June 2020 Daily Astrology

June 1: The celestial auspices are excellent as June begins. A waxing Libra Moon forms morning trines to the Gemini Sun and Venus. Moods are cheerful and flirtatious as social ties blossom. Conversations and correspondence bring better than expected news. Learning and other intellectual pursuits are rewarding. With Venus in retrograde, a voice from the distant past could resurface. The second half of the day is quieter. If you have second thoughts about an earlier agreement, double-check to be sure an overture doesn’t have strings attached. This phase of the lunar cycle ushers in a fast-paced, busy week. Slow down enough to get things right the first time.
Moon in Libra.

June 2: The morning hours play out slowly under the void of course Libra Moon. Feelings can reflect an anxious desire to please or be liked. However, because many folks waffle rather than make firm decisions and commitments, it’s smart to be patient. Don’t judge them or yourself harshly. Today’s stars are challenging. Midday sees the Moon enter Scorpio where she promptly tests restrictive Saturn. Community needs may require immediate attention, putting personal preferences on the back burner. Venus’ evening square with Mars poses another set of puzzling situations. Desires and matters of the heart could feel frustrating. A past experience may influence a current relationship. Tonight’s lunar trine to Mercury suggests that difficulties can be resolved. Speak to a partner before going to sleep.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:40AM-12:06PM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus square Mars.

June 3: Nighttime tossing and turning stems from a lunar opposition to Uranus. Things sometimes do go bump in the night. Be careful if you embark on any somnambulant wanderings. Dawn brings decisive energies. The waxing and nearly full Scorpio Moon assumes a dynamic trine position vis a vis fiery Mars. All systems are go. Instinctive awareness nicely complements the impulse to create and act. Teamwork, trust and intimacy are nurtured by the Sun’s early afternoon conjunction with retrograde Venus. Midday meetings and conversations are especially productive. The fruitful atmosphere gradually segues into a more relaxed, inspired or inventive mood, depending on one’s focus, as night deepens.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Venus.

June 4: This morning is one of those odd circumstances when the nearly full Moon is void of course for a key part of the day. After sunrise and before the start of business hours, the emotionally charged up Scorpio Moon goes void of course. As a result, early momentum may falter or come to a temporary halt. Be patient. The morning hours may be better used doing detective work. Fathom mysteries and hidden motives. Study reports and reviews. By early afternoon the Moon is rejuvenated in Sagittarius. Willpower becomes resolute, minds grow sharper and more decisive. Feelings, passions and opinions are irrepressible as tomorrow’s Full Moon nears. Fortuitously, sober Saturn provides a steadying influence this afternoon. Identify your goals. Use time to advantage. Stick to plans and honor your core principles during the next forty-eight hours.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:36AM-1:17PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

June 5: The Full Moon horoscope is complicated. The Gemini Sun and retrograde Venus are opposite the Sagittarius Moon and all three stars are tested by Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This powerful T-square configuration tests emotional composure as well as mental resolve. Ideas and information are hotly debated. Easy answers are a myth. Nuanced thinking is required, coupled with patience and self-restraint. Less mature types are prone to angry outbursts and finger pointing. Be civil. Despite the challenges, intrepid souls calmly field questions, directly address complex issues, explain the risks of various options and offer detailed plans. Forging ahead now without a well thought out strategy is a fool’s errand.
Full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius 3:12PM, Mercury sextile Uranus.

June 6: The celestially unengaged, void of course Sagittarius Moon prompts some folks to let their hair down and relax. However, past events may creep into and influence hearts and minds. The Gemini Sun continues to be at odds with Mars and Neptune. Hotheads take heed, these square aspects necessitate maturity and poise. Impulsive words and acts more than likely will have unfortunate consequences. It helps to have clear goals and a well thought out plan. If you find yourself struggling, consider your priorities in detail. A lack of clarity could be a deciding factor. Timing may also feel off. By late afternoon the Moon is in earthy Capricorn, providing renewed strength and resolve.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:10AM-3:44PM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun square Mars.

June 7: The urge to reach out and be in touch with family and pals is strong this morning. The Capricorn Moon’s opposition to mental Mercury unlooses a frothy curling wave of feelings and memories. Some conversations are cathartic, healing experiences. Practical homebodies will find more than enough energy is available for weekend chores. The allure of the sea is also tempting. Later tonight the Moon aligns with Mars. The God of War is in Pisces and close to mystical Neptune. While the forces of Mother Nature possess irrefutable charm, dreams and desires may also beguile. If you have a creative vision or feel strongly about a charity or other cause that has captured your heart, this is a good day to act on it.
Moon in Capricorn.

June 8: A dreamy pre-dawn lunar sextile to Neptune arouses kind and compassionate feelings for others. Dreams can be enlightening. The ensuing morning hours are well-suited for business transactions and other practical matters. The gritty Capricorn Moon is now part of the powerful, transformative Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn stellium. Total immersion in one’s work or play is in itself a rebirth. Midday get togethers radiate with optimism. Tap into a motherlode of knowledge and talent. Cooperation between partners can be profoundly productive. This is an auspicious time for deal making as well as learning from more experienced hands. A mid-afternoon lull follows as the Moon goes void of course until tonight. Take the less energized last third of the day in relaxed stride.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:06PM-8:54PM Moon enters Aquarius.

June 9: We enter a more mellow midweek period. The Aquarius Moon has some folks thinking about friends while others turn their sights to the future. Networking can be profitable but the Moon’s early afternoon square with unpredictable Uranus is likely to throw a monkey wrench into plans and disrupt schedules. Technology glitches are also more probable. Fortunately, a lunar trine to Venus is also in play. This happy pairing suggests that despite any unforeseen complications or delays, eventual outcomes may turn out to be blessings in disguise. The trine also bodes well for late afternoon meetings and spur of the moment invitations and introductions. Don’t be shy. Show your feelings.
Moon in Aquarius.

June 10: Attend to pressing matters the first thing in the morning. Harmony between the Gemini Sun and Aquarius Moon bodes well for inner peace as well as smooth going. Communications are especially favored. By late morning the waning Moon is void of course and remains so until midnight. Because the Sun is nearly square Neptune, energy levels, enthusiasm and momentum can quickly sag. Accurate factual information may be hard to find. The Wednesday hump can take on Mt. Everest proportions. Take it easy this afternoon. Focus your efforts on works in progress and increased self-awareness. Uncertainties may mandate new ways of thinking. Make room for mystery at your table.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:35AM-12:00AM.

June 11: Dream states may be vivid. The Gemini Sun is in square to Neptune. Sometimes this aspect is a harbinger of confusion and loss. Feelings of unrest are also likely. With the Moon void of course during the overnight period this is not a favorable time for decision-making. Around dawn the Moon enters mysterious Pisces. Moods remain impressionable throughout the day. Unmet needs can be a source of worry. Choose your companions and locale with appropriate care and caution. Mother Nature may prove to be both solace and inspiration. Social inclinations intensify this evening. The internet proves a useful tool for connecting with like-minded souls.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-5:32AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun square Neptune.

June 12: There may be magic in an early morning idea. This is also a favorable part of the day for communications. Later on, the approaching Last Quarter phase of the Pisces Moon pits logic against emotions. While all Quarter Moons present challenges, they are also motivational. Integrate your feelings and thinking as well as your social obligations and personal preferences. Channel pent up frustrations into healthy, constructive acts. Seek creative outlets for enduring dreams. Tonight sees the Pisces Moon conjunct fiery Mars and mystical Neptune. Under this potent stellium it could be time to build a bigger dream. Films, music and other art forms stimulate imaginations and offer relief from daily uncertainties.
Moon in Pisces.

June 13: After a taut, Last Quarter Moon night the new day begins with more agreeable lunar sextiles to Pluto and Jupiter. Life feels manageable and on an upwards track. Things soon slow. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course and Mars is exactly conjunct Neptune. The Mars/Neptune conjunction presents distinct challenges, especially during a void of course Moon period when, in addition to reduced energy, concentration wavers. Be extra vigilant regarding the weather and other forces of Mother Nature. Noxious chemicals and bad food can also be hazardous. The Moon’s late afternoon entry into Aries brings another notable shift. With help from Saturn life quickly gets re-energized, organized and back on track. The evening is a first rate time to make decisions and commitments.
Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 2:24AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 8:45AM-5:03PM Moon enters Aries, Mars conjunct Neptune.

June 14: The Aries Moon forms a cheerful morning sextile with Venus. Breakfast conversations are friendly, walks and bike rides are brisk. Moods and tempo remain upbeat most of the day. The continuing influence of the global pandemic may influence activity choices. Wherever you may live or go, be aware and stay safe. Tonight brings curious possibilities. The Moon is at odds with mental Mercury. The Winged Messenger is slowing and will turn retrograde during the coming week. A communications snafu could easily occur so be attentive when reading texts, letters, documents and other news. On a more positive note, this could be an opportune time to see an issue in an entirely new and different light.
Moon in Aries.

June 15: The waning Aries Moon keeps the day chugging gamely along. Intentions and priorities seem set. In the heat of action some avenues offer clear opportunities and the satisfaction of making rapid headway. As the day progresses other considerations arise. Evening lunar squares to Pluto and Jupiter generate second thoughts about resources and responsibilities. If time and money are being used wisely, all is well. If not, discontent could lead to a confrontation or timely moment of awakening. Be ready to rethink goals and adjust strategies. With the Moon going void of course just before midnight it’s probably best to sleep on any unresolved issues and deal with them tomorrow.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:49PM-12:00AM.

June 16: Just before dawn the Moon enters her comfort zone, earthy Taurus. Physical pleasures, security and well-being are sought out and enjoyed. However, an early morning lunar square to Saturn reminds us that comfort and pleasure come at some cost. It may be necessary to curb one’s appetite in order to fully savor a preferred treat. Much of the day feels  quietly satisfying. As evening approaches the Moon nears a conjunction with Uranus, the provocative planet of surprises and great awakenings. Welcome serendipity, spontaneity, new adventures and unconventional possibilities. Once again, state of the art technology can be a welcome addition and a mind-expanding tool.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-5:35AM Moon enters Taurus.

June 17: The waning Taurus Moon promotes taking care of business and other practical needs. A handy late-morning sextile with mental Mercury aids decision making and could also see more than one timely reunion. Now in Cancer, the communications planet is poised to turn retrograde tomorrow. Don’t be surprised to see your mind change as new facts and knowledge come to light over the coming weeks. By nightfall the Moon is nearly sextile Neptune. Midsummer magic is afoot as the forces of light reach a peak here in the Northern Hemisphere. Sensitive souls may notice nature spirits, hooting owls and other promptings from Mother Nature. Sedentary types are comfortably ensconced in front of glimmering video screens.
Moon in Taurus.

June 18: An hour after midnight Mercury turns retrograde. The Winged Messenger will backtrack in the sign of Cancer until July 12th. Use the coming weeks to review recent events, revisit old lessons and hopefully draw some new conclusions. The Taurus Moon provides early morning strength to push on even if certain doubts and questions persist. However, Luna is void of course by mid-morning. For much of today a lack of energy and enthusiasm, combined with confusion could be tough to overcome. Keep busy with trusted routines or bide your time. Late afternoon sees the cosmic tide shift once again. First the Moon enters Gemini where she is trine Saturn. Minds snap to attention. Clarity returns. Mars then forms an empowering sextile to persistent Pluto. These stars confirm there is more than one way to overcome doubts and succeed.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:02AM-5:00PM Moon enters Gemini, Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury retrograde.

June 19: The week ends on a quiet note. The Gemini Moon is waning and approaching the end of her monthly cycle. Well before dawn she makes a perfectly pleasant conjunction with Venus and then takes the rest of the day off. Some folks dream of happy days gone by. This is also the final full day of the Sun in Gemini. It’s time to complete projects or rest in preparation for the next lunar cycle starting Sunday. A pending sextile from Mars to Jupiter as well as Sunday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse also impact today. The former alignment is a cheerleader’s delight, a push to stand up and promote one’s principles. Competitive types also respond well to challenges. The upcoming eclipse raises the odds that life is once again about to take an unexpected turn. New information is likely to surface. Proceed with caution.
Moon in Gemini.

June 20: Happy Solstice! Summer begins this afternoon when the Sun enters Cancer. The forces of light are at their peak power but the waning Gemini Moon, at the end of her cycle, faces stiff challenges. The morning feels lazy. With the Moon testing Neptune and Mars in Pisces, not everything is as it appears. Pay extra attention to important details, cares and concerns. Tomorrow’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse casts a shadow on today’s events. Reserve judgment and don’t begin anything important today. There are simply too many uncertainties at the moment. The Cosmic tide is out and new, game-changing realities are about to emerge. It may be several weeks or longer before some questions can be answered with confidence.
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:48PM-12:00AM, Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun enters Cancer, Summer Solstice.

June 21: This first full day of summer begins with the Cancer New Moon, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse. These periodic tight alignments of the Earth, Moon and Sun afford great opportunities for inner self-awareness. Eclipses also have a habit of making important facts known. This one occurs at the sensitive first degree of Cancer, known as a “world point,” due to the fact that many countries as well as their leaders have natal planets at the same degree. Although this Solar Eclipse is not visible in North America, there could be a ripple effect, the action of one nation impacting several others. As the new activity cycle begins, accommodate the needs of family and friends, as well as society. We are all in this life together. Let’s act like it.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-2:02AM Moon enters Cancer, New Moon in Cancer 2:41AM/Solar Eclipse.

June 22: With the Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury all in Cancer, don’t be surprised by the frequency and intensity of sentimental feelings. Heart songs as well as mental wanderings are likely to include strolls down memory lane. Thanks to a lunar trine to Neptune. staying present in the moment may be challenging this afternoon. Visits from the spirit words can occur. In practical affairs, the same alignment boosts imagination. History, family lore and gut instincts easily influence creative processes. Tensions increase later tonight as the Moon opposes Pluto and Jupiter. Political opinions can be divisive. As is always the case when Pluto is active, it’s best to find common ground. Emphasize the advantages of working cooperatively to maximize potential gains.
Moon in Cancer.

June 23: Strange dreams may haunt yet also be key to launching new endeavors. Just after midnight, mysterious Neptune becomes the sixth major planet to now retrograde. While some souls feel stuck in a holding pattern, there is an opportunity to learn from the past and chart a new course. Change doesn’t come without making an effort. The Moon’s morning entry into Leo coincides with a lunar opposition to Saturn, not a scenario for ease or speed. Hunker down, be diligent and face challenges squarely. Momentum builds during the day. Evening time sees the Moon in a sextile with Venus, signifying bright spirits and happy hearts. Be extra careful if you’re out late tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 3:20AM-8:33AM Moon enters Leo, Neptune Retrograde.

June 24: The wee hours of the morning may feel restless. The Leo Moon is at odds with Uranus, triggering worries over things no one person can control. If insomnia strikes, do what you can to relax. Breathe slowly and deeply. The Moon is soon void of course and stays that way for the remainder of the day. Sleep comes more easily. A quiet, listless mood pervades the daylight hours. Stick to routines and avoid making major new commitments. Venus, retrograde in Gemini since mid-May, has stationed and turns Direct tomorrow morning. A relationship could come under closer scrutiny. Long ago friends and acquaintances may make surprise appearances.
Moon in Leo v/c 1:34AM-12:00AM.

June 25: Venus ends her six week retrograde during the wee hours of the morning. The direction shift raises hopes and clears the way for healing in certain relationships. The Leo Moon travels void of course the first half of today. Energy levels are flat. Enthusiasm may be missing. Go with the uneven flow until early afternoon when the Moon arrives in discerning Virgo. The second half of the day is a far more productive time to address complex career and health related matters. Lunar harmony with the Cancer Sun fosters confidence and resilience. Care and loving touches also make homes and gardens, as well as partners shine. Tonight could feel a bit scattered. Do one thing at a time to achieve the best results.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-1:05PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus Direct 5 Gemini.

June 26: Early birds awaken bright-eyed and keyed up for adventure. Welcome an unexpected inspiration. The Virgo Moon’s trine with Uranus favors unconventional thinking. The morning is solidly productive. Another helpful lunar aspect, a sextile to mental Mercury, sharpens minds and fosters succinct, to the point communications. Meetings and decision-making flow organically. Motivation is likely to sag after midday. A lack of planetary alignments allows minds to wander and the Moon’s pending opposition to Neptune feeds escapist fantasies. Diligent types may strike a handy balance between work and play, injecting innovative ideas into daily routines. Tonight is the time to let your hair down, put your feet up and unwind.
Moon in Virgo.

June 27: Busy bees toil away under the waxing Virgo Moon. Early morning work is notably fruitful as the Moon is in trine to Pluto and Jupiter. A walk, run, workout or a change of scenery can be rejuvenating. A strong work ethic and productive mood persist until mid-afternoon. It’s best to proceed slowly as a tense lunar opposition to fiery Mars then tightens. Some folks grow fidgety, others feel they are up against tremendous resistance. Who or what is the source of frustration doesn’t much matter. As Fate has it, the Moon is also in transition, entering Libra and a stabilizing trine to Saturn. The aspect enables some to regain their poise. Common sense comes to the rescue. However, with Mars leaving Pisces later tonight, a long ago incident could be influencing emotions. Late night carousing is sweet fun for insomniacs.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:02PM-4:16PM Moon enters Libra, Mars enters Aries.

June 28: With the Moon now waxing in Libra, awareness of others is heightened. Night owls feel the love under a lunar trine to Venus but moods soon shift. The pre-dawn First Quarter phase makes some people restless.  Mars, newly ensconced in Aries, is in early morning harmony with Saturn. Dutiful types rise early, ready to tackle chores and other challenges. As midday nears, any perceived thoughtlessness draws unfavorable attention. The Moon is at odds with retrograde Mercury. Rather than criticize, be kind, be considerate. This could be a good juncture to air grievances or discuss hurt feelings. Avoid making assumptions without knowing a partner’s point of view. Just taking the time to ask and be a good listener has a healing effect.
First Quarter Moon in Libra 4:16AM, Mars sextile Saturn.

June 29: This day has the makings of a truly blue Monday. Have your paintbrush at the ready if you prefer more cheerful colors. This morning the Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto and Jupiter. Calm can be elusive. The demanding aspects call for tactful treatment of others. In some instances social distancing of a different sort works well. Tensions gradually ease. From mid-morning until evening the Moon is void of course. Moods may be uninspired much of the day. Quiet contemplation may be rewarding. Under Jupiter’s pending conjunction with Pluto a secret is due to be outed or a truth recognized beyond all doubt. By evening the Moon reaches Scorpio, boosting steely resolve when she tests Saturn. Face facts and act on them.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:02AM-6:48PM Moon enters Scorpio.

June 30: We are in an active cycle. Jupiter’s post midnight conjunction with Pluto heralds the collapse of falsehoods and half truths. Hypocrisy and double-standards are exposed in an unforgiving light. The waxing Moon is in Scorpio. Communications are efficient this morning but stay alert. At any time today a surprising turn of events could necessitate a quick change of plans. Facts may be daunting but humanitarians and progressives have cause for optimism. Fortunately, mental Mercury and the Cancer Sun are sextile to Uranus, pointing the way to a more progressive and cooperative society. Look to women for authentic leadership. At home or in the workplace, members of the fairer sex play key roles.
Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Uranus, Sun conjunct Mercury.