January 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for January 2016

January 1: Happy New Year! May all good things be yours! Thankfully, the first aspects of 2016 are auspicious. Holiday partygoers revel late into the night under the Moon's friendly alignments with Mercury and Venus. The early morning hours lend a sprightly air, infused with generous amounts of love and good will. Midday, with its Libra Moon, is relatively quiet. Plan to relax and take it easy. Mental Mercury slips into Aquarius after nightfall, making it more natural to look ahead and think about the future. Later tonight, if you find partners less than enthusiastic, keep your prized dreams and ambitions under your hat. The anxiety-producing Last Quarter Moon energy can hamper negotiations, make it difficult to reach agreements and leave some folks feeling as though they are on their own.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12"33AM-1:41AM Moon enters Libra, Mercury enters Aquarius.

January 2: There are tense aspects throughout the first half of the day, with the Libra Moon testing the Sun, Pluto and Uranus. Staying calm and maintaining peaceful relations may require the wisdom of Solomon. Don't step on anyone's toes. Be careful to not overreact. A confrontational attitude will surely lead to future regrets and unfortunate results. Impatience is also likely to prove counter-productive. The second half of the day is mellower as the Moon travels void of course but with fiery Mars about to transition out of Libra and into Scorpio, an old grievance could resurface. Look at every complaint as an opportunity to help and heal. With Mercury now slowing and turning retrograde in a few days, it's time to revisit and rethink a good many things.
Moon in Libra v/c 11:23AM-12:00AM, Last Quarter Moon 12:330AM.

January 3: Fiery Mars settles into his own sign of Scorpio during the wee hours of the morning. However, with the people-pleasing Libra Moon orbiting void of course, plan on a mellow start. Take a lazily meandering morning path. Moods become more urgent and demanding when the Moon enters Scorpio after lunch. Minds and emotions grow sharper, but because the Moon and Mars are at odds with Mercury, some folks can be temperamental as they struggle to make a point or wrestle with decisions. Rather than indulge in divisive, no-win arguments, think twice. Tune in and listen carefully, gather information and be respectful of differing opinions. At best, Scorpio is about bringing people together and enhancing talents and resources. Taking a few extra minutes to contemplate best case scenarios can be helpful, and make a big difference.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-2:36PM, Mars enters Scorpio.

January 4: Transformative forces are in play this week. We experience them today as the Scorpio Moon sets changes in motion. Thanks to a lunar trine with Neptune, early morning dreams may shed light on what lies ahead. The Moon spends a good part of the day easing into healing sextile aspects with the Sun and Pluto, both now joined in Capricorn. While these alignments facilitate efficiency and foster a fruitful work environment, they also offer us a meaningful understanding of other peoples' situations and needs. As a result, partnerships can thrive. Still, there are challenges. Mental Mercury has stationed and will retrograde tomorrow. Don't get ahead of yourself. Some mutual agreements will likely need to be reviewed and renegotiated.
Moon in Scorpio.

January 5: Today is one of 2016's most astrologically busy and challenging days. The Capricorn Sun is in a delicate spot, conjunct Pluto tonight and square Uranus later this week. One thing is certain, there can be no turning away from the future, despite the uncertainties. Changes may be seen as exciting, evolutionary, revolutionary or explosive and uncontrollable, but change we must. Adding to the current volatility, this morning mental Mercury begins his first retrograde of the year. With Mercury testing Mars even the old adage, "He who hesitates is lost," may prove false. Indeed, it's better to take your time and think things through before making any judgments or taking action. Events are more than likely to take an unexpected turn and with Venus also in square to Neptune today, mistakes can prove costly.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:47PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Mars, Mercury retrograde 8:06AM, Venus square Neptune, Sun conjunct Pluto.

January 6: Curious reconnections and separations may be in store. The Sagittarius Moon forms an early morning sextile with retrograde Mercury, a harbinger of possible reunions and a good occasion to rethink beliefs and political positions. Later in the afternoon, the Moon aligns with Venus and Saturn, setting off the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square. These are highly complex and confusing trends, potent enough to have make or break impact on some partnerships. If trust or faith are broken, the damage is irreparable, so treat loved ones with honesty, kindness and respect. More celestial changes are imminent. Be careful not to close any doors or burn bridges prematurely.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-1:56AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

January 7: Commuters take note; a jarring early morning square between the Capricorn Sun and Uranus can turn many corners of the world topsy turvy. Expect flight delays, mechanical problems and temperamental computers. Slow down so as to minimize risk factors. A fortunate lunar trine with intuitive Uranus may ease some folks into alternate routes or untried modes of travel and communication. By late morning the day finds a busy rhythm. Appetites for food, learning and socializing increase as the afternoon progresses. A night out with friends, a lecture or seminar can be informative and entertaining. Jupiter's late night turn to retrograde motion, coming so soon after the Solar square with Uranus, may dramatically alter the political landscape.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:44PM-12:00AM, Sun square Uranus, Jupiter retrograde.

January 8: It's the last day of the working week, the last day of the lunar cycle and the Moon in Sagittarius is void of course, a tough combination for ambitious go-getters. The celestial tide is out. Energy is low. Things gradually advance into a livelier state. Late morning sees the waning Moon enter Capricorn. Mental Mercury retrogrades into the Sign of the Goat this afternoon. No matter how tired one may feel, practical necessities have to be faced. A helpful mid-afternoon lunar angle with Mars revitalizes weary spirits. Put your efforts into ongoing undertakings. This is not the time to start anything new, not if you want to succeed. Loving Venus passes by Saturn late tonight, an auspicious omen for looking in on elders and mentors, as well as repaying karmic debts.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-10:07AM, Mercury enters Capricorn (Retrograde), Venus conjunct Saturn.

January 9: Today's New Moon in Capricorn, the first of 2016, embraces everything that is wild, wonderful, unpredictable, fragile and sublime in life. This evening the Moon joins with the Sun and Pluto, the Planet of Transformation. Can anyone doubt that our fair planet Earth is undergoing widespread and fundamental changes? The celestial trio adds fuel to the purifying fires. Consciousness is taking a giant leap forward. Our institutions are evolving, priorities are shifting. It's time to follow your passions and experience your joy. If you haven't yet set your New Year's resolutions, now is the time. Look within for guidance. Envision the life you would love to lead in a perfect, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world. Dare to dream.
New Moon in Capricorn 8:30PM.

January 10: The Capricorn Moon's midday conjunction with retrograde Mercury is ideal for tackling paperwork, like last year's taxes or thank you cards for example. It's also an excellent time for touching base with friends and neighbors and walking down Memory Lane. A chance meeting could reunite long lost pals. This mentally stimulating and socially fertile period extends from morning into the noon hour. After lunch the Moon lazily travels void of course for a few hours before entering freedom-loving Aquarius in the mid-afternoon. However, not everyone is seized by a friendly, open-minded or egalitarian sprit. A taut lunar square to Mars dominates the second half of the day. A privacy issue may arise. Be sensitive to those folks who prize seclusion or have need to protectively hide their inmost feelings and personal lives.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:39PM-3:23PM Moon enters Aquarius.

January 11: Folks head off to work or school with serious game faces on. The Aquarius Moon is in sextile to dutiful Saturn. This alignment favors those who meet their responsibilities squarely, and helps build team spirit and dedication among friends and co-workers. An amiable mood holds sway throughout the afternoon. Loyalties are celebrated. A sparkling evening get together can be the perfect occasion to acknowledge those who have been supportive through thick and thin times. By late evening the Moon begins a void of course period that lasts through the night and into most of tomorrow. Unwind, relax and sink into a deep sleep.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:09PM-12:00AM.

January 12: From midnight until evening the Aquarius Moon is traveling void of course. Material plane matters may slow to the point of bogging down, but if they do, look within and use your imagination to envision ideal solutions and results. Manifesting one's physical desires may have to wait for another, more energized and focused time, but today's creative potential is excellent. Because Venus is in a playful trine with Uranus, serendipitous meetings and spontaneous flirtations are captivating. The scintillating alignment plants the seeds for new romances, deepens friendships, and is an excellent omen for visionary, money-making enterprises. Pursue your passions and follow your dreams tonight as the Moon, now in Pisces, enters into an ambitious trine with the fiery spark plug planet, Mars.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-6:53PM Moon enters Pisces, Venus trine Uranus.

January 13: Today offers two distinctively different pathways to travel, one built on faith, the other on doubt. The Moon is in Pisces, the dualistic sign symbolized by Two Fishes and noted for soaring emotional swings and immense sensitivity. Testing lunar angles with Neptune and Saturn cause some people to flounder through much of the work day. Take steps to minimize errors and confusion. Be sure to keep purses, wallets and other valuables safe. An early evening solar trine to Jupiter is today's bright and shining moment This encouraging alignment lifts spirits, optimizes talents and prompts positive thinking, helping to diminish or entirely offset fears and worries. What we focus on expands. Those who make a good faith effort throughout the day are sure to reap many rewards. Progress becomes evident tonight, the perfect time to count blessings and celebrate successes.
Moon in Pisces, Sun trine Jupiter.

January 14: Today has its high as well as its low tide moments. With a very busy Pisces Moon, the morning features an ocean of feelings, highly activated senses and super alert minds. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct the Capricorn Sun, making this an opportune time to complete some projects, review the data for others, or be in touch with long time associates. A project that has languished on a back burner could be dialed back up with more successful results this time around. The stars also foster a creative touch with clothes, fashion and other expressive arts. The Moon is void of course by noon, making the second half of the day less defined and fruitful, but no less enjoyable. Mercury is also forming a nighttime trine with fun-loving Jupiter. High spirits and optimism keep minds open and the world gracefully turning.
Moon in Pisces 11:31AM-9:48PM Moon enters Aries, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury trine Jupiter.

January 15: If you're up for an adventure and thrive on being the decision-maker, this day is for you. The working week closes on a productive note, with the Moon in independent Aries. Fortunately, most radical impulses are tempered by a lunar trine to methodical Saturn. For much of the day the Ringed Planet functions as a steadying, guiding hand, adding common sense to discussions and internal deliberations, and helping us to finish what we start. As midnight nears however, stress levels rise. The Moon is venturing into the Uranus/Pluto square zone and with these aspects the likelihood of running into a difficult situation or the possibility of an accident or equipment failure, increases. Stay vigilant if you are out late. Change direction and avoid trouble rather than blundering into it.
Moon in Aries.

January 16: Life is charmed this morning. A lunar trine to Venus puts hearts at ease, sets faces to smiling and deepens affections. With the Moon in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius there's a green light signal for flirting and showering others with affection, and giving compliments and gifts. Choose your words thoughtfully. Sincerity is important. As we move further into the day keep on top of how partners are responding to your words and actions. After noon the Moon begins to test the Capricorn Sun, culminating at the evening's First Quarter phase. Staying in harmony with loved ones requires patience. Be tactful and gently remind others of what needs to be done. Nightfall sees the Moon begin a void of course period. Relax. Indulge in a personal fantasy and leave serious matters for another, more enduring time.
Moon in Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 6:26PM, Moon in Aries v/c 6:28PM-12:00AM.

January 17: The Moon enters Taurus just after midnight, sending out a "relax and get comfortable" message. The simple pleasures of life are to be enjoyed this Sunday. Linger in bed or wear a favorite outfit. An early afternoon lunar opposition with Mars may serve as reminder. Our comforts and conveniences come with a price. Conversations quite naturally turn to issues like sustainability, ongoing costs and shared responsibilities. A helpful nod from Neptune may trigger enlightened awareness through altered perceptions. Still, with Venus moving into a square with Jupiter, the overwhelming inclination is to live it up, have fun, savor amusements and enjoy good friends, food and music. Tonight is an excellent time to string up some party lights and dance up a storm.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-12:48AM Moon enters Taurus.

January 18: Dreams, premonitions and memories are notable this morning. As you ease into the new day fiery Mars is forming an exact trine with Neptune. This is an inspirational, "make a dream come true" combination. Pay attention. Even a fleeting fragment of an idea may be pointing to an as yet unrealized future development. Travel and communications are facilitated by lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter. In fact, this is an earthy Grand Trine configuration, a harbinger of expanding horizons, stimulating conversations, enriching studies and considerably large financial profits. Listen carefully to ideas and proposals. Because Mercury is retrograde, there may be minor delays and further research required before some projects can proceed.
Moon in Taurus, Venus square Jupiter, Mars trine Neptune.

January 19: This last full day of the Sun in Capricorn finds the Moon in quicksilver Gemini. Expect folks to have a lot on their minds, and much to say. Mental Mercury is backing up into another fateful square to Uranus and conjunction with Pluto. With an increasing full Moon energy as well, the risk of a mistake or misunderstanding and subsequent uproar is high this week. Think things through before sharing opinions. Don't gossip, especially this afternoon when the Moon is at odds with Neptune. The danger of words being taken the wrong way is too close for comfort. On the other hand, stream of consciousness thinking may lead to some interesting insights and deductions. Be careful during your evening commute. Inclement weather can hinder progress. Plan a relaxed evening.
Moon in Taurus v/c 1:50AM-4:13AM Moon enters Gemini.

January 20: We're zooming off to the races this morning as the vivacious Gemini Moon is in sextile with inventive Uranus. Personality quirks and other eccentricities are proudly and grandly on display. Celebrate the differences! During the late morning the Sun enters Aquarius and winter's deepest stillness and coldest weather is upon us. Another challenging square between backpedaling Mercury and Uranus cautions against mental miscues. During the most recent thorny square between these two the wrong Miss Universe contestant was crowned. Look twice before you leap. Don't jump to conclusions. Do your very level-headed best to keep things in perspective during the second half of the day. Breathe!
Moon in Gemini, Sun enters Aquarius, Mercury square Uranus.

January 21: Early birds awaken to a low key atmosphere. The Gemini Moon is void of course. Thoughts wander aimlessly. By mid-morning the waxing Moon has set up shop in her own sign of Cancer and the day finds a more purposeful pulse. Altruistic motives are made stronger by a lunar trine to compassionate Neptune, but take note of subtle and not so subtle signs and messages. Some folks gratefully welcome support but others are dead set against taking advice or receiving help. Mental Mercury is moving backwards into a late night conjunction with Pluto. Give others space to do and think as they choose. Discoveries and observations can be profound. Understand that much of what is said to you is simply a projection of the person's inner state, and not a true reflection of you or the world.
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:01AM-8:28AM Moon enters Cancer.

January 22: With retrograding Mercury again hovering close to Pluto, along comes the nearly full Cancer Moon to set off a series of early-afternoon challenges. Reactions to rumors, subtle innuendos and obvious power grabs tend to be extreme. Emotions may quickly become overheated and dramatic. Be absolutely scrupulous in word and deed, and stay true to your most heartfelt principles. Evolutionary changes take some getting used to. Everyone is feeling their way through a rapidly evolving world. Self-control and compassion make even the most severe trials endurable. More agreeable energies arrive during the late afternoon. At sunset find a good viewing spot and watch the breathtaking moonrise. There's an anticipatory yet celebratory ambience tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

January 23: Be ready for an active day. Even though the Moon wanders void of course in Cancer from the wee hours of the morning until early-afternoon, no one will miss a beat. That's because the Full "Wolf" Moon in Leo is exact tonight at 8:46PM EST. All day long energy is more than ample for work or play but the excitement really picks up after lunch. The Moon in Leo initiates all sorts of merry fun as well as numerous creative undertakings. Tonight's party scene is bound to be lavish, and memorable. With Venus newly arrived in proper Capricorn, good taste and form will make the best and lasting impression. Dress and behave accordingly.
Moon in Cancer v/c 1:21AM-2:21PM Moon enters Leo, Full "Wolf" Moon in Leo 8:46PM, Venus enters Capricorn.

January 24: The now waning Leo Moon fosters indulgent appetites early this morning. Competitive games and activities soon capture the interest of some folks. Play by the rules. Disagreements may surface as noon approaches. A testing lunar angle with Mars causes some rambunctious behavior. Others may become sullen, jealous or resentful. Don't poo poo the feelings of anyone feeling downtrodden. Use that legendary Leo star power to uplift spirits. Focus on the joys of living. This will be an easy transition to make when after noon, the Moon ventures into a fire sign Grand Trine, harmonizing with Saturn and Uranus. The alignment is a positive and uplifting game changer. It also bodes well for those seeking ways to bridge the gap between the past and the future, the old and the new.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:51PM-12:00AM.

January 25: As loyal readers know, going back to work or school under a void of course Moon presents definite challenges. Even getting out of bed and clearing sleep from one's head may be something of an adventure. Initiative can be sadly lacking replaced by lethargy. Concentration just drifts. This less focused undercurrent is well-suited for exploring the hidden depths of the subconscious. Great art or a new strategy are often created. However, it's not the best time to make a commitment, sign a contract, implement a plan or take on a new responsibility. There are too many open ends and the day's events usually lack staying power. Complicating matters is Mercury's late afternoon return to forward motion. Minds are apt to work in unusual fashion today, although as midnight nears, a new path and plan of action could become clear.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-10:46PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury Direct.

January 26: Mixed trends bring some opportunities but also sound cautionary notes. The Moon is in industrious Virgo and mental Mercury is slowly picking up speed after returning to forward motion yesterday. These factors suggest it is wise to take ample time to assess the rewards and risks of different courses of action. One potential problem is confusing or conflicting information. A mid-afternoon lunar opposition to Neptune increases the risk of believing in the wrong people or incorrect facts. The same aspect may also be greatly inspirational. Use a trusted friend or advisor as a sounding board. Two heads are better than one tonight.
Moon in Virgo.

January 27: Thanks to lunar trines with Mercury and Pluto the new day gets under way with decisive, "take charge" attitude and solid energy. Because the Moon is in industrious Virgo, efficiency and the push to succeed are doubly strong. Gradually, as the hours pass, the Moon moves into a conjunction with her own North Node and Jupiter. Work can be profitable, healing and spiritually fulfilling. Some folks are thrilled with their progress. For others, new avenues of opportunity appear. The most ambitious and productive part of the day ends when the Moon goes void of course during the early evening. The following hours are well-suited for resting, relaxing, and happily, giving or receiving a little TLC.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:11PM-12:00AM.

January 28: At first the day seems to be a struggle. It's a fairly typical void of course Moon effect. Concentration and resolve waver. Things don't add up or fall neatly into place and the loose ends can be maddening. The unfocused mood disappears during the late morning, with the Moon's entry into Libra. Awareness of others quickly increases and relationships warm up. Fairness is an emerging theme after noon. Elements of design and balance are applied to wardrobes, furnishings, decorations and color choices. Not everyone shares the same tastes. Be prepared to listen to or express differences of opinion. Agree to disagree, respect a variety of views and in the end, harmony will prevail.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-9:59AM Moon enters LIbra.

January 29: A certain sense of time, placement and belonging permeates the first half of today. Social interactions are fruitful, partners steadfast, attentive and cooperative. The Libra Moon's early afternoon sextile with Saturn increases understanding as well as productivity. Work with others to maximize gains. Evening finds the Moon at odds with Mercury, Pluto and Uranus. Some folks are feeling up in the air, waiting for something to drop. Plans are likely to be postponed or cancelled as unforeseen circumstances dictate. Don't take these changes personally. Mercury's conjunction with Pluto can make withholding judgment and seeing the broad perspective a bigger challenge than one might expect. However, assume no harm was intended and do your best to move on.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:34PM-12:00AM.

January 30: The Libra Moon follows a void of course path from the stroke of midnight until late tonight. As a result, today is a lazy, indifferent and frequently indecisive one. Libra's tendency to foster co-dependent behavior may occasionally be apparent. Adding empathy and compassion, loving Venus is in a sextile with Neptune. Fantasies and daydreams are very much a part of today's landscape. A film matinee or visit to a gallery or museum can prove to be a truly moving experience, an art lover's pilgrimage or homage to creative genius. The aspect also encourages celebrations of Mother Nature's handiwork, including the great game of love.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-10:50PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Venus sextile Neptune.

January 31: Today brings a series of rather intense encounters. Hearts and minds are repeatedly stimulated, moved and enriched. A search for meaning is under way. With the inquisitive Scorpio Moon harmoniously engaging Neptune and Venus, some folks use their charms to take a purely sensual approach, seeking physical affection and closeness. Others explore and discuss the profound mysteries of existence, hidden motives, intimate needs and practical methods of attaining unity. The company you keep makes a huge difference in how this day plays out. Beauty, art and wisdom are present to inspire and be enjoyed, at least into the evening hours. There's a sea change tonight as the Last Quarter Moon and unexpectedly stressful situations arise. Be careful if you're out late.
Moon in Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 10:28PM, Mercury square Uranus.