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Cathy Pagano

Narragansett, RI 02882
(310) 741-7013

Psychotherapist, astrologer, author, coach, and teacher, Cathy Pagano has worked with the gifts of the Feminine Spirit for over 40 years. These gifts include our creative imagination, our emotional intelligence, our instincts and our intuition. Her knowledge of feminine consciousness, expressed through dreams and symbolic language, mythology and archetypes, shamanism and spirituality, helps her clients access the wisdom of their souls. In these uncertain and transformative times, accessing Wisdom allows people to discover their own balance and inner harmony between the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies of life, to make wise choices and to contribute to our collective welfare.

Featured: Do you have a dream you’d like to understand?

Dreams 6 Cathy PaganoAll of us dream. Even when you don’t remember them. If you do remember your dreams, do you know what they’re telling you? There is an ancient Jewish saying that ‘An unexamined dream is like an unopened letter.’ When we work with our dreams and unwrap their symbolic imagery, we get to read this ‘letter’ from our unconscious mind. When we work with our dreams in simple ways, we can unpack the personal meaning they have for us.

One of the most important things we can do during this time of change is to connect with our Unconscious self. While our egos move along to cultural rhythms, our Unconscious is rooted in the deep wells of Life herself. If we really want to live in a new way, we have to allow the Unconscious a place at the table. The most personal way to work with the Unconscious is through remembering and working with our Dreams – our personal bridge to our Soul.

  • Dreams show us how we’re using our energies.
  • Dreams show us the stories we’re living in from our soul’s point of view.
  • Dreams engage us by pointing out our Shadow issues as well as our real desires.
  • Most importantly, dreams bring us a sense of our true Self.

Wisdom Salons

Cathy offers classes to expand your mind in subjects such as Astrology, Symbolism, Moon Cycles and more!  Click here to check out what’s coming up soon!

Dream Therapy

All of us sleep. And while we sleep, all of us dream. Even those of you who say you never remember your dreams, you dream!

What are these funny, scary, strange, boring, frustrating, creative, joyful stories that we engage in each night? Even when you don’t remember them in the morning – except maybe for a feeling that haunts you for awhile. Click here to learn more.


Your astrology chart is the treasure map to your soul, symbolic of your soul’s evolutionary purpose – who you are and why you are here on Earth. The archetypal energies at play in your chart show your unique character. Knowing your natal energies enhances your ability use your energies well and to make positive choices in life. Click here to learn more.

Counseling & Coaching

Whether you need help navigating through mid-life, discovering your unique purpose in life, reclaiming your feminine power or discovering your creativity, Wisdom Coaching can help you.

Coaching is a true partnership – Cathy helps you discover your essential Self and together you build a plan to manifest your dreams, your ideas and your purpose.

Whether you want to write, start a business, empower yourself or work on your relationships, coaching can help you Change Your Life! Click here to learn more.

Wisdom’s Daughters: How Women Can Change the World

WisdomsdaughterscoverWisdom is Women’s Gift to the World.

In the many cultural stories that speak about the changing of the ages, it is always Feminine Spirit which brings about the transition to new life, for Feminine Spirit knows the rhythms of life, death, and rebirth and is the “opener of the way.” In times of cultural transformation, it is also our right-brain, feminine consciousness that is our best guide, for it opens us to the creative imagination, the realm of possibility.

The return of the Goddess awakens the transformative energy that births the changing of the ages. In the western story of worldwide spiritual transformation, there is a powerful image of Cosmic Woman, an image of the archetypal Feminine Spirit who transforms and gives birth to this new age. And her archetypal image gives us instructions for opening to and incarnating wisdom.

Click here to read more or buy the book.


“My husband and I have had quite a few readings, and we both agree that Cathy Pagano is the best and the most accurate. We were so excited about her readings that we had her do readings on our children. It was nice for them to see the paths they are on, and to understand who they are. I highly recommend Cathy’s readings to everyone young and old.” — Mia G, Massage Therapist, Community Affairs

“I love Cathy’s insights into fairy tales, mythology, dreams, astrological energies and archetypes. She makes sense of how our lives are impacted by these complex yet very beautiful elements by making them accessible and keeping them profound. Her wisdom can only enhance anyone lucky enough to have crossed her path.” — Alix Toland, Artist & Inventor

“Cathy Pagano offers a panoply of wisdom gleaned from a life dedicated to following her own dreams, insights, and passion. When I work with Cathy, she is able to integrate multiple pieces of information from my dreams and personal history, along with present day global shifts and archetypal patterns to offer back guidance which leads me forward. She sheds light into darkness. Interactions with Cathy have always left me more open-hearted yet personally focused on where to take the next step of my journey….Cathy is a diamond.” — Janet Wichmann, Psychotherapist

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Category: Astrology
Quick Facts:
  • Teaches about the divine feminine in Wise Women Salons
  • Astrology & Tarot readings
  • Dream therapy
  • Family & relationship coaching
  • Bi-Monthly astrology newsletters