July 2023 Daily Astrology

July 1: Spirits are high as July begins. The conjunct Cancer Sun and Mercury form encouraging sextile alignments with optimistic Jupiter. The uplifting energies brighten moods and lighten the loads of travelers. Get an early start to take full advantage of the trends. The independent, truth and travel loving Sagittarius Moon adds to the buoyant atmosphere. As evening nears the waxing, nearly full Moon is approaching a trine to Venus in fun-loving Leo. Turn on your party lights and turn up the music. There is no better omen for enjoying life. It a fine night to court your sweetheart or just kick back and enjoy the company of good friends.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Sun sextile Jupiter.

July 2: Plans are apt to change this morning. Because Venus is at odds with Uranus, forces beyond any one’s control are in play. An unexpected complication, missed connection, accident or inclement weather may be among the causes. A late morning void of course Moon period gives everyone an opportunity to simmer down and relax. The mellower vibes persist into early afternoon, when the Moon enters Capricorn. The sign change dials up the heat of Full Moon Fever. We are less than twenty-four hours away from the Full Buck Moon. Emotions run hot but an approaching lunar sextile to Saturn helps steady and calm restless hearts this evening.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:33AM-1:20pm Moon enters Capricorn, Venus square Uranus.

July 3: While more enlightened souls may find the surging lunar energies exhilarating, others struggle to stay cool and focused during the emotionally intense early morning hours. The Buck Moon in Capricorn is exactly full while the rising Cancer Sun is conjunct mental Mercury. Objectivity can easily be lost, overwhelmed by a tide of memories and feelings. When it comes to ambitions, instincts and intuitive hunches can have more to offer than logic today, especially during the late morning and afternoon periods. A detached calm takes hold this evening as the Moon nears a trine to Uranus. The aspect is also a favorable omen for mental and spiritual centering. Meditate solo or gather with like-minded, visionary friends.
Full Buck Moon in Capricorn 7:39AM.

July 4: Today has two distinctly different phases. Although early birds feel a reverence for Nature, the first half is dominated by the Moon’s noon hour conjunction with Pluto. At the fateful final degree of Capricorn, the two stars stimulate reflection on the meaning and ultimate purpose of life. Here in the USA we celebrate Independence day. Under these thought provoking auspices it is difficult to ignore the personal or political issues of the day. Of special concern is power in its many forms, who has it and who misuses it. By early afternoon the Moon is in Aquarius. Differences are bridged by universal needs and emotions felt by all people. Fireworks light the night sky as hopes for a better future grow stronger.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:45PM-1:30PM Moon enters Aquarius.

July 5: The waning Aquarius Moon orchestrates numerous changes of heart and mind throughout the day. Stay humble and be ready to make adjustments as needed. A testing lunar angle to Jupiter finds early risers hopeful, a little scattered and entertaining too many thoughts. Simplify your plans. Tune out distractions. Timetables are likely to change regardless of intentions due to the Moon’s late day tests with Uranus and Venus. Afternoon and evening appointments as well as social get togethers may be postponed or cancelled entirely.
Moon in Aquarius.

July 6: Uneven and at times challenging trends continue to disrupt schedules. The forward thinking Aquarius Moon’s morning oppositions to Venus and Mars are a reminder to watch your speed. Be a careful driver. Use discretion when it comes to romance, desires and potential obligations. A midday void of course Moon period sees passions simmer down. By early afternoon the Moon is in Pisces, the impressionable sign of changeable emotions. The Moon’s approach to Saturn generates apprehensions but can also deepen commitment levels. Luckily a pending sextile between Mercury and Uranus broadens perspectives. The alignment also injects deliberations with irony and humor.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:42AM-1:33PM Moon enters Pisces,

July 7: The Cosmic tides turn and we have a day of easier sailing in store. The Pisces Moon occupies complimentary angles with Jupiter, the Sun and Uranus. Hearts, minds and intuitive faculties weave a tapestry of instinctive impressions all day long. Follow the magnetic pull of who and what attracts you. With the subconscious and conscious selves working in tandem, the powers of manifestation are great. Travel is facilitated, physically and spiritually. Imaginations are fertile and emotional ties are keenly felt. Venture into uncharted territory tonight and be pleasantly surprised by the new and different.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury sextile Uranus.

July 8: Nurture your every need this morning. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune and harmonizing with Mercury. A turn in a bathtub, hammock or time out in Mother Nature can restore bodies and spirits. Brunching with pals is another good option. Healing energies continue to be strong into the early afternoon. Reunions are soulful. A short, hour long void of course Moon period is followed by the Moon’s mid-afternoon arrival in Aries. Imaginations remain fertile. Completing a creative project or working on a renovation can be satisfying. Tonight’s stars support self-awareness as well as personal independence.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:22PM-3:19PM Moon enters Aries.

July 9: Mercury’s trine to Neptune sustains wishful thinking and fires up imaginations. Pay attention to strange sensations, hunches and voices in the wind. The veils between worlds are more porous than usual today. A waning Aries Moon provides the energy needed to translate fantastic ideas into splendid. expressive works. Superb acts of kindness are also stimulated and carried out. Tensions increase during the late afternoon as the Moon nears her Last Quarter phase. Some years ago I did a study for a natural foods supermarket chain and found that sales spiked during the quarter Moon phase. Rather than suppress edgy feelings by spending or eating, consider other possibilities. Put the energy to use taking on your next big thing.
Last Quarter Moon in Aries 9:48PM, Mercury trine Neptune.

July 10: The morning hours flow gracefully by. A noon hour lunar trine to Venus is holding sway. Moods are upbeat, loving and kind. Giving is generous and without reservation. Much appears to be going well but pay attention to unspoken undercurrents. Some overly sensitive souls may feel left out of the fun. Mental Mercury’s opposition with Pluto encourages certain individuals to play the blame game and project their own unresolved issues onto others. By late afternoon the Aries Moon is at odds with the opposing duo, increasing sensitivity as well as confusion. Keep cool. Observe and don’t overreact. The Moon enters Taurus before dusk, providing an opportunity to share helpful insights and offer constructive criticism.
Moon in Aries v/c 7:11PM-7:55PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury opposite Pluto, Mars enters Virgo.

July 11: Just minutes after midnight mental Mercury enters Leo. Dramatic personalities as well as the young at heart welcome the change. Much will be said and promised with extra gusto today. Speaking from the heart is encouraged. The waning Taurus Moon links up with Saturn to motivate early birds. This is an opportune time to set your course for the entire day. A late afternoon lunar conjunction with Jupiter puts contented smiles on many faces. The pairing opens minds, raises expectations, instills confidence and brings good news. Travel and learning experiences are also enhanced. The evening hours are comparatively mellow. Don’t forget to count your blessings, your friends among them.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury enters Leo.

July 12: Today brings welcome surprises. The day is launched under a harmonious sextile between the Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon. Much feels right, safe and secure. All the same, the comfortably anchored mood doesn’t last. By noon the Moon is closely conjunct unpredictable Uranus. Senses quicken. Don’t overthink or resist. Be astonished and go with the flow. For many people, midday changes, revelations and surprises excite, amaze and delight. The calmer evening stars promote warm and soulful social ties. Spiritual forces are in play. The various arts and Mother Nature provide excellent entertainment. Cuddle with loved ones, watch a movie, talk to a pet or a friendly tree.
Moon in Taurus.

July 13: During the overnight period the Moon slips from Taurus into talkative Gemini. A challenging early morning lunar square with Mars can make folks irritable. Think things through before speaking. Speak slowly and don’t jump to conclusions. By midmorning a more favorable atmosphere enhances thought processes as well as conversations. The midday hours are by far the best for sharing messages and information. Late afternoon brings new challenges. Fiery Mars is nearing an opposition to Saturn. The Moon is also at odds with the Ringed Planet. Things said and done hastily can have undesirable and lingering after effects. Patiently explain your thinking and be a good listener. Counter negative thoughts with encouraging positive imagery. The evening skies are mellow, a favorable time for savoring the calm of the summer night.
Moon in Taurus v/c 2:11AM-3:26AM Moon enters Gemini.

July 14: Even as the lunar cycle is winding down, minds turn to the future today. The waning Moon is in the amiable and curious sign of Gemini, helping to keep wits sharp and senses alert. However, it’s the Sun’s evening sextile to Uranus that most raises hopes and supports camaraderie. Throughout the day social gatherings are lively. Fraternizing with people across all political, intellectual and social spectrums can be enlightening. The visionary potentials are excellent. Be open-minded, and stay receptive to new and challenging points of view, as well as the benefits of technological innovation.
Moon in Gemini, Sun sextile Uranus.

July 15: Early risers have an almost blissful, up and at it approach to a dreamlike day. The Gemini Moon is involved with both Venus and Neptune but is soon void of course. Those who sleep through their alarm or dawdle quickly find the going more tenuous. Determination fades as the Moon begins its less engaged period. Savor the easy going morning. Leisurely chats and reading can be terrific. At the conclusion of the lunch hour the Moon hits the restart button with entry into her own sign of Cancer. Protective feelings surge. Loyalties are keenly felt as is the desire to nurture those we care about. A lunar sextile to Mars in Virgo reinforces the need to make even a small corner of the world a neater, cleaner, more functional space. Gardeners have a field day. With nesting instincts also strong, stay close to home and well worn paths tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:35AM-1:15PM Moon enters Cancer.

July 16: This is the last full day of the lunar cycle. The Cancer Moon is favorably aligned with Jupiter at noon. The comforting sextile promotes relaxing, enjoying and counting blessings. Because mental Mercury is nearly square to Jupiter, minds tend to run wild the second half of the day. Some folks are likely to exaggerate, miss critical details and overestimate their odds of success. Others hatch ingenious plans. Remember, this time of the month is best suited to finishing works in progress. If something new is on the table, sit tight. Carefully assess goals and study options and strategies for achieving the desired results. Delay first steps until tomorrow afternoon’s New Moon. For those who have the luxury, enjoy the comforts of home.
Moon in Cancer.

July 17: As the day begins adventurous spirits are quick to embrace challenges. Eagerness is only exceeded by a sense of possibility. Today’s New Moon energy is dominant. The Cancer Sun/Moon duo is nearing the opposition point to Pluto while also engaging Uranus and Neptune. The three outer planets mirror collective awareness and society’s evolutionary changes. Individuals and groups welcome progressive ideas. Those who emphasize the benefits of working together will in time reach their goals. Be wary of folks who use divide and conquer tactics or only think of themselves. True friends and allies prove themselves with actions as well as thoughtful words. Because the Lunar North Node enters Aries today, the impulse to be pro-active is on the rise.
New Moon in Cancer 2:32PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 11:06PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Jupiter.

July 18: Less than an hour after midnight the Moon arrives in “all the world is a stage” Leo. Here she joins up with Mercury and Venus. The passionate trio turn up the heat on having summer fun. Self-expressive activities are favored, especially those using natural talents. There is likely be a broad menu of creative options and interests to pursue today and tomorrow as the Cancer Sun is nearing a stimulating trine with Neptune. People and activities that quicken heart rates are magnetically appealing. Follow your passion but be sure to share the limelight tonight when the narrow crescent Moon tests Jupiter.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-12:39AM Moon enters Leo.

July 19: Activity levels pick up. The waxing Leo Moon passes by winged Mercury early this morning. Some folks write or chat with unusual enthusiasm. Others feel inspired to get out the door and take a walk or go for a run. Travel can be alluring. Focus may fluctuate, going from zeroed in to a more open and empathic point of view. Wandering minds can be disconcerting. Try to stay calm. Avoid preaching. Late day complications arise from tonight’s square between the Moon and Uranus. While uncertainties cannot be ignored, few can be resolved. The best approach is staying humble and kind. If you happen to be driving or out late, slow down and remain aware of your surroundings. We can look forward to good dreams late tonight.
Moon in Leo.

July 20: The morning hours feel delightful. Love is enthralling and life is grand. The Leo Moon is conjunct Venus and Mars while the Cancer Sun forms a magical trine to Neptune. Relish each delicious moment. Explore the mysteries of your compassionate heart. Let imagination guide you in doing perfect things. By late morning the Moon is void of course. Relax. Take time to eat and digest the midday meal consciously. During the early afternoon Luna enters Virgo, ushering in a decidedly different second chapter of the day. Attention to details increases. At the same time, judging critically can add to alienating feelings. Mars’ late afternoon opposition with Saturn could bring delays. Use any down time wisely. Pick your causes and battles carefully. Fine tune plans. Put an end to behaviors that are unhealthy or not at all helpful.
Moon in Leo 10:08AM-1:13PM Moon enters Virgo, Sun trine Neptune, Mars opposite Saturn.

July 21: Here we are at the last full day of the Sun’s stay in Cancer. The Sun is opposite Pluto, an omen of remarkable encounters. Superficiality will not cut it today. Cherish authentic, soulful connections. Welcome well-intentioned advice from people you respect and trust. Venus is also about to make waves. The Goddess of Love and Beauty is stationing in late Leo and set to turn retrograde tomorrow. The direction shift can trigger memories of long ago friends and lovers who still hold a place in your heart. Some souls may reconnect at any moment. On the other hand, if you face a confrontation, remain firm in your convictions. Note the difference between critics and those who enlighten or empower. The latter are to be cherished and emulated.
Moon in Virgo, Sun Opposite Pluto.

July 22: A late morning trine between the waxing Virgo Moon and Uranus has many people thinking about upcoming plans. Spontaneous decisions most likely stem from subconscious leanings and intuitive hunches. The trine aspect is also favorable for all sorts and sizes of gatherings. Attend a community event or make your own happening. Be open to the new. Chance meetings can have delightful consequences. The stars as well as the social climate remain active long into the night. Within an hour of dusk a lunar opposition to Neptune, Venus’ retrograde turn and the Sun’s entry into Leo present a smorgasbord of possibilities. Good company, music, Mother Nature and flickering television screens have an agreeably intoxicating effect.
Moon in Virgo, Sun enters Leo, Venus Retrograde.

July 23: Restful sleep is encouraged by Sun and Moon harmony during the overnight period. By daybreak, subtle but more challenging energies are in play. The Libra Moon inclines people to keep peaceful relations with others. It also promotes a taste for well-designed and beautiful things. A taut square between mental Mercury and Uranus raises a host of potentially chaotic events. Sensory overload is one possibility. Uranus sees into the future and Mercury, ruler of the rational mind, can be slow to process those psychic impressions. Sifting through a dizzying stream of thoughts to deduce what lies in store requires poise. Even with a disciplined mind, rude awakenings and humbling twists of fate are likely. Breathe deeply, relax and watch the river of life flow by.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:06AM-1:54AM Moon enters Libra, Mercury square Uranus.

July 24: The waxing Libra Moon fosters greater awareness of others. The morning is an opportune time to discuss and rework partnership arrangements. Be careful not to be overly accommodating. The Libra influence can venture into unhealthy codependence. Finding just the right comfort level in personal as well as professional relationships is an ongoing challenge. It’s probably best to keep things open-ended most of the day. Agree to experiment and explore different options. It isn’t until late tonight that more favorable communication trends build in. If it’s too late to call, jot down your good ideas for future use.
Moon in Libra.

July 25: The peaceful early morning period could include a déjà vu experience or other oddly familiar sensation. Be on the lookout for karmic messengers, coming in all shapes and sizes. Well before noon tensions begin to build. The Libra Moon is testing Pluto. Bossy, controlling types feel activated while empaths wrestle with feelings of vulnerability. As always, strategies leading to cooperation are the preferred route while challenging Pluto energies prevail. If collaborating isn’t an option, take a break while the Moon travels void of course at midday. By early afternoon the Moon is in Scorpio and nearing her First Quarter phase, at odds with the Leo Sun. Sensitive egos may have an upset. Don’t take it all too seriously. See beyond the moment. Put your experience and common sense to good use.
Moon in Libra v/c 11:05AM-12:55PM Moon enters Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 6:07PM.

July 26: The Scorpio Moon’s early morning sextile to sign ruling Mars fuels ambitions and helps initiate a pro-active approach to the day. The energizing aspect is a solid omen for making fast tracks, doing demanding, detailed work or helping out needy partners. As the morning progresses, keeping things under control requires discipline. By midday the Moon is at odds with Jupiter. It may be hard to say no to every request but the risk of taking on too much is very real. Stick to essentials. It may at times seem that old pals are coming out of the woodwork. Reunions and chance meetings are a midweek theme.
Moon in Scorpio.

July 27: Morning surprises could include hearing from or bumping into a long time friend or former love. In any case, the journey of life is likely to take unexpected turns as the Scorpio Moon tangles with unpredictable Uranus. Stay on your toes and be flexible. As Mercury in Leo pairs with retrograde Venus, a midday meetup could stir up memories and sentimental feelings. Hearts remain unusually tender into the evening. Be kind. A significant healing could be under way. A short void of course Moon period offers an opportunity to digest the day’s events this evening. By sunset the Moon is in Sagittarius, brightening spirits and stirring hopes for better tomorrows.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:35PM-8:24PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Venus.

July 28: Night owls and early birds are treated to a harmonious alignment between the fiery Sagittarius Moon and Leo Sun. The balancing of the astrological lights promotes good feelings and is a soothing gift to sleepers as well. By daybreak the waxing Moon is at odds with Saturn and later in the day, Mars. Navigating the mutable T-square configuration is tricky. Glib talk may hide insecurities and fears. Impatience increases stress and adds to difficulties. With Mercury moving from Leo into Virgo late this afternoon, a change of attitude or strategy could be beneficial. Take a measured approach to whatever is said or done today.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury enters Virgo.

July 29: Emotional responses tend to intensify as each Full Moon nears. Today’s waxing Sagittarius Moon is generating plenty of passion. Lovers of fun and excitement are primed for an adventure. One of my collected fortune cookie messages says, “Fortune knocks at least once on every man’s and woman’s door. Be sure to answer.” The evening brings interesting cross currents. A lunar square with Neptune softens hearts. It also increases awareness of spiritual realms and creative forces. Simultaneously, the Moon forms a trine to loving Venus. This is a most favorable omen for successful dinners, parties and other social gatherings. Romance and flirting are encouraged. Conversations sparkle. Enjoy fully! The later hours feel unhurried as the Moon goes void of course and then settles into Capricorn minutes before midnight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:51PM-11:44PM Moon enters Capricorn.

July 30: The tradition-loving Capricorn Moon anchors an earth sign Grand Trine that also features Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. The solidly stabilizing influence sets the stage for a satisfying, productive and enjoyable day. Make time to savor the fruits of your labor this morning. Touch base with loved ones. Communications flow smoothly. Indulge in sentimental tastes and attachments. Daytime gatherings are lively. Moods are upbeat. Sports enthusiasts and competitive types relish the free-flowing energies that dominate into the evening. Confidence remains high past dusk. Relax tonight in the afterglow of a stellar summer day, knowing good memories have been made.
Moon in Capricorn.

July 31: The waxing Capricorn Moon animates and inspires this morning. Network with fellow explorers, inventors and visionaries. Investigate the latest in technology or visit a new to you destination. Then discuss your findings with friends who share your interests during the noon lunch break. Under a lunar trine to Uranus, making surprising or stupendous connections can be easy and fruitful. If you happen to be at a crossroads, follow your intuition. Fortuitous meetings and realizations continue to enchant into the evening. Obsessive folks may be inclined to work late but with the nearly full Moon going void of course the pioneering spirit falters as night deepens. Those with leisure time feel inspired by the arts and rejuvenated out in Mother Nature. By midnight the Moon is in Aquarius where she will be full tomorrow afternoon.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:13PM-11:58PM Moon enters Aquarius.