February 2023 Daily Astrology

February 1: Early risers greet the first day of the new month with steely determination. A lunar trine to Saturn leads folks to face challenges head on. Good preparation and experience are timely essentials. However, the Gemini Moon is void of course before most businesses open. Concentration wavers. Minds wander in stream of consciousness fashion and conversations follow suit. Relaxing and going with the flow can be entertaining but don’t lose sight of important goals. It isn’t until mid-afternoon that the waxing Moon enters Cancer and a more purpose-driven atmosphere again prevails. A pending solar square with unpredictable Uranus puts many people on edge. Breathe, stay calm and carry on.
Moon in Gemini v/c 6:58AM-3:11PM Moon enters Cancer.

February 2: The waxing Cancer Moon helps launch numerous social encounters on this busy day. The day breaks with moods sunny and bright. An early morning lunar trine to Venus is a heartwarming mood enhancer. Spirits remain upbeat throughout the day but stay on your toes. Expect the unexpected. The Aquarius Sun is nearing its twice yearly square with Uranus. Under the tightening aspect circumstances can change in an instant. Be ready to adapt and change plans accordingly. Tonight’s lunar sextile to Uranus suggests that most new developments will be easy to accommodate. It also supports friendly social gatherings.
Moon in Cancer.

February 3: With a waxing, nearly full Moon and the Aquarius Sun both at odds with Uranus, anything goes. Those who hunger for new and unusual experiences enjoy the accelerated and at times hectic pace. Chance meetings and other eye-opening happenings can be delightful. If you feel overwhelmed by swirling events find your spiritual center and take shelter. Meditation and other spiritual practices offer sanctuary. A mid-afternoon lunar trine to mystical Neptune nourishes creative as well as humanitarian urges. Sweet kindness eases insecurities as well as many other stresses. At sundown be sure to catch the moonrise in the eastern sky. Even the best laid plans may change tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Sun square Uranus.

February 4: The almost full, sizzling Leo Moon forms an uplifting trine with Jupiter this afternoon. An atmosphere of excitement is noticeable. Even so, aftershocks from yesterday’s Sun/Uranus square could require adjusting one’s thinking. Plans may also be subject to change, stressing inflexible folks. All the same, most souls are ready and able to get on board with new adventures. Travel and educational experiences are especially favored. Tonight’s square between Venus and Mars presents a different set of challenges. Desires are aroused but contentment can be elusive. A blow up with a hot-headed member of the opposite sex is another possibility. Fortunately, night owls do find their needs are met as the Moon moves closer to a helpful angle with Mars.
Moon in Cancer v/c 1:19am-3:48am Moon enters Leo, Venus square Mars.

February 5: The Full Cold Moon dominates the heavens and in true, as above, so below fashion, life on earth. As Fate would have it both the Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun are at odds with eccentric and often unpredictable Uranus. Like it or not, societal tastes and values are evolving. Anxiety may grip inflexible traditionalists. Faithful, unwavering hearts take every unexpected opportunity and challenge in stride. Life goes on! Stresses are greatest during the late morning and early afternoon. If you happen to be on the move, stay alert. Be on the lookout for potential accidents, plot twists and bizarre situations. The calmer latter part of the day provides the opportunity to calmly size up current circumstances and imagine a more agreeable future.
Moon in Leo, Full Snow Moon in Leo 1:29pm.

February 6: Those who get up early are inclined to fully embrace the day. Important obligations as well as fears can be motivating but also sobering. The sunny Leo Moon is at odds with Saturn, the dour planet of necessities and commitments. Self-imposed pressures as well as those from partners ease by mid-morning, when the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Intense feelings fade and a far more easy-going atmosphere moves in. Mental Mercury is also sextile imaginative Neptune during the early afternoon. This alignment, in concert with the disengaged Moon is a wonderful gift to all creative souls. Let your imagination loose. Welcome the fantastical idea or the implausible possibility. By late afternoon another mood change occurs. The waning Moon arrives in Virgo, where she preaches the gospel of serving others, eating well and generally taking good care of people, pets and things.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:15am-4:14pm Moon enters Virgo, Mercury sextile Neptune.

February 7: Mixed trends make this a quirky, curiously entertaining day. Patience and the sage use of words is recommended. The Virgo Moon promotes selective, careful attention to details. However, it’s best to exercise a distinctly human trait, the ability to hold two or more thoughts at once. IN addition to the small stuff keep the big picture in mind. This afternoon the Moon is testing both Venus and Mars, forming a challenging T-square. Timing can be off. Taking out frustrations on partners can be tempting. Make sure you know what you want. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities. Tonight brings enlightening social contacts. Take a hint from your intuition. Talk things over with a friend or significant other. Hearts warm and moods improve in a heartbeat as the Moon nears a sweet trine to Uranus. In addition, Venus is moving into a love at first sight trine to Uranus. Once again, love for one and all is the answer.
Moon in Virgo.

February 8: Night owls feel the rapture of Venus’ post midnight trine to Uranus. Sociable types are apt to make it a late night. As dawn breaks the perfection-loving Virgo Moon is moving into an opposition with dreamy Neptune. Some souls procrastinate. Hard wired types may struggle to maintain accuracy and control. More relaxed folks welcome an opportunity to explore creative avenues. Following up on inspiring ideas is likely to produce good results as the Moon segues into fertile trines with Mercury and Pluto tonight. Resourcefulness, persistence, research and networking with friends and co-workers increases productivity.
Moon in Virgo, Venus sextile Uranus.

February 9: During the wee hours of the morning the Virgo Moon begins a two hour period of traveling void of course. Expect energy levels to be low and concentration to be less sharp than usual. Exploration of subconscious realms is facilitated. So is restful sleep. Well before daybreak the Moon enters Libra the sign of partnering. Awareness of others is a major theme today. Take commitments to partners seriously. This evening’s lunar opposition to Jupiter in Aries can prompt some folks to exaggerate or take on obligations they cannot possibly fulfill. On the other hand it can also prompt lively and immensely enjoyable discussions. If a challenge arises be sure you’re up to the task before taking it on.
Moon in Virgo v/c 1:40am-3:47am Moon enters Libra.

February 10: With mental Mercury conjunct Pluto, deep and profound thoughts are the order of the day. Some folks are unusually stubborn. Others wrestle with their inner demons. Past events can weigh heavily. If a pal seems to be in a pensive mood, give them time and space to process their thoughts and feelings. At the same time, research and detective work are facilitated. The possibility of a meaningful discovery or psychological breakthrough is quite real. The waning Libra Moon helps relieve any tense moments. Her late day trine to the Aquarius Sun eases hearts and minds. A kind gesture or words of appreciation and moral support can be worth more than gold. Tonight is a good one for socializing.
Moon in Libra, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

February 11: Just before dawn mental Mercury enters visionary Aquarius. Practical matters fade into the background a bit as thoughts of the future become more prominent. Early birds rise to tackle chores and other obligations, knowing that diligence is essential. A lunar square to Pluto keeps the morning on a narrow track. Focus is intense as are emotional responses. Take a deep breath or two rather than loose your cool. Minutes before noon the Libra Moon goes void of course. The more nebulous atmosphere holds sway during the midday lunch period. Relax and go with the flow. Soon the Moon is in Scorpio where she passes by her own South Node. Their proximity is likely to stimulate memories. Don’t rue the past, learn from it. Expected or not, a reunion is another possibility.
Moon in Libra 11:41am-1:34pm Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury enters Aquarius.

February 12: The Moon in Scorpio can sometimes remind us of the places where we feel stuck. Breaking out of old patterns first requires awareness. Then comes intelligent planning and a firm commitment to evolve. Lasting changes have to come from within. Today offers a variety of transformative possibilities. Most notably, the Moon is opposite Uranus, known in esoteric astrology as “The Great Awakener.” The supercharged planet of clairvoyance, enlightenment experiences and radical invention opens windows on a brighter future. Interactions with friends and partners may also stimulate changes. This afternoon there is the possibility of butting heads with an uncompromising person. Tread lightly but keep looking for ways to improve yourself and your relationships.
Moon in Scorpio.

February 13: Today brings a series of mood swings. The early going feels fabulous. The Scorpio Moon is harmonizing with the two love planets, Venus and Neptune. Many people wake up with a song in their heart and truly shine. By late morning tensions are on the rise. The waning Moon is at her edgy Last Quarter stage and also at odds with Saturn. The trio of stars’ fixed sign square leads some folks to be exceptionally stubborn. Others can see no good options. Patience, perseverance and open-mindedness eventually lead to workable solutions. By evening earlier stresses are gone. Healing energies are in place. The Moon then goes void of course, ushering in a mellow evening. Take advantage of the opportunity to rest.
Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 11:01am, Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:52pm-8:31pm Moon enters Sagittarius.

February 14: The waning Sagittarius Moon makes an agreeable impact on moods and mindsets. Luna’s late morning trine with Jupiter bestows blessings, optimism and faith. It also favors scholarship and other mind expanding experiences. Travel and communications tend to go smoothly. Passions rise by evening when the Moon is at odds with fiery Mars. Avoid talking about politics and religion tonight. Stick to romance. Making and sharing Valentine greetings with sweethearts can be great fun. A serendipitous conjunction of Venus and Neptune is also gaining strength. Tap into love in all its ecstatic glories, from physical attraction to the most rapturous spiritual connections. Making and sharing Valentine greetings with sweethearts can be great fun.
Moon in Sagittarius.

February 15: During the overnight period Venus is moving closer to mystical Neptune. Imaginations are stimulated. For artists, insomniacs and peaceful sleepers, the hours can be instructive or inspiring. The two stars are exactly conjunct early this morning, setting the day off to an otherworldly start. Looking through rose-colored glasses is in. The magical spell gradually fades and by midday the Sagittarius Moon is at odds the love struck celestial duo. Hearts become tender. Faced with real emotional needs, freedom loving spirits may feel awkwardly tied down. What had earlier seemed delightful may now feel unsatisfying. Things change again this evening. Composure returns. It’s the perfect time to discuss goals, plans and other important issues. Late tonight, there’s a ”take it easy” vibe under the void of course Moon.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:06pm-12:00am, Venus conjunct Neptune.

February 16: This is an ideal day to make commitments and decisions and put an end to unsatisfying activities. The Sun is conjunct Saturn, a once a year opportunity to assess present realities and evaluate options. Less is more with Saturn. You cannot do it all. Respect your limitations as well as your strengths. Streamline your life. Let go of ideas, things and relationships that no longer serve your best interests. Cosmically speaking we are making room for new, more rewarding experiences. The Capricorn Moon instills dogged determination. A mid-afternoon lunar square to Jupiter can feel overwhelming. If too much is happening, stick to basics. Take a timeout, if necessary. A pending lunar trine to Uranus sheds light on the path forward. Believe in tonight’s vision of the future.
Moon enters Capricorn 12:00am, Sun conjunct Saturn.

February 17: The stars are quiet this morning but the hardy Capricorn Moon keeps most folks on course. The pace picks up after noon. Work feels inspired, buoyed by words of appreciation. The weekend beckons. Lunar aspects to Neptune and Venus make it a wonderful evening for celebratory dining and socializing. Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter brings out the witty conversationalist in even normally tight-lipped sorts. Optimism is infectious. Discussions become more meaningful as the hour grows late. Heart to heart talk is intimate and revelations can renew a relationship. A long time friend could make a surprise appearance.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:18pm-12:00am, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

February 18: Change is again in the air. Both the Moon and Sun enter new signs today. First it’s the Moon’s turn. Just minutes after midnight she arrives in Aquarius. Here the waning crescent Luna makes a sextile to Jupiter, prodding travelers, talkers and writers into action. Because the aspect is exact this afternoon, the expansive energies carry much of the waking day. Many folks want to be out and about, running errands or chatting up friends and neighbors. Lectures, classes, museums and other educational experiences are appealing. As the Sun descends in the western sky this evening, the other sign change occurs. Pisces season begins. A minute later the inconstant Moon is conjunct Mercury. We peer into the future with some apprehensions as an imminent lunar square to Uranus spotlights uncertainties.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00am-12:35am Moon enters Aquarius, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: This is a pleasant but relatively low energy day. The Aquarius Moon is nearing the end of her monthly cycle. Concentrate on works in progress rather than new efforts. Venus’ midday sextile with Pluto is a fine omen for a range of activities. Catch up with old friends, paperwork and financial matters. Make overdue calls. Social encounters tend to be intensely felt and meaningful. Fatigue and other limiting factors loom large as the Moon conjuncts Saturn tonight. This is not the time to overdo it. Minutes before midnight the Moon enters Pisces and in the stillness, hints of things to come may be noted.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:00pm-11:56pm Moon enters Pisces, Venus sextile Pluto.

February 20: The post midnight hours are busy. The Moon is new in early Pisces, signaling the beginning of a fresh and creative activity cycle while Venus arrives in Aries where she takes on a more aggressive tone. This New Moon is close enough to Saturn in late Aquarius to invoke the Ringed Planet’s values. Patience and perseverance will be essentials during the coming weeks. Saturn is known to cause delays but seldom denies what is faithfully sought. Feelings remain super sensitive throughout the day, while minds and hearts tend to flutter from one interest to the next. Intuition may be the most reliable guide, especially after nightfall.
New Moon in Pisces 2:06am, Venus enters Aries.

February 21: Happy Mardi Gras! Pisces Sun season is the gateway leading from winter into spring. That alone is certainly worth celebrating. Glimpses of the future may come in fits and spurts today as mental Mercury clashes with visionary Uranus. Pay close attention if you’re driving or traveling. Routes and schedules may change at the last possible moment. The Pisces Moon’s mid-afternoon conjunction with Neptune can be aesthetically delightful yet it sometimes brings confusion. A film, museum, or visit to an emporium of beautiful objects provides a timely escape from daily routines. Restorative energies are in place tonight. Rest, relax and kindly give yourself some extra TLC.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:06pm-12:00am, Mercury square Uranus.

February 22: Soon after midnight the Moon enters Aries where she overtakes Venus. Night owls and sleep-deprived artists find all kinds of pleasing diversions. Reading and romancing are good possibilities. Mercury’s afternoon trine to Mars instills a let’s get it done vibe. Minds are active, determination is strong. Assistance is available for jobs that require help. Just ask. Travel auspices are very good. Plan your trip or get out and take to the road. An early taste of spring fever is in the air. A few lucky souls make their destinations in record time. Expansive energies encourage optimism late in the day. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter. The late afternoon and early evening is prime time for pitching bright ideas or telling stories and laughing it up with pals.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00am-12:14am Moon enters Aries, Mercury trine Mars.

February 23: The waxing crescent Moon in Aries is busiest during the predawn hours. Sextile aspects to Mars and Mercury facilitate mental clarity. Thoughts flow unimpeded. Decisions are made with utmost confidence. Physical agility is also supported. Workouts are brisk and travel is smooth. The remainder of the day unfolds under far less energetic skies. Avoid the temptation of going it alone. Stay aware of partners and co-workers. Timing and pacing may also require careful attention. Consideration of others’ needs and expectations pays dividends tonight.
Moon in Aries.

February 24: A strong sense of destiny and possibility powerfully influences early morning activities. Materialists have visions of future successes. Creative types long to network with like-minded visionaries. Ethereal souls may sense they are working on a dream. If your chosen field involves being inventive, let your imagination guide you. An early afternoon sextile between the Pisces Sun and grounding Taurus Moon invites one and all to turn their ideas into tangible things. Profits, possessions and sensory pleasures are all motivating. Launch your business idea. Write that song, story or poem. Cook an exotic meal. Not only is doing what you enjoy a fabulously fulfilling life path, it could quickly become a healthy habit.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:22am-3:29am Moon enters Taurus.

February 25: Many souls are jolted out of deep sleep by the Taurus Moon’s conjunction with Uranus, known in esoteric circles as, what else, the “Great Awakener.” Spiritual types who routinely stay ahead of the curve may attain meditative high points. Run of the mill psychics find their intuition is in topnotch form. And for those early birds free to roam, improvising on the fly can be exhilarating. Things calm by late morning and the afternoon is comparatively mellow. It’s a good time to indulge in favorite treats and pleasures. Evening brings a mixed bag of celestial tricks. Communications can be tricky but hearts and imaginations are wide open. Escape into the entertainment choice of your fancy.
Moon in Taurus.

February 26: Early birds answer the call of a lunar square to dutiful Saturn. There are chores to do, bills to pay as well as obligations to family members and friends. However, there is always choice. Extra sleep can help restore physical and emotional health. The waxing Taurus Moon is also favorably aligned with Pluto, the planet of transformation, recycling and rebirth. Sunday morning yard sales and flea markets turn up valuable finds. In any case, do something nice for yourself before the day is over. By late morning the Moon is in chatty Gemini. The pace of life accelerates. Minds sharpen, curiosity increases and many folks are happy to take a meandering weekend jaunt. Follow your whims as hearts and minds can be fickle. Stress levels rise late tonight. Think good thoughts as you lay down to sleep.
Moon in Taurus 9:42am-10:48am Moon enters Gemini.

February 27: Eager beavers and feisty sorts are primed for action this morning. The waxing Gemini Moon, coming off last nights First Quarter phase, is happily aligned with unshrinking Jupiter in Aries. Confidence is high. Expectations are great. There is ample energy to achieve great things for the rest of the day. Watch your temper and your speed. Don’t overlook the importance of kindness and thoughtful communications. In the rush to reach personal goals it may be easy to overlook the feelings of partners. The Moon is exactly conjunct the fiery spark plug Mars shortly before midnight. Passions cool down but only gradually during the overnight period.
First Quarter Moon in Gemini 3:06am.

February 28: Miscommunications, lost items and mental lapses can add to morning challenges. Stay alert, stick to plans and try to minimize the confusion. By midday a very different mood sets in. The Gemini Moon is aligning with Mercury and Saturn, bringing a reversal of earlier trends. Gone is confusion, replaced by clarity, cool logic and common sense. The need to get things right is paramount. The afternoon and evening hours are excellent for meetings and decision-making. Make commitments and long term plans with certainty. Nightfall brings less demanding energies. It’s time to unwind and savor the sanctity of your home. With the Moon in Cancer well before midnight, there really is nothing like a familiar safe haven.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:07pm-9:40pm Moon enters Cancer.