July 2022 Daily Astrology

July 1: The recently new Leo Moon is superbly aligned with Jupiter and Venus. Moods are buoyant. Almost everyone is eager to get on with a show of some sort. Personal talents are on display. Hobbies are great fun. Socializing is tempting. Some souls are eager to get an early jump on holiday weekend travel. Big and small adventures are enjoyable. Overarching the harmonious trends is an ominous square between Mars and Pluto. Conflict and relentless competition are fueled by the potent alignment. Energy needs to be channeled carefully, especially in our own gun crazy country. If you are on the road or off on a holiday excursion, be polite. Watch your speed and your temper. Common sense and courtesy go quite a long way towards defusing potential tensions.
Moon in Moon in Leo, Mars square Pluto.

July 2: Stabilizing trends compete with more unrestrained, mystical and creative tendencies. The apparently contradictory impulses hold sway throughout the day and evening. Mental Mercury keeps minds agile from his perch in late Gemini. The Winged Messenger is favorably aligned with stoic Saturn in the early morning. Reason can give way to fantasy and escapism. The Leo Moon adds spice to the complex set of emotions. A lunar square with Uranus urges youthful and impatient hearts to break free of restrictive circumstances. Mercury’s late afternoon square with dreamy Neptune stimulates different flights of fancy. Enjoy idyllic moments in nature and relax if possible. Tonight’s lunar trends underscore the seriousness of commitments and karma, as well as the desirability of discussing hopes and fears.
Moon in Leo, Mercury trine Saturn, Mercury square Neptune.

July 3: Before dawn five planets are visible in the eastern skies. Saturn leads the way followed by Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Spirits burn brightly as the Leo Moon aligns with Mars. Shortly after the Sun clears the eastern horizon a mellower transition period takes hold. The Moon is void of course. By mid-morning a different mood takes hold. The waxing Moon enters the discriminating Harvest Sign, Virgo. Living to help others, heal and increase efficiency is accentuated. Improve your assorted mental and physical skills. Auntie Jean used to say, “Practice, practice, practice is the way to Carnegie Hall.” Tidy up the garden, garage, living or work space. Fitness matters such as diet, nutrition and exercise may also be of interest. Let’s not forget, rest, recreation and relaxation are equally important elements of healthy living.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:59AM-8:31AM Moon enters Virgo.

July 4: The chimes of freedom ring out loudly on this 4th of July holiday. Most folks feel good throughout the day. The Virgo Moon is splendidly aligned with the Cancer Sun and liberating, earth-shaking Uranus, the planet first discovered during the American Revolution. Unique personal traits, talents and freedoms find easy expression in countless relationships and celebrations. Change seems palatable and hopes are high. By nightfall a pending sextile between Mercury and Mars is in play. The enlivening aspect is excellent for enjoying the fireworks. Both planets occupy the fateful last degree of their respective signs of rulership, Gemini for Mercury and Aries for Mars. Minds, drawing inspiration from the past, are clearly set on seeing and realizing desired goals.
Moon in Virgo.

July 5: During the overnight period Mercury enters Cancer and then within minutes Mars arrives in Taurus. These planetary sign changes can take some getting used to. Both shifts take us to a slower, more methodical pace. Morning finds the waxing Virgo Moon at odds with Neptune. Shrugging off any weekend excesses may take longer than usual. Pay extra close attention if you’re handling important items or sensitive documents. Late morning through early afternoon is the best time of day for business. The mid-afternoon sees the Moon go into void of course mode. An unhurried atmosphere follows. Things pick us this evening with the Moon’s entry into Libra but stay vigilant, as a tense lunar angle with Mercury brings potential communications snafus tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:04PM-6:25PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury sextile Mars, Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer.

July 6: The morning’s lunar opposition to Jupiter fires up expectations. Optimism and enthusiasm propel many souls eagerly towards their goals. Horizons are expanded. Possibilities may seem endless. Ambitious sorts are deeply inspired. Travelers are anxious to explore and be on the move. It’s a fabulous morning for big ideas and bold stroke actions. Complications arise later in the day. The Libra Moon is nearing its First Quarter phase, testing the Cancer Sun. Familial and partnership obligations may conflict with workplace or personal agendas. Who and what comes first is a judgment call. Whatever path you take, put the Libra Moon’s penchant for decorum to good use. And be kind.
Moon in Libra, First Quarter Moon in Libra 10:14PM.

July 7: After a restful night, dawn breaks with the Libra Moon powerfully aligned with Saturn. Their stabilizing trine aspect supports equality in partnerships. It also sustains consideration of teammates, clarifies intentions and encourages steadfast efforts. Morning meetings and social networking are fruitful. The hours through late afternoon continue to be productive. Evening could see a big mood swing. A rivalry or pent up frustration is more likely to surface. The Moon is testing Pluto. Cooperation is the key to defusing tonight’s tensions. Where compromising isn’t possible it is best to take a timeout. Delay a decision if you’re feeling excessively pressured.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:04PM-12:00AM.

July 8: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon arrives in Scorpio. Mercury, caught between a lunar trine and a pending square to Jupiter, is super perceptive. Learning is by osmosis. Minds can be overactive, excitable and impatient. Powerful emotions can also surge. Stay calm and trust your instinctive leanings. Fortunately, the Moon’s early afternoon Mercury trine has a soothing effect. Applied intelligence is a beautiful thing. Instinctive awareness is useful in everything from lunch menu choices to healing modalities, as well as business decisions. During the second half of the day imagination is likely to outpace events. Yes, optimism is warranted but only if realism is part of the picture. Rein in runaway thoughts and proceed one step at a time.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-1:15AM Moon enters Scorpio.

July 9: Mixed trends are the story today. Early birds enjoy myriad possibilities. The past can provide a powerful steppingstone to building needed security. A class or community gathering may open eyes to a world of new possibilities. Midmorning uncertainties have strategic implications. Daytime plans could change as new options suddenly appear or friends may be forced to cancel at the last minute due to unexpected developments. A trip on the road less traveled has seductive potential, especially for mystery lovers. The stars remain complicated this evening. A lunar square with Saturn can make the early evening feel gloomy but, as darkness deepens hearts brighten. Give your imagination and heart free rein. Films, music and Mother Nature’s handiwork offer captivating entertainment. I’m a big fan of fireflies and the starry sky. What’s your favorite summer night pleasure?
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury square Jupiter.

July 10: Night owls and insomniacs are prone to all kinds of deep soul healings and discoveries. The Moon is channeling restorative Pluto energies while the Sun forms a rousing pre-dawn sextile to Uranus. Breakthrough realizations can have a profound impact. Daybreak finds the waxing Moon in optimistic Sagittarius. Inquiring minds and willing bodies embark on exploratory excursions throughout the daytime hours. A lunar trine to expansive Jupiter reinforces upbeat moods and curious natures. The hours pass quickly. Friendly vibes and generous spirits make for enjoyable meetups. Dinnertime conversations are animated. A wide range of interests and opinions trigger passionate responses. Listen, learn and try to remain tactful.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:34AM-4:34AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun sextile Uranus.

July 11: Bright moonlight is sure to keep many folks awake late into the night. The Sagittarius Moon is now only two days away from her full stage. A genuine spirit of inquiry is notable during the daylight hours but don’t jump to conclusions. By late afternoon the Moon is in a tricky T-square with Venus and Neptune. Important facts can be overlooked or remain hidden away as swirling emotions hold sway. Give others the benefit of the doubt. A false accusation can damage trust and respect. Serious Saturn offers a silver lining. Use the Ringed Planet’s penchant for common sense and verifiable details. If little else is known for sure, follow the money trail.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:42PM-12:00AM.

July 12: After sailing void of course during the overnight period the waxing, nearly full Moon is in earthy Capricorn as the Sun rises. Emotions are volatile and exuberant throughout this highly active day. A midday lunar trine to Mars fortifies drive and ambitions. For a few hours energy seems limitless. This is a great time to climb a mountain peak or tackle challenging chores. By evening the Moon is testing Jupiter. Excitement levels reach new heights but multiple distractions can also arise. Fortunately, loving Venus is in a steadying trine to Saturn later tonight. Hearts remain true. Keep the needs pf partners and family members in mind. Sit back tonight and savor the soaring Buck Moon.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-5:01AM Moon enters Capricorn.

July 13: The dynamic morning hours are a head spinning whirlwind of activity. The still waxing Capricorn Moon is aligned with Mercury, Uranus and the Cancer Sun. If you can manage to stay calm, tune in to your intuitive faculties. Acknowledge your needs. Clarify and commit to your intentions. Full Moon Fever crescendoes until mid-afternoon, when the gritty Buck Moon energy peaks. The Moon is conjunct Pluto and the Cancer Sun is close to Mercury. Minds are bursting. Concerns for family and country are great. The latter part of the day feels more relaxed. It may help to take a deep breath and exhale. Creative thinking is fostered by Mercury’s favorable sextile with Uranus. Teamwork and friendly ties are also facilitated. Tonight’s celestial energies bring more magic. Settle into your comfort zone and be suitably entertained.
Moon in Capricorn, Full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn 2:38PM, Venus trine Saturn, Mercury sextile Uranus.

July 14: The lingering effects from yesterday’s Full Buck Moon could include strategic realignments among friends, co-workers and teammates. Getting everyone on the same page is likely to be challenging the first half of the day. The Aquarius Moon forms a mid-afternoon square with Mars. Stubborn and militant types are more inclined to butt heads than cooperate. Use your social skills. Finesse works better than force and a late afternoon move towards collaboration happily proves the point. Tonight is comparatively mellow. After all the excitement of the past few days, take time to relax.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:17AM-4:13AM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus square Neptune.

July 15: This is one of those mornings when things can quickly go haywire. It is a fine opportunity to practice mindfulness. The Aquarius Moon is at odds with unpredictable Uranus. Anything goes, so be prepared to adapt, adjust plans, deal with technology glitches and the resulting added stress. If you have an important appointment or meeting, be sure to allow extra travel time. Things are mellower and more manageable the second half of the day. However, the Moon is conjunct somber Saturn this evening, a good omen for fulfilling a responsibility or repaying a debt. More festive vibes arrive as the Sun sets. The Moon is nearing a sparkling trine to Venus. Lively gatherings, reunions, concerts and celebrations make for a night to remember.
Moon in Aquarius.

July 16: There is a boatload of Neptune energy to play or work with this weekend. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Cancer while simultaneously forming trines to the mysterious planet of compassion, inspiration, dreams, fantasies and humanitarian interests. The waning Moon is now in Pisces. Feelings are changeable. This evening’s lunar sextile to Mars fuels imaginations and motivates many folks to pursue their passion. Inventive types find their imaginations are working at breakneck speed, with impressive fluidity and incredible vision. Less motivated souls thoroughly enjoy sitting back and watching life go by. Simple pleasures can be fulfilling, so can a trip to the sea or night on the town. Whatever and whomever is your delight, enjoy thoroughly.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:36AM-4:18AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun conjunct Mercury.

July 17: Magic is in the air. A lunar sextile to Uranus sets some folks on their day’s journey to parts unknown, and loving it. Impromptu, informal gatherings of friends and family are highlights of a fun morning. Breakfast and brunch menus feature inspired offerings. Spiritual seekers and nature lovers may feel they are in heaven as the conjunct Sun and Mercury trine Neptune. Artists of all persuasions are in their element. After sundown Venus’ entry into Cancer evokes memories of long ago times and places. Hearts stir. The enchanting, at times exhilarating vibes hold fast until midnight.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, Venus enters Cancer.

July 18: The early hours of the morning move listlessly as the Moon travels void of course in Pisces. The Moon is soon rejuvenated in Aries but new issues accompany the surge in energy. The Moon is at odds with Venus, illuminating the gap between more superficial wants and actual needs. You may have made a commitment that doesn’t nourish you. If you feel like something is missing in your life, look within. A testing opposition between Mercury and Pluto could be the key that helps unlock the door to better self-understanding. The same aspect can also reveal precisely who is the root cause of the problem. Hint, look in a mirror. With the Aries Moon approaching Jupiter there are many reasons to feel optimistic but don’t be hasty. Consciously changing behavior patterns involves self-love and for those changes to last, takes time and persistence.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:43AM-7:17AM Moon enters Aries, Mercury opposite Pluto.

July 19: Today’s stars send a variety of messages. The Moon is in impulsive Aries. Mercury enters Leo this morning. In a few days the communications planet will reach an exact trine to Jupiter. The growing strength of the alignment encourages sunny optimism and confidence. The Cancer Sun is opposite Pluto tonight, testing resolve, poise and perhaps most importantly, self-awareness. Astrological oppositions always work through outside influences, mainly the actions of others as well as circumstances outside of our control. Be alert in all personal interactions. Stay aware of boundaries. Working in tandem with partners can be immensely rewarding but selfishness is best avoided.
Moon in Aries, Sun opposite Pluto, Mercury enters Leo.

July 20: The morning hours are supercharged. The pro-active Last Quarter Aries Moon is at odds with both the Sun and Pluto. It’s wise to consider the impact your words and actions will have on others before proceeding. The risks posed by moving prematurely are enormous. Long time alliances and friendships are at stake. Try to involve others in decisions. At the very least, sound out different opinions. Tensions ease by late morning when the Moon goes void of course. A midday slowdown gives everyone a chance to relax and reconsider options. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in Taurus and testing mental Mercury. More second thoughts are likely as we head into the evening. After sunset moods brighten considerably. Make up for lost time with loving words and gentle encouragement.
Moon in Aries, Last Quarter Moon in Aries 10:19AM, Moon in Aries v/c 10:19AM-2:23PM Moon enters Taurus.

July 21: Due to the Taurus Moon’s invigorating conjunction with Mars, many people are busily engaged with ambitious projects and planning this morning. Confidence stays high and challenges are welcomed throughout the day. As the evening light fades the Moon nears a conjunction with eccentric Uranus. This planetary pairing could be a game-changer. Interests can suddenly veer off course or a nonconformist friend may make a surprise appearance. An apparently fleeting infatuation has the potential to turn into something meaningful and lasting. This is the final full day with the Sun in Cancer. Many people are feeling more sentimental than usual. Reminiscences may stir up surprisingly deep feelings as well as forgotten memories.
Moon in Taurus.

July 22: Doubts, regrets and wistful memories may overshadow the morning hours. The Taurus Moon is in a testing square with Saturn. The best remedy for unfulfilled longings is action. A mid-afternoon lunar sextile to Neptune tells us what to do. Help someone who is less fortunate. Give your time, energy or money freely, and without expectations of a return. Hearts will feel lighter and doubts will disappear. By late afternoon the Sun is in fiery Leo, dialing up the summer heat. Leo is the sign of children, play and creativity. It is also the sign of self-respect. Prepare to follow your passions and enjoy life during the coming weeks. Mellower trends take hold this evening as the Moon goes void of course. The late night period finds a lunar sextile to the Sun gaining strength. Backbones stiffen and heads are held high as midnight nears.
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:45PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: Mercury’s early afternoon trine to Jupiter dominates this gloriously exuberant day. An open, engaged mind, confidence and the urge to grow spiritually and intellectually combine to launch many learning adventures. A vivacious Gemini Moon helps keep moods inquisitive and bright. Being on the move is fun but don’t hurry. Take time to savor each delightful moment. The social atmosphere is excellent throughout the day. Sparkling and informative conversations make intimate conversations as well as gatherings memorable. The lively pace quiets down late this evening. It may be wise to collect your thoughts tonight and review the day’s happy developments.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-1:11AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury trine Jupiter.

July 24: The astrological calendar page is a blank. There are no exact major aspects but there are portents of upcoming changes. The waning Moon is in naturally curious Gemini. Expect minds and senses to be sharp but easily distracted. Jaunty Jupiter is slowing in Aries, preparing for an upcoming retrograde later in the week. Political and spiritual perspectives are in flux. It’s an appropriate time to ponder the how’s and whys of beliefs. Thinking will most certainly evolve before the month is over. Some changes will be dramatic. A pending square between Venus and Jupiter instills determination to enjoy the day. Eating, drinking and partying can be tempting but be careful not to overdo it. Applied common sense and self-control will preserve dignity, waistlines and purses.
Moon in Gemini.

July 25: Today is a two act special. The first half features a void of course Gemini Moon. Some folks rise in the morning still digesting yesterday’s overindulgences. Others contemplate heartfelt longings. In any case minds easily slip into stream of consciousness meanderings. Creatives dip into their subconscious and retrieve clever ideas. Bright realizations are likely. However, this is not the optimal time to be making critical life and business choices. During the early afternoon the waning Moon enters Cancer. A more purely instinctive focus takes hold. Given the unstable energies now developing overhead, it’s best to put off new commitments for several more days. Continue with research and fact finding but be patient a while longer.
Moon in Gemini v/c 4:14AM-1:54PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus square Jupiter.

July 26: The celestial influences are plainly mixed. The Cancer Moon tests Jupiter early this morning, giving the new day a busy, at times scattered feel. Luna then moves into a cheerful conjunction with Venus. The pairing spells good news for lovers and family ties. Late morning’s delightful tides soon shift. Mental Mercury is testing mighty Mars. The Red Planet is nearing an explosive conjunction with Uranus. Judgment can be way off base. Impatience and short tempers are other potential liabilities. Temperamental types are prone to outbursts and meltdowns. Drive carefully, now and during the coming days. By evening the Moon is in a calming sextile with Mars. Energy is more manageable and constructive. Caring gestures are easier to make tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury square Mars.

July 27: If you easily tire today, don’t be surprised. Once again we are at the low light, low energy end of the lunar cycle. Now in the emotionally centered and protective sign of Cancer, the Moon makes a late afternoon trine to Neptune. The alignment adds tenderness to many quiet moments. Empaths and healers are fully engaged. Visionaries may sense immense possibilities. Investigate and expand on creative ideas but hold off on taking direct action for now. It’s best to wait until after tomorrow’s New Moon before launching projects. This evening sees the Moon at odds with Pluto. Unity can be profoundly moving but handle needy and obsessive types with care and tact.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:54PM-12:00AM.

July 28: During the overnight period the waning Moon enters Leo. Moving deeper into the Sign of the Lion, she overtakes the Sun by mid-afternoon. Game on! The new lunar activity cycle is upon us, with gusto. The conjoined Sun and Moon are bolstered by a heart stirring trine with optimistic Jupiter. However, there is reason for caution. Mental Mercury, ensconced in Leo, is at odds with Uranus. Projects launched today could take an unexpected, dramatic course change. Reaching your desired goal will likely require a great deal of finesse. Jupiter also turns retrograde this afternoon, adding to the likelihood of seismic shifts in politics and public opinion.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:36AM Moon enters Leo, New Moon in Leo 2:55PM, Mercury square Uranus, Jupiter Retrograde.

July 29: Make your way cautiously through this day. From morning until mid-afternoon the waxing crescent Leo Moon in turn tests Mars, Uranus and her own Nodes. Motivation is strong but impatience, inner unrest and stubbornness can only add to the challenges. The future may look like a slippery slope. Strive to move forward but pace yourself. Move one step at a time. The Moon is also conjunct Mercury this evening and nearing an opposition to Saturn. Intense emotions compete with logic and at the most stressful moments feelings tend to take over. Tonight is a great opportunity for learning. An older, wiser friend or mentor can be helpful. No doubt others have found themselves in similar circumstances and managed to succeed. Study the lessons of the past.
Moon in Leo.

July 30: The morning hours are delectably lazy. The Leo Moon is traveling void of course, perfect for idle amusements, games and play. The easy-going atmosphere persists into the mid-afternoon. By then the Moon is in meticulous Virgo, instilling motivation to improve various aspects of life. Health, cleanliness, order and purpose are suddenly more appealing. Some souls turn their attention to honing skill sets and improving efficiency. Others clean the nest. Because Mercury is close to opposing Saturn, perfectionistic tendencies are doubtless increasing. Control freaks may go on a tear. Others criticize. Behind many harsh words are good intentions. Even deeper are underlying concerns born of fears and insecurities. If your mind seems consumed with limiting or negative thoughts, force feed it correcting, positive opinions.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:29AM-2:11PM Moon enters Virgo.

July 31: Last night’s worries are distant things of the past by the time the Leo Sun rises. The waxing Virgo Moon is favorably aligned with Venus today, a refreshing mood enhancer. Kindness and caring ways are pervasive. The Sun is also in an exhilarating trine with Jupiter. Cosmically speaking it is all systems go for fun, laughter, and happy socializing. Include travel and learning adventures in the list of top options. Lively evening gatherings shine under Venus’ good graces. Whatever is your pleasure, a rustic camp fire outdoors under the starry heavens, fine dining with a special someone or a relaxed gab fest with good pals, the stars concur. Expect engaging, thought-provoking conversations. The cheerful, loving vibes linger long into the night.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury opposite Saturn, Sun trine Jupiter.