February 2022 Daily Astrology

February 1: Rabbit! Rabbit! The month begins with the post-midnight Aquarius New Moon. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Saturn and all three celestial bodies are at odds with Uranus. This foretells a new activity cycle filled with unexpected challenges. Delays, detours, design changes and other hurdles are part of the upcoming landscape. After making a predawn conjunction with Saturn the Moon is void of course for the rest of the day. Hearts and minds are likely to be indecisive. Energy and enthusiasm may be lacking. Vague feelings contribute to the tenuous atmosphere. On a more positive note, creative projects and inner growth work can be fruitful. It’s best to hold off on making major commitments and decisions until later in the week. By then Mercury’s retrograde will be over and much that is now unsettled will become clear.
New Moon in Aquarius 12:46AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:01AM-12:00AM,

February 2: Happy Groundhog Day! At least for one day of the year we pay attention to a four-legged friend. After a quiet night, shortly before dawn the Moon arrives in Pisces. Here she joins forces with optimistic Jupiter. For many folks faith is renewed. Easy-going good cheer prevails through most of he day. As evening nears lunar sextiles to Mars and Venus add gusto to pleasurable activities. Good news arrives. Generous feelings increase. If you’re in a part of the world where people can gather safely, an after work meetup is great fun. If a physical adventure or gathering is out of the question, put technology to use. A phone call or Zoom meeting are good alternatives. Broaden your horizons. Welcome new ideas and different points of view.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-6:00AM Moon enters Pisces.

February 3: Emotions can outpace minds early today. Beginning at midnight the inventive Pisces Moon makes a series of visionary and heart-opening alignments. Some things feel true or possible without actual evidence. Hunches and convictions are that strong. Evening could bring confusion or poor judgment as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Drive carefully. Avoid mistakes. Mental Mercury is also shifting gears, resuming forward motion later tonight. Now in late Capricorn and close to Pluto, expect sudden revelations and moments of profound insight. It’s time to face facts, however uncomfortable they may be. A final late night lunar sextile to Mercury indicates vision is clear and many suspicions are likely to be validated.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury Direct.

February 4: The morning hours are an interesting mix. A void of course Pisces Moon can be very lazy but Mars’ sextile to Jupiter lights a fire under inquisitive minds as well as adventure seekers. Some folks will find it difficult to stay on track until the Moon’s late morning arrival in Aries. The invigorating and focusing lunar sign change is complemented by the Aquarius Sun’s early afternoon conjunction with Saturn. This annual pairing occasions a sober look at current realities. It also directs attention towards essential relationships and responsibilities. Less is more. It may be time to say goodbye to various things, ideas and obligations that have outlived their usefulness. With effort the midday period can be very productive. The evening stars are mellow but as night deepens tensions may rise. Pace yourself. Be aware and considerate of partners, their needs and expectations.
Moon in Pisces v/c 4:41AM-9:57AM Moon enters Aries.

February 5: Many souls experience a restless night. The waxing Aries Moon is at odds with sign ruler Mars. Deep breathing can ease some folks to sleep. If you’re a night owl and frustrations multiply during the wee hours, slow down. Remind yourself that you have chosen your current circumstances. Embrace the issues at hand as teachings to learn from. Consider various alternative strategies. Day breaks with heartfelt yearnings. Some needs are met but others may go wanting. Fill any emptiness by reaching out with love and kindness. The afternoon hours bring calmer, more satisfying trends. Lunar harmony with Saturn and the Aquarius Sun puts most people at ease. Priorities are clear. Doing the right thing seems effortless. Tonight’s celestial skies are relatively calm, giving everyone a chance to catch their breath.
Moon in Aries.

February 6: The morning hours can be useful for discussing complicated and emotionally sensitive issues. Testing lunar squares to Mercury and Pluto help reveal hidden truths as well as subconscious motives. Proceed cautiously. Be tactful, steady and kind. If the atmosphere gets too thick, a light-hearted distraction can clear the air. During the noon hour the Aries Moon goes void of course and earlier pressures diminish. Let your mind and body wander today. Decompress in Mother Nature or an absorbing hobby. Evening brings a substantial mood swing as the Moon enters grounding Taurus. The pace slows. Relaxing comes more easily. It’s a good night to indulge in favorite foods, pleasures and diversions.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:21PM-5:52PM Moon enters Taurus.

February 7: An electrifying afternoon conjunction of the Taurus Moon and Uranus dominates the daytime hours. Emotions can be a wild roller coaster ride. Spellbinding thrills, dazzling moments of self-expression and extreme restlessness are the order of the day. The allure of the new and different is powerful. Fortunately an array of supporting planets provides numerous opportunities to discover and explore intriguing interests. Success can come quickly. Optimism and energy are plentiful. Passions are high. Camaraderie and even romance are well supported by the day’s final aspect, a sweet lunar trine to Venus. Dine in style with your favorite loved ones tonight.
Moon in Taurus.

February 8: Repercussions from yesterday’s surprising developments continue. Some folks wake up faced with daunting challenges. Others feel ready to do the impossible. The morning’s First Quarter Taurus Moon prods even reluctant souls into action. Fiery Mars is also in an energizing trine to Uranus, favoring reformers, inventors and trailblazers. Once things get rolling today, momentum is unstoppable. Lunar aspects to Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and her own North Node sustain momentum on a forward path. Activity is creatively inspired. There’s no reluctance to work to achieve one’s goals. With the waxing Moon in the Sign of the Bull progress may be incremental but steady. Celebrate gains tonight. Don’t be afraid to recalculate and fine tune future plans.
First Quarter Moon in Taurus 8:50AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 11:48PM-12:00AM, Mars trine Uranus.

February 9: Shortly before sunrise the waxing Moon enters Gemini. Many people naturally become more analytical under this Moon placement. As you weigh feelings and options or make decisions, bear in mind that mental Mercury is nearly conjunct Pluto. It is easy to overthink or fall prey to tunnel vision. On the other hand, perceptions are exceptionally sharp. Detective work and research are facilitated. Important information awaits discovery. Game-changing developments impact many people during the next couple of days. Some folks are excitable tonight. Emotional responses, whether joyful, sad or judgmental, can be exaggerated. If you cannot think of something positive to say, keep it to yourself.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-5:27AM Moon enters Gemini.

February 10: Social distractions can become problematic this morning. A passion driven drama can be intriguing but significant practical matters also call for attention. The waxing Gemini Moon tends to be mercurial, quickly turning from one interest to another. The afternoon hours find the Moon in a stabilizing trine with Saturn. The harmonious pairing can oversee a period of notable accomplishments. Pay attention to deadlines, schedules and responsibilities. Use time wisely. Focus and determination are encouraged so stay on track and fulfill your obligations. There’s time to unwind later tonight as the stars favor dreams and other pleasures.
Moon in Gemini.

February 11: The Gemini Moon travels void of course from the wee early hours of the morning until evening. I’m no fan of void of course Moon Fridays. This circumstance reminds me of childhood school days, watching the big clock on the wall tick down until the bell rang and class was dismissed. As is usually the case, expect energy levels to lag, attention spans to shrink and numerous reveries to float in and out of mind. However, during the late morning mental Mercury makes a conjunction with Pluto. The alignment gives minds penetrating insight. It’s easy to spot a phony or a poser. Trust your instinctive responses to people and situations. Secrets and hidden motives may be revealed. Home is the place to be this evening as the Moon slips into Cancer.
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:23AM-6:27PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

February 12: Home and family matters will likely preoccupy many folks this weekend. The Moon is in her own nest, the sign of Cancer. Security is sought and likely found as a lunar trine to benevolent Jupiter dominates the midday period. Sharing and caring are prompted. The sweetness of domestic life is enjoyed. Afternoon social visits are also supported but in many parts of the world long distance communications are the only safe option. After nightfall moods become more passionate. The Moon is opposite Venus and Mars, both closely conjunct in Capricorn. This enjoyable “reach out and touch someone’ configuration has both romantic as well as good social potential. Whatever your relationship status may be, enjoy it.
Moon in Cancer.

February 13: Much of the day has a lyrical, dreamy feel to it, made possible by the waxing Cancer Moon’s harmony with Neptune. Creative juices are flowing. Innovative cooks and housebound hobbyists fashion new masterpieces. Muses are accessible. Mother Nature offers inspiration to artists, writers and photographers. The mid-afternoon Moon/Neptune trine alignment may also precipitate spiritual experiences. Nightfall brings uneven, shifting vibes. Unfinished business could need attention or a long lost pal might be in touch. As the hour grows late the Moon nears an opposition to Pluto. Feelings are easily bruised. Be sincere, clear, straightforward and firm with partners.
Moon in Cancer.

February 14: As daybreak brightens morning skies the swelling Moon enters glorious Leo, the archetypal sign of play and romance. What good timing for Valentine’s Day! Mental Mercury is at the final degree of Capricorn. Don’t be surprised to hear from or recall a long ago heartthrob or dear one. The Winged Messenger enters the friendly skies of Aquarius late this afternoon. The sign change could give rise to some momentary confusion, then an interest in what lies ahead. Otherwise it’s a comparatively quiet day, astrologically. The operative keyword is fun. An imminent conjunction of Venus and Mars adds both passion and joy to the day’s proceedings. If you travel solo tune inward to your inner child for some extra amusement.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:27AM-6:17AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury enters Aquarius.

February 15: The waxing Leo Moon charts a challenging course, testing Uranus during the pre-dawn hours and opposing Saturn late this afternoon. Sleep may be fitful. If you happen to wake up during the night, watch your step. Even in familiar surroundings the risk of an accident or fall is increased. The Moon/Saturn opposition warrants continued caution. Patience and perseverance both offer advantages. With the emotional pitch increasing due to tomorrow’s Full Moon, it will take great poise to navigate the day calmly and successfully. Tackle each item on your agenda with care. Don’t rush. At the end of the day the rewarding feeling of a job well done can be immense.
Moon in Leo.

February 16: Today is neatly divided into nearly equal halves. The Full Leo Snow Moon is exact just four minutes before noon. Expect a high wire act of a morning. Under the Leo Moon some souls feel moved to put on a show. Hearts are aflutter with the peaking lunar energy. Venus’ late morning conjunction with Mars in stoic Capricorn can solidify affections, firm up business partnerships and ignite other passions. Enjoying people’s unique traits and quirks is made easier, as is savoring life’s pleasures and personal accomplishments. Immediately after being full the Moon goes void of course. Full Moon fallout comes quickly but the letdown is only gradual and short-lived. By late afternoon the Moon makes a new home in Virgo. This evening is a good time to be health conscious. Relax, eat well and if possible, catch up on rest after the day’s earlier stresses and excitement.
Full Snow Moon in Leo 11:56AM, Moon in Leo v/c 11:56AM-3:42PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus conjunct Mars.

February 17: Today’s surprises tend to be wonderful. The Virgo Moon aligns with magnanimous Jupiter and eccentric Uranus during the noon hour. The midday lunar opposition to Jupiter inflates expectations and hopes. Technology facilitates progress and communications. Jupiter forms an exact sextile to Uranus this evening. Serendipity strikes! Welcome new as well as strangely familiar experiences. Something magical could already be happening or seem very imminent. Let the pure energy of your delight guide you. It’s a good day for making travel plans. Anticipation is soon rewarded. The celestial alignments hold the promise of remarkable healings, soulful connections, intellectual epiphanies and numerous mind-opening, magnificent moments.
Moon in Virgo, Jupiter sextile Uranus.

February 18: The diligent Virgo Moon’s opposition to evasive Neptune launches the day. Energy may easily melt away due to distractions and reveries. Ordinarily stalwart souls can suffer rare bouts of laziness. An old wound could resurface. Others may awaken feeling inspired but struggle to turn their vision into reality. Enthusiasm and vitality slowly but surely build. Late morning sees the Sun enter Pisces, the mysterious twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac. Early signs of spring may be felt, seen or heard. Like trickling water freed from winter’s icy grip, unseen emotional undercurrents can impact hearts and minds. However, the afternoon hours are productive. The Moon goes void of course this evening. Enjoy several mellow hours. By midnight the Moon is in Libra, setting the celestial stage for a socially active weekend.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:20PM-10:51PM Moon enters Libra, Sun enters Pisces.

February 19: Early birds find their minds and senses are super sharp. Awareness of others is also enhanced by the Libra Moon’s trine to Mercury. The alignment is good for doing paperwork and sending or receiving messages. However, certain partners could seem preoccupied. It’s wise to give others space to do what they please. Much of the day feels enjoyably mellow. Venus’ proximity to Mars fosters general joie de vivre and friendly participation in all activities. Romantic hearts may stir as the passionate duo is nicely aligned with dreamy Neptune. Artistic projects also benefit from a rich infusion of energy. Teaming up with collaborators increases the fun. Turn your attention to favorite pastimes later in the day and be thoroughly entertained.
Moon in Libra.

February 20: The astrological action is brisk this morning. For early risers a lunar trine to Saturn encourages embracing responsibilities and attending to chores. By mid-morning the Libra Moon is at odds with Venus and Mars. Juggling obligations and more appealing personal preferences can be difficult. No matter how tempting it is to indulge a partner, stay clear about your own needs. After all, charity begins at home. If socializing appeals, spend time with pals who enjoy similar interests and tastes. Mellower trends are in play afternoon. Plan to take it easy on this late winter day. Tonight’s news may raise a few eyebrows. Brace yourself for the latest revelations.
Moon in Libra.

February 21: Well before sunrise the waning Moon arrives in Scorpio. A mid-morning lunar trine to the Pisces Sun boosts emotional awareness. Relax, sink deeply into instinctive knowing. Go with the flow of your likes and aversions. The melding of conscious and subconscious awareness is empowering and potentially healing. Fueled by a fixed sign T-square featuring the Moon, Uranus and Mercury, talks about deep-seated feelings and persistent memories are likely throughout the day. Don’t lose sight of the fact that shining a light dispels the darkness. Emotional intelligence is a wonderful thing, sometimes defying logic but often leading to happier outcomes. If you’re out late tonight, slow down and pay attention.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:02AM-4:19AM Moon enters Scorpio.

February 22: Those of us who are back to work and school could feel some morning reluctance. The Scorpio Moon is at odds with Saturn, dampening enthusiasm and increasing worries and insecurities. Ready or not, the square also enforces the karmic rule, you have to do what you have to do. The second half of the day features an improved, brighter, lighter and more agreeable flow. Lunar harmony with Venus and Mars ushers in friendlier, more free flowing vibes. Companionship is warm and enjoyable. The evening is a fine time to show some initiative. Court a new acquaintance over dinner or make nice with a significant other. Candlelight, good food and beautiful music are elegant trappings, adding sparkle and spice to gatherings.
Moon in Scorpio.

February 23: After several hours void of course the Moon enters Sagittarius in time to enliven the workday. Mar’s afternoon sextile to Neptune fires up imaginations, helping move people closer to both their dreams and goals. Enlist support from dependable friends and allies. Delegate tasks. With good team spirit and a clear purpose, progress can be exemplary. A motivational Last Quarter Moon dominates the late afternoon. Feelings grow edgy. Be attentive to thoughts, words and actions. Misdirected energy can lead to mistakes and other unintended consequences. A good rule to follow is no matter what you see or hear, assume no harm was intended. Generosity of heart defuses tensions.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:24-8:29AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 5:32PM, Mars sextile Neptune.

February 24: Today’s trends are complex and oftentimes tricky. Don’t take on more than you can comfortably handle. The two love planets, Venus and Neptune, are in harmony. Their late morning sextile opens hearts and showers grace on many relationships. Expressive art forms flourish. The waning Sagittarius Moon is also busily engaged. As a result the day moves through a series of interesting scenarios and many mood changes. A productive afternoon lunar sextile to Saturn supports diligence and second efforts. However, Mercury is in a tense square with Uranus tonight. This angle can present communication challenges. Technology failures as well as poor timing may be problematic. Hunches can be wildly off base. Adding to nighttime uncertainties and angst is a lunar square to nebulous Neptune. If you get stressed out, breathe deeply. Relax your shoulders and body. Certain issues will have to wait until tomorrow before they can be resolved.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:24PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury square Uranus.

February 25: The morning hours pass slowly as the Sagittarius Moon travels void of course. With lowered vitality and powers of concentration compromised it’s best to postpone important decisions until afternoon when the Moon is in practical Capricorn. The sign change brings stability and greater certainty but an absence of planetary activity contributes to a persistent laid back atmosphere. An approaching lunar sextile to the Pisces Sun brings an energy uptick tonight. A get together with a lover or friends motivates some souls but be sure to take proper safety precautions if you do socialize. One cannot be too safe these days.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-11:27AM Moon enters Capricorn.

February 26: Harmonizing trends carry through this late winter day. Minutes after midnight the Capricorn Moon is in a fine sextile with the Pisces Sun. Night owls enjoy pleasant vibes while sleeping souls rest deeply. By daybreak the Moon is in a trine with visionary Uranus. Foresight comes through the mind’s eye as well as emotional sensations. A planned meeting or event could generate excitement and with the Moon also in a favorable angle to Jupiter, the Cosmos is signaling all systems go. A spontaneous day trip could be in the making. The afternoon hours feel mellower but as evening turns to night the Moon is again generating pleasing vibes courtesy of a sextile to Neptune. Films and other artful entertainment are captivating. The darkened night sky also puts on a magnificent show, if you care to look up!
Moon in Capricorn.

February 27: Early risers feel energized and psyched to face a new day. The action at home can be satisfyingly fast-paced under a potent Capricorn stellium composed of the Moon, Venus, Mars and Pluto. Bakers and breakfast makers feel inspired. Homes and hearths feel cozy. Household chores and other errands are quickly dealt with. By late morning the waning Moon is void of course. Relax and savor the more low key, meandering midday lull. By early afternoon the Moon’s entry into visionary Aquarius directs attention to the future. It’s a good day for dreaming about warmer weather. Plan your garden or consider upcoming vacation travel routes. However, the Moon is nearing the end of her monthly cycle. Wait until next week’s Pisces New Moon before actually ordering seeds or tickets.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:49AM-1:36PM Moon enters Aquarius.

February 28: The Aquarius Moon follows a rocky road. The familiar pattern finds Luna at odds with Uranus and conjunct Saturn. Disruptions, stop and go situations and other unexpected surprises complicate the morning. Commuter delays are likely. Slow down and use satellite navigation apps to avoid accident scenes and other delays. Flights may also run late. The afternoon brings improved travel and communications indicators. It’s a good time period for meetings and checking for missed messages. Tonight’s conjunction of the Moon and Saturn makes many people weary. Some go to bed early while others gear up for another try at a formidable task. Persistence usually pays off under the Lord of Karma’s influence. A lengthy void of course Moon period then slows the pace. Don’t burn the midnight oil tonight. Get some rest.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:01PM-12:00AM.