January 2021 Daily Astrology

January 1: Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you dear reader, all good things in 2021! The waning Moon promotes celebratory moods from her perch in dramatic Leo. Mental Mercury’s early morning sextile to magical Neptune is the first planetary alignment of the year. We have it in our hearts and minds to dream big and make those dreams come true. The wise use of will and intention is paramount in creating good in this world. Greed and selfishness have to go, replaced by the growing awareness that we all sail in one boat. We are only as strong, wealthy and healthy as the weakest among us. It is time to raise our collective sights and end policies that fail to promote sustainable, egalitarian and democratic living. Given the coming year’s prominent astrological influences, progress is likely to come in spurts. Success will require persistence. On this relatively quiet day there is much to ponder.
Moon in Leo, Mercury sextile Neptune.

January 2: Weekend pleasures begin before dawn. The playful Leo Moon is making a Grand Trine with loving Venus and fiery Mars, a first rate celestial mood elevator. Flurries of messages and phone calls are likely throughout the daylight hours. Good news is cheerfully sent and well received. Outings and adventures are fun as are games of chance and athletic contests. Excitement levels hold steady through the afternoon but evening brings a quiet interlude. The mellower atmosphere is fine for relaxing and enjoying dinner. In the interest of good digestion and keeping the peace it may be best to avoid talking about controversial issues. Nighttime sees the waning Moon enter Virgo, prompting some folks to embrace a righteous cause.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:00PM-8:13PM Moon enters Virgo.

January 3: The Virgo Moon’s early morning trine to excitable Uranus has many people jumping out of bed, bright-eyed and ready for action. Instinctive knowing may easily outpace reasoning. Gut feelings and premonitions can be unerringly accurate. Pay attention and then follow up on a hunch or unique idea. The day assumes a calmer mood by late-morning. The following midday hours feel steady, grounded and productive. The earth sign Moon is in harmony with the Capricorn Sun. The celestial symmetry brings emotional strength and stability. In this atmosphere, seasonal chores as well as longstanding traditions feel comforting. For those who like to make New Year’s resolutions or set annual goals, it’s a fine time to solidify plans and firm up commitments.
Moon in Virgo.

January 4: Dream life may yield interesting or disturbing insights, however mental toughness will take ambitious souls sailing through today’s challenges. The waning Virgo Moon wants everything in its place and nothing less than perfection will do. Mid-afternoon lunar trines to Mercury and Pluto clear a pathway for material gains. This is a favorable day for making agreements and signing contracts. Because the Moon is at odds with Neptune and Venus, it’s wise to acknowledge and handle emotional issues. However, Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto reinforces the old adage, “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Keep your mind right. Accentuate positives. Be solution oriented. Cooperate. Minor snafus cannot long deny those who know what they want and believe they are deserving. Evening brings quieter moods, a good time for reflecting and relaxing.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:34PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

January 5: Shortly after midnight the Moon arrives in Libra. Social butterflies, diplomats and fans of elegant design awaken heartened by lunar trines to Saturn and Jupiter. If you have a message to send that requires tact, a broken fence to mend or a project requiring an artistic eye, attend to it first thing this morning. There’s something about the future that feels more hopeful than usual. Having been in Aries since the end of June, feisty Mars now stands at the final degree of his own first sign of the Zodiac. A surprise move could be an act of desperation or a last ditch effort to hold on. If you find yourself in an awkward situation, think carefully. Actions carry consequences, especially with the Red Planet at odds with Saturn and Jupiter. Play by the rules. There are sizable risks in flaunting conventions.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-12:42AM Moon enters Libra.

January 6: Be on good behavior. Taut Last Quarter Libra Moon energies dominate the pre-dawn hours. These twice monthly testing angles between the Sun and Moon tend to put folks on edge. As is so often the case in life, composure can be a matter of personal resolve. For early birds inner peace may depend on doing the right thing for one’s self rather than pleasing others. As the day progresses, a challenging, multi-planet T-square configuration underscores hopes and fears, just principles as well as dire necessities. Keep higher purposes at heart. Cooperate, be loving and serve the greater good. Do the right things and you’ll keep worries and future regrets to a minimum. Hesitate, and opportunities can well prove fleeting. Evening sees fiery Mars at last exit Aries and enter Taurus. Testing angles between the Red Planet, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus suggest that hot tempers and tumultuous political divisions will continue to make news during the coming weeks.
Moon in Libra, Last Quarter Moon in Libra 4:36AM, Mars enters Taurus.

January 7: Mixed influences bring blessings as well as restlessness during the overnight period. The waning Moon is in sultry Scorpio well before dawn. She spends the day testing Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. If that sounds like a tall order, it is. Proceed with caution. The chances of an accident are elevated. Watch your tongue as well as your temper. Guard against impatience. Challenging alignments represent formidable energies. The key is putting those forces to good use. Almost everyone is dealing with less than ideal realities, and not feeling their best. With realistic thinking and steady teamwork, much is possible. Relaxed bodies and minds increase efficiency. A ready smile or laugh also helps break tensions. Be especially alert and careful during the afternoon, when the Moon opposes unpredictable Uranus. Plans are likely to change.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:54AM-3:53AM Moon enters Scorpio.

January 8: Change is in the air. Mental Mercury enters Aquarius early this morning. The Winged Messenger’s new orientation directs attention to what lies ahead. Later in the morning Venus arrives in stodgy Capricorn. Pragmatic concerns impact many partnerships. If negotiations are under way, the earlier you begin, the better. A late morning sextile between the ambitious Capricorn Sun and imaginative Neptune emphasizes common interests as well as genuine concern for others. A “can do,” constructive ambience lingers. An evening time lunar sextile with Pluto expedites delicate discussions. However, don’t push too hard or work later than necessary. Mercury makes a difficult square to Mars tonight while the Moon goes void of course. A thoughtless remark can unravel progress and lead to resentments. Quit while you’re ahead and relax.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:59PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury square Mars, Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus enters Capricorn.

January 9: The stars continue to be super busy. Venus’ late morning trine with Mars is a harbinger of peaceful social relations. The agreeable mood is enhanced by the Sagittarius Moon’s string of harmonizing alignments with Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. Spirits are upbeat and eagerly looking to the future. This midday period is the most auspicious part of the day. Good feelings, optimism and hopes reach a peak during the early afternoon. As dusk nears, tonight’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction tightens. The alignment confirms some truths, putting rumors and lies to rest. It can also trigger passionate disagreements. In this era of fake news, even facts are now being debated. Stand up for your core beliefs but don’t expect everyone to agree. A celestial powder keg can quickly ignite. It wouldn’t take but a little spark to trigger a surprisingly intense argument so tread lightly.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-6:15AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Saturn.

January 10: With the Sagittarius Moon a waning crescent and well into the last quarter phase, life is naturally slowing. Plan to take this day at a comfortable, leisurely pace. A midday lunar square to Neptune tends to dissipate energy. Dreams may enthrall but at the same time be entirely unrealistic. A long ago disappointment could influence moods. Whether one is facing a current uncertainty or reminiscing about the past, positive thinking is the key to moving forward. Art, music and Mother Nature are each first rate mood elevators. By mid-afternoon the Moon is void of course. Those in a position to rest are wise to do so. Nourish your imagination with good conversations, thought provoking reading materials and inspiring videos. Important decisions and new commitments are best put off until another day.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:29PM-12:00AM.

January 11: Optimism is contagious today. Mental Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, the giant planet of hope and good cheer. Saturn’s close proximity helps keep expectations grounded in realism. The potent planetary trio stands in testing angles with Mars and Uranus. It’s time to think along visionary, unconventional lines. The stakes are high. Some feathers will doubtlessly be ruffled. Even cautious traditionalists can see many reasons to change priorities and develop new strategies. Luckily, the Capricorn Moon is conjunct Venus, helping to ease stress and making the notion of transformation more palatable. Connecting with others on a heart to heart level may be more productive than debating every detail and tactic. Trust your intuition if you find yourself “out on a limb.”
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-8:30AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

January 12: Mercury’s late morning square with Uranus could necessitate some deep breathing or the use of other stress management skills. Accidents may happen. The best defense is slowing down. Don’t jump to conclusions. Keep your mind open. New details can emerge at any moment. Mentally, the nail-biting square alignment can feel like a ride on a rodeo bull. The result may be bruising but in the end when the dust settles, enlightening. A late afternoon lunar sextile to dreamy Neptune keeps hearts and imaginations open. The darkened Capricorn Moon is at the end of her cycle. It’s a good period for reflection. A lack of celestial energy helps defuse tensions and increases the chances of an intellectual, spiritual or political breakthrough. Delay the start of projects until after tonight’s powerful Capricorn New Moon.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury square Uranus.

January 13: At the stroke of midnight the Capricorn Moon is new. The “game on” Sun and Moon conjunction is reinforced by Pluto, underscoring the transformational seed potential of the lunar new cycle. Pluto famously represents death and rebirth but also the heavy-handed misuse of power, as well as humankind’s potential to uplift one and all. Pluto shows its full promise when we cooperate, with the intention of improving others as well as our selves. These are the days to have magnificent obsessions! The astrological picture is complex. Mars is testing Saturn, a reminder to be methodical and proceed with caution. The Moon is void of course from the wee hours of the morning until shortly before noon when she enters egalitarian Aquarius. Energy levels pick up around lunchtime but progress can be uneven. The evening hours sparkle under Venus’ magical trine to Uranus. Life and love feel thrilling. A lunar conjunction with Jupiter adds to the sense of contentment. However, the late night news may contain shocking information.
New Moon in Capricorn 12:00AM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:22AM-11:44AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mars square Saturn, Venus trine Uranus.

January 14: Maverick Uranus returns to forward motion, triggering literal as well as figurative earthquakes. Life is in flux. Basic assumptions, truths and core values are examined and questioned. Uranus, by turn evolutionary and iconoclastic, challenges the status quo. Financial markets, which thrive on stability, may be rocked. Fissures in political and business alliances can break wide open. With the Aquarius Moon traveling void of course from before dawn until midnight, take your time and carefully scrutinize all that you see and hear. Much that is said will be of little long term consequence. Because the Capricorn Sun is conjunct Pluto, it’s best to look behind the scenes for hidden motives. Stay centered. Self-discovery, inner poise and awareness can empower some souls to accomplish remarkable feats.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 4:28AM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Pluto, Uranus Direct.

January 15: The waxing crescent Moon is void of course in Aquarius from midnight until evening. As a result the day has a laid back, lackluster atmosphere. Even though vitality may be in short supply, these quieter days of winter may be put to good use. Inner growth work as well as creative endeavors can both be quite fruitful. Under an Aquarius Moon networking with friends and associates may also be enjoyable, and perhaps plant a seed for some future adventure. Moods grow more reflective and sentimental as the Moon arrives in Pisces around sunset. Insomniacs find themselves energized when the hour grows late. A lunar sextile to Mars provides night owls with renewed enthusiasm.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-5:17PM Moon enters Pisces.

January 16: The morning hours have a pleasantly busy feel. The Pisces Moon is gracefully engaging Mars, Uranus and Venus, fine omens for social networking or just simply having spontaneous fun. The Moon’s noontime sextile to Venus is an entrancing high point. A long, slow midday meal is delicious. Beautiful people and settings are appreciated. Sweet love is in the air. The afternoon hours are noticeably quiet. Thoughts may drift as feelings also tend to fluctuate. Late in the day a pending square between Jupiter and Uranus could set off political fireworks. Thoughts and conversations can quickly veer towards controversial news of the day. Be attentive. Some folks are prone discussion gets out of hand. It may be wise to keep your thoughts to yourself, a simple case of “the less said the better.”
Moon in Pisces.

January 17: Overnight dreams may be idyllic or prophetic. The Pisces Moon is passing by Neptune, dissolving the usual ego defense mechanisms and infusing many spirits with an overwhelming sense of connection to all that is. The daylight hours feature additional uplifting alignments. The Moon is harmonizing with Pluto and the Sun, empowering people to be counselors and healers who promote good will. However, a challenging late afternoon square between Jupiter and Uranus requires close attention. Extremists, eccentrics and zealots are primed to have a field day. Some folks resist any notion of authority. If you find yourself debating a person with unusual beliefs, set a good example. Listen patiently, remain calm, ask questions and make constructive suggestions. Get used to it. The “question authority and how do we best proceed” themes are central to and reoccurring throughout 2021.
Moon in Pisces v/c 10:44PM-12:00AM, Jupiter square Uranus.

January 18: During the overnight period the waxing Moon arrives in Aries, astrology’s sign of beginnings. Keep in mind the Sun is nearing the end of its stay in Capricorn. There may be some practical matters that need attention and resolution before one is free to set off on a new course. Assuming loose ends can be tied up, expect a balancing act as the Moon forms encouraging alignments with Saturn and Jupiter. Today is a national holiday here in the USA. We honor the memory of the civil rights and economic justice leader, the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. However, the favorable lunar aspects to the primary business planets is a clear green light signal for all sorts of endeavors. Dr. King had a dream. Now is the time to work at creating your vision of a more prosperous and egalitarian future.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-2:07AM Moon enters Aries.

January 19: An early afternoon lunar sextile to Mercury is one of today’s dominant alignments. The aspect promotes smooth travel and communications, as well as other intellectual explorations. Another important factor is the imminent conjunction between fiery Mars and Uranus. Exact tomorrow, this aspect has explosive potential. We feel the increasing tension and volatility in many ways. Some are inclined to act impulsively. Religious or political views can override reason. Patience and caution are advised. Speed increases the amount of risk and danger. Mid-afternoon sees the Sun enter Aquarius, a sign associated with the future. Don’t let your imagination distract you from staying fully present in the here and now. Proceed one step at a time. Easy does it for the next forty-eight hours.
Moon in Aries, Sun enters Aquarius.

January 20: This is a difficult day. Be extra careful. The Inauguration Day stars vividly reflect the competing interests dividing our country. Two powerful groups of planets are at odds with each other. The Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius test the Moon, Mars and Uranus. Hopes for a more representative government that serves all its people are sky high. There are zealots on every side. With an explosive conjunction of Mars and Uranus exact this afternoon, courage and leadership may be shown in bold initiatives. A truly new beginning is possible. However, tempers are short. Pockets of violence are likely. Late afternoon brings the stressful First Quarter Moon in Taurus and a little while later, a lunar square with Saturn reminds us of how wearisome life can be. One silver lining is the recognition that changes have to be made. If our Nation is to thrive, wealth, dignity and respect must be shared.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:29AM-1:56PM Moon enters Taurus, First Quarter Moon in Taurus 4:02PM, Mars conjunct Uranus.

January 21: Most of today’s planetary action occurs during the overnight period. The Taurus Moon aligns with Uranus and Mars while the trio tests expansive Jupiter. Reverberations from yesterday’s unrest ring loudly and may keep some folks awake or in a fitful sleep. Calmer trends arrive with the dawning day. The relatively quiet atmosphere is a welcome change. Make your way with care and consideration of others. Moods take a decided upswing as evening darkness descends. The Moon is approaching a sweet trine with Venus. Some folks savor their material blessings, others revel in the wonders of love. Whatever your reason, it’s an excellent night for a merry celebration.
Moon in Taurus.

January 22: Getting going can be tricky this morning. The Taurus Moon is at odds with mental Mercury. Lunar squares to the Winged Messenger often interfere with communications. We hear what we want to hear, see what we expect to see and sometimes miss the obvious. Pay attention. Take extra time to get organized and begin your day’s activities. Commuters may encounter a traffic jam so plan accordingly. The heart of the work day is productive. Make business and personal decisions with confidence. The evening brings new challenges. Mars is nearing a square with Jupiter. The testing angle makes some people self-righteous while others become arrogant. The best bet is to avoid pontificating know-it-alls. For truly curious and open-minded souls, a challenge to one’s beliefs can lead to genuine soul searching and learning.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:28PM-12:00AM.

January 23: A Cosmic smorgasbord of aspects keeps this day hopping along. The waxing Gemini Moon forms a series of stimulating trines to the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter. Senses are sharp, minds are curious and conversations sparkle with intriguing ideas. Venus forms a mid-afternoon sextile to Neptune, a wonderful harbinger of spiritual love and artistic creativity. There’s magic in this alignment. A dream could be on the verge of coming true. Above all else is the Aquarius Sun’s annual conjunction with Saturn. Exact tonight, the pairing is an invitation to reach for our highest aspirations. Intrinsic to Aquarian principles are the ideals of sister and brotherhood. Now is the time to honor the bonds of friendship and community and work at creating a better world.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-2:43AM Moon enters Gemini, Mars square Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Saturn.

January 24: Sunday drivers, nature lovers and couch potatoes will all enjoy today’s astrological energies. The innately restless Gemini Moon thrives on intellectual explorations as well as being on the move. There’s nothing quite like a new place or idea for stimulating curious minds! This in turn often leads to lots of talking. Even ordinarily taciturn types may come out of their shell this morning. Clever plans can be hatched. A late afternoon lunar square with Neptune could raise a few concerns. Be wary of a misunderstanding. Keep an eye on valuable possessions as well as the skies. Bad weather may complicate travel schedules or social plans. Take appropriate precautions and play it safe. Excitability and moonlight are increasing as the Full Moon, now only four days away, draws closer.
Moon in Gemini.

January 25: The working week gets off to a slow start under a void of course Gemini Moon. As is frequently the case when the Moon visits Gemini, people have a lot on their minds and much to say. However, many thoughts are merely restless wanderings. Creative projects may develop nicely but it’s best to delay consequential decisions until mid-afternoon when the waxing Moon enters her own sign of Cancer. Sensitive souls already feel the rising tide of the approaching Full Moon. Steadfast maternal types protect those who are near and dear. An imminent square between the Aquarius Sun and Uranus gives rise to an uncertain, volatile atmosphere. Don’t mess with Mama! Strive for consistency, nurture friendships and most of all, be kind.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:17AM-1:52PM Moon enters Cancer.

January 26: The waxing Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus and Mars during the early morning, giving the day a high energy liftoff. Early birds feel empowered. However, the Sun is also forming an exact square with Uranus. Fate can suddenly intervene in a big way. As John Lennon sang, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” When Uranus energy is prominent, anything goes. The only thing left for us mortals is deciding how to respond to unexpected situations. To avoid slip-ups, falls and fender benders it may be best to slow down and proceed with caution. By mid-morning calmer trends take hold. Under a Cancer Moon, being housebound can be a cozy option. Make yourself comfortable. As we enter winter’s coldest weeks, a safe harbor is a priceless treasure. There’s magic in movies, story telling and dreams tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Sun square Uranus.

January 27: Full Moon fever takes hold. The waxing, emotionally volatile Moon is in Cancer. A late-morning opposition with Venus spurs many folks to reach out lovingly. Some relationships blossom but a second noon hour lunar opposition with Pluto suggests an overture could have ulterior motives attached. Be aware of your own needs, as well as those of partners. Love given freely, without expectations, comforts and heals. After noon the Moon embarks on a lengthy void of course period. Some passions lose intensity, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Stick to familiar routines and methods during the daylight hours. Late tonight the Moon enters Leo, setting the stage for tomorrow’s celestial fireworks. Rest and sleep well, if possible.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:55PM-9:54PM Moon enters Leo.

January 28: Today’s Full Moon in Leo is a doozy. Be on your best behavior. The Aquarius Sun is conjunct Jupiter and Saturn, magnifying every thought and feeling, and wringing every last bit of drama out of every incident. Responsibilities weigh heavily during the early morning hours. Commitments may be difficult to keep as the Moon activates the ongoing Saturn/ Uranus square. Stay humble. Venus’ conjunction with Pluto indicates a partner may be of considerable assistance. The early afternoon Full “Cold” Moon is part of a larger T-square configuration. As world events have increasingly shown, we are globally interdependent. Cooperation is key to human survival. Folks may not be able to completely agree on how to best proceed but tonight’s conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter offers big hopes and rewards for those visionaries among us. Upward and onward we go!
Moon “Snow Moon” in Leo 2:16PM, Venus conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Jupiter.

January 29: If yesterday’s Full Moon was the show stopper, today is the intermission. The planetary pattern is less active, giving us an opportunity to digest and integrate recent happenings. With reduced tensions, it’s a good day to get your bearings. A lunar opposition to mental Mercury is the sole exact aspect. The Winged Messenger is in a stubborn, nettlesome mood, stationed and preparing to turn retrograde tomorrow morning. Communications may be tricky so double-check all important messages, schedules and documents. Don’t force decisions or let overheated emotions get the better of you. As often occurs during the retrogrades of Mercury, a second look may soon turn up new information or a breakthrough idea. The nighttime hours grow quiet well before midnight as the Moon begins a void of course phase.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:53PM-12:00AM.

January 30: The now waning Moon arrives in meticulous Virgo during the overnight period. While the desire to improve one’s skills or living space is noticeable, watch out for a tendency to become overly particular. Under Virgo’s detail-oriented influence we can lose sight of the bigger picture. Vision may also be compromised by Mercury turning retrograde. If you find yourself having trouble making sense of certain people or situations, get busy. Lunar trines to Uranus and Mars enhance intuitive faculties and emphasize the advantages of being physically active. Whether you’re cleaning the house, helping out a friend or serving a cause, the combination of instinct and elbow grease can feel liberating and equally productive. Stay open-minded. Over the next three weeks Mercury’s retrograde is sure to bring game-changing new information to light.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-3:02AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury Retrograde.

January 31: The Virgo Moon is challenging Neptune this morning, culminating with a noontime opposition to the mysterious planet of dreams and fantasy. Creative souls may feel their Muses are close at hand. Empaths get the impression that spirits are drawing near. Others heed the call of Mother Nature, finding inspiration in the good Earth and her many gifts. Reflective types are content to relax and enjoy a leisurely Sunday. A nearing Solar square with Mars raises warning signals. Haste makes waste under this alignment. Tempers may grow short as patience wears thin. Frustration could be rooted in the thought that goals are once again unattainable. Put on the brakes and think about alternative plans and methods. Consult with a knowledgeable pal. Tonight’s lunar trine with Pluto could bring the solution you’ve been looking for.
Moon in Virgo.