January 2022 Daily Astrology

January 1: Happy New Year!!! May all good things be yours in 2022! The waning Moon goes void of course during the wee hours of the morning. Dreams may inspire, alert or alarm. The first major alignment of the year is a scintillating trine between the Capricorn Sun and visionary Uranus. The middle of the night aspect favors friendships, progressive causes and holding everyone’s best interests at heart. With the Moon traveling void of course long before dawn, the daytime unfolds lazily. Plan on taking it easy. Catch up with loved ones. It isn’t until after nightfall, when the Moon enters Capricorn, that willpower stiffens. A lunar sextile to Jupiter graces the evening hours with good cheer. A celebration is in order so keep the party going.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 3:16AM-6:02PM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun trine Uranus.

January 2: Mental Mercury arrives in Aquarius shortly after midnight. The sign change plus the Moon’s midday trine to Uranus set many folks to thinking about the future. Be sure to factor in the improbable if you make plans. Given the continuing influence of the testing square between Saturn and Uranus, we continue to face humbling lessons. Unexpected events and erratic changes test the very human tendency to be creatures of habit. This afternoon’s New Moon in Capricorn, the first of the year, marks the astrological starting point of 2022. The conjunct Sun and Moon harmonize with Uranus and Neptune, an auspicious omen suggesting that government and industry, coupled with vision, compassion and reverence for Mother Earth, can serve all beings. Be responsible and pay attention to the calling of your heart, today and in the coming weeks.
Moon in Capricorn, New Moon in Capricorn 1:33PM, Mercury enters Aquarius.

January 3: The now waxing Capricorn Moon passes through a crowded area of the sky today. Lunar conjunctions with Venus, Pluto and Mercury sustain a “back to business” mindset. Dawn breaks, enriched by the lingering sweetness of the Moon/Venus pairing. With the Goddess of Love and Beauty retrograde, remembrances of cherished good times and assorted loves are likely. By late morning the Moon and Pluto hold sway. Hard work and “no-nonsense” attitudes are encouraged. By midday the Moon is void of course. The afternoon hours allow us time to decompress. Evening sees the Moon enter Aquarius, where mental Mercury awaits. A flurry of messages arrive after dark. This is a good time period for strategizing and solidifying plans
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:21AM-5:44PM Moon enters Aquarius.

January 4: A waxing crescent Aquarius Moon activates the Saturn/Uranus square during the middle of the day. A late morning surprise could be in store. Be prepared for disruptions, delays and the need to improvise. These testing alignments have been with us for the past year. By now most folks have learned to make adjustments, often on the fly. Still, the overall stress level is elevated. Deep breathing, proper exercise, extra B-vitamins and a good attitude can go a long way towards successfully managing while under pressure. Stay humble and be kind. If all else fails, have a good belly laugh. Fortunately, the Moon forms a constructive sextile angle with Mars this evening. Controlled and directed, energy is sufficient to meet all challenges. Venus’ pending sextile to Neptune helps sweeten the mellow nighttime hours.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:45PM-12:00AM.

January 5: For many folks getting over the midweek “hump” proves challenging. The Aquarius Moon is void of course from midnight until evening. Concentration wavers and energy can dwindle. Avoid making major new commitments, decisions and purchases under this lunar influence. On the other hand, forays into the the workings of the subconscious self are facilitated. Meditative and creative exercises are enhanced. Venus’ late morning sextile to Neptune adds a dreamy atmosphere that expands the realms of possibility. The aspect nurtures tender feelings, consideration of others and generates loving vibes. When the waxing crescent Moon enters Pisces tonight she finds Jupiter waiting. The auspicious duo join forces to lighten hearts and promote good will. Look for them in the western evening sky and count your blessings.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-7:17PM Moon enters Pisces, Venus sextile Neptune.

January 6: Eight of astrology’s ten major planets are ensconced in winter signs. These include the Sun, Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, the Moon and Neptune. The planetary placements emphasize worldly experience and spiritual wisdom. Put these strengths to good use on this day when the waxing Pisces Moon aligns with innovative Uranus. Their early afternoon sextile opens the doors to ingenious concepts and far-sighted alliances. Personal intuitive faculties can also be sharp so pay attention to hunches as well as coincidences. A seemingly fateful event can prove advantageous. Friends and co-workers may prove instrumental in making progress. The evening hours are quietly comfortable. Savor your privacy or enjoy favorite companions as well as other agreeable diversions.
Moon in Pisces.

January 7: The working week ends with a whirl of celestial activity. The impressionable Pisces Moon is at the center of the action. Lunar aspects to the Sun and Mars keep some souls wide awake into the wee hours of the morning. As dawn approaches the Moon is in harmony with retrograde Venus. A debt could be repaid or a long lost love might make an appearance. A creative endeavor may also catch a second wind. Day’s first light finds the Moon conjunct Neptune, a dreamer’s delight. Some folks may only reluctantly head off to work. Others can’t wait to put their plans into action. A productive day follows as the Moon moves into an early evening sextile with Pluto. Resilience and resourcefulness as well as copious amounts of elbow grease assure progress. A void of course Moon period follows. The quiet evening hours then provide the perfect opportunity to chill out.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:23PM-12:00AM.

January 8: Shortly after midnight the Moon enters energetic Aries. The challenge oriented fire sign of competitive spirits, leaders and risk takers hosts the Moon all weekend. Don’t be too quick to put yourself out on a limb. Sign ruler Mars is nearing a difficult square aspect with Neptune. Haste can easily make waste. Additionally, it’s wise to stay on top of changing weather forecasts. Luckily, the Moon is in an agreeable sextile with mental Mercury this afternoon. Thoughtful foresight is indeed a good thing. The aspect also supports connecting with friends and working collectively. Social interactions are gloriously promoted by the Sun’s evening time conjunction with Venus. This alignment is a fabulous omen. It will likely oversee many happy homecoming reunions, savory dinners, glamorous parties and inspired performances.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-12:26AM Moon enters Aries, Sun conjunct Venus.

January 9: Some folks have to work at getting comfortable this morning as the Aries Moon tests Venus. The quest for love, beauty and contentment can be entertaining but may also meet with mixed results, at least until the noon hour. It’s then that the Moon’s trine to Mars initiates a more fulfilling trend. Desires are suddenly met but a second wave of potential unrest follows. The uneasy First Quarter Moon phase is exact during the early afternoon. Quarter Moons prompt activity, the better to spotlight and deal with inner discord. A change in strategy may be called for. Forget about “me first” attitudes. Put the interests and needs of partners on an equal footing with your own if you want to enjoy the second half fo the day.
Moon in Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 1:11PM.

January 10: The early hours feel unsettled as the Aries Moon travels void of course. By late morning the Moon is in earthy Taurus and we gain newfound resolve and traction. A lunar sextile to Jupiter promotes afternoon optimism. A joyful sense of adventure infuses even routine activities. Deep thinkers and other world travelers feel buoyed, primed to experience, learn and grow. Story tellers and teachers excel at their crafts. The possibilities may seem limitless as the Sun also nears a sextile to Neptune. Dream and think big today. Offer a helping hand where it’s needed. If your focus involves creativity, incorporate universal symbols, dreams and spiritual knowledge. The Divine works through each of us, if we allow it.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:23AM-9:47AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun sextile Neptune.

January 11: Today is busy, complicated, at times mentally demanding and ultimately rewarding. The day is dominated by two challenging square alignments. One square involves four planets. The Taurus Moon is conjunct Uranus and the two stars are at odds with Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. These aspects may focus attention or lead to morning distress. Interruptions are likely. Disagreements can seem inevitable and unrelenting. Mars’ late afternoon square with Neptune adds to the confusion. Put your ideas forward tactfully. Show others you are listening, even if you don’t see eye to eye. When in doubt wait. Under these stars, a consensus may be impossible. Agree to have another go at problems tomorrow morning. The evening brings dramatically improved moods. The Moon reaches a pleasing trine aspect with loving Venus. Despite daytime stresses, all seems well. A workable solution could be decided on late tonight.
Moon in Taurus, Mars square Neptune.

January 12: Handle important issues and tasks during the first half of the day. On the U.S. East Coast the most productive period lasts from before dawn until mid-afternoon. Lunar aspects to the Sun/Pluto conjunction provide sufficient drive and incentive to handily navigate negotiations and other chores. This is also a favorable period for making decisions and long term commitments. By late afternoon the pace and productivity slow. The mellow evening could offer up a good intuitive sense of what move to make next. Late tonight the waxing Moon enters Gemini where she passes over her own North Node. Be on the lookout for a stellar idea, new data or other relevant information.
Moon in Taurus v/c 2:39PM-10:08PM Moon enters Gemini.

January 13: Mental Mercury, now in Aquarius, is slowing and will begin its first retrograde of the New Year tomorrow morning. The pending direction shift can lead some to hesitate, unsure of a recent decision or what direction to travel. Information may also surface while other facts could be questioned. Bide your time if you find yourself in a precarious situation. The waxing Gemini Moon does form a sensational trine with Mercury this evening. There could be several “aha” moments of discovery. Tune out distractions and focus on old-fashioned, common sense. Much will soon be revealed, regardless of Mercury’s status. Life doesn’t come to a halt when Mercury travels in reverse and as I occasionally remind people, we are here to use the “illusion,” not be used by it.
Moon in Gemini.

January 14: The waxing Gemini Moon continues to push the physical and emotional pace while over head, Mercury turns retrograde. The Winged Messenger’s early morning direction shift befuddles some minds while others gain in clarity and intention. Whichever camp you fall into, don’t be quick to judge. Mercury is close to Saturn and a change of course may be entirely appropriate. Only time will tell. The Moon is also at odds with Neptune and Mars in a tricky T-square configuration, a harbinger of extreme sensitivity, inflamed passions and in some cases, erroneous assumptions. Do your best to define goals and map out the best available course. Keep an eye on the sky for weather events. Overheated emotions cool down and troubled minds relax late tonight, after the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Ah, for a good night’s rest!
Moon in Gemini v/c 9:22PM-12:00AM, Mercury Retrograde.

January 15: Today starts slowly. The waxing Gemini Moon is void of course until almost midday. As a result the morning hours feel relaxed but mental sharpness could be an issue. In addition to the Moon’s uneven energy flow, Mercury’s recent retrograde may also add to the lack of clarity. Hold off on significant decisions and commitments. By noon the Moon enters Cancer and now nearly full, the rising lunar tide rapidly lifts all souls. The second half of the day has a distinctly different feel. Excitement is solid, feelings are true. An evening lunar trine to Jupiter enhances moods and gives rise to lively conversations and gregarious rounds of story-telling. The nighttime hours are comfortably mellow. Behind the scenes and out of sight powerful undercurrents are building. Big news is about to surface.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-11:11AM Moon enters Cancer.

January 16: The nearly full Cancer Moon’s morning sextile to Uranus facilitates lively gatherings of like-minded folks and also directs attention to a panorama of possibilities. The prospects look good. If physically getting together isn’t safe, put communications technology to use. The Capricorn Sun is conjunct Pluto, an annual omen of profound transformative potential. Depending on one’s focus and commitment levels, progress can be made in the spheres of personal awareness and worldly ambition. With Pluto it always comes down to power and how it is used. At its best, Pluto enhances personal healing processes and equipping others to meet their challenges. As the Cancer Moon opposes retrograding Venus this afternoon, extend an olive branch, profess your love or support a partner. After a busy day be sure to relax and enjoy the brilliant moonrise this evening. Take advantage of the nearly Full “Wolf” Moon and howl. It’s a great stress reliever!
Moon in Cancer, Sun conjunct Pluto.

January 17: Dreaming is animated by the Cancer Moon’s early morning trine with Neptune. Those who are up before dawn may awaken in the afterglow of a heartwarming memory. Artists and other creative souls are rightly inspired. Momentum is noticeable today, sustained by this evening’s Full “Wolf” Moon. The Moon opposes the conjunct Sun and Pluto, emphasizing the importance of significant commitments. Cultivate flexibility today. Cooperation is a worthy objective. Try to meet partners half way, without abandoning your principles. While the auspices are good for planting the seeds of successful endeavors, it may be best to avoid those who are unwilling or unable to make reasonable compromises or meaningful contributions. After being full during the early evening the Moon then goes void of course for the next few hours. The post-nightfall quiet could seem strange after a hyper-active day. Relax, reflect, and breathe in the calming Moonlight.
Full Wolf Moon in Cancer 6:48PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 6:48PM-11:03PM Moon enters Leo.

January 18: Important celestial changes continue. Uranus resumes forward motion late this morning. The eccentric planet of awakenings, revolutions and various shocks to the system has been retrograde since last August. The newly waning Leo Moon stands in opposition to Mercury and Saturn, and also in a testing square to Uranus. This four planet T-square configuration gradually increases stress levels throughout the day. The January 6th insurrectionists will soon face the consequences of their actions. Many people may feel beset by worries and uncertainties. Despite the unpredictable nature of life, this last full day of the Sun in Capricorn is an appropriate time to renew vows and other commitments. Just stay light on your feet and be quick to improvise as situations will surely evolve quickly.
Moon in Leo.

January 19: This comparatively mellow day plays out under a waning Leo Moon. The sole aspect of the day occurs during the wee hours of the morning when the Moon opposes dour Saturn. The alignment is a fine one for deep sleeping but those who work the overnight shift may feel the strain of keeping up with responsibilities. Use natural talents and creative impulses to make your way through the daytime. Some folks may step up and pleasantly surprise with their leadership abilities. Tonight sees the Sun enter intrepid Aquarius, the airy Sign of the Waterbearer that dominates winter’s coldest weeks. In general, people are taking a second look at their personal goals and security, as well as the bosses and politicians who may or may not be steering an agreeable course.
Moon in Leo, Sun enters Aquarius.

January 20: Night owls receive a timely energy boost while the Leo Moon harmoniously aligns with Mars. By daybreak the Moon is void of course and moods and enthusiasm are more subdued. Expect the early hours to be filled with ambiguous thoughts and messages. Don’t worry. Relax your mind and stick to routines. By the mid-morning start of business hours the Moon is in dutiful Virgo, where she offers clarity and restores momentum. This afternoon’s lunar opposition to Jupiter gives an expansive sense of possibility. Conversations and intellectual activities are more enjoyable. Teaching and learning as well as writing and study are favored. Resist any temptation to boast, slack off or take the easy way out. Remain zeroed in and attend to important details.
Moon in Leo v/c 3:15AM-9:02AM Moon enters Virgo.

January 21: Our Virgo Moon adventures continue. The early morning hours scintillate. The stars put love in the air. Harmonious lunar aspects to Uranus and Venus could be a prelude to romance. Even the mirror appears kind and loving this morning. A first glance infatuation is another possibility. Some folks may be lucky financially as well as socially. It’s a fine time to extend or receive an invitation. For those folks taking care of business the remainder of the work day is quietly productive. Tonight’s stars are perfect for stargazing or enjoying loved ones, movies, music and other artistic endeavors. Keep an eye on the weather if you happen to be out late. Be extra careful if you live in an area where fog, black ice and other seasonal climate risks are possibilities.
Moon in Virgo.

January 22: The morning stars help us speed through household chores and may also invigorate searches for information or sifting through complex psychological issues. Make shrewd decisions based on what you discover. Follow up on strong hunches. Increase efficiency by discarding unwanted items and recycling or repurposing others. Get right to the point in conversations. After lunch reduce rising tensions by remaining tactful. Avoid criticizing as bad feelings could linger through the Virgo Moon’s afternoon void of course period. As dusk turns to night the Moon arrives in sociable Libra. Moods brighten Lunar trines to the Sun and Mercury make for sparkling gatherings filled with interesting conversations. Because Mercury is retrograde there may be noteworthy reunions as well as deja vu experiences.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:46PM-5:03PM Moon enters Libra.

January 23: The Aquarius Sun’s early morning conjunction with retrograde Mercury continues a trend that developed last night. The pairing can conjure up remarkable meetings after long absences, reminiscences, and urges to connect with long time or long ago friends. The fleeting nature of life lurks in the background as the Sun sails steadily ahead towards the Lord of Karma, Saturn, during the next two weeks. Social inclinations receive a lift from the Libra Moon’s early afternoon square with retrograding Venus. The testing alignment can reinforce the need for love and the urge to reach out. It can remind other souls of unrequited loves and failed relationships. Fortunately, the Moon is also in a favorable aspect with Saturn by evening. Loyalty and appreciation of others help stabilize emotions.
Moon in Libra, Sun conjunct Mercury.

January 24: On this rather curious day the waning Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto and retrograde Mercury. Keeping one’s heart and mind on the same page is no easy task. Isabel Hickey often reminded her students that in astrology our thoughts are a function of the air element. Emotions are represented by water signs. Observe a pond, lake or the ocean and it’s easy to see the water reflecting the colors of the sky above. And so our feelings take cues from the messages our minds generate. On a day like this, being aware of one’s thoughts is an important first step. Mindful quality control is essential. What we focus on expands, especially when Pluto is in the picture, so think positive thoughts. At sundown the going gets easier as the Moon goes void of course. Relax and do something quietly constructive tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 5:10PM-10:57PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mars enters Capricorn.

January 25: Mixed trends require composure and balance all day. Remember to be thoughtful and kind. Retrograde Mercury’s change of signs, from Aquarius back into Capricorn, may add confusion to the challenges. The early morning Last Quarter Scorpio Moon can arouse jealousies and controlling behavior. A positive word of praise or encouragement reassures and calms insecure types. Dealing with headstrong individuals is an afternoon probability. Some folks feel frustrated by the slow pace of life. Don’t hurry. Be methodical. “T”s must be crossed and “i”s dotted. It’s one thing to have a vision or intuit where things are headed. It’s another to see those visions become a realty. Achieving takes time and often, more than one attempt. This evening, once again sweet words, kindness and consideration help soothe frazzled nerves. Simplify, let go of worries and take it easy tonight.
Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 8:41AM, Mercury enters Capricorn, Retrograde.

January 26: After a dreary post midnight lunar square with Saturn, the stars take a turn for the better. By morning’s light the Scorpio Moon is nearing a trine to Neptune. The planet of mysteries is also known as an agent of unconditional love and inspired artistry. Hearts stir easily and imaginations are fertile during the first half of the day. A blend of diligence, goodwill and mysticism can lead to powerful personal revelations as well as breakthrough performances. Motivation continues to be excellent right on into the evening. A lunar sextile to Pluto provides more than enough energy to successfully complete work. Today’s favorable outcomes go a long way towards proving that persistence is a prerequisite in most success stories.
Moon in Scorpio.

January 27: The Moon’s post-midnight brush with the Lunar South Node can stir powerful memories. If you’re up late find ways to express your feelings. Pen a note, send a text or email. Get anything heavy off your chest. During the wee hours of the morning the waning Moon then enters outspoken and friendly Sagittarius. The Moon’s placement in this jovial fire sign is enough to warm hearts and brighten moods. Throughout the day the uplifting tendencies are reinforced by lunar aspects to Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun. Learning adventures can be had but careful planning is advisable, especially during the midday hours when the Moon is testing expansive Jupiter. Don’t try to fit too many stops into your busy schedule or attempt the impossible. A friend come through with timely assistance, if asked. Optimism continues well past sundown and into the night.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:28AM-2:34AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

January 28: Super conscientious early birds are hard at work before sunrise. The Sagittarius Moon and Saturn inject ambitious souls with a strong sense of duty. By late morning mysteries are multiplying. The Moon is at odds with Neptune, undermining resolve and confusing minds. Pay extra close attention to delicate or complicated tasks. Dreams may be unrealistic. Retrograde Mercury slides closer to a second conjunction with Pluto as the day wears on. There may be good reasons to rethink strategies and employ different methods. It could even be best to put some projects on hold for a couple of weeks. Don’t worry, there will be other opportunities to resolve current impasses.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:00PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

January 29: Overnight, Venus’ six week long retrograde ends and the Goddess of Love resumes her forward motion. Now in Capricorn she is close by Mars and the Moon. The trio of planets is also harmonizing with Jupiter and Uranus, suggesting that some of us are due for fabulous surprises. Certain partnerships are ending, others deepen. The Moon’s ensuing aspects portend a busy, adventure-filled and ultimately satisfying day. Today’s stars promote being physically active and out in the world. Day trips and winter sports are encouraged. The last aspect of the day, tonight’s lunar trine with Venus, is a superb omen for romantic dinners and successful social gatherings. Keep in mind, the Aquarius Sun is nearing a twice yearly square to Uranus. Stay safe. Err on the side of caution. Plans and schedules may change in an instant so be prepared to improvise.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-4:09AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus Direct.

January 30: Expect the unexpected on this day when the Sun tests Uranus. The usual culprits can be expected to flaunt rules and laws and be generally obnoxious. Choose your companions wisely. Compounding matters is the Sun’s proximity to Saturn, the Lord of Karma. Those who have committed offenses are more likely to be feeling anxious. If not they should be. They will be held accountable in the coming days. The Capricorn Moon’s mid-afternoon sextile to Neptune offers glimmers of hope and for some, a chance at redemption. We all do well to remember St. Augustine’s observation that “There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future.” The evening hours are intellectually intense. Read, study, reach important decisions but never say never. Minds will change yet again, within the coming two weeks.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:44PM-12:00AM, Sun square Uranus.

January 31: Well before dawn the waning Moon enters Aquarius. We are once again nearing the end of the monthly lunar cycle. This is rightfully a time of rest, completion and consolidation. Recharge batteries and determine your priorities and goals for the coming creation cycle that begins with tomorrow’s New Moon. Consider that Aquarius is the sign of envisioning the future, and also rules the friends and allies who help make ideas and dreams real. We are facing momentous decisions. Adding to the pressure is Saturn’s closeness to the Sun and Moon. The three stars all form testing squares to capricious Uranus. As you set intentions be well aware that bigger forces are in play. Be prepared to both experience delays and roll with unforeseen changes.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-4:43AM Moon enters Aquarius.