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Blossoming Heart Ministry and Reiki

Rev. Anthe Kelley
14 Meehan Street, Floor 2 Boston, MA 02130

A ceremony for every season: weddings/vow renewals, celebrations, seasons, coming-of-age, death and transition assistance and support; other markers, milestones and transitions. Rev. Anthe also offers Spiritual Direction, Sound Healing, Reiki, Yoga and other healing sessions. Regularly scheduled Reiki Attunement Workshops, Clinics and Trainings are given as well. Rev. Anthe is an Ordained Minister of Her Walking Prayer, a Reiki Master/Teacher and an E-RYT.
“Here you will be embraced in a spirit of openness, acceptance, genuineness and support. I view my role and service as one of collaboration with you on your individual path of healing, transition and transformation. Together we will surrender to life’s unfolding and blossoming and find the truth that comes with trust.”

With love, gratitude, humility and a prayer for abundant blessings, and graceful transitions,

Reverend Anthe

Category: Ceremonies