humankind is to endure. Venus’ conjunction with Jupiter confers untold blessings and bountiful generosity, materially and spiritually. Expect good news during the coming weeks. This is the day to launch ambitious projects. The energy is strongest until mid-afternoon, when the Moon embarks on a lengthy void of course period.
Moon in Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius 2:06PM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:06PM-12:00AM, Venus conjunct Jupiter.

February 12: During the wee hours of the morning the barely visible Moon enters Pisces. Here she fosters creativity and empathy. Heightened emotional sensitivity can awaken poignant memories throughout the day. However, a mid-afternoon lunar sextile to Uranus provides hints of things to come. Pay attention, A gut feeling or intuitive hunch could be shockingly accurate. Because Mercury is retrograding into a conjunction with Venus, reunions are more likely. Recollections can also provide new insights into past events. For some, the time is right to be in touch with an old friend or long ago lover. Moods are exceptionally happy as we head into the weekend.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-2:23AM Moon enters Pisces.

February 13: This weekend has some of the most upbeat trends we’ve seen in ages. Retrograde Mercury’s return engagement with Venus is an early morning mood elevator. The Pisces Moon helps create a dreamlike atmosphere, igniting the sextile between Neptune and Mars. These stars are good omens for being kind. Forgive, mend fences or fall in love again and again. Artists and art lovers easily feel inspired. Mother Nature’s beauty is pure inspiration. Special magic is afoot tonight when the Mars/Neptune sextile is exact. Dreams may be realized or feel as though they are within reach.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars sextile Neptune.

February 14: A void of course crescent Moon lends an air of mystery to the overnight period. Now a narrow waxing crescent, the Moon is in Pisces where she stimulates imaginations as well as reminiscences and heartfelt longings. Don’t be surprised if feelings are especially tender for most of the morning. It isn’t until nearly noon that the Cosmic restart button is pushed. Heads clear as the Moon enters Aries. Desires lead to action. Mercury’s late afternoon conjunction with Jupiter prompts delving into happy memories. Pick up the phone. Revisit the past. Some folks are inclined to speak truth. With Venus and Saturn close by, communications are warm and sincere. What a fine omen for Valentine’s Day celebrations of love!
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:29AM-10:54AM Moon enters Aries, Venus conjunct Jupiter.

February 15: Today is a feel good story. Moods are upbeat and friendly. The Aries Moon lights a torch for being physically active. Powerful impulses are under control as harmonious lunar angles with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus dominate. Challenges are welcomed. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to have fun. Intellectual types enjoy free-ranging discussions as well as organizing their thoughts. However, we are getting close to a difficult square between Saturn and Uranus so some caution is advisable. Don’t get too cocky. Being a daredevil or devil’s advocate has definite risks this week. Tonight’s lunar sextile with Venus promotes affection and well-being, bringing this day to a happy conclusion.
Moon in Aries.

February 16: Complicated issues are likely to come up this morning. The Aries Moon is in a testing angle with Pluto. Discuss shared responsibilities. Combined action is challenging but take your partners’ needs into account before making decisions. Mutual respect and consideration facilitate teamwork. Negotiations remain difficult until early afternoon. Caring persistence leads to progress and the late afternoon hours bring more light-hearted moods. Enjoy friendly conversations over dinner, then plan on a mellow evening. A short void of course Moon period is good for unwinding from the stresses of the day. By midnight the Moon is in Taurus, hinting at new challenges.
Moon in Aries v/c 7:17PM-10:12PM Moon enters Taurus.

February 17: Pay attention. One of 2021’s major themes is in play. The first of three squares between Saturn and Uranus is exact today. When these two astrological heavyweights tangle, something has got to give. The progressive tide of evolutionary Uranus meets and erodes the rocky shoreline of Saturn’s conservatism. The trick is taking the best of the past and incorporating it into a better future. Be flexible. Keep an open mind. Consider new ways of thinking. Experiment. Adapt and embrace changing circumstances. Use technological tools to increase efficiency. Our world is constantly transforming and it appears more obvious at this time. Life these days often feels like an awkward dance, one step forward, two steps back. Keep your balance. Stay light on your feet. Be sure to practice good stress management techniques. Breathe deeply. Go for a walk. Meditate. Ultimately, changes will be for the better.
Moon in Taurus, Saturn s square Uranus.

February 18: Before dawn the Sun enters inventive Pisces, a harbinger of seasonal change. Spring is near. The waxing Moon is in Taurus. Lunar squares to Jupiter and Venus give the day a busy feel. It may feel like a scramble to keep up with chores and other commitments. Fortunately, the Moon’s early afternoon alignment with Jupiter bestows trust that all is well. This midday period invites selfless acts, putting the needs of others before one’s own. If the evening finds you unable to meet expectations, your own or those of a partner, relax. The Moon is moving into a conjunction with Mars. It may be necessary to put self-interest before all else. Be nice about it. Let others know what you’re up to. True friends will understand.
Moon in Taurus, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: The Moon reaches the First Quarter stage today, an invitation to evaluate current situations and likely outcomes. Before reaching the critical degree there is a void of course Moon period that holds sway over most of the morning. The resulting inertia makes it seem as though life is moving in slow motion. There’s another good reason for proceeding with caution. Mental Mercury has stationed in preparation for a return to forward motion. This is not a good day for making new commitments. By noon the Moon is in Gemini where she forms the square with the Pisces Sun. Indecision can immobilize, emotions are all over the map. Venus is also in a square with Mars. Be careful about what you attract or ask for. The evening hours offer celestial reassurances that all is well and will be well.
Moon in Taurus v/c 2:28AM-11:04AM Moon enters Gemini, First Quarter Moon in Gemini 1:47PM, Venus square Mars.

February 20: A lively Gemini Moon holds sway. Senses and minds are highly alert throughout the day. Curiosity is piqued but with Mercury resuming forward motion this evening, take your time digesting information. Newly available facts can change opinions in an instant. Fortunately, the waxing Gemini Moon is near her own North Node while in agreeable aspects with Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Today’s realizations have longterm impact for the good. Practical concerns enter into deliberations. The path forward becomes clearer around midday. Given the strong likelihood of altered circumstances, plans may not be finalized for a few more days. For now it’s best to keep all options on the table.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury Direct.

February 21: After a post-midnight lunar square with Neptune triggers possible unrest, the stars treat us to a blissfully quiet Sunday. The Gemini Moon forms one daytime aspect, an entirely agreeable early afternoon trine with Venus. Enjoy loved ones, brunching, hobbies and life itself. Don’t be shy, let others know you care. The alignment fosters a splendid social atmosphere. If your locale is under lockdown rules, or you don’t feel safe going out, get in touch with friends via other available means. There’s sure to be good news and planning future get togethers can be fun. By mid=afternoon the Moon is void of course. The quieter, more mellow vibe is fine for reading and contemplative work. Simply relaxing is also a good fit. Make no serious purchases or commitments. It’s going to be a busy week so be sure to rest up.
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:39PM-10:53PM Moon enters Cancer.

February 22: The waxing Cancer Moon puts most folks in touch with their deeper feelings and needs. Loyalties are keenly felt. Some souls hold on to people or situations that in truth no longer serve them. We humans are creatures of habit. Change can be tough. Fortunately the Moon makes an agreeable sextile with Uranus during the early afternoon. The prospect of breaking free from limiting situations seems more do-able. The alignment also favors community building, networking with extended families, friends and associates. Carefully consider the perspectives of trusted pals.
Moon in Cancer.

February 23: A blend of inspiration and rightly directed willpower makes great things possible. Bear in mind, nothing of lasting consequence will occur without a total commitment. The Cancer Moon’s midday trine with Neptune lights the twin flames of imagination and altruism. Lunar aspects with Mars and Pluto keep the gear wheels turning. Some projects could require burning the midnight oil. Utilizing skills only available through partnering maximizes progress. Evening brings a second wind as the Moon nears an energizing sextile to Mars and opposition with Pluto. It’s the opposition that requires care and attention. Keeping others engaged as agreeable and consenting participants demands sensitivity, tact and respect. Show your deep appreciation and there’s no telling how far the team will go.
Moon in Cancer v/c 11:54PM-12:00AM.

February 24: Early risers may feel listless under the void of course Cancer Moon. Before the start of business hours the Moon arrives in Leo, boosting spirits and energy levels. Mars’ trine to Pluto empowers and enriches a great many souls. Use your energy and enthusiasm wisely. Don’t leave significant partners out of the mix. Be sure to acknowledge the contributions of all, even those who may no longer be part of a current project. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. By nightfall the Moon is setting off the inherent instability of the Saturn/Uranus square. Applied with wisdom, true power makes everyone feel better. Tonight’s complications reflect a misuse of authority. If boundaries have been crossed or rules broken, there could be the need for a course correction or stoic patience in the face of a delay.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-7:23AM Moon enters Leo, Mars trine Pluto.

February 25: Against the backdrop of the waxing Leo Moon Venus enters Pisces early today. The Goddess of Love soon awakens a private, lyrical place in many hearts. There’s little time for looking back as the nearly full Moon opposes Jupiter and the Sun aligns with Uranus. The future calls! Loudly and insistently. Ride the rising lunar tide and press onward towards your chosen goals. Line up support from friends. Give a sales talk or listen attentively to a presentation or the latest news. A breakthrough could be imminent but getting everyone on the same page requires a solid effort. Things quiet down tonight. Plan to relax and enjoy favorite pastimes.
Moon in Leo, Sun sextile Uranus, Venus enters Pisces.

February 26: A void of course Moon morning could easily bring a distraction that leads to a costly oversight or mistake. Do your best to stay on top of schedules and responsibilities. Emotions are running hot. Try to stay calm. Avoid rushing a decision. Minutes after noon the Moon enters dutiful Virgo. Concentration improves but with the Moon opposing Venus avoid letting your attention be too detail oriented. Make it your business to see the big picture. It may be wise to let a person in need sort out their own problem. The pace of life accelerates later in the day. The rising Moon appears full. Take in her purifying light. An illuminating idea or intuitive awareness could prove key to better relationships and ultimately, self-mastery.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:32AM-12:07PM Moon enters Virgo.

February 27: Sleep is an interesting proposition under the Full ’Snow’ Moon. Now in Virgo, maximum intensity is reached during the wee hours of the morning. Support from Venus and Uranus adds energy and spice to the late night ambience. Anticipation can be great, even if the sensation isn’t based on anything tangible. The urge to improve, repair, clean and renew is encouraged. Rest comes more easily post Full Moon. Dawn finds the Moon slowly moving into an opposition with mystical Neptune. The remainder of the day unfolds in a magical “Full Moon” afterglow. Optimists see life through rose-colored glasses. Less assured souls may wait for the bottom to fall out. In between there is room for a great many creative possibilities. Cook, make music, paint, take photographs or just tune in to Mother Nature. Whatever is your pleasure, I recommend proceeding secure in the knowledge that every prayer is being answered.
Moon in Virgo, Full “Snow” Moon in Virgo 3:17AM.

February 28: An early morning earth sign Grand Trine provides a potent burst of transformative, healing energy. Actually, any demanding physical task can be quickly mastered as the Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto and Mars. After a few extraordinarily productive hours, early birds may find their work is done by the time the Moon goes void of course during the late morning. A relaxing midday interlude follows, lasting until mid-afternoon, when the Moon enters Libra. Now waning, we are entering a comparatively mellow period. Use the Libra Moon energy. Attend to partners and friends. Make good on an IOU or just check in to see how a buddy is doing. One good turn deserves another.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:58AM-2:17PM Moon enters Libra.