June 2023 Daily Astrology

June 1: Wide-eyed night owls may be swept up in merriment. Hope and optimism are high. Under the waxing Scorpio Moon feelings run deep and true but moods can change quickly. After dawn mixed trends caution against expecting too much from partners. Appreciation and respect have to be earned. Like love and money, both must be given freely to be truly enjoyed. Selfishness must go. Caring about the well-being of others proves key to unlocking today’s greatest potential.
Moon in Scorpio.

June 2: We are awash in emotions today. During the early morning the nearly full Scorpio Moon brings up insecurities and uncertainties as it jousts with unpredictable Uranus. Stay calm, breathe. Yoga class, meditation or herbal teas are preferable alternatives to coffee. More soothing energies develop by midday. The Moon, Venus and Neptune align in an uplifting, faith-enhancing, imagination-boosting Grand Trine configuration. Love is the currency of the celestial realm. Hearts are open, especially this evening. Show you care in creative, tangible ways. It’s a fabulous night for savoring a special dinner, a magical concert performance, film, turn on the dance floor or stroll under the sparkling stars.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:51PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Neptune.

June 3: An hour after midnight the Moon enters Sagittarius. Her nifty sextile to Pluto helps keep minds agile into the wee hours of the morning. A brilliant idea could solve a gnarly problem. Full Strawberry Moon Fever is upon us as dawn breaks. Midday apprehensions could be due to an inconvenient delay but progress picks up during the afternoon. Watch your speed. It’s easy to get carried away as the Moon aligns with Mars. Nightlife is hyper active. At 11:42pm EDT the Sun and Moon reach the exact opposition point. Truthful, from the heart communications are spotlighted. With mental Mercury nearly conjunct Uranus, expect revelations and mind-bending plot twists.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-1:03AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius 11:42PM.

June 4: After last night’s Full Strawberry Moon, the Cosmos relaxes its shoulders and exhales. As above, so below, Life slows to a more comfortable speed. The Sagittarius Moon favors truthful words and displays of knowledge. Good reading material and learning adventures are attractive options this morning. Mental Mercury’s mid-afternoon conjunction with Uranus can lead to surprising changes of perspective. A bright idea may surface. The pairing is also a fine omen for delving into new subjects and unfamiliar places. Spontaneity is encouraged. Meet up with friends or make travel plans. Spirits may sag tonight as the Moon tests Neptune. Keep an eye on the weather and pay attention if you are out and about.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:24PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Uranus.

June 5: Changes are brewing as the new working week begins. During the overnight period the waning Moon arrives in nose to the grindstone Capricorn. A late morning lunar trine to Jupiter is a fine omen for those faced with business decisions and other practical concerns. Venus also enters Leo this morning, where she takes on a glamorous, fun-loving glow. The Goddess of Love and Beauty promptly makes a noontime opposition with Pluto. Respond to any jealousy or inappropriate words with generosity of spirit. Stick to the high road. Problem solvers find that cooperation and diligence are enough to resolve standoffs. Progress is steady during the afternoon.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-3:31AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus opposite Pluto, Venus enters Leo.

June 6: The waning Moon is in pragmatic Capricorn. Lunar trines to Uranus and Mercury suggest that teamwork is a key part of success today. Communication channels are open. Technology enhances cooperation and facilitates the sharing of ideas and information. Camaraderie is best served by devotion to a common cause. Individuals who set themselves up as self-anointed “bosses” are likely to disrupt team spirit and interfere with getting necessary work done. The afternoon hours hold the most promise and can be quite fruitful. Tonight feels comparatively mellow, a good atmosphere for communing with nature, relaxing or being entertained in front of the TV.
Moon in Capricorn.

June 7: In the predawn darkness the Moon enters Aquarius where she conjuncts Pluto and opposes Venus. Awareness of partners is heightened. Use the sensitivity to advantage. Get closer. Voice your support or concern. Two heads can be more effective than one under these auspices. By midmorning life feels very busy. Simplify when and where it’s possible. Be careful not to overextend yourself. Lunchtime storytelling can be a highly entertaining diversion from the cares of the day. It’s back to business after the midday break. A lunar opposition to Mars fuels ambitions but energies and desires need to be used wisely. Be sure your head and heart are on the same page before making a commitment.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:40AM-4:42AM Moon enters Aquarius.

June 8: The day gets off to a smooth start. The Gemini Sun and Aquarius Moon are in a harmonious trine. Take advantage of the fertile energies and make headway on all manner of projects, both personal as well as professional. By early afternoon, the winds of change and uncertainty are blowing. The Moon is at odds with Uranus, the unpredictable eccentric of the heavens that seems to delight in disrupting even the best thought out plans. Many folks are likely to be caught unprepared. Because the Moon’s next aspect is tonight’s testing square with mental Mercury, figuring out what happened and why may take some time. Keep a savvy sense of humor handy.
Moon in Aquarius.

June 9: The Aquarius Moon rides void of course through most of the overnight period and enters Pisces shortly after daybreak. Early birds may feel lethargic at first but energy picks up as the morning hours pass. Optimism and cheerfulness, as well as business acumen all increase thanks to a lunar sextile with Jupiter. The afternoon period is notable for its stimulating mix of inventive ideas and down to earth wisdom. Study history, listen to experienced voices but don’t give up on your dreams. The evening conjunction of the Moon and Saturn could be a defining moment. Leave cares and workplace responsibilities behind and shift to weekend mode tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:24AM-6:14AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury sextile Neptune.

June 10: Feelings and desires vacillate under today’s Pisces Moon. People are fickle and may struggle to pay close attention. The mid-afternoon’s Last Quarter Moon phase can generate plenty of mixed emotions. Mental discipline helps offset some troubles but many issues remain unsettled. Perceptive souls may suspect changes are imminent. Some anxiousness is to be expected as both Pluto and Mercury are about to change signs. When the less stressful evening hours arrive a change of scenery can help. A friend could offer a well-timed piece of advice. Simply sharing space or having deep conversations are both potentially healing. If all else fails, zone out with a favorite diversion.
Moon in Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 3:31PM.

June 11: The stars get busy around sunrise and so do we. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn early this morning. Less than an hour later mental Mercury trines the powerfully transformational “Lord of the Underworld” and then enters his own sign of Gemini. The Moon also moves from dreamy Pisces into proactive Aries this morning. Evolutionary forces are at work. Opinions are shifting as new information becomes available. Tow lunar sextiles, to Pluto and Mercury, accelerate the learning curve. Venus is at odds with Jupiter just before noon. Their square aspect inflates needs and expectations as well as appetites. Sunday brunches are indulgent, boisterous, high calorie affairs. The Moon is trine Venus this evening, a lovely omen of continuing enjoyment and agreeable social ties.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:20AM-9:20AM Moon enters Aries, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus square Jupiter, Pluto enters Capricorn (retrograde), Mercury enters Gemini.

June 12: The Aries Moon’s early morning trine to fiery Mars in Leo is a celestial green light. The energizing alignment also fuels enthusiasm and ambition. Folks feel decisive, ready to tackle tough projects and achieve great things. However, don’t be in so much of a rush that you fail to enjoy the process. Make it a point to pace yourself and maintain your momentum. With the Moon moving into a harmonizing sextile to the Gemini Sun, the stars support comfortable, sustained efforts. Inner contentment is most notable late tonight when the Moon/Sun aspect is at its strongest.
Moon in Aries.

June 13: During the first part of today the waning Aries Moon is in a testing square to Pluto. Goals may change or it could be time for a shift in tactics. Include partners in any deliberations. A different perspective, opinion or insight can be helpful. Associates will appreciate being included. In the early afternoon a short void of course Moon period leads to a noticeable mood swing. The Moon enters Taurus by mid-afternoon. Calmer, more focused and hopeful vibes quickly take hold. Some souls are ready to make commitments. Others revel in newly found confidence, happily indulging their appetite for food, music, love, beauty and other pleasures.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:27PM-2:31PM Moon enters Taurus.

June 14: Proceed with caution today. The Taurus Moon is at odds with Venus and Mars. It is the early evening lunar square with the feisty Red Planet that dominates the day. Fulfilling desires is no easy task. Slow down. Be certain you really want what you think you want. Impulsive, unthinking pursuit of affection, things, status, or attempting to control others can lead to deep frustrations. With mental Mercury nearing a square to Saturn it’s time to put powers of discrimination to good use. Know what is needed and what best serves everyone’s long term interests. This is one of those days when not getting what you want can be a blessing in disguise.
Moon in Taurus.

June 15: A combination of unexpected developments, time limits and financial constraints can factor into changing course this morning. Because Mercury is in a square to Saturn, accepting what is necessary is the best starting point. Play by the rules or there will be karmic consequences to pay. Meet deadlines and fulfill obligations. Lighter trends come into play after the midday lunch break. Restorative energies breathe new life into the latter part of the day. Flourishing creative projects and stimulating social encounters bring much enjoyment. The Moon enters Gemini after sundown. Naturally active minds have much to ponder this evening and tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:36PM-9:46PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury square Saturn.

June 16: The waning Gemini Moon’s late morning square with Saturn dominates the first half of the day. Ordinarily this aspect calls attention to needs, especially those that are wanting. Delays can contribute to disappointments. Intensifying feelings of inadequacy and frustration is the fact that Saturn has stationed and will turn retrograde tomorrow. Resolve to make do with what you have. Better yet, envision all your needs being met. Moods soon improve. The afternoon stars hold much promise. Lunar alignments with Mercury and Venus bring confidence and a restored sense of joy in living. Yes, the lunar energies are low but mellow times can be fun.
Moon in Gemini.

June 17: Friendly stars hold sway during the morning. For early birds, the Gemini Moon’s predawn sextile to Mars helps rub the sleep from their eyes and venture out on a quest, confident of success. Mental Mercury also harmonizes with loving Venus. The two personal planets conspire to spark feel good stories and tender moments. However, this final day of the lunar cycle is most notable for Saturn, the Lord of Karma, beginning a retrograde in Pisces that will last into the first week of November. It’s a good time to contemplate objectives and priorities. Emotional detachment is recommended. As night falls New Moon energy is building in. Clarify your intentions and know where you want to go during the coming fortnight.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury sextile Venus, Saturn Retrograde.

June 18: Happy Father’s Day! Less than an hour after midnight there is a New Moon in Gemini. The Cosmic marker for the start of a fresh activity cycle is complicated by a testing angle from Neptune. Both memories and dreams are stirred. Night owls who have lost their dads feel the separation deeply. The impact of alcohol and drug addiction can also give pause for reflection. Artistic types find their creative juices are flowing. After a few relatively quiet hours the Moon enters Cancer during the early morning daylight hours. Gatherings are heartfelt throughout the day. Reminiscing about times past brings happiness, especially this evening when lunar aspects to Jupiter and Saturn remind us of the gifts and joys that come only through family and the closest of friends.
New Moon in Gemini 12:37AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 2:24AM-6:58AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun square Neptune.

June 19: For many folks their family histories, security issues and home-related chores are spotlighted. The Cancer Moon has many folks feeling protective. Jupiter’s midday sextile to Saturn is a well timed motivating force. The harmonizing planets support our better instincts. People tend to be fair-minded, naturally responsive and well aware of their obligations. Make amends, do the right thing. A balancing of karmic accounts could be under way. Loyalty is appreciated, as are competence and the use of talents. Thoughts turn to friends, the future and upcoming travel plans later tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Jupiter sextile Saturn.

June 20: At midnight the waxing Cancer Moon is well-aligned with Uranus, which keeps certain high strung folks wide-eyed and hyper alert. A blizzard of bright ideas can set minds to racing. The energies gradually ease and the overnight period becomes calmer. This is he last full day of Spring. Lunar harmony with Neptune overshadows the first half of the workday. Dreamers, humanitarians and creative souls feel inspired. Pairing up with partners increases productivity during the afternoon, provided goals are shared. Make sure benefits are proportionate to the work and responsibilities involved. Evening sees the Moon enter playful Leo. Self-indulgence can be a good thing, but watch out for the tendency to go overboard.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:43PM-6:04PM Moon enters Leo.

June 21: Happy Summer Solstice!!! The early morning hours feel exciting and occasionally overstimulating. By late morning the Sun is in Cancer. The new season begins with stellar auspices. A celebratory atmosphere is generated by the waxing Leo Moon drawing closer to Venus and Mars. This is hot stuff, great for fun times. Mental Mercury is in an energizing, encouraging sextile to Mars. Travelers are more than ready to hit the road or board their plane. Tonight’s triple conjunction of the crescent Moon and Venus, with Mars nearby, is visually stunning as well as a charming omen for Solstice observances. Spirits are high and hearts are glad, ready to love and enjoy the fullness of the season.
Moon in Leo, Mercury sextile Mars, Sun enters Cancer 10:58AM, Summer Solstice, Summer begins.

June 22: This first full day of Summer moves briskly during the morning hours. The action can be hot and heavy at times as the Leo Moon conjuncts fiery Mars and harmonizes with mental Mercury. Where there is passion and will, there is a way. As midday nears unexpected complications are likely. A lunar square to Uranus is the culprit. Proceed with caution. Keep pals and associates informed of any change in plans. The most likely scenarios involve factors no one person can control. Stay ready to improvise and invent. The second half of the day brings less energetic trends as the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Relax, enjoy life. Make no major commitments after lunchtime. Subconscious promptings are more accessible, making the more easy-going afternoon and evening hours a good time to follow inner guidance.
Moon in Leo v/c 1:01PM-12:00AM.

June 23: After a relatively low key night the Moon enters Virgo early this morning. A late morning lunar sextile to the Cancer Sun enhances emotional composure and the sense of physical well-being. The alignment also fosters workplace solidarity. Attention to detail is always a strong suit when the Moon visits Virgo and focus only intensifies as the day progresses. With the Moon at odds with Saturn and buoyed by Jupiter, finish what you can to the best of your abilities. Be wise and don’t overdo perfectionism. Make time for levity tonight.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-6:35AM Moon enters Virgo.

June 24: A diligent waxing Virgo Moon ably oversees weekend errands, household chores, yard work, gardening and exercise routines. Pay close attention as you tackle various tasks. A couple of pending planetary alignments are tricky. Note the location of important items, watch your speed and be extra careful with sharp tools. Social inclinations increase this evening as the Moon nears a friendly sextile to Uranus. An unplanned, spur of the moment event can turn out to be highly enjoyable. Favorite nonconformists make fine company. Exotic foods and entertainment add to the thrills.
Moon in Virgo.

June 25: The day follows an uneven course. Mercury is in a testing angle with Neptune and Mars is approaching an explosive aspect to Uranus. As you navigate the ups and downs, be sure of your destinations and do your best to stay on track. Confusion and disruptions are all but certain. The early afternoon may be the most challenging period. Questions go unanswered and uncertainties can loom large as the Virgo Moon, Mercury and Neptune form a T-square. Communing with Mother Nature and taking in the arts may be the best medicine. This evening, a brief void of course period precedes the Moon’s arrival in Libra, where she nears the restless First Quarter stage, squaring the Sun. Put stress management tools to use. If sleep doesn’t come easily tonight, take comfort in knowing easier days are coming.
Moon in Virgo 6:24PM-6:57PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury square Neptune.

June 26: The overnight period brings anxious hours. The First Quarter Moon in Libra generates one set of stresses while Mars’ square with Uranus adds other layers of volatility. If you happen to be sleepless, out late or working the night shift, slow down, pamper yourself and most of all, play it safe. Dawn breaks under quieter trends. Awareness of others is heightened. It’s a fine day to live by the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Mental Mercury is poised to change signs. The Messenger planet’s position at the final degree of Gemini can trigger numerous second thoughts as well as haunting memories. Tonight sees Mercury arrive in Cancer, offering emotionally freshened perspectives and a greater level of commitment to loved ones.
First Quarter Moon in Libra 3:50AM, Mars square Uranus, Mercury enters cancer.

June 27: The cheerful early morning vibes manifest in trilling birdsongs and sunny, smiling faces. The waxing Libra Moon is harmonizing with sign ruling Venus. The world seems especially beautiful, a warm, friendly, love-filled place. Feelings remain upbeat and ambitions increase through the midday hours. There is joy in giving, sharing and doing. A lunar sextile to Mars helps keep spirits up. The angle also sustains physical energy levels. Because Mars and Venus are close to conjunct it’s worth noting the important difference between true love and physical attraction. Don’t confuse the two. In a best case scenario, in following one’s heart desires are met and love surely grows.
Moon in Libra.

June 28: Minutes before dawn the Moon enters Scorpio. As she does she stirs memories and unresolved emotions surface. These recalled feelings may have roots in the past or other lifetimes. Some early birds experience deep discontent. A sudden awareness could unlock an old pattern. In any case, all is soon left behind. A brilliant water sign Grand Trine configuration gathers strength as the Cancer Sun rises. The harmonizing Moon, Mercury, Sun and Saturn provide powerful motivation to face challenges with determination. Instincts, intelligence and wisdom compliment each other. The fruitful energies continue past nightfall, making this one of the better days of the summer for attaining both personal and professional goals.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:19AM-4:55AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun trine Saturn.

June 29: Celestial tides build as the Scorpio Moon waxes. As usual with a Scorpio Moon, feelings are intensely felt. If you notice yourself immersed in an uncomfortable mood, take a break. Reach out to a trusted friend for an alternative point of view. Relationships can go topsy turvy at any time but especially later in the day. There may be no one to blame. Sometimes things just happen. This is one of those times. Priorities and plans can change instantly as the Moon opposes unpredictable Uranus and tests Venus and Mars this evening. Thanks to Mercury’s trine with Saturn common sense and wisdom are readily available. Make use of both.
Moon in Scorpio.

June 30: A sweet reverie envelopes early risers. The Scorpio Moon is in a delightful trine with Neptune. Inspiration goes a long way towards getting the day off to a good start. A late morning lunar sextile to Pluto assists in making decisions and problem solving. The Moon is briefly void of course and then settles into freedom-loving Sagittarius an hour before noon. Unfettered fun beckons. Out in deep space mystical Neptune has stationed in Pisces. The planet of dreams, spirits, artistic inspiration, self-sacrifice and unconditional love begins a five month long retrograde period this evening. Take note of weather forecasts as well as messages from other realms. Minds are willing but bodies tire easily late tonight. Respect your limitations.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:20AM-Moon enters Sagittarius 10:59AM, Mercury trine Saturn, Neptune Retrograde.