June 2022 Daily Astrology

June 1: Rabbit! Rabbit! Northern Hemisphere dwellers may truly feel as though they are “knee deep” in the lushness of June. A rousing lunar square to Jupiter in Aries makes it easy to marvel at the splendor of the new day. Now a waxing crescent in Cancer, loving and protective feelings dominate the morning. By noontime the Moon is at odds with feisty Mars. Cheerleaders need to tone down their enthusiasm. Sparks may quickly fly so treat partners accordingly. Caring ways are far more productive and satisfying than a competition. Mental Mercury is stationing in preparation for a return to forward motion on Friday. Give others plenty of time to think things over. Viewpoints are sure to evolve rapidly during the coming week.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-1:49AM Moon enters Cancer.

June 2: The waxing Cancer Moon forms a late morning sextile with visionary Uranus. Inventive types could come up with ingenious new designs. Complicated puzzles may be solved and social issues redefined. The aspect is a plus for meetings, supporting cooperation in serving the public well-being. Trust your intuitive guidance as intellectual reasoning can be laborious. Conventional thinking may be unimaginative and plagued by worries. The culprit is mental Mercury, now poised to resume forward motion while in a testing square with Saturn. The Ringed Planet is also close to a direction shift and turns retrograde Saturday. Ancient fears may seem unescapable but a wise partners’ input can make a world of difference. Reach out for support and advice if you feel boxed in a corner.
Moon in Cancer.

June 3: Today feels complicated. Shortly before sunrise Mercury resumes forward motion in late Taurus. Some issues may at last be clearing up, others may linger. Regardless, early morning moods are upbeat. However, the Cancer Moon is approaching an opposition with Pluto. As noon nears egos can clash under the taut alignment. Tact and diplomacy are advisable. As is often the case during challenging Pluto aspects, emphasizing shared interests is wise. Transformational celestial energies can always be put to good use. A midday void of course Moon period follows, easing tensions. Lovers of leisurely lunches, siestas and naps are well served by the laid back atmosphere. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in Leo where she reignites passions in time for a series of stellar evening adventures.
Moon in Cancer v/c 11:15AM-2:38PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury Direct.

June 4: Agreeably energizing trends greet early risers. The waxing Leo Moon is primed for having fun and lunar alignments with Mars and Venus increase excitement levels. The Moon is also in a favorable angle with the Gemini Sun today, a good omen for light-hearted pleasure and entertainment. On a more serious note, Saturn begins an almost five month long retrograde in forward-thinking Aquarius this afternoon. The Ringed Planet remains retrograde until October 22nd or 23rd, depending on your time zone. Despite today’s mostly playful atmospherics, various commitments are up for review. Important conclusions could be reached although a late night lunar square with Uranus warns of yet another round of unexpected surprises, detours and course corrections.
Moon in Leo, Saturn Retrograde.

June 5: With a lack of planetary aspects from midnight until late afternoon, this Sunday is perfect for slowing down and relaxing. The second half of the day could be an opportune time to make a key decision. The waxing Leo Moon’s first exact alignment is an early evening opposition to dour Saturn. Mixing pleasurable pursuits with business is a strong possibility. However, the Moon is also at odds with mental Mercury this evening. Because both Mercury and Saturn have recently changed direction, an up to date review of current realities and options could be necessary. Welcome input from mentors, partners and wise friends. Past personal experience may also be a useful guide. As the Sun sinks in the western sky the Moon goes void of course, ushering in a mellow night. Rest up and make ready for the coming work week.
Moon in Leo v/c 7:12PM -12:00AM.

June 6: During the wee hours of the morning the Moon enters dutiful Virgo. Roll up your shirtsleeves and set about making your part of the world a better, cleaner and more functional place. Invest time in self care. Stick to the task at hand and sidestep controversial issues late this morning. Offer advice sparingly and be careful not to criticize. Although the waxing Moon makes no exact aspects for the entire twenty-four hour period, her approaching trine to Venus adds a rosy glow to the afternoon and evening hours. Indulge in favorite pleasures. Doing and caring for others is fulfilling. So is a job well done. Romantic vibes increase as the hour grows late.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-2:22AM Moon enters Virgo.

June 7: After a restful night the morning brings a rush of activity. The waxing Virgo Moon is in an exciting trine with Uranus, the eccentric planet of genius, invention, clairvoyance and community. However, the astrological messaging is complicated. The Moon is also almost simultaneously at her First Quarter phase, testing the Gemini Sun. Impulses are hard to control. Quarter Moons are known to stir up underlying emotional discord. Psychic premonitions may defy logic yet be unerringly accurate. Listen to the still, small voice within for guidance. Check to see that companions are open to receiving advice or help. If there’s any doubt, ask. The second half of the day is more easygoing. Tonight’s dreams inspire and inform.
Moon in Virgo, First Quarter Moon in Virgo 10:48AM.

June 8: An early morning Grand Trine between the Virgo Moon, Mercury and Pluto clarifies goals and empowers ambitious souls. The hours just after dawn are a fabulous time to hatch plans or tackle demanding work. However, the Moon then goes void of course until slipping into Libra shortly before midday. Thus the late morning hours drift quietly. By noon, with the Moon moving into an opposition to Jupiter, hopes and energy levels are renewed. Positive thinking is encouraged. It feels wonderful to be in excellent spirits, anticipating good things. All the same, expectations can easily exceed what may actually occur. That said, keep your mind open, stay humble and committed to learning.
Moon in Virgo v/c 8:09AM-11:23AM Moon enters Libra.

June 9: The first thing this morning make sure your attention is directed towards what you really want. The at times co-dependent Libra Moon is opposite action-oriented Mars in Aries. Natural born people pleasers are especially challenged. Think twice to prevent any number of misadventures. If it’s appropriate to your situation, carefully scrutinize and calmly discuss the urgings of partners. A healthy amount of self-respect provides needed balance and perspective. Be prepared to make adjustments throughout the day. If you can’t please others at least please yourself. Tonight brings easier, more harmonious skies. The evening hours are thoroughly enjoyable. The Moon aligns with the Gemini Sun in a brilliant trine. Many people are inwardly peaceful and relationships feel effortless.
Moon in Libra.

June 10: Focus and determination are outstanding as the day begins. Perfectionists find the going to their liking. As the morning hours pass the demands of work take a toll. A midday lunar square with Pluto cautions against putting impossible demands on yourself or partners. A timely void of course Moon period follows, allowing everyone to decompress, relax and reflect on the day’s developments. Mental Mercury is in a trine with resourceful Pluto this afternoon. The aspect favors treasure hunters as well as strategic problem solvers. Discussions and private planning sessions can be brilliant. Put ingenuity to good use. By late afternoon the waxing Moon is in Scorpio, shifting the emotional tenor of the day to more intimate and meaningful concerns.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:36PM-4:41PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury trine Pluto.

June 11: The stars bring multiple surprises today. The waxing Scorpio Moon boosts awareness of the inner world of feelings. For some souls, emotions are under tight wraps, at least for the first half of the day. The afternoon is a very different story. Venus is conjunct rule-breaking Uranus. Outpourings of love can be exhilarating. An infatuation could occur at any moment. Social gatherings scintillate. By nightfall the Moon is opposite the romantic duo, triggering a new round of fascinating meetings and matches. Partygoers are in for memorable times. Because the opposing planets are close to the Moon’s Nodes, echoes of the past may enhance the present as well as the promise of a happier future.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus conjunct Uranus.

June 12: Reminiscences may feel unsettling this morning. As the American writer Katherine Anne Porter noted, “The past is never where you think you left it.” The Scorpio Moon forms two significant late-morning aspects. One is a sobering square to Saturn and the other is an imagination-stirring trine with Neptune. Blending the two could mean handling chores creatively. Once obligations are met, the natural world, arts and crafts, spiritual practices and other personal hobbies can all be fulfilling. Charity work also has potential, especially as the afternoon hours unfold. The stars support continued emotional intensity and a passion for meaningful living. Evening brings mellower vibes. The nearly full Moon is briefly void of course and then enters easy-going Sagittarius. If skies are clear bask in brilliant moonlight tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c5:40PM-6:31PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

June 13: With the Moon swelling each passing moment brings growing excitement levels. There could be a few loose ends to tie up this morning regarding a money matter. Events move at blazing speeds after noon. By then Mercury is in Gemini, adding mental dexterity to the energized atmosphere. This is a fabulous day to both make plans and state intentions. The evening’s powerful trine between the Sagittarius Moon and Mars sustains the brisk pace. Conversations are spirited. Because Mercury is nearing the same degree where last month’s retrograde began, don’t be surprised to hear more about an unresolved issue or the latest twist in an ongoing story. If you’re out in the twilight look to the east and check out the beautiful rising Strawberry Moon.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury enters Gemini.

June 14: The overnight period may be unsettling. The early morning Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius is a likely cause of sleeplessness. The opposing astrological lights are in a tricky square configuration with nebulous Neptune. A key detail could be overlooked or forgotten, or an unsolved mystery can be aggravating. “Doing” could be the best morning medicine. Helping out a pal or less fortunate soul raises everyone’s vibrational level. By noon the spirited Moon is void of course. Attention spans grow shorter, energy levels sag. Use the less focused afternoon hours to reflect on recent developments. Evening sees the Moon enter diligent Capricorn. The sign change has a grounding effect. Slow down and gather your thoughts. Ponder practical concerns and pathways to sustainable well-being.
Moon in Sagittarius, Full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius 7:52AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:58AM-6:14PM Moon enters Capricorn.

June 15: Today has its challenges. Fallout from yesterday’s Full Moon continues to cloud certain issues. Unresolved questions may also be amusing. The Capricorn Moon’s squares to Jupiter and Mars make some folks impatient, anxious to broaden their horizons or prove a point. Others boast and exaggerate their accomplishments. Timing can also be an issue, especially during the afternoon hours. Watch your temper and your speed this evening. Be patient. Tonight’s lunar trine with Uranus dispels tensions and promotes friendship. Let your hair down. An intuitive grasp of what will be is on the mark. Fortunately, a pending trine between the Gemini Sun and Saturn helps make expectations realistic and empowers voices of reason.
Moon in Capricorn.

June 16: This is a day of changing tempos and moods. For folks who are up before dawn, love is the answer. A trine from the Capricorn Moon to Venus stimulates heart to heart connections. The Sun’s late-morning square with Neptune adds to the romantic atmosphere yet can also create fantastic illusions and a good deal of confusion. All the same, tender feelings persist. Life takes a more edgy, pragmatic turn as noon nears. An early afternoon lunar conjunction with Pluto supports clear-eyed realism but the Moon then goes void of course for a few hours. Intensity and focus fade. The pace slows. Evening brings the Moon’s entry into Aquarius. Mental sharpness returns. Tonight’s lunar trine to Mercury oversees engaging conversations and clear-eyed thoughts of future plans.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:41PM-5:44PM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun trine Saturn, Sun square Neptune.

June 17: Early morning plans are ambitious. However, the waning Aquarius Moon does not form exact aspects until after nightfall. As a result much of the day feels unhurried. Live and let live is a dominant attitude. Gradually, as the afternoon hours pass by, stress levels rise. The Moon is moving into a square with unpredictable Uranus. A friend’s situation could change radically, spoiling evening plans. A minor accident is another possibility. Be ready to travel alternate routes to your destination. Adventurous types are up to any challenges Fate may place in their way. A lunar sextile to fiery Mars provides the energy, courage and independent spirit needed to deal with difficulties.
Moon in Aquarius.

June 18: A taut square between Venus and Saturn is today’s astrological focal point. The aspect is reinforced by the Aquarius Moon’s late morning conjunction with Saturn. Some partnerships are a tale of lost love. Others require serious attention. Possessive tendencies are strong. Free spirits feel reluctant to commit. Fears of abandonment or rejection may surface. An early afternoon lunar trine to the Sun provides some comfort. The midday meal is a good time to talk through various concerns. After a few hours void of course the Moon enters Pisces this evening. Fortunately, Venus’ approaching sextile aspect with Neptune charms weary souls out of their shells. The night is a fine one for pleasurable activities. Simple things hold magic. Enjoy music, a walk under the canopy of stars, tender moments with loved ones and other enchantments.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:50PM-7:01PM Moon enters Pisces, Venus square Saturn.

June 19: Happy Father’s Day! After a night of sweet reveries and luminous dreams the day unfolds under a waning Pisces Moon. Feelings and instincts dominate. Gentle mood swings are likely. Mental Mercury’s approaching sextile to Jupiter fosters generally untroubled minds and cheerful attitudes. Imaginations are fertile and the future seems promising. Be wary of overly zealous or rosy prognostications. Relax and go with the day’s unhurried flow. Sports lovers enjoy competing and/or watching their favorite heroes’ talents on display.
Moon in Pisces, Venus sextile Neptune.

June 20: As the Sun prepares to exit Gemini the heavens are busy. Mercury’s wee hours of the morning sextile to Jupiter has mentally and spiritually uplifting impacts. Many folks wake up with an optimism hangover. Faith is renewed. The Moon forms a mid-afternoon conjunction with Neptune, continuing the inspirational themes. Empathy and human kindness are overflowing. Sitting with great mysteries is perfectly acceptable. As the writer Rainer Maria Rilke suggested, “Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. It is possible to live and not know.” The good vibes grow sweeter this evening. Love and thoughtfulness renew bodies and spirits. Late tonight the Moon reaches the tense Last Quarter stage, then enters Aries shortly before midnight.
Moon in Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 11:11PM, Moon in Pisces v/c 11:11PM-11:37PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

June 21: All hail the mighty Sun! Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is Summer Solstice. Minutes before dawn the Sun enters Cancer and Summer officially begins. Venus is also forming a sustaining trine to Pluto during the early morning hours, a hopeful omen promoting peace and love during the coming season. Another good sign is the Aries Moon’s cheerful late morning conjunction with Jupiter. Follow your passion. Leaders feel inspired. Enterprising spirits are motivated. Courage and initiative inform ordinary acts and ideas. Catching up with friends and associates is a good idea during the midday period. Ambitious projects continue to thrive into the early afternoon. A lunar sextile to Mercury caps off this busiest part of the day. The late afternoon and nighttime feel comparatively quiet.
Moon in Aries, Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer 5:14AM, Venus trine Pluto.

June 22: The waning Aries Moon spends the first half of the day approaching fiery Mars. There is no lack of initiative, spunk or energy. The red-hot duo are conjunct early this afternoon. Enthusiasm is tempered by a supportive lunar angle with Saturn but think carefully before proceeding, especially into risky endeavors. Don’t wast time or energy. Word from a longtime acquaintance can be a welcome surprise. Venus, ever the Goddess of Love, enters Gemini this evening. In the Sign of the Twins she takes on a charming guise. Affections may be more easily expressed during the coming weeks. A lunar sextile to Saturn makes tonight a good one for discussing practical matters.
Moon in Aries, Venus enters Gemini.

June 23: The morning begins slowly. The Aries Moon is void of course. A lack of initiative or direction could be a stumbling block. By midmorning the Moon is in Taurus, one of her true comfort zones. This placement encourages relishing small, everyday pleasures as well as extraordinary delights. Lunar harmony with the Cancer Sun dominates the midday heavens. Moods are mellow, yet self-assurance is strong. The second half of the day continues to be relatively calm. It might be an appropriate time to review personal priorities and weigh the potential advantages and risks of various options.
Moon in Aries v/c 4:02AM-7:58AM Moon enters Taurus.

June 24: At this late stage of the lunar cycle emotional detachment can be more pronounced, at least normally. Given that the waning Taurus Moon’s sole aspect today is an evening conjunction with Uranus, the usual rules don’t apply. The pairing can facilitate curious alliances and remarkable events, such as unexpected discoveries or personal realizations. Humankind’s well-being may also be a noteworthy theme, particularly while planning for the future. On the other hand, serendipity both delights free spirits and inconveniences more rigid types. Be ready to alter plans. The process of change can feel freeing for intrepid souls.
Moon in Taurus.

June 25: Morning chore time may feel demanding at first but hard work can gradually evolve into a transcendent state of being. Early on the Taurus Moon is at odds with Saturn but is soon making nice with Neptune and Pluto. Many hands help make daunting tasks less of a burden. Following the path of least resistance intensifies pleasures. The fruitful period concludes when the Moon goes void of course during the mid-afternoon. A few lazy, slow-moving hours follow. By nightfall the Moon is in chatty Gemini and on her way to a late night meetup with Venus. Diners, concert-goers and revelers enjoy the party-like atmosphere. Whether a gathering is intimate or large scale, this is a topnotch night for social events.
Moon in Taurus v/c 3:02PM-7:13PM Moon enters Gemini.

June 26: The overnight and early morning hours feel Immensely blessed. The waning Gemini Moon is conjunct Venus and in harmony with Jupiter. The latter aspect dominates the morning. Optimistic attitudes energize life’s eternal students and hasten enthusiastic athletes and adventurers out the door. More sedentary types happily enjoy the gracious morning vibe. Pleasure seekers contentedly indulge. Diets may be broken. The comparatively quiet second half of the day offers other joys. Conversations stimulate and entertain. Those who are on the road enjoy the sights. New vistas can be particularly inspiring. Minds remain sharp and active into the late night period.
Moon in Gemini.

June 27: Diligence is a keynote today. Mars’ sextile with Saturn is a blessing for those trying to finish projects or tie up loose ends. Favorable for teamwork, the alignment may also be beneficial for groups of people working on complex assignments. The waning crescent Gemini Moon energizes the building Mercury/Saturn trine. Concentration is excellent, judgment is sound. Just be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Minimize distractions and make efficient use of time. Control the impulse to take on more work. Mixed trends are in control tonight. A lunar square to Neptune cautions against staying at it too late. The odds of making mistakes increases. Know when you’ve done enough for one day. Plan to rest as the Moon goes void of course an hour before midnight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:38PM-12:00AM, Mars sextile Saturn.

June 28: During the wee morning hours mystical Neptune begins a five month long retrograde in Pisces. Dreams may be especially colorful or revealing. The day plays out with the Moon in Cancer approaching a conjunction with the Sun. The New Moon occurs about an hour before midnight. It is during the evening and night when the planets are most complicated. The Cancer Sun and Moon are square Jupiter, inclining some folks to bite off more than they can chew. These folks may feel as though they can beat the odds and accomplish the impossible. Because Venus is also sextile Jupiter, they may just be right. In any case, the celestial tide has swung into a fresh achievement cycle. Onwards and upwards we go!
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-7:53AM Moon enters Cancer, New Moon in Cancer 10:52PM, Sun square Jupiter, Venus sextile Jupiter.

June 29: Last night’s New Moon continues on her way through protective and nurturing Cancer, the archetypal sign of the Mother. Loyalties grow increasingly expansive over the course of the day. Maternal instincts may be surprisingly inclusive. Tonight’s lunar sextile with Uranus impels hearts to reach out to all who are in need. Look beyond superficial differences and appreciate universal human characteristics. Psychic abilities are also enhanced. Rely on gut hunches as well as intuitive flashes as you navigate your day. Look to friends if you’re in need of a better idea.
Moon in Cancer.

June 30: The morning hours may seem surreal or almost dreamlike as the Cancer Moon aligns with mysterious Neptune. Charitable urges are encouraged. A few words of encouragement may be all some souls need. After noon moods shift dramatically. The Moon is at odds with Aries. Protective types key in on apparent risks and dangers. Overbearing moms may fear a disaster is imminent. A late afternoon lunar opposition to Pluto is likely to confirm fears. Use your diplomatic skills. Seek compromises and cooperation. If you don’t know what a partner is trying to accomplish, ask them. Teamwork can be empowering for everyone. If you cannot assist, don’t stand in the way. A void of course Moon period ensures, easing tensions. As the Sun sets, the Moon arrives in playful Leo. Get creative and have fun tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 4:14PM-8:40PM Moon enters Leo.