July 2021 Daily Astrology

July 1: July begins with a precious heavenly gift plus a few added wrinkles. The fiery Aries Moon is well aligned with Venus in Leo, giving playful, creative and affectionate people rousing encouragement. The pleasurable early morning hours are tempered by Mar’s mid-morning opposition to Saturn. Partnerships may suddenly veer into unexpected trouble. Steer a steady course. Be ready to work together and compromise. Responsibilities may need to be reassigned to more willing associates. Plans can also prove unworkable and schedules are likely to face delays. Press on but the Last Quarter Moon presents additional stresses during the afternoon. Loyalties could be tested. Remain patient. The evening hours offer a welcome respite from ongoing tensions. Reaching agreements is easier then.
Moon in Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 5:11PM, Mars opposite Saturn.

July 2: A mellow day would be lovely but alas, it’s not in the stars. The waning Moon is in Aries, where she forms a midday sextile with mental Mercury. The alignment facilitates clear thinking and straight talk, infused with Aries passion and poise. The noon hour is a favorable time for considering different points of view and making decisions. Take note, Mars is still close to its point opposite Saturn and both planets are simultaneously at odds with Uranus. The resulting configuration is volatile and potentially explosive. Move and drive carefully. Use deep breaths to minimize physical stress. It’s well worth the extra few minutes it may take to stay centered. Cultivate ties with supportive allies and be courteous if you’re traveling late tonight.
Moon in Aries.

July 3: The Moon enters earthy Taurus early today, for a while easing persistent tensions. A noontime lunar sextile to Jupiter is mood-elevating, and a favorable omen for travel, sports and games. However, remain vigilant in all you do. Still part of a dangerous fixed sign T-square, Mars makes a volatile square angle with unpredictable Uranus tonight. Avoid acting hastily. Slow down. Use extra care around fire pits, barbecues, machinery or while driving. Stay clear of hotheads and other known trouble-makers. Genuine concern and attention for the welfare of others defuses tensions and reduces potential risk factors.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:15AM-8:28AM Moon enters Taurus, Mars square Uranus.

July 4: Happy Independence Day! The astrological omens are a mixed bag. Close to Uranus, the Taurus Moon is now passing through the prevailing T-square that also includes Mars and Saturn. Many folks feel weary and anxious this morning, warily looking for the world to change. Some souls await the next big thing. A late morning lunar sextile to the Sun holds the promise of a better future. Nonetheless, the risk of an accident or fire is elevated until mid-afternoon. Pay attention. Handle fireworks, fuels and other flammable substances with utmost care and attention. For some folks, emerging from quarantines and lockdowns continues to feel strange, adding to uneasy feelings. Many are still searching for the new normal. The second half of the day brings gradually improving trends, although it’s still wise to proceed cautiously.
Moon in Taurus.

July 5: Getting started after the long holiday weekend may seem like a daunting proposition. Where there is a will or an inspiration, there is a way to succeed. The Taurus Moon aligns with dream weaver Neptune and pragmatic Pluto to make this a productive morning. Joining forces with co-workers and associates offers advantages. With the Cancer Sun making a sextile to community-minded Uranus, the combined energies of two or more like-minded people can be formidable. Enhanced visionary faculties are also a plus. The fertile energies fade after midday. Early afternoon sees the Moon begin a substantial void of course period that lasts until well after dark. Minds and imaginations are active tonight, especially after the Moon enters Gemini. Before going to sleep make a mental note to remember your dreams.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:57PM-9:24PM Moon enters Gemini, Sun sextile Uranus.

July 6: Creative minds are active during the overnight hours. Mental Mercury is at odds with Neptune. If you happen to be awake, watch what you eat or drink. Day dawns under comparatively mellow skies. The Gemini Moon is passing her own North Node, highlighting new ideas and pointing the way towards unscripted adventures. Social lives pick up this evening. By then the Moon is harmonizing with Venus and Saturn, an invitation to work at partnering. Analyze and talk through relationship issues to build trust. Unresolved problems may linger. Venus is opposite Saturn tonight, a turning point for some couples. The make it or break it alignment is serious business, and only one of this week’s celestial challenges. If you love your mate, double down and work harder at being a good partner.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury square Neptune, Venus opposite Saturn.

July 7: Early risers hum with engaging energy and eager excitement. The upbeat sparkle gradually eases over the morning hours and reaches a comfortably manageable pace by midday. Demanding mental as well as physical tasks are facilitated. The evening hours could bring a disappointment. The Moon is testing Neptune while nearing a conjunction with Mercury. Messages may be confusing and easily misconstrued. Emotional issues can seem unfathomable. Fortunate souls could experience a fabulous fantasy, an epiphany or moment of connection with all that is. Tonight’s big challenge is knowing who and what is real and trustworthy.
Moon in Gemini.

July 8: Vitality and enthusiasm are in short supply this morning. The waning Gemini Moon is void of course and at the end of its cycle. It’s time to conserve energy and concentrate on wrapping up projects rather than begin them. Stay within familiar, well-worn pathways. By late morning the Moon is in Cancer where she trines Jupiter. The alignment is faith-building, a beam of hope. However, Venus is testing Uranus this afternoon, a signature of break-ups and other relationship surprises. Take no one for granted. Give partners needed space to exercise their independent spirit. There may also be financial ramifications. An unexpected expense could arise. Be ready to improvise.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:20AM-9:51AM Moon enters Cancer, Venus square Uranus.

July 9: Today’s Cancer Moon harmonizes with Uranus, the mind-altering planet of realizations, progressive political causes and evolving technology. Revolutionary forces are in play. Productive midday meetings are facilitated. Group efforts have great potential so don’t hesitate to bring others on board. Extended families and various social circles may grow in size and variety. The alignment also encourages trying new things. Uranus is slowing in advance of a mid-August retrograde. If you need to update your phone, computer or high tech gear, act soon, before the direction shift. The Moon is new tonight. As intentions are set for the coming lunar cycle, use your imagination and intuition. Look for ways to serve a higher purpose or altruistic cause.
Moon in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer 9:17PM.

July 10: Nesting instincts are strong early this morning. Take pleasure in the small, everyday comforts of home life and familiar places. A lazy lunar trine with Neptune suggests that dreams, jaunts in Mother Nature or kindly impulses can fire up imaginations. Tensions increase as the noon hour nears. The Cancer Moon is opposing Pluto at midday, invigorating some partnerships but testing other alliances to the breaking point. Shared interests are the only solid ground. Be resolute in your commitments but let partners have a say in decision-making. A laid back afternoon follows as the Moon travels void of course. By nightfall Luna is in playful Leo. Spirits come alive. A taste for extravagant experiences may feel compulsive. Before splurging, ask yourself if a short-lived pleasure is the answer to a deeper, unfulfilled need.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:10PM-8:21PM Moon enters Leo.

July 11: The Leo Moon, now a waxing crescent, presents gifts as well as challenges. The accent is on fun this morning. Live like royalty. Indulge in a guilty pleasure, hobby or favorite amusement. Tensions increase after midday. Pay attention. Mercury’s late afternoon transition from Gemini into Cancer can briefly befuddle minds and contribute to communication snafus. The fiery Moon nears an opposition with dour Saturn and simultaneous square with volatile Uranus. A delay or loss can dampen spirits. Ongoing uncertainties contribute to frustrations and edgy nerves. Be humble. Accept the things you cannot change. One silver lining to any nighttime difficulty is that unsettled, confusing situations offer many possible solutions and lessons. Enjoy practicing your improvisational skills.
Moon in Leo, Mercury enters Cancer.

July 12: For early birds a fiery Leo stellium sets the day off with flair. A trio of the Moon, Venus and Mars spurs a passion for living fully and staying true to one’s heart. Mental Mercury is also in a superb, confidence-building trine with Jupiter, good news for optimists and visionaries. Travelers, writers, teachers, performers and cheerleaders all benefit from the upbeat vibes. However, the Moon is void of course by mid-morning. Focus on inner awareness, creative self-expression, as well as your personal wants and pleasures. Pay attention to the whims and fancies of the child within you. Think big and have fun but put off important expenditures and commitments until tomorrow brings clearer, more decisive energies.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:29AM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Jupiter.

July 13: Get busy! Improvement projects call out for attention this morning. The Virgo Moon is opposite Jupiter and sextile Mercury, good omens for making the world a better place. Pick up a broom, mop, shovel or garden trowel. Make the dust fly. Spiff up the garden. Talk with a friend or associate about increasing efficiency. Expand your horizons. Conversations cover lots of ground while travelers can make fast tracks. Honing personal skills is also advisable. Venus is conjunct Mars in Leo, boosting the fierce passion of lovers, thespians and other artistic types. Mellower trends are in control by midday. A quietly productive afternoon leads into a peaceful evening which happens to be an excellent time for some personal TLC.
Moon Leo v/c 12:00AM-4:30AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus conjunct Mars.

July 14: The willing as well as adventurous souls share a common drive to succeed today. The waxing Virgo Moon strikes a simpatico alliance with inventive Uranus as the sun rises. A preference for change is ignited. New and liberating experiences are welcomed. Keep your eyes and ears open for a better idea. Some folks feel inspired to connect with like-minded friends. The Cancer Sun is also busy, harmonizing with the Moon and nearing an inspirational trine alignment with Neptune. These aspects open the door to mystical moments and nourishing service to others, both important steps towards self-realization. There’s much to feel hopeful about and thankful for, but a late night lunar opposition to Neptune warrants caution. Be wary of charlatans and other con artists. Pick your teachers and causes wisely.
Moon in Virgo.

July 15: For those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, today’s stars encourage a restful, rejuvenating experience. After midnight the Virgo Moon is trine Pluto. Besides being psychologically healing, the alignment also has fine restorative potential for physical bodies. Then, just before dawn the Sun trines Neptune, facilitating peaceful as well as potentially prophetic dreams. Because the Moon is void of course much of the night, usually subconscious feelings are accessible. The day moves slowly until the Moon reaches Libra during the late morning. Now waxing, an energy uptick may be noticeable. Tonight’s lunar square with Mercury motivates some folks to pick up their phones and get in touch with far flung friends and relatives. Be sure to express yourself clearly. Keep those time zone changes in mind.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:46AM-10:32AM Moon enters Libra, Sun trine Neptune.

July 16: Duty calls early this morning under a lunar trine with Saturn. It’s a good time to organize, prioritize, delegate and make plans. The desire to achieve gradually fades as the morning progresses. Thoughts turn to weekend fun by mid-afternoon. The waxing Moon is nearing a heart-warming sextile to Mars and Venus, both in the playful sign of Leo. Be sociable but considerate of others. Co-dependent behavior can actually strengthen certain close ties. For others who need their space, being needed is a turn off. The Cancer Sun is nearly opposite Pluto, casting a spotlight on numerous relationship subplots, some real and some imagined. Sensitivities increase as the weekend draws closer. Stay empowered. Honor your personal desires but also respect partners’ boundaries. Take others at their word.
Moon in Libra.

July 17: This complex day offers interesting possibilities. The overnight period is sweet. The Libra Moon, Mars and Venus foster peace, love and good will. Night owls enjoy splendid energies during the day’s quietest hours. By day’s first light the First Quarter Moon generates friction, testing both the Sun and Pluto. Harmony between lovers and friends could seem lost. If so, work harder at diplomacy. Look for mutual interests as places where unity can again be felt. The Moon is then void of course until mid-afternoon, when she arrives in Scorpio. Because the Sun’s opposition to Pluto is exact this evening, emotions remain intense. Some souls blow trivial things way out of proportion. Distancing from toxic people and situations may be necessary. Skilled negotiators can use the same energies to improve trust and create more intimate ties. How it goes is always up to each one of us.
Moon in Libra, First Quarter Moon in Libra 6:11AM, Moon in Libra v/c 7:03AM-2:38PM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun opposite Pluto.

July 18: Ripple effects from yesterday’s confrontational opposition between the Sun and Pluto continue. While some partners may be parting ways, other important relationships need additional attention. Sensitivities remain high under the waxing Scorpio Moon. Moods are volatile. Articulate your feelings this morning. A frank talk could ease some tensions but hurt feelings and nagging doubts keep skeptics unconvinced. The Moon tests Saturn and Uranus during the midday period. What is phasing out is unsustainable and meant to go. Events conspire to raise more questions than answers. Try to elevate your game. Look at the positives of your situation. Regardless of current circumstances imagine a brighter, more delightfully perfect next episode.
Moon in Scorpio.

July 19: The early morning hours are active and at times strenuous. The waxing Scorpio Moon pushes the tempo but a testing lunar angle with Mars says watch your speed and maintain tight control. Easier trends take hold by mid-morning. From then until the noon hour we are at an excellent juncture for meaningful meetings and discussions. Entertain big ideas and make plans with confidence. A desirable invitation could come during lunchtime. The Moon then goes void of course. Decompress. Take a breather. Reflect on the morning’s developments. Torrents of fresh ideas accompany the Moon’s early evening arrival in Sagittarius. Sorting through various options and scenarios can be time consuming. Don’t rush a decision. Gather information tonight. A friend’s input can be helpful.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:30PM-5:08PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

July 20: If you awaken with a jolt, immediately experiencing a luminous hunch or dazzling idea, Mercury’s sextile to Uranus could be the celestial light sparking your imagination. This aspect encourages aligning with your truest self, and the liberating feeling one gets traveling a sacred path. Truth and freedom are also championed by the nearly full Sagittarius Moon. Adventurous spirits relish journeying but the day also has a more somber, practical side. A late morning lunar sextile to Saturn fosters serious intentions and a ready embrace of responsibilities. The aspect favors planners and those who are ready to make commitments. The second half of the day is comparatively quiet, although momentum continues to increase as the Full Moon energy builds.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Uranus.

July 21: Significant changes are under way. The Sun is passing through the last degree of Cancer, stirring deep feelings as well as nostalgic memories. Some folks mourn a lost love, home or missing sense of security. The Sagittarius Moon’s early morning square with Neptune reinforces the fleeting nature of things and the pangs of loss. By mid-morning a lunar trine to Mars sounds a rousing call to action. Sidestep emotionally unwinnable situations and dive in to a project fully, with all your heart. Having fun is a good thing. Evening brings a pleasantly altered landscape. The Moon aligns with Venus at the final degree of their respective signs, Sagittarius for the Moon and Leo for Venus. A reunion can be fabulous. The Moon then enters Capricorn and Venus arrives in Virgo. With help from Jupiter the stars bestow a night of merriment.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:26PM-6:36PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus enters Virgo.

July 22: Because Full Moon Fever is rising, it may be easy to overlook the Sun’s late-morning arrival in fiery Leo. The coming month is prime time for Summer fun. On top of today’s surging emotions, the celestial heat is up another notch! Venus is also opposite Jupiter this morning, igniting indulgent appetites, wanderlust and over the top generosity. Certain promises may be unrealistic. Take what boasts and offers you hear with healthy skepticism. The fast-paced day bounces along without letup. The Capricorn Moon makes an early evening trine to Uranus, favoring innovators and humanitarians. Friendships thrive under the alignment. Be open to making new social connections. Intuitive faculties also sharpen. Explore and experiment with new tastes and things. Technological gadgetry can also be very useful.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus opposite Jupiter, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: Emotions run at a fevered pitch on this Full Moon day. The morning hours see minds busily sorting out facts from fiction. The Capricorn Moon is at odds with mental Mercury while supported by Neptune. Dreams and fantasies have the greater likelihood of enduring the tests of time. New information is about to find the light of day. During the noon hour the Moon conjuncts all-seeing Pluto, then goes void of course. Be nice, especially while at lunch. Expect new revelations about abuses of power and other toxic situations. The potential for political change and personal healing is enormous. Even while void of course the waxing Moon propels life onward. Upon entering Aquarius around sundown Luna reaches the full phase. Watch her rise and know that those who have transgressed will soon face a karmic accounting for their actions.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:34PM-8:12PM Moon enters Aquarius, Full “Buck” Moon in Aquarius 10:37PM.

July 24: A day at the beach, in or on the water is wonderful. In fact, any spot in Nature can delight as Mercury forms a midday trine with Neptune. Art lovers will enjoy visiting a gallery, museum or outdoor performance venue. Writers, photographers and other inventive souls enjoy the morning’s free flowing stream of inspired ideas. The afternoon hours bring more tentative vibes. The Aquarius Moon conjuncts sober Saturn and tests unpredictable Uranus. Traffic could be delayed. A friend in need or an unforeseen complication may necessitate a change of plans. Staying patient and poised under pressure soothes worried minds. Respect what is but resist second-guessing the choices you’ve made. If you have the option of putting off a decision, do so.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury trine Neptune.

July 25: Fallout from the recent Full Moon continues to swirl. Tit for tat score keeping and ‘I told you so’ reprimands are more likely to alienate partners than bring unity. Be diplomatic if you must take another person to task. The Aquarius Moon’s early evening opposition to Mars can spark further controversy or spur the desire to mend fences. Use the fierce energy wisely. As many schools of martial arts teach, it is wisdom that enables the true warrior to forego violence. Encourage rather than criticize. A quieter period follows as the Moon goes void of course while edging closer to Jupiter. A half hour before midnight the Moon enters Pisces where Jupiter awaits. Their combined energies bring levity and renewed confidence that difficulties can be successfully navigated.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:14PM-11:30PM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury opposite Pluto.

July 26: The Pisces Moon evokes fond memories this morning. Her opposition with Venus favors sharing recollections as well as affection. Reach out and touch someone. Even four-legged fur-babies are happy to partake in the love fest vibes. The remainder of the day is rather mellow. Nostalgic feelings and sensitive hearts are the order of the day. Flow with the emotional currents but accentuate positive potentials rather than linger on losses. Imaginations also tend to be fertile. The late night period could bring several novel ideas infused with flashes of absolute brilliance.
Moon in Pisces.

July 27: Today begins with mental Mercury at the last degree of Cancer. Given that Cancer is one of the most emotional signs, be careful not to let past experiences unduly influence your day. As Ram Dass taught, “Be here now!” To be sure, feelings are about as keyed up as they can be. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune during the late afternoon. Empaths as well as others feel like “psychic sponges.” Hearts easily go out to others. Mercury transitions from Cancer into Leo this evening, joining the Sun. The sign change may strike some as similar in effect to a retrograde. It could take an extra effort to clarify thoughts and communications. Compassion has its place and tonight is an excellent time to reveal true feelings. Sharing a secret can release a huge weight, freeing up a tremendous amount of energy.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:13PM-12AM, Mercury enters Leo.

July 28: The morning is busy. First the Moon enters impulsive Aries. Thought processes accelerate under a lunar trine to Mercury and physical bodies aren’t far behind. Think action. Jump up, jump in and get busy. Jolly Jupiter then retrogrades back into Aquarius for a five month stay. The shift to the cool-headed, freedom-loving air sign fails to calm emotions as a powerful Jupiter/Mars opposition intensifies. Everyone has an opinion and feels compelled to express it. Fortunately, the Moon is also in harmony with the Leo Sun. The two form a late afternoon trine that keeps the day bouncing briskly along. Maintain a comfortable pace and respect what others have to say, even if you disagree. With self-control this lively day will prove to be a productive one.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-5:58AM Moon enters Aries, Jupiter enters Aquarius (Retrograde).

July 29: After a relatively calm night today brings celestial fireworks. The Moon is in Aries, so expect patience to be minimal. Just before noon Mars forms an exact opposition with Jupiter, triggering spirited discussions and plenty of disagreements. Keep your sense of balance and proportion. Some folks are inclined to exaggerate. Others speak self-righteously. Humility and humor help defuse tensions. Walk away from a confrontation rather than waste valuable time and energy in an argument. Late afternoon sees Mars enter Virgo, cooling off some hotheads. Put a lid on criticism. Instead, channel the Red Planet’s formidable energies into honing skills and improving your own on the job performance. Make a fresh commitment to better health, eating well and exercising more.
Moon in Aries, Mars opposite Jupiter, Mars enters Virgo.

July 30: Incessant worries can dampen spirits during the early morning hours. A lunar square with Pluto is the culprit. Keep your attention rigorously fixed on what you can do. The rest will take care of itself. By late morning moods improve. It may be the arrival of good news or the approaching weekend but hopes feel justified. Smiles come more easily. After a brief void of course period the Moon enters Taurus during the late afternoon. The more methodical pace becomes a quest for comfort and pleasure, activated by a lunar trine with Mars. Adventurous souls feel ready to take on new challenges. Under the celestial umbrella, the odds of success are good. Nighttime brings quiet.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:36PM-4:08PM Moon enters Taurus.

July 31: This rambunctious day is dominated by a fixed sign T-square, a high energy configuration that requires careful handling. The Taurus Moon reaches her Last Quarter phase this morning. Motivation is increased but the activity can be a way of offsetting inner turmoil. Complicating matters is the Moon’s proximity to volatile Uranus. The pair are testing the Leo Sun and Mercury and also Saturn in Aquarius. Unstable conditions can have an impact throughout the day. Watch your step. Drive with extra care. Be ready to adapt to unforeseen and uncontrollable events. A mid-afternoon bright spot is the Moon’s trine to Venus. Kindness, compassion and love work miracles. A well-timed hug, kiss or caress can be put to good use. Relax, take a deep breath and roll with changes tonight. An out of the blue surprise can be enlightening.
Moon in Taurus, Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 9:16AM.