June 2021 Daily Astrology

June 1: Moonlit lovers and other night owls feel warm and cozy. Day dawns with the Pisces Moon conjunct Jupiter, setting the morning off with heads held high and confident steps. Sunny optimism persists through much of the day but as evening turns to night, strains may be revealed. The approaching Last Quarter Moon energy reveals secret longings and other unresolved feelings. Venus’ position in late Gemini suggests past events may be influencing current hopes and expectations. Talking things out may be helpful or it may not. In any case, putting one’s cards on the table is at the very least a first step towards addressing unmet needs.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:14AM-5:07AM Moon enters Pisces.

June 2: Overnight restlessness is a likely result of stress generated by the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces. Early risers may be privy to an uncanny insight or premonition. More relaxed trends are in play by sunrise and the day remains mellow, although emotional sensitivity remains keen under the Pisces Moon. Venus enters Cancer during the morning, stirring tender feelings as well as memories of loved ones and good times. The Goddess of Love’s pending trine to Jupiter infuses the next forty-eight hours with much happiness and many generous impulses. Have fun but stick to your budget. The mellow late night hours take on dreamlike qualities. Psychic powers are also enhanced.
Moon in Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 3:24AM, Venus enters Cancer.

June 3: The morning unfolds slowly as the Pisces Moon travels void of course. Business and pleasure are green-lighted during the second half of the day. The Moon’s early afternoon entry into Aries initiates an energetic uptick. Coupled with the Sun’s trine to Saturn, the afternoon hours are ideal for dealing with weighty decisions and other serious matters. Long range planning is also productive. In the push to get things done it’s wise to pay attention to unspoken wants as well as family ties. The evening hours sparkle under Venus’ trine with Jupiter. There may be good reasons to celebrate a recent achievement or the presence of a loved one. The heart touching alignment may also inspire offerings of gratitude for the gift of life.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:10AM-1:59PM Moon enters Aries, Sun trine Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter.

June 4: This quietly productive day features a waning Aries Moon nicely aligned with Saturn and the Gemini Sun. Diligence, loyalty and persistence are highlighted. Those who patiently stay on track make noteworthy gains. The earned sense of accomplishment segues into an enjoyable evening atmosphere. Share it with quality people. Dinnertime news and subsequent discussions can be informative as well as entertaining. There are bigger challenges looming as the weekend nears. Take precautions. Be sure you have your facts straight. Address a suspected misunderstanding immediately. Remind yourself that cooperation is preferable to competition.
Moon in Aries.

June 5: The morning hours are pleasant. Minds and senses are sharp. Minutes before midday the Aries Moon forms an enlivening sextile with mental Mercury. A major mood swing follows. The afternoon stars require discipline and fortitude. Still retrograde, Mercury backs into a square with Neptune, setting the stage for potential confusion and errors. Mars makes a powerful opposition to Pluto. The intense energy, though healing and transformative can, in the wrong hands be toxic. This evening the Moon is at odds with the opposing duo, a formidable alignment underlining the importance of compassion and wishing all beings well. If you long to deepen ties and make a partnership more mutually beneficial, there is an opportunity to chart a new course. Cooperation is key. Give uncompromising types space. A confrontation is unlikely to be productive. The Moon is void of course well before sundown, giving everyone a chance to calm down.
Moon in Aries v/c 6:47PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Neptune, Mars opposite Pluto.

June 6: During the overnight period the Moon enters Taurus where she has a calming effect. Lunar harmony with Jupiter and Venus make the morning especially enjoyable. Relationships are congenial and every pleasure takes on extra meaning. The delightful period peaks at noon and the Moon continues on her way, easing into an increasingly close conjunction with unpredictable Uranus during the remainder of the day. This pairing calls for maintaining an artful balance between one’s adventurous and more restrained selves. That balance includes physically taking care, avoiding a misstep or possible fender bender. Proceed with caution, especially when the hour grows late. It’s an “anything goes” scenario.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-1:46AM Moon enters Taurus.

June 7: You may wake up in the morning feeling fretful and unrested. Look to the stars overhead and you’ll see why. The Taurus Moon is conjunct excitable Uranus and the duo are in testing squares to sober Saturn. The stress-inducing configuration is toughest on folks working the night shift or living in other time zones. If you are a night owl, take care. Pace yourself. Sleepers may feel the tension subconsciously. If so, give yourself extra time to get up and go, clear-headed, as your day begins. Because the Moon is waning, it is easier to shrug off tensions. A developing lunar sextile to Neptune is another factor. This aspect helps soothe frazzled nerves and replaces anxiety with faith. Dream builders and humanitarians are in for an inspired second half of the day.
Moon in Taurus.

June 8: Today offers numerous opportunities as well as speed changes. The morning hours are fertile. It’s a good time to tackle demanding tasks. Lunar aspects with the powerful opposing Mars and Pluto tandem facilitate understanding and material gains. The Taurus Moon then goes void of course for a few midday hours. A prolonged lunch or early afternoon nap can be helpful. A surprise turn of events could be foreshadowed. By late afternoon the Moon is in Gemini where she tests Jupiter in Pisces. Prospects and expectations grow, reflecting improved confidence. Bear in mind a Solar Eclipse is coming later in the week. Circumstances may change suddenly as new facts come to light. Think positive but protect vital interests by avoiding risks and staying true to your word.
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:07AM-2:47PM Moon enters Gemini.

June 9: This is a low energy day best suited for rest and reflection. We are approaching the Gemini New Moon with its Solar Eclipse. The celestial tide is out, so start nothing new. Concentrate on works in progress. Because eclipses frequently bring to light new details or reveal previously secret information, some souls may sense an imminent sea change. Fortunately, the Moon is well-aligned with dutiful Saturn late this afternoon. The steadying energies are productive and support reliance on common sense and proven facts. There’s nothing new under the Sun. If you find yourself in a quandary read up on history. Experience is naturally respected and can be instructive. Consult experts. Listen to the voices of hoary-headed wise women and men.
Moon in Gemini.

June 10: Early on this quiet morning the Moon is New in Gemini. Aligned with the Earth and Sun, the New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. Mental Mercury is closely conjunct the Sun and Moon. Relax and empty your mind. Turn your attention inward. Let thoughts drift away on your exhale. Morning meditations can be something special. The trio of Gemini planets are in testing angles with mystical Neptune. Rumors and innuendos may swirl throughout the day. Separate facts from fiction. It may be necessary to suspend belief until stories can be confirmed. By mid-afternoon the Moon is void of course. Imaginations remain active as the Sun conjoins mental Mercury tonight but be patient if you must contend with a mystery.
New Moon in Gemini 6:53AM, Solar Eclipse, Moon in Gemini v/c 1:38PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Mercury.

June 11: Today is a story of flowing emotions and rekindled fire energies. During the wee hours of the morning the Moon enters Cancer. The placement enriches feelings of loyalty. Protective instincts are also triggered. After sunrise a lunar sextile with Jupiter eases recent confusion. Faith, hope and certainty feel restored. Later in the morning fiery Mars arrives in regal Leo, setting off playful and passionate displays. Folks who view dramatic pomp and circumstance as high art and entertainment are primed for excitement. By evening the Moon is moving into a conjunction with Venus, always a good omen for social events. Given the ongoing conflicting reports about Covid-19 it’s best to take sensible precautions. Limit possible exposure to the virus.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-3:23AM Moon enters Cancer, Mars enters Leo.

June 12: Pleasant vibes dominate the overnight hours. The Cancer Moon harmonizes with Venus and Uranus, a fortunate celestial signature for insomniacs. You know who you are. Old as well as new friends enjoy tender moments under the serendipitous stars. By daybreak the celestial action is low key. Attend to home related chores and family matters during  the relatively mellow daylight hours. Just relaxing can also be enjoyable. Evening brings an improving social atmosphere. Warm love and playful spontaneity are encouraged as Venus nears a nifty sextile with Uranus. Try out something new and different. The Moon also engages Neptune late tonight. Movies, music, creative cuisine and good company make for a memorable good time.
Moon in Cancer.

June 13: A post midnight sextile between Venus and Uranus may bring unexpected word from a friend or former love. Just after daybreak the Cancer Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Slow your pace. Following whims can be instructive. Many folks are content to sit back and enjoy familiar comforts and habits. Well known places of the heart may also fascinate. By late afternoon the Moon is in fiery Leo where she conjuncts Mars. The pairing jumpstarts the action, launching new rounds of competition and play. Other souls resonate with the Sun’s evening square to Neptune and remain contentedly lazy. Whatever you choose to do, we are on the brink of Saturn’s second exact square with Uranus, this year’s dominant, persistent and most challenging planetary alignment. Think positive, avoid risky situations and be careful not to make silly mistakes. If in doubt, wait.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:16AM-2:22PM Moon enters Leo, Venus sextile Uranus, Sun square Neptune.

June 14: There’s a whole lot of shaking going on this Monday. The afternoon hours are especially challenging as the Leo Moon tests both Uranus and Saturn. The second of three squares between Saturn and Uranus is exact this evening. Longings for freedom and forward movement conflict with those working equally hard to maintain the status quo. Neither side has a clear advantage but trouble with authority figures is more likely than usual today. Rules may seem arbitrary and unfair. As my mentor Isabel Hickey wrote, “No one can break cosmic law but they have the privilege of breaking their own neck trying.” Choose your causes and companions wisely. Show respect to your boss. Put your energy into creating a new paradigm rather than fighting the past. A late night conversation can be enlightening.
Moon in Leo, Saturn square Uranus.

June 15: Adjusting to yesterday’s news may take up a considerable amount of time and energy today. The first half of the day sees the Leo Moon favorably aligned with Mercury and the Sun, a plus for making sense of changing circumstances, grasping the potential of chaotic situations and improving them. Finish up necessary tasks and schedule important meetings. Stay true to your heart. Inner strength is always a central part of moving forward, especially during difficult times. By mid-afternoon the Moon is void of course, ushering in a slower, more mellow part of the day. Mental focus wavers and energy levels may fall off. Relax your mind. There’s no telling what overlooked information and delightful connections may pop up from the depths of the subconscious.
Moon in Leo v/c 1:27PM-11:02PM Moon enters Virgo.

June 16: The Virgo Moon often directs attention to minute details, some that may be of little significance. However, today’s lunar alignments can be true eye openers, revealing important facts and truths. The Moon’s wee hours of the morning opposition with Jupiter expands awareness as it simultaneously reaffirms core principles and beliefs. It might also lead some naive souls to embrace false hopes. Late night bargain hunters are warned, take pains not to set yourself up for a disappointment. Later in the day the waxing Moon finds harmony with inventive Uranus. Their trine alignment fosters friendships and also boosts visionary abilities. Be alert to fabulous “chance” meetings that aren’t really by chance at all. Listen to your intuitive guidance and psychic impressions, regardless of how improbable a hunch seems.
Moon in Virgo.

June 17: The early morning has its moments of indecision as the waxing Virgo Moon is at odds with mental Mercury. Hearts are clear but second thoughts can bedevil partnerships and hinder progress. For thoughtful, considerate folks lunar harmony with Venus is a soothing silver lining. A compliment or encouraging word may be all it takes to put someone’s day on more confident footing. The Virgo Moon naturally promotes attention to detail but a late afternoon opposition with Neptune can result in unforced errors or a mysterious impasse. Pay attention! Keep close tabs on colleagues as well as important papers and valuable possessions. The late night period brings the tense First Quarter Moon but a lunar trine with Pluto suggests airing feelings can clear the air. Tell the truth.
First Quarter Moon in Virgo 11:54PM, Moon in Virgo v/c 11:54PM-12:00AM.

June 18: Shortly before sunrise the Moon enters peace-loving Libra. It’s time to practice social skills and maintain good decorum. A fortunate midday lunar aspect with Mars in Leo makes following protocol fully engaging. The heart-stirring alignment boosts enthusiasm levels and increases passions. Whatever task is at hand, make it your business to fully engage and have fun. Look good and feel your best. The second half of the day moves more slowly and is quieter. Focus on staying present and dealing with pressing responsibilities, the better to clean the slate and prepare for weekend activities. The Moon is waxing and the Cosmos is hinting at impending planetary shifts, During the next week three planets, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune all shift direction and the Sun enters Cancer. Soon enough, hearts and minds will change of their own accord.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-4:54AM Moon enters Libra.

June 19: This final full day of Spring has a summery feel. Spirits are bright from the outset. The waxing Libra Moon is sextile Mercury this morning, a good omen for positive thinking as well as hitting the road. Social lives are dynamic. Team sports are great fun. Run errands and dispense with chores. Sedentary types enjoy the favorable climate for good conversations. A late afternoon lunar square to Venus sustains close connections with friends and family members. If you’re in a group setting, be aware of your own needs and preferences. Staying on good terms can be challenging later tonight. It may feel as though certain needs are not being met. Look within for nourishment, rather than to others.
Moon in Libra.

June 20: Happy Summer Solstice! Summer officially begins tonight at 11:32PM EDT. And Happy Father’s Day to all dads, here or on the other side, and of course to anyone who has ever filled the shoes of a father. Harmonious aspects fuel morning bliss. The Moon favors both the Sun and Jupiter in a sparkling Grand Trine configuration. By mid-morning the Moon is in Scorpio, deepening the emotional content of the day. Jupiter retrogrades minutes before the Moon forms her trine to the giant planet. Memories can cast deep shadows. Deciding who and what to believe may be challenging. On the other hand, empathy and compassion are strong. The Moon is also moving into a square with Mars. Impulses can lead to trouble this afternoon. Know what you really want before saying or doing something hastily. If in doubt, wait.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:52AM-7:58AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun enters Cancer 11:32PM, Summer Solstice, Jupiter Retrograde.

June 21: Stick to the high road early today. Altruism is the way to go as the Scorpio Moon tests Saturn and Uranus. Many folks, faced with uncertainties, are privately harboring fears and worries. Luckily, Venus is in a glorious trine to Neptune. Sympathy, a helping hand or kind word ease concerns and dispel apprehensions. There is good in the world. The waxing Moon next slips into an uplifting water sign Grand Trine with Venus and Neptune. Emotional buoyancy supports outpourings of love as well as inspired creative enterprises. Whether in business or the arts, imaginations are transcendent. Humanitarian impulses are also powerful. A romantic interlude, relaxing in comfort and taking in a movie, star gazing and savoring Mother Nature’s High Summer magic are all wonderful options tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus trine Neptune.

June 22: With the Moon waxing full the emotional tenor of life is rising. Matters are complicated by a couple of important factors. The Moon is void of course in Scorpio this morning, so certain awkward psychological situations may feel hopelessly stuck. By mid-morning the Moon is in freedom-loving Sagittarius. Distancing one’s self from unmanageable circumstances seems desirable but could be difficult to actually achieve. Minds race as the Moon tests Jupiter at midday. As fate would have it, mental Mercury resumes forward motion today. A lunar trine to Mars shines light on emerging new realities. Don’t be surprised if a partner changes their mind. Set ambitious plans in motion this evening. The wisdom of respected teachers, guides and gurus could hold the key to resolving emotionally challenging matters.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:43AM-8:55AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury Direct 6:00PM.

June 23: We’re in for a long, high octane day. Pace yourself. The Cancer Sun’s early morning trine to Jupiter promotes trust and confidence. Speak from your heart. However, words may not create the desired impression. The nearly full Sagittarius Moon is at odds with Mercury later in the morning. The increasingly emotional drift of the day makes folks miss the point or hear what they want to hear. Stay calm. Speak and listen carefully. Venus is also in a tense standoff with Pluto. Couples may differ over priorities. Making mutual decisions can be challenging but a steady commitment to working things out may also be productive and deeply satisfying. Avoid uncooperative types. Tonight’s lunar square with Neptune adds to likely confusion. See the best in others, trust no harm is intended, and use common sense.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:09PM-12:00AM, Sun trine Jupiter, Venus opposite Pluto.

June 24: Today brings forth powerful feelings as Summer’s first Full Moon is exact. The first third of the day moves at high speed. Full Moon fever reaches a peak during the mid-afternoon, when the Capricorn “Strawberry” Moon culminates. Loyalties may be on the line. Fortunately, benevolent Jupiter is acting as a “helper” planet. The solar system’s enduring optimist provides confidence as well as a willingness to roll with life rather than resist the flow. A sense of deja vu may also be felt. Caring ways, knowing smiles and gentle humor soften bruised feelings and ease other tensions. The late afternoon and evening hours are mellower. Relish each precious moment of the short-lived high Summer season.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-9:05AM Moon enters Capricorn, Full “Strawberry” Moon in Capricorn 2:40PM.

June 25: After almost every Full Moon there’s a noticeable let down in intensity and excitement. Today is likely to continue the trend. The now waning Capricorn Moon forms an early morning trine with inventive Uranus, boosting the spirits and imaginations of some early birds. Psychically gifted folks may be privileged to receive “insider” information. Follow through if you are the recipient of an intuitive flash or unusual idea. The midday period is quietly productive. Out in deep space Neptune begins a five month long retrograde period. With a total of four major planets now apparently moving backwards pay attention to lessons from the past and other unfinished business. Spiritual quests as well as artistic and intellectual work may require deeper levels of commitment. Tonight’s dreamy atmosphere reflects the Moon’s sextile alignment with Neptune. Reveries, films, Mother Nature and romantic interludes are captivating.
Moon in Capricorn, Neptune Retrograde.

June 26: A lunar opposition with Venus followed by a brief void of course Moon period gives the morning an easy-going feel. Relax. Address a home beautification project but don’t hurry. Take time to appreciate the love and beauty already in your life. By late morning the Moon is in the community-minded sign of Aquarius. If you’re ready to be out  and about in the world spend a few agreeable hours with friends or contribute to a cause that serves everyone’s greater good. Less sociable folks can enjoy their own idiosyncrasies equally well. The evening is comparatively mellow but as midnight nears, use caution. A pending lunar opposition to Mars calls for slowing down in general but especially if you’re driving or working with heavy equipment.

Moon in Capricorn v/c 8:49AM-10:09AM Moon enters Aquarius.

June 27: Just after midnight Venus enters Leo where she encourages ardent displays, grand gestures and living in style. The Goddess of Love will face several key challenges in coming days so you may want to limit some extravagances. In what may well be a preview of upcoming Venus troubles, tonight’s stars remind us of life’s quirks and unpredictable nature. The Aquarius Moon spends the overnight period testing Mars. By early morning she’s conjunct Saturn and square Uranus. Plans may change. Friends could back out of a scheduled get together due to unforeseen circumstances. Don’t fret, just take a raincheck and get on with Plan B. The afternoon hours promise to be more lighthearted and enjoyable under the Moon’s trine to Mercury.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:08PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Leo.

June 28: With a void of course Aquarius Moon it will be tempting to coast a bit during this low key morning. There are subtle benefits in going free form, inventing and improvising during the first half of the day. A realization may come as a surprise. Self-awareness can increase or a friend could have a significant insight. Hold off on major purchases and commitments. During the early afternoon the Moon enters Pisces where she conjuncts Jupiter, leading many souls to look at the bright side of things. Schedule important meetings and planning sessions for the after lunch period, when spirits are on an upward trajectory. This is a better time for making key decisions. More hopeful moods persist into the late night.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-1:51PM Moon enters Pisces.

June 29: There’s good sleeping tonight as the Pisces Moon aligns harmoniously with the Cancer Sun. Morning sees the action pick up. It’s a favorable day for networking and trying out new techniques and ideas. Be sensitive to friends who are feeling less assured about venturing into something untried. Explaining the potential benefits and gentle coaxing are likely to have the desired effect. The late night brings a muddled emotional climate as the Moon is at odds with mental Mercury. Words may seem inadequate, feelings can be hard to describe. Channel frustrations into second efforts and clarify your thoughts. It could take several attempts but gnarly situations and emotionally charged issues eventually yield under careful analysis.
Moon in Pisces.

June 30: Early this morning unifying currents bring different types of people closer together. What binds us is stronger than what divides us. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune, inspiring artists and giving idealists and humanitarians a healthy boost. What to do with a utopian vision is a matter of choice. Play at a level you’re comfortable with. Help out when and where you can. The Moon’s midday sextile to Pluto opens channels for understanding and practical acts follow. It’s clear that working with like-minded partners and groups is the fastest, most effective path to success. Utilize people’s individual talents and strengths. Motivation may decline when the Moon goes void of course after lunch. Take it easy and go with the flow for the rest of the day.
Moon in Pisces v/c 1:40PM-9:21PM Moon enters Aries.