January 2023 Daily Astology

January 1: Happy New Year!!! A fortuitous post midnight conjunction of Venus and Pluto is the very first planetary alignment of 2023. The heaven-sent aspect helps keep hearts pulsing, music playing and party lights burning into the wee hours of the morning. As an omen of things to come, we may experience either the absorbing power of Love or the self-centered love of power as a controlling force. In all likelihood we will see both extremes on the world stage. As dawn arrives the waxing Taurus Moon and Capricorn Sun bring contentment. A late afternoon lunar conjunction with Uranus encourages casual as well as spontaneous get togethers. Trying new things can be a new holiday ritual. The Moon/Uranus duo reaffirms changes for the better are under way and with retrograde Mercury nearing a sextile to dreamy Neptune, hopes are sky high.
Moon in Taurus, Venus conjunct Pluto.

January 2: Night owls are treated to glorious visions and beguiling diversions. Escape routes from reality include one’s own imagination, films, meditation and other mind altering experiences. Daybreak brings a major mood change. A sobering lunar square to Saturn dominates the early morning. Resolute hearts soldier steadily on under a waxing Taurus Moon. As the day progresses uplifting lunar aspects build confidence and momentum. Teamwork is especially productive. A quiet interlude marks the early evening but cheerful, “can do” attitudes are sustained. A trine between the Moon and Venus, newly arrived in Gemini and Aquarius respectively, helps make the nighttime effervescent. It’s an opportune time to catch up with friends.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:16PM-9:44PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury sextile Neptune, Venus enters Aquarius.

January 3: The waxing Gemini Moon contributes to the accelerating pace and increasingly emotional drift of life. Luna’s midday conjunction with Mars energizes minds and bodies but also raises warning flags. Pay attention to your tone of voice. Guard against impatience. A sense of urgency can motivate some souls or irritate others. A little tact helps ease the way through any rough spots. Fortunately, Venus is nearing an exact sextile with Jupiter. The happy alignment boosts confidence and encourages friendly, open-hearted generosity. Be quick to praise and offer compliments. Tonight’s conversations tend to be instructive and enjoyable. Friends as well as lovebirds easily express their mutual admiration and affection.
Moon in Gemini.

January 4: Insomniacs and night owls revel under a heartwarming sextile between Venus and Jupiter. All seems well under the canopy of twinkling stars. Daybreak finds the Gemini Moon, now nearly full, heading towards a stabilizing trine aspect with Saturn. Throughout the working day the alignment lends itself to being responsible, on time and fruitfully engaged. It is also advantageous for planning and decision-making, especially where long term success is envisioned. A nearly simultaneous lunar square with Neptune does require careful attention to details, messages and important items. Other people are not privy to your private thoughts. Assume nothing. Diligently inform and educate partners about strategic goals and plans. After a day of intense efforts the evening is a good time to slow down. Plans to relax as the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:08PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Jupiter.

January 5: Don’t be fooled by the sluggish start today. The Gemini Moon is completing a long void of course period that began yesterday evening. Minds tend to drift and vacillate. By mid-morning the waxing Moon is in Cancer where she will be full tomorrow evening. Focus quickly sharpens and life feels more captivating. The Capricorn Sun is also in a late morning trine to Uranus. Our capacity to imagine soars during this midday period. Psychic impressions can be quite accurate. Necessity may lead to unexpected partnerships and affiliations. Technology is a useful tool. Listen to the opinions of progressive thinkers and visionaries. Stay close to hearth and home tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-9:15AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun trine Uranus.

January 6: Emotions are volatile, competing with logical thought processes throughout the day. Protective instincts and clan loyalties are strongly felt. An enlightening afternoon lunar sextile to Uranus inspires feelings of unity. Sisterhoods, brotherhoods and other friendly connections are focal points. As the evening’s Full Wolf Moon in Cancer intensifies, many folks look for the practical advantages of various relationships. Responsibilities to partners and family members are also spotlighted by the rising Moon. Getting on the same wavelength with colleagues can be exhilarating and very productive. If certain ties feel strained, try to stay open-minded and objective. Today’s difficulties are most likely only temporary. Successful long term unions always require patience, love, mutual respect and kindness.
Moon in Cancer, Full Wolf Moon in Cancer 6:08PM.

January 7: Following yesterday’s Full Moon, emotions continue to be intensely felt. The Capricorn Sun’s early morning conjunction with mental Mercury has its own unique challenges. It’s super easy to identify with thoughts but ego tends to interfere with unbiased thinking. If objectivity is lost and you know it, hold off on making judgments or voicing opinions until late morning. Just watch your thoughts come and go. The Cancer Moon is also moving into a late afternoon opposition to Pluto. The aspect sensitizes feelings. All the same, some hunches can be uncannily accurate. Detective work and research may be fruitful. A void of course Moon dominates during the quiet evening hours but the Moon’s entry into fun-loving Leo gives night owls a burst of energy. The late night party scene is lively.
Moon in Cancer 5:23PM v/c-9:40PM Moon enters Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury.

January 8: The weekend finale is a passion-filled, animated exercise in fun. Night owls can find themselves on a quest for adventure. The waning Leo Moon provides plenty of morning time stimulation. Joyful expressions as well as entertaining social encounters are encouraged by midday lunar aspects to Venus and Mars. Spirits are high all day. Heartwarming reunions are likely. Mercury’s evening trine to Uranus provides a lucky, something special can happen at any time feeling. Minds are sharp. Pure intuition can be amazingly accurate. Be ready to go beyond your usual physical, emotional and mental boundaries if you want to take full advantage of unexpected opportunities.
Moon in Leo, Mercury trine Uranus.

January 9: Overnight restlessness is likely as the fiery Leo Moon tangles with Uranus. Watch you step if you’re on the move and speed if you’re out driving. Homebodies are advised to calm jittery nerves with whatever works. Deep breathing, meditation, calming tea and reading are all good. Morning breaks as Venus is forming an uplifting trine to Mars. The Red Planet, retrograde since late October is stationing and will soon resume forward motion. Unexpected reunions are now likely as are changes of heart and mind. Certain intellectual and legal issues, as well as communications snafus may soon be resolved. This evening’s lunar opposition to Saturn can bring feelings of fatigue. Despite the potential lack of energy it could be an opportune time to take care of a responsibility. The Moon goes void of course well before midnight, making for sound, restful sleep.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:52PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Mars.

January 10: The void of course Leo Moon helps make the early morning hours feel lackadaisical. Getting focused and up to speed can be daunting. By late morning the Moon is in industrious Virgo. A testing lunar square to Mars dominates the latter parts of the day. The fierce Red Planet resumes forward motion later in the week. Hesitation can be a mark of wisdom under these auspices. Adding to uncertainties is mental Mercury’s continuing retrograde. Do what you can to identify real needs and desires. Clarity will come in time but it’s unlikely that much can be resolved today. A leap of faith could be just around the corner.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-10:15AM Moon enters Virgo.

January 11: Take another shot at redemption this morning. The Virgo Moon is happily aligned with sign ruler Mercury. Even though the communications planet is still retrograding on a backwards track this can be an opportune time to connect with a longtime acquaintance, clear up a misunderstanding, complete an assignment or revamp plans. A second look at any number of issues and situations can lead to startling breakthroughs as the Moon, Mercy and Uranus form a brilliant Grand Trine alignment. Welcome contributions from oddballs, geniuses and free thinkers. Today and the next few late week days are brimming with creative energy.
Moon in Virgo.

January 12: Early birds are heartened at the start of the new day. The Virgo Moon and Capricorn Sun are favorably aligned, a godsend for doers, difference makers and diehard perfectionists. A nearly simultaneous lunar opposition to Neptune inspires altruism and inventiveness. Put your imagination to good use but keep essential data and processes secure. One detail or step at a time is recommended. When it comes to practical matters, the afternoon hours continue to be productive. Mighty Mars resumes forward motion after a two and half month retrograde in Gemini. New tactics may be justified. A lunar trine to Pluto helps keep attention focused on important priorities. Evening ushers in a mellower period as the Moon goes void of course. Tonight’s dreams promise to be interesting. Remember them if you can.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:06PM-9:56PM Moon enters Libra, Mars Direct.

January 13: Resilient faith, trust and a possible sense of relief enhance the morning hours. The Capricorn Sun is well-aligned with Neptune, a mesmerizing planet of forces more mysterious and larger than ourselves. Dreams, Mother Nature, art, the mysteries of the Cosmos as well as spiritual practices may all contribute to inspired works. Efforts are invigorated by the Libra Moon’s early afternoon trine to Mars. By the time evening is nearing, momentum slows. The weekend also approaches and thoughts quite naturally turn to more personal interests as well as recreational plans. Nighttime trends support sparkling social events and affectionate ties. The later it gets, the warmer the feelings grow.
Moon in Libra, Sun sextile Neptune.

January 14: Competing trends bring both rewards and challenges. The Libra Moon reaches her Last Quarter stage tonight. Testing angles between the Moon and Sun often bring up conflicting emotions. With Luna in partnership oriented Libra the desire to get along with others is great. The Capricorn Sun tends to be more businesslike and pragmatic. Fortunately, the Moon is also forming trines to both Venus and Saturn. Alert souls know the right things to say and do. Adding to the day’s challenges is Venus’ square with Uranus. Evening social schemes can easily go awry. Friendships may be tested. If a loved one is struggling with an unexpected setback, don’t panic, be a steadying voice.
Moon in Libra, Last Quarter Moon in Libra 9:10PM, Venus square Uranus.

January 15: Insomniacs may wrestle with matters they cannot control. A change of attitude is the way out of an impasse. Just after sunrise the waning Moon, now in her last quarter phase, enters Scorpio. The coming week is a time of consolidation and endings. There may be opportunities to repay karmic debts this afternoon. A long ago partner could reappear. Be quick to acknowledge the contributions significant players have made in your life. Nighttime communications can offer practical advantages. Listen attentively and prepare to be informed and enlightened.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:40AM-7:08AM Moon enters Scorpio.

January 16: As the Sun moves closer to Pluto certain ongoing dramas are sure to intensify. Emotional sensitivities increase. Growing self-awareness is also likely. A busy Scorpio Moon, no stranger to drama, prompts upsets and outbursts. The morning’s volatile lunar opposition with unpredictable and uncontrollable Uranus is sure to put nerves on edge. Those who can stay calm and ride the tiger experience the opposition as exhilarating. Adaptability and inventiveness are constructive ways of using the quicksilver energy. The engaging, at times sultry and secretive Moon’s mid-afternoon square with Venus in freedom-loving Aquarius can raise boundary and trust issues. Do your best to give others space. Finally, the evening brings mellower trends as the Moon nears a relaxing trine with Neptune.
Moon in Scorpio.

January 17: This is a day for getting good results. Moods are confident and assertive to start. The Scorpio Moon is favorably aligned with the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Determination, resilience and ingenuity carry the early morning hours. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course. It is time to slow your pace, especially if you have overexerted earlier. The noon hour sees the Moon enter Sagittarius where she forms a super optimistic trine with Jupiter. Confidence, faith and an unworried thirst for adventure are ignited. The buoyant mood holds sway until evening. This is a fertile period for getting messages across or floating big ideas. Minds tend to be open. Adventurers on the move make fast tracks. Momentum decreases after dark. Late night travelers are advised to use caution.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:27AM-12:33PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

January 18: The morning hours feature two significant events, both in earthy Capricorn. Mental Mercury resumes forward motion and the Sun conjuncts Pluto. For many souls, clarity returns and a time of decision is at hand. Minds can be incredibly focused. Do not underestimate the importance of positive thinking. Hunches and premonitions may feel compelling. Wise leaders, co-workers and counselors concentrate on empowering others. Cooperate. The strength from working in unison with partners is unmatched and unbeatable. Financial opportunities could present themselves. The likelihood of good fortune striking is reinforced by tonight’s lunar sextile with Venus. The alignment supports good cheer and feelings of contentment, as well as friendly ties.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun conjunct Pluto, Mercury Direct.

January 19: Change is in the air. The Sun is at the final degree of Capricorn. Some folks feel they are at a karmic crossroads, inclined to wash their hands of commitments. Finish up what you can. Make ready for the new. The waning Sagittarius Moon is void of course from before dawn until early afternoon. Day breaks with a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Hearts and minds have plenty of room for rambling. Let your curiosity gravitate where it will. Go with the flow. Put off key decisions and major purchases until the Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn this afternoon. Multi-tasking receives a boost from a lunar square with Jupiter but be careful, don’t take on too many things at once. Distractions can become hindrances to making real progress. Nevertheless, the evening is a good time for dreaming and plotting new adventures.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:09AM-2:11PM Moon enters Capricorn.

January 20: During the overnight period the Sun enters Aquarius. Winter’s deepest cold and icy stillness typically follows. This is also the last day of the monthly lunar cycle, a time of completion, when energy levels are naturally low. If you want a project to succeed, delay launching it until after tomorrow afternoon’s New Moon. The Capricorn Moon does offer the promise of a better future, via an afternoon trine to visionary Uranus. The aspect is excellent for networking and planning sessions. Share your thoughts and interests with like-minded pals. Listen to your intuition. Kick around various possible scenarios but hold off on taking action for now.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun enters Aquarius.

January 21: The day begins with the Moon still waning in Capricorn. Her late morning union with Pluto instills everyday tasks as well as more monumental challenges with added purpose and intensity. A brief void of course Moon period offers a relaxing midday break. This afternoon’s New Moon in Aquarius is the main story. A potent stellium of the Moon, Sun and Pluto emphasizes the depth of commitments now being made. In the coming weeks there are opportunities to remake the future. As you set intentions and launch new projects, be sure to direct your talents and resources wisely. Bettering others is a sure way to better yourself. A celebratory mood grows as evening nears. Nighttime gatherings are animated, interesting and filled with hearty laughs.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:52AM-1:29PM Moon enters Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius 3:53PM.

January 22: Today’s start of the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit plays out under the recently New Aquarius Moon. A midday lunar square with Uranus is a portent of unexpected challenges and surprises. As an omen for the coming year, stay humble. Like it or not, Fate can intervene at any juncture. Adding fire to the drama is Uranus’ return to forward motion. The eccentric planet has been known to trigger personal epiphanies as well as mass movements. It is also associated with instability, including earthquakes. Financial markets may be in flux. Venus is also conjunct dour Saturn, the planet of fears, responsibilities and endings. Some relationships face crucial decisions. A few will end. Other alliances are made stronger by ongoing pressures.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus conjunct Saturn, Uranus Direct.

January 23: We face the start of the working week under a void of course Aquarius Moon. The attendant lack of energy requires an extra effort to get up and going this morning. If you have important matters pending bide your time until after lunch. By then the waxing crescent Moon is well on her way into Pisces. Concentration sharpens and vitality picks up. The pending square between the Moon and Mars requires precautions be taken. Know what you want. Having clear goals and maintaining one’s personal power helps define the path going forward. Lastly, here’s another suggestion for tonight, don’t hurry.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:19AM-12:36PM Moon enters Pisces.

January 24: There are fabulous energies supporting learning, thinking and traveling today. The Pisces Moon makes an early morning sextile to Mercury in Capricorn. Dreams and ideas easily translate into plans and actions. A midday lunar sextile to Uranus keeps the inventive spirit of the day fresh. Spontaneous thoughts flow freely. People organically come together as friendly teammates. Naturally intuitive folks find their senses are sharp. Capping off the day is the Sun’s sextile to Jupiter. Optimists feel elated. The expansive, protective alignment facilitates intellectual as well as spiritual growth. On time travel and clear communications are favored. Tonight’s story telling sessions are captivating.
Moon in Pisces, Sun sextile Jupiter.

January 25: Dreams may contain valuable information and divine guidance. Under an empathic Pisces Moon the productive morning hours can catch some folks off guard. To make the most of opportunities be open to and take advantage of mutually beneficial arrangements. Input from an adventurous partner can be helpful. Shortly before noon the Moon goes void of course. A midday lull follows. Enjoy a leisurely lunch. Let that Pisces Moon creativity ebb and flow. Use your imagination. Bounce whimsical ideas off of friends and associates. Seeds may be planted for future projects. Mid-afternoon sees a mood swing as the Moon enters dynamic Aries. Daring spirits are moved to action and new adventures begin. Enthusiasm remains strong right up until midnight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:12AM-1:48PM Moon enters Aries.

January 26: A waxing Aries Moon fosters a take action approach to life. A pre-dawn lunar sextile to Mars prompts eager beavers to jump out of bed, ready and able to tackle the day’s challenges. Earlier anticipation could be slowed by mid-morning when the Moon assumes a testing position with mental Mercury. A more realistic assessment of costs and the time required to complete a project can lead to second thoughts. Adjust your plans accordingly. The remainder of the day is comparatively quiet. Tonight Venus exits cool, unflappable Aquarius and enters mystical Pisces. The Goddess spirit is alive and well, more empathic, caring and sympathetic than she has been in weeks. Lovers are advised to try a little tenderness.
Moon in Aries, Venus enters Pisces.

January 27: Duty calls early this morning. The Aries Moon’s sextile to Saturn is the motivating factor. Morning is the best part of the day for business related matters. Afternoon bargaining sessions require tact and diplomacy. Sensitive types are feeling protective, and will likely overreact to either real or imagined transgressions. Handle associates with care. Late afternoon sees the Moon begin a short-lived void of course period. The less focused atmosphere overshadows the evening commute but brighter skies soon arrive. The Moon enters Taurus where she harmonizes with Venus, a true mood elevator. Tonight is excellent for small get togethers, parties and romantic rendezvous.
Moon in Aries v/c 4:01PM-6:42PM Moon enters Taurus.

January 28: The morning hours are potentially stressful. The Taurus Moon is at her First Quarter stage. Some folks have no clue as to why they feel antsy. Obligations and practical necessities may seem to be an unnecessary burden. A course correction could be in the making. Give partners space to work through their worries. There will be better times to talk about worries later in the day. People are happy to share their ideas after dark. Ingenious solutions are more likely to be hit upon as the Moon trines Mercury and conjuncts inventive Uranus. Tonight’s atmospherics support meetups of eccentrics, oddballs, artists, reformers and progressive thinkers. Embrace the new and different.
Moon in Taurus, First Quarter Moon in Taurus 10:19AM.

January 29: Much of the day has a relaxed, magical feel. The Taurus Moon is harmonizing with Neptune, inviting us to follow nature’s course and go with the flow. The afternoon alignment is a good one for cultural stimulation. Visit a museum, take in a movie or a recital. Life gets intriguing this evening. A lunar square with Saturn presents wearisome time constraints. Social obligations can also weigh heavily. On the other hand an electrifying trine between the Sun and Mars prompts many people to be active. At the very least the desire to have one’s say is strong. Mental Mercury’s trine to Uranus quickly follows. This alignment is the stuff of original thinking, revelations and spiritual enlightenment. Conversations can be fascinating. Explore uncharted territory, in the world and in your head.
Moon in Taurus, Sun trine Mars, Mercury trine Uranus.

January 30: Thanks to a midday lunar square with Venus, the morning hours can feel extraordinarily busy. In the rush to make things happen, a partner may feel confused or left out. For the ambitious person who tries to do too much, needs may easily go unfulfilled. Availability to others can be greatly reduced. A midday or early afternoon conversation helps shed light and resolve either scenario. This is also a favorable period for meetings. Throughout the day it may be wise to consciously slow bodies, minds and tongues. The Gemini Moon’s potent late night conjunction with Mars is the motivating force behind achieving desires. Temperamental types need to control their temper. Drivers are urged to watch their speed.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:52AM-3:35AM Moon enters Gemini.

January 31: The month ends under mellow skies. The Gemini Moon makes but one aspect, a wee hours of the morning trine with the Aquarius Sun. The harmonious angle lends itself to inner peace and restful sleep. As the day progresses the Moon nears a testing square with Neptune. Expect some feelings of deep discontent. Uneasiness can start a quest to decipher hidden meanings and ponder other mysteries. Because the Sun is nearing a twice yearly square with unpredictable Uranus, many souls are on edge anticipating a meaningful life change. It’s difficult to say how current issues may be settled. Be patient. Answers will come in a few days.
Moon in Gemini.